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125 Mind-Blowing Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

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Thin hair is not a curse. This type of locks is very generous if properly handled. After reading this article you will see how this is a field open for the imagination. There are a lot of short hairstyles and haircuts for thin hair, really. With fine hair you can easily be feminine, extravagant, stylish and playful … yeah whatever you wish! Ok, now, let’s see how different and unique you can be with thin hair!

What Haircuts Suit Thin Hair?

Cutting thin hair should be done in straight cuts, without thinning the tips in order to keep hair density. Since the main problem with fine hair is the lack of volume, it is preferred that the upper hair (top) was shorter than the rest. This will reduce the weight and contribute to the development of volume. Ideal are structured haircuts with lots of layers. In addition to volume, they also make the hair vibrant and easy to manage. A good haircut is in short style, a bob, pixie or a boy cut – their round silhouette is ideal for fine hair. Any fringe will work. Look at these pictures and check!

How to Style Short Fine Hair?

Styling should begin with the drying of the hair roots using a blow drier, as a rule, where we blow there it will lie. Determine the direction of air and finish off the tips with a brush, curling irons or a normal iron- this depends on my mood!

There is a range of styling products available for thin hair, for any texture it is important to choose only the ones that fix easily. Styling products with a high degree of fixation will muddy and weight fine hair.

Rules for Looking After Thin Hair

Proper care for fine hair requires special shampoo, conditioner and mask. Many brands today released a series of products “for hair volume.” It is these products that make thin hair thicker and more elastic, so that it looks more voluminous and thick.

Visually Increase Hair Volume of Thin Hair by Dyeing It

Dying thin hair should be done in patches. Darken the roots, colour in strands and shrouds. The effect of burnt hair creates an optical illusion and visually any hairstyle will look 2 times bigger in volume.

And so we can safely say that if you have thin hair it does not mean that you have to look dull. As you can see, many celebrities have thin hair, but they are choosing a short haircut and doing interesting, bold styling with their hair for a great look. For many, short hair seems very ambitious and they would never dare to try it. But once you have a short hair cut, many with thin hair suddenly reveal their enormous potential. These hairstyles always look great, fresh and can be constantly changed, and always surprise people with a new look by simply changing the method of layering. So decide, make a short cut, do not be afraid to experiment with stacking and get a sea of compliments!

125 Best Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

#1: Cropped Hair

When you’re searching a cute hairstyle that will make thin hair looking great, consider a cropped cut with plenty of lift. Use some styling product to boost the top portion of the hair, incorporating in a deep side part for added volume.

#2: Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Gel and spikes are not reserved exclusively for middle school boys – you can use them in a fun, feminine way when you style your short straight hair into a modern look. Don’t worry about a perfect part or a sleek ‘do – this style looks best with a little bit of chaos.

#3: Forward Focus Hair

Combing hair forward can really accentuate your beautiful eyes while drawing attention away from hair’s thinness. Cutting the back and sides extremely short while leaving the top long is the easiest way to add the right edge to this sweet shaggy style.

#4: Back Shaved Hair

There is a plenty of short hairstyles for fine hair to choose from, but some are definitely more high maintenance than others. If you just want something simple, try clipping the back and sides of the head very close, while leaving the top feathered. This will work best on straight hair and it’s perfect for thin locks.

#5: Asymmetrical Side-Parted Style

The trick to pulling off short cuts for fine hair is to be aware of asymmetry benefits. Creating a contrast from left to right will add interest and volume to your style. Choose a longer length to one side and part hair off center for the best boost.

#6: Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Layers are the key point in haircuts for women with fine hair. The more you layer, the more you’ll be able to pull off an illusion of thickness. Modern layers can be choppy or rounded, and if your hair is on the shorter side, you will need some great product to keep it in place throughout the day.

#7: Brushed Back Cut

Cutting the sides very short leads to an upward focus that keeps things looking fuller. The thinness of your hair will hardly be noticeable with this creative style that puts special emphasis on the back sweep and built up.

#8: Multi-Tonal Hair

Adding in some color is a great trick for those who are getting a short hairstyle for thin hair. Incorporating either highlights or lowlights brings added dimension to a style and can give an illusion of thicker hair.

#9: Front Facing Layers

Layers to the front for a sweet pixie cut will add body and beauty to otherwise limp short thin hairstyle. Keeping hair slightly longer in front of the ear as well as incorporating bangs will effectively frame the face and keep things feminine.

