20 Stylish and Sassy Bobs for Round Faces

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Women with round faces or chubby cheeks sometimes feel that they have to wear their hair long or add extensions to draw attention away from a plumper visage. But, sometimes all of that hair can weigh you down and look somewhat dated. Bobs are definitely the style of the moments, especially their shoulder length varieties, which still offer length, beautiful silhouette and the desirable slimming effect. Whether you are a blonde or brunette with wavy hair or straight tresses, there is a bob hairstyle that won’t overemphasize your round face. Check out our top 20 options below.

Best Bobs for Round Faces

If you wish to make your face appear slimmer with a bob haircut, go no shorter than a chin length in front. It can be a stacked bob with shorter nape, angled bob, graduated bob or longer bob – lob. Choose an off-centered or side part – they won’t make your face chubbier.

#1: Classic And Cute Cut

When you are blessed with gorgeous facial features and you want to make them the focal point, opt for a blunt haircut. It will allow your eyes to pop without any distractions. Plus, a clean-cut chin length style can work for any occasion.

#2: Bob Haircut for Round Face with Heavy Side Bang

If you are craving for a short cropped cut, but are scared about it turning out unflattering for your face shape, this is the look for you. It allows you to have the effect of a pixie cut with the face-framing benefits of a bob.

#3: Versatile Bob for Round Face

This is a perfect look to easily take your from a day at the office to fun after-work activities. The curls are polished enough for a conservative environment, while graduated color provides the right amount of spice for the evening.

#4: Cute Bob For Round Face

A chin-length asymmetrical bob in a bright blonde hue is sweet and very stylish. It is an ideal look for a woman with a bubbly personality. Plus the side part helps to disguise a plumper face.

#5: Messy Jet-Black Curls

Shorter hair can also be curled with the right tools and styling. Showcase soft, finger-combed waves instead of tight, poodle-like curls for a look that is current and relevant. Plus, it won’t contrast with your fashion-forward blunt bangs.

#6: Technicolored Bob With Bangs

You don’t have to use asymmetry to lengthen your face if this style does not strike your fancy. A choppy chin-length cut will do just as well. A pop pink bob hairstyle for a round face can be slimming with a little extra color within the middle to direct the eyes up and perceive your face as a slimmer one.

#7: Reddish Gold Waves

Here is an edgy alternative to a sweet strawberry blonde hue. This color blends bold red and shimmering golden blonde for a truly head-turning color combination. The ombre from red to warm blonde gives the illusion of long hair by drawing the eye down, and the waves keep the style from looking too flat.

#8: Shoulder Length Cut for Medium Curly Hair

Temper naturally curly hair with expert layers that thin the style without changing the overall curl pattern. The result is a full hairdo that has body without adding much extra weight around your face.

#9: Bold Two-Tone Cut

Don’t downplay thick hair with boring cuts or color. Go bigger and bolder as this look shows. Heavy layers and a bold red hue help you to embrace your new bob haircut for a round face.

#10: Soft Brown Shoulder Length Curls

There is something utterly romantic about soft waves that makes them timeless and classic. They also effectively draw attention away from the widest part of your face which helps you to appear thinner.

#11: Mermaid Bob for Round Face

Even if you have warm skin undertones, like many women with darker complexions do, that does not mean you cannot experiment with cool-toned hair colors. This shoulder length cut combines navy, green and cobalt blue for a truly original look.

#12: Angled Style In Two Versions

Curls are not forbidden for chubby faces, as you can see at this photo. If you want a simple style, opt for a sleek side part with a slight curve at the ends. The curled bob hairstyle for a round face elongates your visage. And as for curls, they look flattering if they are not too voluminous.

#13: Medium Cut for Fine Hair

Longer lengths with thin hair type aren’t always the best choice. If you want a simple and cute look that is also low-maintenance, a collar-bone bob is a good choice. Style it with a side part and add some side bangs optionally.

#14: Blunt Platinum Blonde Bob

This is an iconic look due to its ability to seem sexy and edgy without being over the top. For modern day platinum bobs, keep your eyebrows dark (or even darken them) for a hard-meets-soft vibe.

#15: Medium Crimson Cut with Detail

Another example of the versatility of a mid-length cut: you can experiment with different details that can be covered up by a strategic part. The crimson and purple combo is striking, but the angled and striped temple patch really takes the look into the full-on edgy territory when you tuck your strands behind your ear; if you want more hair and length around your face, simply un-tuck and totally change your vibe.

#16: Inverted Bob Haircut for Round Face

Plus-size women might feel as though they cannot wear short cuts because they emphasize the roundness of the cheeks, but that is why these exaggerated inverted layers are so genius. The stacked layers create a lot of fullness in the back to balance out the roundness of your face.

#17: Asymmetrical Ombre with Waves

Ombre is a way to use color to visually lengthen your look, but if you have been sporting the dye trend for a while, you may be ready for a change. Keep the color and try an interesting cut. As the back view of this style shows, the hairdo moves from straighter and sleeker on one side to wavy and flowy on the other- the best of both worlds!

#18: Short Curls with Side Bang

It is no secret that large rollers can provide shorter cuts with the needed volume and fancy curly texture. While the idea may seem dated, you can put a modern spin on it by adding sultry side bangs. Sweet caramel highlights add dimension and keep the style from feeling too full.

#19: Straight and Simple

If you are a busy woman on the go, whether you are ushering children to school and after-school activities or commanding a boardroom (or both), you need a hairdo that won’t get in the way. A sleek and even bob hairstyle for a round face will easily transition throughout any event that you may have to attend without you having to give it a single thought–the perfect signature hairstyle.

#20: Bob Haircut for Round Face with Purple Bangs

This style creates texture with snipped layers, not curls. If the cut is too tame for you, add in pops of eye-catching color. Dark purple highlights in the bangs manage to be fun without seeming too childish.

The roundness in your face should not deter you from trying the popular bob look. With layers, colors and a confident attitude, this is a flattering hairdo for any woman.

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