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Updated on December 21, 2022
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38. Texture Is Everything

This stylish short haircut owes its success totally to the contrast of textures and general impression of roughness. It certainly suggests thick hair.

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Spring is the time of changes or renewal, and sensible female nature can’t help responding to them. So, it’s the right moment to refresh your haircut, isn’t it? So, what options do you have? You can go for a completely new style or introduce a trendy twist to your usual cut that you have been wearing for years. To consider which way to go, it won’t be superfluous to be aware of the current hair trends. Among others the runways of the biggest fashion shows presented lots of messy “bedhead” styles made on the basis of shag haircuts with rough edges. We have gathered some of the best ideas here, so, you are welcome to have a look.

Chic, Nasty, Funky Edgy Haircuts

They reflect a strong personality and may be opposed to feminine romantic styles with soft flowing lines and sleek textures. Rough haircuts show the other side of femininity, and that’s pretty cool that a woman can be so different just changing a haircut. Funky haircuts blend harmoniously into the modern casual style. And they do also look hot for special occasions. Cropped edges of your favorite timeless chin-length bob or long edgy bangs with a short pixie are an excellent way to look fresh, young and in trend. Sharp rich layers and playing with textures add a special ultra-modern flair that adjusts your looks for what is currently on the fashion peak.

If you stick to medium or long haircuts, there’s also a way to make them edgier and chicer accordingly. Below there are examples of edgy short haircuts, medium-length and longer cuts with shaggy outlines which you may adopt as an idea for your big spring renewal.

1. Edgy Platinum Spikes

Blonde can be a soft, natural look, but platinum blonde always has a punchy, rock star vibe. When you’ve got exposed roots from super short hair…well, that just amps up the volume. This style also provides a great base for experiments with bright or pastel dyes.

2. Color-Blocked Edgy Hair

The best edgy hairstyles push creativity to the max. This impressive look has a structural quality because of the unique cut above the ear. Her hairstylist is a master not only with scissors but with clippers too. On top of it all, those color combos are divine!

3. Short Edgy Stacked Bob

You don’t have to try funky fun colors to rock a wild look. If you want to keep a more natural color, then you need to make sure the cut has some attitude. Here, the style is created with cute side burn pieces, side bangs, and short choppy layers with some serious stacking in the back. Burgundy lips don’t hurt either!

4. Acid Green Edgy Cut

Acid greens and yellows are just about the only colors that can still impress us in this age of rainbow hair. What could be more futuristic than acid hair? The color is especially cool with a black or gray base. Layers allow the mix-match shades to blend beautifully.

5. Short Edgy Burgundy Pixie

Red, burgundy, or maroon tones are a definite favorite for edgy haircuts. These versatile shades look great against a variety of skin tones. One necessary element for edgy hair is bold makeup. Short hair makes facial features stand out, so inventive makeup helps complete the edgy look.

6. Asymmetrical Edgy Cut

This cute pixie cut gets a jolt of sassiness from long, sweeping side bangs. Asymmetry is a key element with short edgy cuts, and it works on just about anyone. Side bangs are up for grabs by women of any age, so if you’re looking for something new that isn’t too high maintenance, this might be it.

7. Edgy in Orchid Pink

For a pixie cut that will have people wondering if you’re into cosplay, choose one color as your inspiration and then expand upon it with a variety of hues. Here, bubble gum pink, fuchsia, and cotton candy pink blend together in a voluminous, piecey style.

8. Deep Edgy A-Line

While many short edgy haircuts tend to be of the piecey, choppy variety, it’s also possible to stay sleek. For a sleek cut that’s anything but boring, choose a deep hue of purple or red and be sure to incorporate asymmetry and point cut ends. This side parted look has a few inches difference in hair length between the front and back.

9. Edgy Choppy Crop

If you want a short funky cut that’s easy to style, this one’s for you. Put a little mouse on naturally wavy hair and air dry. No brainer! Because the choppiness is SO important for the style, you will want to get trims at least every two months.

10. Dark Edgy Pixie Cut

It seems like some girls are just born for pixie cuts (the rest of us are terrified of them). This cut is a classic staple for any girl who loves going short. The back is clean and sharp, the sideburn hair is longer in front of the ears, and the top is styled in a vaguely spiky way. Why mess with perfection?

11. Edgy Ombre Crop

For edgy bob haircuts that look young and modern, go for a dark to light ombre that quickly transitions between the shades (because of the short hair length). We’ve seen many versions of ombre by now, and this one is a true standout. The dark roots and platinum ends lend edge to the otherwise soft, silky bob.

