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Updated on October 26, 2021
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We all probably have the typical mental image of a young man joining the military, trading his shaggy hair in for a clean, new “buzz cut.” It’s pretty much like an art of passage because long hair on the battle field is not the best tactical move. So, are you ready for a buzz (maybe without the enlistment)? Then, check out these military haircuts that really stand at attention!

Military Haircuts

Although all military hairstyles have one feature in common – very short length, they can differ in appearance, so, every man can choose the cut that flatters him the most or simply feels right. The following examples definitely give you something to select from.

1. Structured Low Fade

This low fade is neat and accurate. The super straight lines on the temples and across the forehead lead down toward the smooth curve of the sideburns. The fade itself disappears down the back of the neck, creating a different, but super smooth look.

2. Faded Butch Cut

The butch cut is fairly short up top, and fades to shorter lengths at the temples and above the ears. Ready for a bout in the ring or day of fishing, this cut doesn’t even need a comb to look good!

3. Yes Sir, Attention, Sir!

This flat top classic is the military haircut most closely associated with the 80’s in America. It’s a look that is synonymous with action figures and cartoon characters which were a part of many childhoods. It will always be memorable!

4. Side-Parted Tapered Style with Pompadour

The evolution of men’s’ military haircuts has definitely been interesting. Now, we tend to shave it all off, but back then, when we had fewer distractions, spending time on your hair and appearance was common. Here is a long top tapered style that is both retro and modern, so it’s sure to please!

5. Front and Center!

This military haircut is much more classic. Being a version of the Ivy League cut, this will have people asking your permission to come aboard. It is definitely a more regal look that is often associated with leadership. Keep the top a bit longer, and keep the rest, including the beard, the same short length.

6. Skin Fade and Comb Over

This hair cut is one of the most flattering masculine styles now. A fade that starts about midway on the side of the head works for most hair types and head shapes—while low and high fades can be harder to pull off.

7. Short Army Cut

If you’re looking for some nice military haircut pictures to show to your barber, this is a really great option. For a clean and simple version of the cut, go for short hair that is about a quarter inch on top and fades to the skin towards the temples and nape.

8. Military High Fade

The high and tight is a version of the army haircut that gives off a potent masculine vibe. The style is very popular among soldiers and athletes. Ask your stylist for a fade that starts high on the head and don’t forget about a line up for the forehead and temples.

9. Short Hair with Side Part

One of the best things about short hair cuts is that they are very easy to style. If you have straight hair, all you will have to do is to brush it to one side and let it dry. You can apply a light hold gel or pomade to keep the side part in place.

10. Army Cut with Hard Part

Military haircuts don’t have to follow many rules like soldiers do. You can still show off your unique personality by making a few adjustments to the classic look. Here, the barber has cut in a diagonal side part for extra definition which is needed for such a short length.

11. Faded Undercut

A long military cut can be a really cool style to try. To style it after shower, use a blow dryer instead of air drying, which will give you more volume and a nice root lift. Don’t forget to use volumizing hair products. Ask your barber to help you to pick those that are optimal for your hair type.

12. Classic Medium Length Style

This medium length version looks great with straight or slightly wavy hair. You can experiment with a blow dryer when you have time, but most days you’ll likely just want to let your natural texture come out after air drying.

13. Retro Military Style

For a military haircut with a somewhat retro vibe, try lifting your quiff up and flipping it back. The key to pulling this off is a side part with the hair on top slicked to the side. You only flip back the section of hair in the very front.

14. Low Fade Style

Low fades are essential if you like having your hair mostly one length. The clean shaven nape and temples give a personal touch to what would otherwise be a basic cut. This is a no-fuss mens look for the guys who don’t want to style their hair.

Temple And Nape Fade Haircut

Instagram/ @patty_cuts

15. Buzz Cut with Temple Fade

This cool crew cut looks really smooth and clean for two reasons. First off, the length is kept mostly the same all over the head, except for the temples. Secondly, the perfect line up works as a frame for the entire cut.

16. Haircut with Skin Fade

For a military cut that lets you leave a little bit of hair on top, go for an inch length in the quiff that is gradually tapered and faded down, towards the temples and nape. Ask your barber for a smooth fade that melts gradually to the skin.

Haircut with Skin Fade

Instagram/ @andyauthentic

17. Slicked Back Army Cut

This style really brings back bygone eras but also features a modern twist – the drastic difference in lengths. For this classy look, make sure to ask for a high and tight with long hair on top. Everyone has a different idea of “long” so you’ll have the best success if you bring in some pictures to your barber.

18. Short Military Cut

Men who like simple cuts that require no styling in the morning will appreciate this high fade that is actually a great low-maintenance option. If you want to keep the hair on top standing up, you can add a little bit of gel.

19. Burr Cut with Fade

This army haircut is super short, but it still stays true to the style. A good military cut is all about a short length with smoothly faded sides. If you want very short hair with that military look, this cut is for you.

20. High and Tight

Not all modern men`s cuts include a fade. Shaved sides and back are comfortable for summer. Besides, it’s an unpretentious haircut you can cope with yourself or ask a friend for help.

