40 Gorgeous Perms Looks: Say Hello to Your Future Curls!

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We have some very specific memories stored when asked “What is a perm?” This is usually asked by a younger person who has not had a chance to experience permed bangs, big hair, and Aqua Net which are better to be left in the 80’s. Instead, let’s say ”hello” to the cool modern hairstyles for permed hair!

Perm Hair Update

Modern perm is not restricted to extra voluminous frizzy hair of the past. Now you can vary the size and tightness of your curls ending up with a personalized hairstyle that does not shout “Oh, yeah, it’s a perm!”

#1: The Traditional Perm 2.0

These days women with perms are showing off new ways to rock them, with the future in mind. These skinny curls snake around to give volume, depth, and body to the shoulder length hair. Bangs in front offer a glowy effect, as the whole face in accented by bright blonde curls.

#2: Curls-A-Plenty Perm

For a spiral curl that is reminiscent of a china doll, this permed hair has your name on it. Perfect ringlets blossom with a sophisticated edge, making this look great for the office (or the dance floor)! Worn with a suit or a mini, this hair is going to stand out, and everyone will love it!

#3: Mona Lisa Didn’t Have Those Curls

This natural looking perm creates a cascade of spiraled curls down your back for a more dramatic, full look. Closer to the ends this cute curl pattern resolves into a luscious set of waves that will be the talk of the night!

#4: Wavy Mohawk Permed Look

Most people expect perms to look outdated like an old school 80’s sitcom star. But, this picture is proof that they can still be modern and edgy. Contrast a shaved look with a soft wavy perm.

#5: Curly Perm with Cornrows

The great thing about perm hairstyles is that you can create a totally different texture than your own. If you want thick natural-looking curly hair, it can be achieved with smaller rods. Accent your new look with stylish asymmetrical braids.

#6: Acid Perms

It can be scary to use harsh chemicals on your hair. If you are in search of less harmful perms for medium hair, then an acid perm is the best option for you. Those who are new to this procedure should try it first because it lets you achieve loose s-shaped waves with less damage to hair than with alkaline perm.

#7: Statement-Making Spiral Perms

Ladies who want a heavy dose of volume should try a spiraled style. Make sure to layer your curls so that they don’t overwhelm your face, especially if you have a smaller face or facial features. This works best with hair lengths that are above the shoulders.

#8: Loose Curl Ombre Perm

Probably the most desirable of permed hairstyles, a plain curl look is natural and suits many face shapes as well as different hair colors. By letting the curls float around the bottom, you can create volume that doesn’t overpower.

#9: Perms for Square Faces

A body perm, a style that takes the curl pattern from the root to the ends, is not for every face shape as it can clash or overpower them. These curls are looser and softer than other variations, so it’s best to use the loose spiraled style to soften the strong lines in square face shapes.

#10: Tight Sandy Blonde Perm

This process is not just for older women, it can work for younger ladies too! All girls want to express themselves, and if they want crazy curls, a perm is a great way to attain that.

#11: Permed Bob

Don’t be afraid of too much volume or texture in short perm hairstyles. As long as you have layers throughout your cut, you don’t have to worry about it looking like a poodle or being too curly. This is a way to keep you cut looking current.

#12: Prom Perm

Perms were popular back in the day as a prom hairstyle—and many wish to forget that time in their lives! But, you don’t have to shun the look altogether, it’s just about how you wear it and what size your rods are. A loose perm will work well with long hair that needs a soft style.

#13: Wet and Wavy Perm

The best part about modern permed hair is its ability to look as natural as you would like it to—it’s like the hair you were born with but better. The style shown is simple to wear—just wash and go!

#14: Light and Loose Perm

You don’t have to use chemicals all over your head to create texture. A spot perm will allow you to create a curl pattern in the specific areas that you desire. Loose layers can be achieved in permed hairstyles by just leaving the chemicals on for a shorter time period.

#15: Short Curly Perm

Short styles are super cute when they are curly. Since you get to choose your curl pattern, be sure to opt for large curls so they don’t look too wiry or immature. Also, don’t forget to incorporate layers—especially around the nape of the neck—to provide definition.

#16: Blonde Perms with Bangs

Ladies with larger foreheads will definitely want to rock bangs to shorten their visage and highlight their eyes. If you perm your hair, it is best to begin the curls inches away from the roots and avoid the curls on the bangs, so that the look could be soft and natural.

#17: Permed Hair for Mature Women

Older women may need a little more visual volume within their styles to camouflage thinning strands. Gentle short perm hairstyles are ideal because they will give you some body without damaging sensitive strands.

#18: Medium Length Perm Hair with Highlights

There are many curl pattern options for medium length hair because you have enough length to do tight or loose curls, and you don’t have to worry about them being too heavy around your face. Curly bangs can sometimes look childish, so pin them back to show off your face.

#19: Perm for Short Thick Hair

Even with short hair perm is a way to have the curl you want without any extra effort. This blond perm hair style is chic and catchy thanks to its color and effortless vibe that comes from the texture.

#20: Bombshell Body Perm

Perm hairstyles give the body and texture you’ve always wanted to have and relieve you of any difficulties with styling. Even sweeping your curls up, piling them on the top of your head makes a cute look in no time.

#21: Ombre Perm

When choosing the right curl pattern, it’s best to find out what works best with the hairstyle you’d like to wear. If you have minimal layers or a basic one length cut, a stacked perm is ideal because it provides volume at the bottom of your hair, leaving the top flat. It also shows off beautiful color.