#10: Haircuts for Fine Hair

Bangs can add a lot to a thin style, and the more you add, the thicker hair will appear. Go for bangs that come down no further than barely grazing the eyebrows – this will bring focus upward and distract attention from thin locks.

#11: Adaptable Height

One of the benefits of having a short, layered hairstyle is your opportunity to change your look whenever you feel like it. Style your hair flat for a serious, studious look – or else brush it back with some setting gel for a playful, wilder persona.

#12: Eye-Popping Color

Using an extraordinary hair color like a bright hue or a chilly ice blue will take the attention away from thin strands. Short haircuts tend to look lovely with an `unusual colorant – and best of all, it’s usually much more affordable to maintain than long locks.

#13: Bold and Bright

A vibrant hair dye can add a lot to thin hair, and when you have it cut short you’ll need all the notice you can get. Go for a deep burgundy or a fun cherry red when you want a statement-making style that’s all your own.

#14: Hairstyles for Short Thin Hair

Work in a cute accent like a braid into your short hair for a carefree or festive look. If you braid a portion of hair on one side of your head just behind the ears, it will provide extra volume to your thin hair as a bonus.

#15: Curly Short Cuts

Curly hair has a reputation of being thick in texture, but that certainly isn’t the case for so many women who struggle with finding a style for their thin curly hair. Instead of opting for a daily ponytail, cut hair short and bring curls front and center. Yes, right down onto the forehead.

#16: Edgy Style for Thin Hair

Go a little punk this year with an unnatural hue combined with a layered, angled cut that brings instant volume to thin locks. Hairstyles for women with thin hair don’t always have to be conservative – after all, there’s a little rebel in all of us.

#17: Short Layers with Gel

Multidirectional locks are fun and carefree – perfect for summer weather or for an artistic endeavor. Have your hair cut with very short layers and then use a light gel to tousle it into place.

#18: Short Haircuts for Thin Hair

Short and simple works well for many women who need to update their thinner strands. Keep it simple with some basic styling product and then forget about it – you’re fortunate enough not to worry about hair staying in place all day.

#19: Textured Short Cut

Adding in layers and texture can really bring a lot to otherwise thin flat-looking locks. Select key areas in which to add thickness – like the side above the ear line or the center back of the head. Wear a deep side part for added texture and style.

#20: Creative Combination

Can’t decide what style looks best for you personally? When it comes to short haircuts, you don’t need to commit to just one thing. Many women believe that cutting your hair short means wearing the same style day in and day out. On the contrary, many of today’s short-haired ladies are rocking looks that have more variation from day to day than those who have spent years growing their locks out.

#21. Extravagant Version of Pixie

This style is serious and airy at the same time. Ideal for round face shape to make it look more vertical. When styling the top part of the hair blow hair to the left then to the right and then away from the face with a hair drier. To add to the texture is it better to use wax with a matte effect and use your fingers to sculpt the desired texture of the hair like you would with play dough.

#22. Perfect Mess on Short Hair with Comb-Over onto the Side

Pink- cheerful and explosive has always been a style icon. Learn from her determination. With the help of a hairdryer we can dry hair into a messy style. Then it is best to use powder for volume at the root (pour it in the middle and rub with fingers creating an airy feel). Use a small amount of liquid gel to give a light staleness to the tips. The fringe can be styled to the side.

#23. Rock-n-Roll Hairstyle

Miley Cyrus knows how to surprise. We can be armed with one of her hairstyles. To seal the hair place a small amount of basal spray for hair volume to wet hair partings. It is important to dry the top part of the hair to create maximum volume. To do this dry hair on all four sides and away from the face last. Work through hair ends with a round brush with a large diameter. Construct the silhouette of the hair using hairspray.

#24. Short Haircut with a Fully Open Face

Sharon Stone is not afraid to try radically different looks. This haircut is made with a hairstyling razor which creates different hair lengths noticeable during styling. The secret of this hairstyle lies in the fact that the lengths of hair on the surface of the head are absolutely identical. Hair drying the hair should be done in different directions. For texture use wax with a matte effect, shape with the fingers.

#25. Short Hair With a Massive Straight Fringe

This short hairstyle for thin hair is perfect for those with a slim elongated vertical face. Wet hair cream to smooth out the texture can be used. This will prolong the lifespan of your hair style. After blow-drying, straighten the fringe with the help of an iron. Do not forget about the health of our hair and be sure to apply a thermal protector. Heavy straight cut of the fringe can make thin hair look thicker.