12. Au Naturalle Edgy Hair

As far as making a natural color look edgy instead of dull, mild highlights go a long way. On top of a multidimensional color, some pronounced texture is a must. To make these soft waves, try the straightener method—bending hair one way and then the other.

13. Short Edgy Undercut

Take edgy hair all the way to the brink by channeling a classic men’s cut. Gender fluidity is modern, stylish, and chic. This undercut has some feminine elements because of how long the front pieces are, allowing for lots of adorable style options. Love it.

14. Piecey Edgy Bob

An edgy haircut should never make you look like you’re trying too hard. For something cute and easy, ask your stylist for an all-one length crop that skims the jaw corners and forehead. Lots of short layers and wavy texture will help give it a trendy messy look.

15. Asymmetrical Edgy Cut

Wow, those colors look stunning in the sunlight! To get the look, work thin platinum blonde highlights throughout the hair and then add in all of your favorite shades. Feature the warm hues more prominently and add in the greens and purples for an unexpected surprise.

16. Short Edgy Fireball

As long as we live, we’ll all be obsessed with Rihanna circa 2010. Get that gorgeous color for yourself if you dare. Short, choppy hair provides an excellent base for the color, especially when mixed with black. We’re dubbing this style “edgy glam.”

17. Goth Girl Edgy Cut

Some of the best short edgy haircuts have carelessness about them. If you love flipping your hair from side to side and aren’t the fussy type, then you should choose a haircut with plenty of movement. This cut looks great with 90s goth inspired styling for the full I-don’t-care effect.

18. Edgy Burgundy Pixie Cut

For a short funky cut that will make you happy every morning (thus giving you the necessary inspiration to make sure your bangs are on fleek) choose a vibrant, flattering color. Burgundy with blue peek-a-boo highlights in the bangs would be an exclusive solution.

19. Messy and Edgy Lob

Here’s a cut that is on the longer end of the edgy spectrum. Lobs look amazing when styled with a mix of messiness and perfection. To create this bedhead style, use a salt spray or a spray designed for braiding. That will create some gritty texture.

20. Short Edgy Bangs and Choppy Hair

Looking for edgy short haircuts that go beyond the typical pixie? Nothing looks wilder than super short bangs. Juxtapose those sleek bangs with wispy, choppy locks and you have a recipe for a rock-inspired look. Throw on some ripped skinny jeans and Doc Martins, and you’re good to go.

21. Short Edgy Haircut with Side Bangs

Being a trendsetter in the fashion environment, Victoria Beckham always stays in the centre of our close attention. The short edgy bob with chic asymmetry and elongated side bangs is one of her showiest haircuts. The cool, edgy effect of the cut is achieved thanks to the freehand haircut technique, performed by straight blade shears. The cut doesn’t suggest complicated styling routines. It’s enough to blow-dry your tresses in different directions. Soft gel-like wax with a glossy finish helps to achieve the light acicular texture.

Victoria Beckham’s blonde edgy bob

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22. Pixie with Sticking Out Feathers

Fancy trying on Ginnifer Goodwin’s bold yet childishly innocent look? The beauty of cropped locks can be accentuated with subtle highlights, like in the photo. Ginnifer’s pixie is very easy to style. Blow-dry your tresses upwards. Then apply hair spray or matting gel.

Ginnifer Goodwin’s edgy pixie

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23. Edgy Haircut with Dense Bangs

Keira Knightley’s haircut shows us that not every edgy cut features thin ends. Keira’s hairstyle has a shattered texture, but her bangs are thinned out only a little bit, remaining quite dense. Girls with long face shape, feel free to embrace the idea. Use light hold hair spray for final fixation.

Keira Knightley short edgy hairstyle

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24. Short Edgy Haircut with Highlights

Jennifer Lawrence’s haircut has its funky zest too. The textured side bangs are awesome, but there’s also an effect of outgrown haircut, achieved at the expense of slightly longer tresses above the ears. The highlights add motion and volume to Jennifer’s locks. When styling, arrange your locks with your hands and fix the result with light hold hair spray.

Jennifer Lawrence short funky hairstyle

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25. Edgy Haircut with a Side Part

Ashlee Simpson can’t boast of thick hair, but she looks very showy, playing with different chic hairstyles. One of Ashlee’s interesting looks with short hair features the edgy haircut, styled sleek. Despite the actual lack of volume, Ashley’s layered tresses acquire a shattered texture. The haircut is easy to style. You need to blow-dry your locks, then go through them with a wide tooth comb and fix your hairstyle with light hold hair spray. Do not be obsessed about every little lock being in place. A light mess is welcome.

