The Full Stack: 20 Hottest Stacked Haircuts

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The right haircut is something that can quickly and easily change your whole look for the better. One of the best (and always stylish) haircuts to try is the stacked haircut, which is both chic and fashionable. Stacked haircuts can be super short or of medium length just touching the collarbone.

Charming Stacked Haircuts

The most essential element of getting a quality stacked cut is to ensure that the back section is cut to perfection. Since it is stacked in the back, the back view is the focal point of the look, so it must be done right. If you are still unfamiliar with the stack style, just think of a Bob that’s rounded at the back through gradual layering and commonly slightly angled toward the front.

The following pictures showcase a wide array of cute stacked cuts that suit a variety of hair types. So, if you’re looking to try this haircut out and need a bit of inspiration, these pics are here to do the job.

#1: Ash Blonde Stack

The back view of this A-line haircut shows why it works so well for fine hair. By opting for an angled and layered cut, you get a style that shows your strands are actually much thicker than you’ve thought they are.

#2: Sleek Stack

The major benefit of a stacked Bob haircut is its rounded silhouette that looks flawless with straight hair. Angled to perfection and complimented with soft layers, this cut would look amazing on practically anyone.

#3: Blonde Stack with Deep Side Bang

In terms of long stacked haircuts, this one is top-notch! With bangs deeply parted and swooped to one side, bright blonde hair color and perfectly angled lob cut make a sexy hairstyle you’ll love to rock. This is how stacked haircuts should look.

#4: Strawberry Blonde Stack with Red Highlights

A stacked haircut comes in a variety of colors, and this blonde one with red highlights is guaranteed to garner loads of attention. This particular stack cut can be recommended for fine hair because due to its shorter length and layering, it creates the illusion of a thicker mane.

#5: Wavy Brown and Burgundy 2-in-1 Bob

Fabulous for curly hair and for thick hair alike, this medium, wavy cut is sexiness personified. There’s a shorter straight underlayer and a wavy and messy top layer, cut choppy and uneven to enhance the fullness of the shape. The brown and burgundy hair hues add spice to the cut.

#6: Stack with Horizontal Bang and Highlights

Slightly stacked in the back, this haircut offers just the right amount of stylish edge to turn heads. The soft caramel brown highlights are introduced very softly into the style, personalizing and softening the look. We love the bang that goes straight across and those expertly angled sides.

#7: Blonde Stack with Chocolate Lowlights

A stacked haircut that features a blonde color with some chocolate brown streaks here and there is something you may not see every day, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fabulous. Get a face-framing spike on one side instead of traditional gradually elongated pieces.

#8: Feathered Purple Bob

Dark, edgy and perfect for women who are a little more daring, this medium stacked look is definitely intense yet polished. The deep purple and black tones complement each other well and add fullness to the haircut.

#9: Extreme Teased Stack

Not every stacked cut is steeply angled and sleek, as some feature an extreme teasing finish and almost straight-cut edges. Here, you have a stacked style that is heavily backcombed at the crown and cut bluntly across the bottom.

#10: Multi-Colored Cut

Featuring a plethora of hair colors, stacked Bob haircuts like this one, offer you a few different looks in one. Chocolate brown is the base, while blonde and auburn are featured as alternating highlight shades. The cut is also heavily layered and finished with long sides.

#11: Medium Brown Stack

There is not a lot of fuss or frills to this medium brown version of the stacked cut, that’s why it looks so polished. Carefully angled on each side, this classy A-line haircut also features a slightly off center part and cute flipped in edges.

#12: Bright Red Stack

When you decide to rock ravishing red hair, be sure you are ready for a ton of attention to come your way. We see how precise the lines are and we can just imagine how perfectly it lays at the nape.

#13: Blunt Cut Stack

Not all stacked Bob haircuts are heavily layered and steeply angled, in fact, some (like the style in this photo) are the exact opposite. This is a blunt cut stacked style that features hair that is one length on the sides yet with a rounded silhouette at the back. There is also a short, thick bang that goes straight across the forehead.

#14: Cinnamon Brown Long Bob

With a bang that sweeps perfectly to the side and hair color that is one of a kind, to say the least, this cute, medium stacked cut is all sorts of fabulous. It’s also layered and thinned towards the ends in such a way that it frames her face flawlessly.

#15: Short Stack

Short, to the point and beautifully stacked in the back, this cut doesn’t need length to be stunning. As the back view demonstrates, delicately resting around the nape the cropped strands lay perfectly.

#16: Two-Tone Short Shaggy Haircut

If you are a fan of an overly teased crown and a feathered finish, then you are sure going to like this half pixie, half stacked Bob haircut. The bulk of the hair is blonde, while the nape is dark chocolate brown.

#17: Black Layers, Caramel Highlights

For women who want neither long, nor short hair, this cute chin-length bob with layers is a windfall. Want an upgrade? Throw in some light brown highlights to break the solid black hue.

#18: Wavy Gray and Lavender Stack

The best stacked option for thick hair, this style is all about the texture and color. A good idea for salt and pepper hair to get a trendy, head-turning yet any-age-appropriate hair color.

#19: Mid-Length Bob

This angled medium-length brown cut is punctuated by the presence of well-placed layers throughout. The layers provide shape, movement and depth to the classy cut, which is cute and easy to style.

#20: Dark Blonde Stacked Lob

With just a hint of wave for texture, this dark blonde stacked cut is lovely enough for a formal affair or casual occasions. The slightly off center part finishes off the look nicely.

Medium and short stacked haircuts for curly hair or straight locks continue to be just as popular now as years ago, when they have been first introduced. One of the best things about them is that they look like a rather complicated style, but offer so much ease in terms of everyday styling. If these pictures aren’t enough to convince you, keep searching stacked cuts…we are sure you’ll find one that stacks high above the rest!

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