#26. Straight Bob with shimmering colour

This is one of Katy Perry’s most memorable hairstyles. A classic bob with a side parting and a slightly tousled effect is perfect for a round face shape. It makes it more subtle and soft. The volume in this situation is created with pink highlights at the roots of the hair. Colour flare depends entirely on your personality.

#27. Short blond bob

This hairstyle with a side parting perfectly softens an angular face, making it more charming and feminine. White hair always looks the most voluminous, but do not try it if you have very light not tanned skin. The short length of this hairstyle also lengthens the neck and makes it more look more refined.

#28. Romantic curls on short hair

Charlize Theron – the perfection of femininity. Soft and mobile curls perfectly underline a touch of romanticism in you. It is best to use light mousse on damp hair, dry the hair until completely dry. Then curl hair on a curler of average dimensions steering away from the face. Start on 1/3 from the hair length in order that the roots remain straight. Shake hair with hands and fix with light hairspray.

#29. Fast short haircut without a parting

During one of the last Oscar shows de Larenta proposed a very interestingly styled short straight haircut. This hairstyle is created by a special technique with a razor, which involves cutting off, as it were thin strands at different hair lengths. By doing this, in the future they become dense strands that make your hair thicker. Direct straightness of the ends is created using an iron, remember about the thermal protector. To emphasize the texture, you can apply wax or hairspray on your short haircut for fine hair.

#30. Torn haircut with a soft fringe and a darkening at the roots

Deep root creates a visual volume that is suitable for very thin hair. Short crown makes it easy to cope with the volume using a round thermal brush hairdryer. Fringe looks like an integral part of the hairstyle; it is elastic and can be brushed to any side.

#31. Pixie with a long fringe

Want to be unique? The upper part of the hair is treated with a large curling iron, brush hair at the roots if the fringe is very long and using hair spray to form the desired silhouette.

#32. Short hair with highlights and waves

Drew Barrymore is an example of a famous person with a round face. Apply volume spray onto damp hair from the roots and dry hair on the diffuser, form the final shape of the hairstyle using hair spray, directing the spray away from the face. Blonde locks give hair shine and volume.

#33. Pixie haircut with a torn fringe

Emma Watson chose this child like look with a short soft hair style. Fringe is light and can modelled using hairspray. This haircut requires virtually no styling. You can just comb damp hair in the right direction and let it dry naturally.

#34. Diagonal hard shape with a straight fringe

Perfectly straight cut creates an effect of a brush and hair looks dense and thick. Light blonde colour gives hair fullness and volume. Straighten hair on a dry iron; do not forget about thermal protection.

#35. Short hairstyle for curly thin hair

This option is ideal for those with curly hair. Having layers allows you to expand the natural wave of the hair and create more volume. You can have straight hair and give it a similar texture. This is done with the help of a curler with an average diameter. It is important for each strand not to be kept in the curler for long or it may turn out too curled.

#36. Short graduated haircut with innocent curls

Thin strands of colour create a play of light in the hair. Difference between the upper and lower hairdo gives the hair weightlessness. To obtain such textures damp the hair, apply some light mousse and dry it well. Then twist hair onto a large curling iron. The main thing is to place a small amount of hairspray on each strand.

#37. Short pixie haircut with a soft wave and an oblique fringe

Carey Mulligan has made a good choice. Straight cut on the back of the head makes the hair look denser. Darker roots increase substance. Oblique fringe makes the face look soft and feminine. Chaotic wave gives a sense of mystery. For waves it is sufficient to use a small amount of soft gel to trample hair a little. Great short haircut for thin hair, isn`t it?

#38. Soft Bob with elongation-to-face

An example of one of Janey Hart’s styles – feminine bob with long strands near the face. Short graduated hair above the neck is very elastic and can easily change its look with the use of a hairdryer. Tips can go inward, outward, straight … It all depends on your imagination, so go ahead!

#39. Short haircut for innocent curls

If you are curly, this is the option for you. Ball like round shape haircuts create volume. The main thing is cut the hair with straight cuts; otherwise, instead of curls you’ll get fluff. You can use curl activator for styling of this kind of hair. This will give your curls more texture.