#22: Permed Formal Look

Those who need a lasting glamorous effect should try one of the permed hairstyles that look like a glamorous pin curl. They offer the effect of hot rods without any extra effort. Those who want less volume on top and more towards the ends will appreciate this style.

#23: Bouncy Brown Perm

Perms are created with a solution that breaks down the bonds of keratin in your hair and restructures your locks once they are placed on a rod. To achieve these sexy spirals you will need to have your locks wrapped around large rods to make sure that the curls aren’t too tight.

#24: Beach Blanket Bingo Hair

To achieve beautiful permed hair, you often need to have some patience. Sitting and waiting for it to set can be tiresome, but this beach wave perm is the best way to look like you live on the ocean. Salted locks have a distinct look, and this is a great way to get it (without all of that sun damage, of course)!

#25: Keep the Bangs Alive

If you have straight, medium length hair, it can be difficult to decide what to do with it. So, here is a great example of how to give yourself a spruce up while also keeping true to your natural hair texture. These bangs that start way back on top of the head and mid-shaft-to-ends waves give you a dynamic, “I am fun, but I mean business” look.

#26: Loose Waves for Long Bob

This medium-length black hair stands out with a loose set of permed strands which frame the face. The side part gives rise to the sexy peek-a-boo bangs, while the stacked layers provide the magnificent volume.

#27: 1920’s Flapper Perm

Cute, short permed hairstyles are not poodle-like anymore. Here is a great version of a style we have seen for ages. Being a bit messier, this short hair style is easier to keep up with and great for warmer climates. It keeps your neck free, while the small V-shaped section at the nape lengthens it to create a more dramatic silhouette of the cut.

#28: Curly-Q Girlie

These spiral curls are fun! Creating a full “Afro” style, this perm makes you look like you are ready to share the stage with Ms. Diana Ross herself. The 1970’s gave us permission to recreate this bold style, and we couldn’t be happier! Thick and curly wins!

#29: Bobbing for Apples Perm

This take on the classic stacked bob gives a bit more length in the front, creating a frame for your face and drawing the eye up the wedge in the back to the nest of curls. The stacked layers offer you an easy-to-manage yet elegant style that will work with a dress or your favorite tank and jeans.

#30: Windswept Mamma!

Having medium length hair gives you tons of options, so how do you choose? Perm hairstyles today are much more fun than the original perm look. Check this “I just got off the motorcycle” style: the delicate curls build upon one another with just the right pizazz.

#31: Earth Mamma!

Natural, blonde curls are some of the most coveted curls out there. When you have them, everyone wants to touch them, and they may not even ask! This look can be replicated, but it’ll take a lot of work (and a little magic)!

#32: Fragile Locks of Love

Want a different perm look? Get layers throughout and a delicious hair hue like the honey caramel shade in the photo. This curly pile style is for the bold! Curly bangs lift up the front while the rest of the volume pushes up from the sides. The whimsical set of curls is sure to grab all the attention and whistles!

#33: Annie Get Your Gun Perm

For the tightest and tiniest curls, this is your go-to style. A sweet blossom to accent this look will ensure plenty of attention, smiles, and a few conversations along the way. Tight curls nestle together to create the full height and texture. A honey blonde color brightens up any face! Permed hairstyles are still in, and we love them!

#34: Messy Permed Bun

There are some variations in perm processing time. When your hair is very straight, it can take a while for the perm to set, and even then, you may still get only kinky waves. This bun creates more volume and texture, and the longer bangs accent the eyes!

#35: Elegant Wavy Curls

Wavy shoulder length hair shapes well into this very elegant style! The short side part gives structure to the front, while the top gets some lift as it is combed straight back. A more flamboyant bang swept up and to the side creates a strong impression not be forgotten!

#36: Modern Bettie Boop

Black hair takes shape so well, and there are many types of perms that look fantastic with short African-American hair. This look, accented with copper highlights, is sleek, fresh, and ready for a day on the boat or a night at the club.

#37: “Gimmie Just a Little Bit” Gentle Curls

These curls are barely there, and that’s exactly how they are meant to be. The “almost waves” are good for shoulder length hair that you’d rather wear a little bit textured, not too voluminous. Rock this versatile ‘do with any style, in any setting!

#38: Bettie’s Back: Loose Waves

This style, inspired by none other than the truly iconic Bettie Page, has all of the elements of her classic pin-up model style, from the heavy, square bangs, to a bit of a curl at the bottom. This style for long hair is timeless. Permed hairstyles don’t have to be the puff ball of the past!

#39: Two-Tone Waves

Wavy hair is somewhat elusive, and the perm achieves just that. This different level perm has a great texture throughout, with bangs stacked up front and several layers creating the bulk of the hair in the back. Highlighted ends create a brighter finish as the eye moves downward.

#40: A Crown for a Princess

This curly bottomed half updo is accented with a surface braid that runs diagonally down the back, keeping all of the upper hair in place, while ensuring the curls are noticeable. A bit of texture gives more complexity, while the crown braid secures the ends.

Perm hairstyles of shorter length are no longer your only option! Is your mind racing with ideas? Then, grab the phone, and make an appointment with your hairstyling expert today! Get ready for compliments from everyone who is brave enough to approach you!

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