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15 Most Endearing Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Is your hair fine and short, which makes think you can’t “squeeze” much out of it? Wait a minute with your conclusions. I know, I know, you have been living with it all your life and you know better… But think for a moment: can it be that you are not using your potential to the fullest? View the fresh and endearing looks in this article. You will certainly gain a couple of interesting ideas.

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Fine hair is characterized by minimal width of every hair, while sparse hair lacks density. As a rule, the major problem in both cases is no volume. So, short layered haircuts work for fine hair perfectly. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and style.

How To Style Fine Hair?

  • Before you apply any styling products, dry your hair so that it’s approximately 80% dry.
  • Opt for light styling solutions, providing volume. Don’t overload your hair with wax or heavy crèmes. Often it’s enough to add a little bit of mousse and rake your fingers through your hair for a trendy tousled finish.

A key to a successful short haircut is long bangs and/or layering. They add dimension and create an illusion of thick hair. Color highlights and ombre effect also belong to potent volume boosters, you may take advantage of.

The Best Haircuts For Short Fine Hair

  • Bob. Regardless of length, a bob adds volume even to hair that is naturally fine. A graded bob additionally provides a very appealing texture.
  • Pixie. This is one of the best choices for short fine hair, naturally straight, wavy or curly. Layering creates visual volume, whereas short length draws attention to your facial features. Platinum hair hues and long bangs soften your image and convey it a sensual look.

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The Best Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

#1: Too Tempting To Resist

This simple short hairstyle is enhanced with delicate layering, a chic feathered look, and ombre effect, appending dimension and fascination to the look.

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#2: A Coquette

Even plain haircuts, such as a classic bowl cut, can be modified into hairstyles with an exceptional magnetic appeal. Sleek texture is an excellent background if you want to play with lines, angles and highlights.

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#3: Curly Romance

If you have a natural weave, you are, definitely, not too excited about flat ironing your bob on a daily basis. A curly hairstyle is a worthy alternative. Romantic waves soften your image, besides, this look is appropriate both for office and a night out.

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#4: A Platinum Dream

Layering works as excellent for short haircuts, as it does for medium lengths. This is a fine layering work for fine hair that looks voluminous and mind-blowing.

#5: Peach Blossom

Every technique looks delicate on fine and short hair. This hairstyle casts associations of tenderness, resembling of peach blossom in early spring. Shorter hair on the temples is balanced with cute asymmetric bangs.

#6: Class & Sophistication

Some hairstyles seem to be the top of perfection, although they are pretty simple. Here is a gorgeous celebrity look to mimic if your hair is short and fine.

#7: Energetic & Ingenious

Messy hairstyles are in trend in 2014. Short graded haircuts allow creating fantastic volume on the crown, enhanced, for example, by eye-catching coppery hues and loose curls.

#8: Mesmerizing Allure

This pixie haircut couldn’t do a better framing job for your face. Style it with mousse, raising your hair at the roots and leaving cute little tresses on the sides sticking out as if in amazement.

#9: I Will Guide You

Short graduated pixie is an absolute hit that suits most girls with oval faces. Although you don’t have sufficient length to unleash your fantasy, you can always experiment with bangs. This girl definitely knows where she’s going and she can show the way to you too.

#10: Illuminate Your Style!

Fine hair and pixie are best friends. Create volume, starting from the crown towards your bangs. Make this section longer and style it with mousse, gel or crème, while your sides and back remain neat and cute even without any styling.

#11: Chic Mohawk Ideas

Daring, bright, active… if this is your nature, opt for a Mohawk or Fauxhawk, to be more correct. This haircut reminds of a fast flowing stream and tongues of flame at the same time.

#12: A Mischievous Pixie

Vibrant colorful highlights are very popular for short haircuts. This look makes an impression of bangs, dipped into a can with the wrong paint, but we do know: everything is done for a reason.

#13: A Wet Sexy Look

Gel helps to style those delicate yet sharp pixie feathers. Pair them with eye-catching earrings and an elegant dress, and you will easily outshine long-haired beauties.

#14: When You Want Everything At A time

Sometimes you can’t make a choice between a longer or shorter hairstyle, dark or blond hue. Here is a harmonious solution: an ultra chic mix of lengths, textures and colors.

#15: Flawlessly Short

A good example for those girls who want to try an extra short haircut. Platinum perfectly completes this look, reflecting excellence and purity.

Short hairstyles can be sophisticated or simple, daring or pretty modest, dramatic or romantic. Think of a message you want to bring into the world with your look and choose accordingly. You are welcome to borrow our ideas.