#40 Colouring Ombre for short thin hair

Bottom part of the hair and the root are darkened. The length from the top of the hair softly changes into very light blond. This creates an effect as the hair is concentrated at the top. Hair spray can be used for hair styling and it is possible to brush the hair up a little bit.

#41.Lovely hair cut Pixie with a side pattern

With this hair cut Emma Watson gives her face a childlike innocence. If light locks are visible they create a shine and add perceived volume even to flat hair.

#42. Ideal short style for ginger hair

Light shades of honey or red colour always fill hair with colour. Very short hair with a heavy fringe gives the hair additional density. Use light jelly gel for texturing.

#43. Elegant strictness for a short Pixie cut

Another successful example is Carey Mulligan. This type of Pixie hair style creates strictness and an elegancy. For styling apply root spray for volume and blow dry the hair away from the face. Finish modelling the style with hair spray.

#44. Classic Bob for thin hair

Kate Bosworth opted for a bit of a longer bob for herself. This haircut allows you to change the parting while remaining gorgeous. Ideal for a round face shape.

#45. Short hair with the ends out

Actress Lisa Wrynn has chosen an unusual hairstyle. This hairstyle is very easy to create and at the same time it does not look boring. Soften coarse facial features. The main thing is to dry bottom hairs, blow-drying hair from the bottom up. Such haircuts for women with fine hair work the best, proved by whole generations!

#46. Short Pixie with ragged tips

The tips are well cut out making hair a lot lighter which makes styling easy. For texturing it is better to apply wax with a matte effect. Very short fringe distracts attention from the wrinkles around the eyes, if they exist.

#47. Cascade haircut with an oblique fringe

This is an ideal combination for creating more volume. Top hair is shorter making the overall hair look round. Oblique fringe softens and visually makes thinner face. Short blonde locks provide a rich shimmer.

#48. Angel curls on a short hairstyle

This option is possible only on hair of different length. It is best to wrap locks around the curler of an average diameter. It is important to then shake the hair well with the hands. Finally shape hair using hairspray.

#49. Short bob with trendy colouring

Classic cut with colouring from dark roots to light ends – the perfect combination. This hairstyle looks easy, voluminous, mobile and radiant.

#50. Short Pixie for very curly hair

This style is light and voluminous. In this case, it is important to keep the fringe locks longer; this will give the hair a long silhouette. Use a curl activator for styling to avoid fluffing and to discipline the curls. If you have straight hair, you can avoid daily bio-curling and complex hair treatment

#51. Playful Pixie haircut with a raised fringe

This hairstyle looks airy and voluminous thanks to the light colour of the hair. On dark hair it would look massive and heavy. Raised oblique fringe will make the face look thin. For shaping use hairspray.

#52. Extremely Short Haircut for Women with Fine Hair

Alicia Milano looks great in any circumstance. But as you can see, even extremely short haircut may look delicate, if the hair tips are softened. In order to create texture use light wax.

#53. Graded short haircut with Ombre colour

Haircut which consists of a large number of layers and colour and looks like a naturally bleached hair – this is a magic cocktail for fine hair. The messier the hair the more successful this style will look on you. Therefore during the styling do not put too much effort.

#54. Another idea is the cute haircuts from Charlize Theron

Very short hair with a side parting, raised fringe and a slight darkening at the roots will look simple, elegant and childishly innocent all at the same time. Use glossy styling wax.

#55. Classic bob

Fitness Model Jamie Eason did not make a mistake by choosing the classic bob. Round silhouette adds volume, facilitates styling and elongated locks create the perfect jawline.

#56. Mystical bob on thin hair

Almost white hair creates airiness. Elastic fringe can be brushed onto either side with any parting. When styling use thermo-brush with a large diameter and a hair dryer to create a rounding in the middle of the locks. Fix this by using hairspray.

#57. Short Pixie with messy waves

Carey Mulligan chose a longer Pixie haircut with lots of layers and stacking large waves. To do this, you need to curl the hair on a curler of a very large diameter. This will bend instead of curl the hair. Fix the hair with glossy wax or hairspray.

#58. Uniform short hairstyle with a short fringe

Audrey Tautou has chosen hairstyle with the same length of hair all over the head. Only fringe shortened to emphasize the ideal face shape. Curly hair strives to hang around in different directions and there is no need to resist. To emphasize the playfulness of the tips mild hair gel can be used.

