27 Trendy Wolf Cut Hairstyles for Men to Try in 2023

The wolf cut has been booming, and it’s awesome! Borrowing much from a shag haircut and a mullet (also, a popular term used to describe variations of these cuts), it’s one of the most interesting and low-maintenance men’s hairstyles to rock in 2023. Check out some of the best wolf cuts for men to set on the right hairstyle.

#1: Buzzed Sides Curly Hair Wolf Haircut

Take it nipped in short and neat around the sides to manage your hair texture. This cut resembles a mullet hairstyle, which is great if you love those shaggy, textured wolf cut looks.

Short Shaggy Wolf Cut Men

Instagram / @usfinatelier

#2: Oasis Style Wolf Cut for Men

Check out this cool choppy wolf cut. Great for those of you with a little movement to your hair. This haircut works well on fine to medium hair textures. All-round classic styles never get old.

Classic Wolf Cut with Short Crown Layers

Instagram / @yukistylist

#3: Alternative Blonde Wolf cut

Maybe you like something a bit edgy? Why not try an alternative look with out-of-proportion layers and bleached hair. Maintain a cool tone with a silver shampoo and the cut will look certainly the good kind of different.

Edgy Blonde Wolf Cut with Micro Bangs

Instagram / @bons.hair

#4: Heart-Throb Medium Length Wolf Haircut

This look has teen heart-throb written all over it, taking you back to those high school days. This look maintains medium length while keeping a strong masculine shape.

Undercut Wolf Haircut with Quiff

Instagram / @volodimir_barber

#5: Low-Maintenance Wolf Cut with Contrasting Edges

Keep it simple by going short but have a play with different effects on the edges of your wolf cut. Don’t be like everyone else, mix it up! The combination of soft layers on the neck and hard lines gives the hairstyle an edge and balance.

Short Textured Wolf Cut and Beard

Instagram / @barberfirmat

#6: Shaggy Hair Details

Get that super shaggy hair look by asking your barber for a razor cut. Texturize the hell out of it so you can just mess and go. This haircut suits medium to thick hair, and the razoring helps remove bulk and weight while freeing up movement.

Layered Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

Instagram / @zaroslovs

#7: Short Wolf Cut with Bangs and Undercut

Perfect on thin hair types, this mullet with undercut sides will give you all you need. The idea is to take away the sides, filling out the top with texture. Great for thinning guys who want a wolf cut.

Razored Short Cut with Choppy Bangs and Shaved Sides

Instagram / @kevinpaulmiller

#8: E-Boy Aesthetic Wolf Hairstyle

This easy-to-maintain style is versatile and can be worn on many face shapes. Go for a shaggy texture, leave a little more length, and either style it on or off your face. Who doesn’t love the ability to change up their look daily?

#9: Bowl Shape Wolf Cut

This mullet hairstyle has a bowl-like shape with layers at the back. Wispy layers encourage this movement and the bowl look gives off a k-pop South Korean vibe. TikTok friendly, it’s enough to go viral.

Thin Hair Wolf Cut Men

Instagram / @florence.hair

#10: Curly Hair Blonde Wolf Cut

This beach boy look gives out serious summer vibes. If you are curly, free up your texture by adding choppy layers – they help create the curls so you’re ready to hit the waves.

Wavy Wolf Hair with Textured Ends

Instagram / @dorene_kersey

#11: Balanced Out Wolf Cut

Need a versatile short haircut? Go for this balanced wolf cut hairstyle. Movement in the front and back paired with short layers on the crown gives you the opportunity to style it up or down, so the choice is up to you.

Short Haircut with Faded Sides and Longer Layers at Back

Instagram / @bons.hair

#12: Choppy Wolf Cut with Whispy Layers

This long shag is a classic version of the wolf cut for men. It’s modernized with the whole gen z styling written all over it. And the long bangs look great on the thin hair type. Yep yep yep.

Korean Wolf Cut with Subtle Highlights

Instagram / @naaaa1207

#13: Wolf Cut for Men with Thick Hair Texture

Got a full chunk of hair that needs an injection of style? Get your stylist to work their magic at the salon by removing that bulk and giving you freedom and movement through a wolf haircut.

Shaggy Wolf Cut for Wavy Hair Men

Instagram / @badgirltaytay_

#14: Undone Shaggy Wolf Hair

Wolf cut suits all face shapes, but it works best on hair with a little curl to it. If that’s your case, go for lots of layers and long bangs. There is no fuss in styling this look – just wash, leave to air dry, and you’re ready to go.