Ashlee Simpson blonde edgy haircut

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26. Short Edgy Haircut

Agyness Deyn likes to impress us with her short funky hairstyles. Her edgy haircut with lifted up tresses is a good example of an impressive funky ‘do for short blonde hair. This haircut is for resolute women, who want to look cool without spending too much time on styling. Blow-dry your locks upwards. Use wax or gel on dry hair to define the texture with your fingers.

Agyness Deyn short funky hairstyle

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27. Extra Short Sassy Pixie

Halle Berry manages to look extravagant and extremely feminine with extra short edgy haircuts. Halle’s pixie cut can be performed not only with scissors but razor as well. A short pixie with a feathery texture is a very low-maintenance haircut. With a dab of wax or gel you will look irresistible anytime, anywhere!

Halle Berry edgy pixie

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28. Short Funky Hairstyle with Edgy Ends

Scarlett Johansson always looks tender and feminine. She manages to achieve a soft, delicate hairstyle even with an edgy haircut. Such mid length funky hairstyles have something in common with perfectly imperfect hippie ‘dos. Scarlett reminds us a happy hippie or a cute funky gal. Style the waves with a medium-barrel curling iron and mess them thoroughly to enhance the desired funky flair.

Scarlett Johansson funky bob

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29. Funky Bob with Side Bangs

Dianna Agron has tried on an edgy bob and found out that it really becomes her. Very subtle pale blonde highlights enhance the texture of her wispy bob. The messy edgy hairstyle is the main attractant of her look. Blow dry your locks without previous combing. Then apply some hair powder to the roots for volume boost. Scrunch your tresses, using matte look wax, to arrange a cute mess. Fix the result with light hold hair spray.

Dianna Agron Funky Edgy Bob

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30. Cute Curls for an Edgy Haircut

The classic beauty of Sharon Stone lets the actress experiment with diverse hairstyles on the base of her short haircut. The innocent curly hairstyle for Sharon’s pixie is an unexpectedly chic solution. Use a medium-barrel curling iron to shape the light curls. Rub matte look wax into your hair to texturize it. Try to achieve the look of natural messiness. Use light hold hair spray if necessary.

Sharon Stone funky pixie

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31. Funky Bob Haircut with Asymmetric Bangs

Jennie Garth has worn different lengths. Like any woman, she enjoys style changes. This funky bob is a worthy change. The jagged ends and mix of lengths guarantee interesting hairstyles. Funky hairstyles always arrest our attention with their extravagance. We adore Jennie’s example of extravagant bob for fine hair!

32. Bob with Acicular Edges

This showy bob for shoulder length hair calls for modernity thanks to its acicular ends and specific texture, expressed in fine elongating lines trimming the face. Subtle highlights and side parting only enhance the chic of this classy haircut.

33. Extra Short Inverted Bob with Fringy Outlines

It’s a good old bob you might be used to, but in 2023, you simply need to add at least a drop of roughness to it. Let it be, for instance, the fringy bottom contour line, starting from the long side-swept bangs like in the photo.

34. Pixie with Edgy Feathers

This cool pixie haircut with elongated side bangs appears fun and trendy. Just a little bit of your favorite styling product will help to texturize those edgy feathers which are the zest of this great look for long faces.

35. Chin-Length Bob with a Modern Edgy Touch

This style declares war to the classic sleek bobs. It votes for roughness, texture and shattered layers. We agree, why not? This pretty mess looks quite in trend.

36. Edgy Asymmetric Pixie

Our faces are not symmetric. Modern standards of beauty have pretty changed lately: now we are more attracted to the faces which can’t be referred to classically beautiful. They can be very well accentuated with asymmetric haircuts, such as this cute pixie with chic edgy contours.

37. Edgy Funky Bob

Today you won’t impress anyone with a traditional sleek bob, but you will with this funky wash-scrunch-and-go look. This haircut features low layering and cropped ends, enhanced with highly-flattering highlights.

38. Texture Is Everything

This stylish short haircut owes its success totally to the contrast of textures and general impression of roughness. It certainly suggests thick hair.

39. What About Some Drama?

The style of drama suggests bold contrasts. A lady like this appears absolutely gorgeous and a little bit dangerous, but her hair is up-to-the-minute.

40. Neat Roughness

Even a messy style can look very neat, like with this haircut. Little accurate spikes defined with a lighter hue are very flattering in the given example.

As we see, not only teenagers can try on funky looks with edgy hairstyles. Edgy haircuts and hairstyles are practical, beautiful and multi-faceted. They suit any hair type and look showy on any length. Look chic, modern and conquer new heights with new funky hairstyles!

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