#59. Short Bob for blonde hair

Dying hair with strands and a clean cut bob haircut both increase hair volume. Depending on the shape of the face this style suits any fringe, creating a more serious or a softer image

#60. Short Bob for an angular face shape

Bob on light curly hair with a soft bottom contour allows your face shape to be softened, especially with a side parting and long bangs. Allow hair to reveal its natural texture.

#61. Cute Bob with a soft fringe

Technique used to create this hairstyle creates a form that does not require making an effort during styling, hair falls by itself as it should. In order to do this style, simply dry with the hair dryer.

#62. Short cut away from the face

Sharon Stone is able change elegantly. For example moving hair behind her ears, fringe combed to the side and straightening the hair can create a completely different look. Light colour and the presence of different lengths of hair retain volume. In order to flatten the texture use volume powder.

#63. Extraordinary boy cut on short hair

Heavy border fringe and temples in the form of a horseshoe give density and mass. The rest of the hair is cut in layers for ease. Only suitable for straight hair and does not require styling. By the way, if you have strong swirls on the fringe, this hairstyle is better not to do.

#64. Short graduated haircut with asymmetry

Proper colouring technique, layered haircut made with straight cuts. Do not make the tips very thin. See how two different lengths on the temples make such an extraordinary look.

#65. Short Pixie with creative colouring

Attractive and comfortable haircut can be just as unique with a few coloured locks in the fringe area. Be bold and gorgeous!

#66. Short bob for curls

Hair volume for this hairstyle is unrestricted. To obtain the effect of such unpredictable playful curls best used the diffuser during styling

#67. Pixie haircut with straight fringe

Rihana knows a lot about fashion! Silhouette of the haircut has a circular shape and straight sections so that the hair seems longer. Light colour glares add texture and dynamics of the hair. Perfect for a longer face and looks great both on straight and on the curled hair.

#68. Layered punk hairstyles for short Pixie

Pixie haircut will make the shape of your hair light, voluminous and elastic. After you dry your hair with a hairdryer, take a small amount of powder for volume increase at the roots, it will give the hair volume. Then shape tips on the top with light wax so that they are sticking up.

#69. Short haircut Pixie with a loose structure

In order to create hairstyle of this type, dry hair with the hair dryer and cover in mousse. Then use a little hairspray. Use iron to twist hair. This will create dents in the hair. Finish off with styling wax with a matte effect.

#70. Strict Bob with straight fringe

This is a classical look which has been fashionable for many years. Straight cut makes the hair look thicker. The technique behind this cut is such that it will look great even without styling. Straight angles give this style an amazing and irresistible appearance.

#71: Edgy Bob Crop With Light Waves

At present Scarlett Johansson is growing out her locks, so we need to look back to see her classy short styles which look chic and in-thing even today. We love this fancy short bob with random tips in and out and very light placid waves.

#72: Textured Crop With A Side Sweep

The same crop with enhanced texture and a sweep to one side turns out ontrend, although it was styled for 2011 Oscar’s ceremony. Scarlett Johansson is, unquestionably, very cute with her bobs, so maybe she’ll consider another one in the near future? We’ll see…

#73: Choppy Bob With Long Side Swept Bangs

It seems Cameron Diaz is not planning on joining the short crop club either. These days she is sporting her medium length with pleasure. But who’d question that this choppy bob flatters her immensely? I’d never…

#74: Oh-So-Sharp!

Leigh Lezark looks heart-stopping with the jet black bob. It’s tapered at the back, sharply-trimmed at front and packed with side bangs to add edges at different angles. When styling this cut, you simply need to keep your tresses straight to bring out the mentioned strategic points.

#75: Wispy Ethereal Bob

Now we see that Leigh Lezark is an expert of transformation. Changing her hairstyles, she can go from a soft tender look to a sexy and dramatic one. Here’s a cute bob with wispy edges and soft side bangs.

#76: Sleek Short Hairstyle With Pompadour Bangs

Dianna Agron skillfully plays with textures and hair hues achieving a sophisticated look on the basis of a very simple hairstyle. She has her cropped tresses flat ironed and complemented with combed back pompadour bangs.

#77: A-Line Bob With Textured Edges

Jennie Garth pairs the eye-catching print of her jacket with a classy A-line bob that embraces fringy contours and layered side bangs. The elegant champagne blonde with darkened roots is the best hair color idea for it.

