20 Optimal Receding Hairline Haircuts

Experiencing a receding hairline can be discouraging – no man wants to face the reality that he is losing his hair. However, the good news is found in the fact there are more receding hairline haircuts than ever before that are able to conceal a receding hairline and keep you looking stylish.

Receding Hairline Haircuts

Ever popular Mohawks and Fauxhawks plus trendy undercuts and long top short sides styles are all capable of making a receding hairline less evident if not eliminating it completely. Here are some great examples.

#1: Faded Hawk

Youthful and bold, this is one out of many receding hairline haircuts you won’t see on a grandpa. Instead, this fun and funky combination of a fade cut and a faux hawk is popular with millennials and those a bit older who just like to have a good time.

#2: Hipster Chic

The best receding hairline style for trendy men is something simple yet flattering. By shearing the sides and focusing on facial hair and a thicker, slicked-back top section, your hair will appear fuller and more purposeful.

#3: Simple Design

Did you ever get a fade cut in elementary school and spend some time seriously deliberating over what awesome design to get carved into the nape? You can relive that moment with a cool haircut that works as an adult, too. Simply fading the hair and accentuating the bottom hairline with a design for added thickness can mask pattern baldness.

Caesar fade haircut

Instagram/ @patty_cuts

#4: Give it Some Height

Due to a receding hairline, men often feel a distinct lack of confidence. Hold your head high with this full on top look for guys who are great at concealing hair imperfections.

side parted long top fade for men

Instagram/ @shawnscheepers

#5: Long and Loose

Sometimes the best way to hide a men’s receding hairline is to act confident and as if it really isn’t much of a bother. Grow hair longer to keep eyes off your hairline and admiring your romantic locks instead.

#6: Go Platinum

Bleach your hair if you want to minimize the appearance of balding. Good hair doesn’t always mean thick and dark – keeping things light and classy is just as beneficial when hair starts to thin.

#7: Spike It Up

Hair products can work wonders when it comes to receding hairline hairstyles. Use some strong gel to spike things up and keep it held throughout the day.

#8: Sides Go Bare

If you want a haircut for men that’s insanely simple to maintain, shave the sides completely off, leaving a stylish tuft of hair up top. No one will know you’re losing your hair, and if you feel too exposed, grow some complementary facial hair.

#9: Classic Clean Cut

Pictures of receding hairlines over the decades show often futile efforts at making a tricky situation any better – so why not just keep it real and simple? Keep your hair clean cut, slicked back and ready to go.

#10: Do the Wave

Haircuts for receding hairline don’t have to be nerdy or old fashioned. Pump up the hair you do have into a stylish back wave. This is a trendy style for younger men, but it can work on any age.

pompadour hairstyle for men

Instagram/ @shawnscheepers

#11: Beach Bum

Draw attention away from thinning hair by bleaching your tips. Perhaps you have images in your head of highlights only on women – but in today’s modern society a pop of sunny blonde is suitable for either gender.

spiky top hairstyle for men

Instagram / @javi_thebarber_

#12: Nice Guy Rugged

The beard says rugged, the hair says boy next door. Gel your hair straight forward to achieve this stylish look, which also naturally conceals a receding hairline. You’ll need to be able to grow hair on the sides and back of your head long enough to pull it to the front.

#13: High Fade Haircut

Not much of a pretty boy? Receding hairline haircuts don’t have to be preppy or overly stylish – instead, go for a long beard to draw attention downward instead of up. This style is “in” right now thanks to a culture that can’t seem to get enough of scruffy beards.

#14: Old School

If you love the beard look but don’t want to go too wacky, why not opt for a style that has been enduring for generations? This look is simple with a thick beard and clean cut top – both of which are not afraid to show a little grey.

#15: Edgy Undercut

Embrace your inner rocker soul with a hairstyle that features long spikes reaching out forward. Shave the sides and gel the top out for all day hold that provides a signature look that’s a lot of fun to wear, too!

#16: Reminiscent of Rome

Take a cue from Caesar and go with a simple, flat style that will bring more hair down across the forehead. Light facial hair updates this ancient trend. When it comes to haircuts for receding hairline issues, this is one of the simplest to maintain, and it looks good on any face type.

#17: Bring It On Down

If you want a hair style that’s super simple and enhances your face instead of trying to hide hair loss, try something that involves full facial hair. It keeps eyes lower and doesn’t look like you’re trying to conceal anything.

#18: Brushed Back Hair

As likeable as apple pie, this hairstyle requires medium to thick hair texture. Other than that, simply keep facial hair well-groomed and grow out strands until they are long enough to be brushed back.

#19: Light Fade

Receding hairline hairstyles with three textures in one look are head-turning. If your hair grows long and you are not dealing with actual baldness, growing your hair long up top and sleeking it back is a great solution.

#20: Curly Top

Here we have a fade haircut with a simple side design and voluminous curly top. These details accentuate your best features (i.e. curls), and, thereafter, distract attention from receding hairline.

Receding hairline haircuts can bring comfort and confidence back to a man who is unhappy with where his hair is heading. From simple, low-maintenance ‘dos to those that take a bit more styling effort, there are fortunately plenty of options for those who are struggling with such an annoying issue.