Wolf Cut with Layers and Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @nkudohair

#15: Short Wolf Cut with Heavy Layers

To create a look like this, go short and neat, keeping length in the front and back. This haircut works well on guys with hair that’s thinning around the hairline. The heavy layers on the crown thicken it out while hiding a receding hairline.

Modern Wavy Wolf Cut Mullet

Instagram / @tiglihair

#16: Precision Cut Wolf Hairstyle on Dark Hair

This look has some bowl cut energy, but messy crown layers make it a great wolf cut idea. With a sharply curved line between the short and long layers, this wolf cut is definitely gonna give you the chance to stand out from the rest.

Skin Fade Undercut and Wolf Cut Texture on Top

Instagram / @coiffeurstory

#17: Undercut Wolf Hair

Ever get annoyed at your hair when it touches your ears? Just take the sides away and be done with them. As a bonus, this wolf haircut is sure to last, which makes it super low maintenance. No more calling the stylist at the last minute trying to get booked in.

Messy Wolf Cut with Longer Layers for Men

Instagram / @usfinatelier

#18: Choppy Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

Go for choppy layers on straight hair to get this rugged jagged effect through your layered wolf cut. The styling has a bold shape and it’s a statement cool-dude look, giving off a 90s vibe, which is all the rage right now.

#19: Mick Jagger Long Hair Wolf Cut

Working on many face shapes, this look has Rolling Stones written all over it. If you fancy yourself a bit of a rock star, this wolf cut is yours to try. If it’s good enough for Mick, it’s good enough for all of us.

Stylish Messy Shag for Men

Instagram / @feverfewhair

#20: Slicked Back Mullet Hairstyle

Get hair quite literally off your face with this smart mullet wolf haircut. The style keeps the annoying hair out of the way with no drama or extra edge, leaving you to do what you gotta do.

Slicked Back Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

Instagram / @sj_runswithrazors

#21: Long Wolf Cut with Square Layers

This haircut has been styled with something called square layers. The cut is created with 90-degree styling to sharpen up that shape and give it some edge. It’s sharp, smart, and iconic for the wolf cut looks.

Tapered Curly Shag Inspired by 90s

Instagram / @_semma_

#22: Low Maintenance Wolf Cut

Create a life where you don’t have to worry about your hairstyle until it’s time to go to the salon. This wolf has been cut so well that it can be worn with or without any product. Wash and go if you want to, or put a little more energy into your look when you feel like it.

Choppy Wolf Cut on Short Hair

Instagram / @lemon__hair

#23: Power Wolf Cut Mullet

Have you got long hair and want something striking? Check out this long wolf cut for a bold style. You can wear this wolf as a shag with curly hair texture or even perm your hair to give it an enviable body. The long back gives off confidence, and who doesn’t love to be a confident man?

Rock Star Long Mullet Hairstyle

Instagram / @coiffeurstory

#24: Classy Shag Wolf Cut

Go simple, classy, and timeless. This wolf cut has the original shag vibes, giving off 70s energy, and it works so well on guys with a natural movement in their hair. Texturize your hair to get that classic wolf cut with heavy layers.

Curly Wolf Cut Shag for Oblong Face Men

Instagram / @gosiadoeshair

#25: Modern Mullet Wolf Cut

Neaten off those sideburns and go for this faux mullet wolf cut. The lengths can be adjusted to suit your needs and your face shape. If you want more texture in your straight hair, ask your stylist to wolf it up.

#26: Wolf Cut with Flicks and Bends

This wolf cut adds a new dimension to hair with a natural kink. Ask to cut your wavy hair in some heavy layers and give the bangs a whispy feel to loosen up the look of your waves.

Shaggy South Korea Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @kiyo_meynewyork

#27: Curly Wolf Cut Mullet

Embrace the curls and take off the sides, leaving yourself all the fun bits to play with. Wolf haircuts like this one can be worn with almost any style, so why not give it a go?

Hope we have cleared up what wolf cuts for men look like. Since there is so much confusion about the titles people give to haircuts, better save your preferred wolf cut to Pinterest and show it to your stylist, pointing out what exactly you like about the haircuts of your choice. An important takeaway message is that due to its versatility, whether cut short or long, a wolf cut is sure to cater to your face shape and hair texture.