#78: Whimsical Curves

Taylor Swift’s fine hair acquires body thanks to a few styling tricks. She often has her front locks flipped out and combined with edgy ends. And I admire the curves of her bangs in this particular style.

#79: Jaw-Skimming Bob

Coco Rocha loves her angular jawline, so that she opts to highlight it with the extra-short bob. Its length is hitting right there, but Coco looks very sweet with her blunt bangs and thin light brown streaks through the cropped face-framing locks.

#80: Vintage Glitz

Since Coco Rocha has gone for a big crop, she doesn’t stop surprising us with always chic and at times extravagant looks. This simple sleeked-back wet look with an accurate side parting draws attention to Coco’s face and large fancy earrings.

#81: Short Feathery Look

Look, Coco Rocha is absolutely divine with her feathered chocolate pixie that is styled forwards this time. Her well-trimmed fringy bangs point at her beautiful eyes, and we, certainly, can’t help admiring this pale porcelain skin.

#82: Asymmetry & Texture Rule!

Orange and blue, long and short, neat and messy… Coco Rocha wants to play with contrasts, and she succeeds to build this awesome look. But she also introduces the likeness in colors and lines. Hmmm…so sophisticated…

#83: Edgy Asymmetric Bob – Great Short Haircut for Fine Hair!

Elisabeth Moss couldn’t bypass general obsession with the edgy bob trend. She styles her dark-chocolate crop side-parted with a wave over one side. And it does score the desired points thanks to asymmetry and fringy edges.

#84: Soft Shag

Karlie Kloss is charming with this nude dress, matching nude make up, delicate accessories and natural-looking side-parted shag with swoopy bangs and occasional flicks.

#85: Messy Wavy Bob

How else can Karlie Kloss style her signature haircut? A messy touch is a win-win option. It looks effortless and remains on trend. The large irregular waves are superb for texture.

#86: Platinum Blonde Faux Hawk

Pink is charming with the cute faux hawk hairstyle, featuring side undercuts and elongated tresses with a buttery finish on top. Nice idea for short fine hair.

#87: Angled Pixie

With this short pixie Anne Hathaway draws attention to her delicate facial contours and features. The shorter your haircut is the less styling minutes it suggests. Anne has hers combed to one side to bring out the angles and edges of the bangs.

#88: Textured Crop With Pompadour Side-Swept Bangs

Charlize Theron needed to style her short hair off the face for a formal look and to show off her chic cuff earrings. Side parting, pompadour bangs and light backcombing create an awesome glamorous style.

#89: Cropped Messy Shag With Extra Short Bangs

This is a photo of Kate Moss from the catwalk of Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2013 collection. Kate is wearing a black wig with messy top, cropped bangs and tapered sides. The wash-and-go style flatters Kate, but the hair color is a bit too dark, don’t you think?

#90: Wet Scrunched Look

A fresh photo of Eddie Campbell from London features an enjoyable wet summer look. Eddie’s bob is scrunched, tucked behind the ears and paired with swoopy side bangs.

#91: Short Style With Extra Long Bangs

The August issue of Japanese Vogue is presenting Eddie Campbell with her outgrown pixie, styled wet and messy. Her elongated crown tresses are mixed with bangs and combed forward to veil the eyes in a sexy way. The highest score, Eddie, we love!

#92: Crazy Waves

Eddie Campbell needed a sassy hairstyle to balance the sweetness of her bubble gum pink summer coat. Her irregular waves are styled messy and side-swept, creating a spontaneous edgy look I love absolutely.

#93: Wavy A-Line Bob With Edgy Bangs

Jennifer Lawrence likes to sport short haircuts for her thin hair. This time she is rocking a beautiful wavy brown blonde bob with length at the nape. For a trendy quirk her side bangs and face-framing locks on the left are styled edgy.

#94: Side-Parted Edgy Bob

Now we see that Jennifer Lawrence’s bob is pretty many-sided. It can be styled with a left or right side parting, as well as centre-parted, wavy and delicate or scrunched and edgy.

#95: Chic Tucked-Behind-The-Ears Look

Mia Wasikowska looks very elegant and refined with the choppy dark blonde crop tucked behind the ears. Mia’s bob is side-parted and lifted at the roots for a light volume on top, while her edges hold the perfect sculptured contours.

#96: Aerial Flicks

Natalia Vodianova has her short crop styled into light flicks which appear a bit messy but hold beautiful edges of her tapered short haircut. The chocolate hair hue is rather unusual for Natalia, but it makes an awesome color combination with her blue eyes.

#97: Extra Short Curly Style

Audrey Tautou prefers to go after low-maintenance and self-styling solutions. That’s why she opts for rather short lengths which barely let her hair reveal its curly texture.

#98: Outgrown Pixie Combed Forth

Julianne Hough got this super chic look, adding texture to her outgrown locks. She gave some lift to the roots and combed her crown tresses forth to merge with her side-swept bangs.

#99: Feathered Pixie

Isabel Lucas is extremely stylish and elegant with these pearls and lace. Her pixie hairstyle with feathery texture and highlights complements her look, preventing it from appearing too ceremonious.

#100: Side-Parted Edgy Pixie With A Messy Touch

Michelle Williams is adorable with these steeply angled side bangs. The right amount of lift at the roots and brown blonde coloristic solution turn her beautiful short hairstyle into a total success.

#101: Short Messy Bob With Wispy Texture

Here is a similar look of Michelle Williams that, however, leaves a different impression. Michelle’s short bob is backcombed to achieve not only volume but also the popular today messy texture. I love these thin wispy streaks around her face and asymmetry.

#102: Backcombed Textured Pixie

Lady Epatage Miley Cyrus enjoys her cheeky short hairstyles which are often materialized in brown blonde backcombed versions. This pixie is famous for its ingenious simplicity and outstanding texture.

#103: Low-Maintenance Pixie

Ginnifer Goodwin keeps her locks extra short to make them appear thicker and reduce the time of hair styling routines to minimum. This pixie needs just a dab of light hold hair product to define its texture on top.

#104: Chin-Length Bob, Styled Asymmetrically

Evan Rachel Wood is rocking an ever-classy bob that looks good even when it’s styled without any additional volume. Its stronger point is associated with the face-slimming effect.

#105: Half Blonde Half Black Bob With Enhanced Volume

And here is a magic transformation of the same bob from Evan Rachel Wood into a scrunched hairstyle with dramatic black-and-white coloristic solution.

#106: Too Tempting To Resist

This simple short hairstyle is enhanced with delicate layering, a chic feathered look, and ombre effect, appending dimension and fascination to the look.

#107: A Coquette

Even plain haircuts, such as a classic bowl cut, can be modified into hairstyles with an exceptional magnetic appeal. Sleek texture is an excellent background if you want to play with lines, angles and highlights.

#108: Curly Romance

If you have a natural weave, you are, definitely, not too excited about flat ironing your bob on a daily basis. A curly hairstyle is a worthy alternative. Romantic waves soften your image, besides, this look is appropriate both for office and a night out.

#109: A Platinum Dream

Layering works as excellent for short haircuts, as it does for medium lengths. This is a fine layering work for fine hair that looks voluminous and mind-blowing.

#110: Peach Blossom

Every technique looks delicate on fine and short hair. This hairstyle casts associations of tenderness, resembling of peach blossom in early spring. Shorter hair on the temples is balanced with cute asymmetric bangs.

#111: Class and Sophistication

Some short hairstyles for thin hair seem to be the top of perfection, although they are pretty simple. Here is a gorgeous celebrity look to mimic if your hair is short and fine.

#112: Energetic & Ingenious

Messy hairstyles are in trend in 2016. Short graded haircuts allow creating fantastic volume on the crown, enhanced, for example, by eye-catching coppery hues and loose curls.

#113: Mesmerizing Allure

This pixie haircut couldn’t do a better framing job for your face. Style it with mousse, raising your hair at the roots and leaving cute little tresses on the sides sticking out as if in amazement.

#114: I Will Guide You

Short graduated pixie is an absolute hit that suits most girls with oval faces. Although you don’t have sufficient length to unleash your fantasy, you can always experiment with bangs. This girl definitely knows where she’s going and she can show the way to you too.

#115: Illuminate Your Style!

Fine hair and pixie are best friends. Create volume, starting from the crown towards your bangs. Make this section longer and style it with mousse, gel or crème, while your sides and back remain neat and cute even without any styling.

#116: Chic Mohawk Ideas

Daring, bright, active… if this is your nature, opt for a Mohawk or Fauxhawk, to be more correct. This haircut reminds of a fast flowing stream and tongues of flame at the same time.

#117: A Mischievous Pixie

Vibrant colorful highlights are very popular for short haircuts. This look makes an impression of bangs, dipped into a can with the wrong paint, but we do know: everything is done for a reason.

#118: A Wet Sexy Look

Gel helps to style those delicate yet sharp pixie feathers. Pair them with eye-catching earrings and an elegant dress, and you will easily outshine long-haired beauties.

#119: When You Want Everything At A time

Sometimes you can’t make a choice between a longer or shorter hairstyle, dark or blond hue. Here is a harmonious solution: an ultra chic mix of lengths, textures and colors.

#120: Flawlessly Short

A good example for those girls who want to try an extra short haircut. Platinum perfectly completes this look, reflecting excellence and purity.

#121. Messy Broken Curls

Messy hairstyles are our hair dream that has come true. Finally our messy locks are referred to as “fashionable” and “chic” instead of the former “sloppy”. Styling your short fine tresses into the messy curls, you achieve two important goals at a time: boost volume of your thin hair and gain a fun trendy hairstyle. Our messy broken curls look effortless, and they are really quite easy to style. Find out how to shape them with a flat iron from the following step-by-step tutorial.

#122. Short Hairstyle With Twisted Bangs

For a special occasion we will anyway go to a salon and have our locks styled by a professional stylist, but what about our casual looks? Looking stylish every day is no less important for any modern girl. I’d highly recommend including this hairstyle into the list of your ideas for daily makeovers. The twists in the bangs are a new ingenious quirk to update your common bob. I bet those around you will gladly welcome the changes in your looks.

#123. A-Line Hairstyle

Eventually every woman begins having occasions in her life when she needs to look elegant. Short hair and elegant hairstyles are often quite incompatible things in our imagination. The most we can think of in this relation is a sleek classic bob. Well, it looks pretty neat, but there are more unhackneyed ways to style your short fine hair in the elegant way. The chic A-line hairstyle we offer you features the enhanced feel of femininity in every curve of the face-framing locks and the universally-flattering silhouette to accentuate your natural beauty.

#124. Voluminous Curly Hairstyle

The neat tender curls that are pretty smart but not too predictable in their texture are the universal type of curls flattering to any woman and fitting into practically any style cliché you use on different occasions in your life. You look feminine and delicate with them, appearing mysterious within reasonable limits. To encourage you for new hair experiments, we are glad to unveil the “recipe” of these adorable curls right now.

#125. Elegant Updo For Short Hair

Have you thought that updos are not for you due to your thickness and length issues? Forget your doubts… There’s a really cool updo idea for your short fine locks. I promise: you are going to look elegant and oh-so-very-posh! How is it possible? A little trick to enhance the volume and give your locks a fabulous texture, and you are ready to present the world your lovely updo. Get your step-by-step tutorial and feel free to duplicate the look!

Recommended Reading:

Is your hair fine and short, which makes think you can’t “squeeze” much out of it? Wait a minute with your conclusions. I know, I know, you have been living with it all your life and you know better… But think for a moment: can it be that you are not using your potential to the fullest? View the fresh and endearing looks in this article. You will certainly gain a couple of interesting ideas.

Fine hair is characterized by minimal width of every hair, while sparse hair lacks density. As a rule, the major problem in both cases is no volume. So, short layered haircuts work for fine hair perfectly. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and style.

How To Style Fine Hair?

  • Before you apply any styling products, dry your hair so that it’s approximately 80% dry.
  • Opt for light styling solutions, providing volume. Don’t overload your hair with wax or heavy crèmes. Often it’s enough to add a little bit of mousse and rake your fingers through your hair for a trendy tousled finish.

A key to a successful short haircut is long bangs and/or layering. They add dimension and create an illusion of thick hair. Color highlights and ombre effect also belong to potent volume boosters, you may take advantage of.

The Best Haircuts For Short Fine Hair

  • Bob. Regardless of length, a bob adds volume even to hair that is naturally fine. A graded bob additionally provides a very appealing texture.
  • Pixie. This is one of the best choices for short fine hair, naturally straight, wavy or curly. Layering creates visual volume, whereas short length draws attention to your facial features. Platinum hair hues and long bangs soften your image and convey it a sensual look.

Short hairstyles can be sophisticated or simple, daring or pretty modest, dramatic or romantic. Think of a message you want to bring into the world with your look and choose accordingly. You are welcome to borrow our ideas.

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