21. Chiseled Military Haircut

Some military hairstyles have a very charming, historical feel. Soldiers love cuts that look like they could have been from the mid twentieth century because they simply don’t go out of style. Ask your stylist for a side part with medium length hair on top and a chiseled taper fade.

22. Extra Short Line Up Style

To pull off a burr haircut, you need to be comfortable with an extra short length. It’s a great way out for men with thinning hair or those dealing with a receding hairline. Opt for a line up and skin fade, and you’ll walk out of the barber shop with a clean hair cut you won’t be shy of.

23. Short Mid Fade Cut

For an easy-to-style masculine look, try a short hair cut with clean shaven sides. This smooth hair cut is suitable for straight and coarse hair. If this is your hair type, you will have to visit your barber for regular trims to keep it perfect. A grown out crew cut isn’t a good idea!

24. Swept Back Style

If you don’t want to have your hair cut very short but still want to try an army-inspired look, then consider this option. With medium length hair swept back and a low fade, this hair cut is clean and classic while still letting you show off your nice, thick hair.

Swept Back Style

Instagram/ @beboprbarber

25. Military Cut with Side Part

The best military cuts have a very important element – line up. Ask your barber for a straight forehead line and angled temples. You may also want to blend your cut with a facial hairstyle that is also lined up flawlessly.

26. Barely There Buzz Cut

Nearly bald haircuts for men are pretty simple, and you can do them yourself. With no hair up top, you would have the focus on the beard. In this case the beard is shaped evenly, with the sideburns tapered into a point.

27. Classic Burr Cut

New military haircut styles can be fun, but this is one of the classics that will continue on into the future. Known as a burr cut, this one-length all over style is achieved with, you guessed it, a low guard and clippers. A thin chin stripe is left over as an accent.

28. The Arch

This short cut has a slight fade at the base of the neck and a very strong arched line that makes a clean line above the ear. A one inch, angled jaw stripe connects to the sideburns, creating a 90 degree angle. A smooth and straight line across the front completes it.

29. Gelled Crew Cut

Many men who prefer very short haircuts every time they head to a salon want nothing different than a crew cut style. For the hairstyle pictured here a dab of gel was combed through to get the straight and stiff lines that hold everything in place.

30. High and Tight

A military haircut with a flat top like in the photo is a perfect example of a stiff, 100% manly haircut that is also currently in high demand. It, certainly, needs coarse hair to hold that line, or you may go with a rather short length up top. You will probably want to bring this image in to your barber or stylist to be sure you get what you want.

31. Curly Crew Cut

This crew cut has two dimensions. There… and not there – much like Schrodinger’s cat. Create a smooth oval at the top of the crown, and shear off everything else. Finish it off with a straight razor to get the cleanest look possible.

32. The “Fury” Inspired Cut

This one got influenced by the current trends. An undercut hairstyle means that the top is much longer, and everything around the base of the skull is one extra short length. Slick the top back with a serum or smoothing crème.

33. Surfing USA Teenage Dream Crew Cut

This Mohawk-inspired hairstyle has a series of angled strands along the top with extra short surrounding sections. Styling with gel, you can get the lift and wave you want using different kinds of combs.

34. War Hero Haircut

We have seen many pictures of war heroes. And this one is a throwback to WWI, featuring the combed over top and tapered lower half. A strong hold gel helps to create a slight wave in front with stiff lines of strands across the top of the head.

35. Modern Military Style

New versions of old hairstyles are still emerging in military haircuts. This tapered style with the point cut top is perfect for a more rebellious soul. The top is combed straight up to show off the edgy ends. The back and sides are smooth, with clean lines above the ears.

36. Old Fashioned Slick Back

This cool version of the undercut is a throwback to the gangster era of the 1920s. Having your hair slicked straight back gives you a polished look, and gel creates a tougher-looking shell, which hardens your appearance. Keep the top long, and get the extra short tapered sides for this one.

37. Spiky Top and Neat Sides

One of the best ways to rebel is to add spikes – especially on top! It gives you an extroverted appearance, with the potential to do something spontaneous at any moment. Even if you are shy, the length up top will give you more confidence. Keep the base smooth and neat.

38. Mid-Length Undercut

If you are inspired by Brad Pitt`s army haircut with undercut, but your hair is too short for it, don`t be upset. Proper strong-hold styling products will help you to sleek back even the thickest medium hair.

39. Simple and Appealing

This brush cut has a faded look down, and a choppier texture up top. The top is a bit longer, and it can be messy or groomed. This is a very low maintenance cut that will not bother you – just get it trimmed up on a regular basis.

40. New Wave Military Cut

Though the standards have changed over the years, the military haircut will always be a part of our society. This look creates a forward combed Mohawk with shaven sides and back sections.

Ready to skip PT, and choose your next military haircut? There are plenty of convenient cuts out there that can be worn both on and off duty, depending on your desired level of maintenance. There are endless options awaiting you, and if your hair grows pretty fast, just start short, let it grow on top, and see where it goes!

Caesar cut with a fade butch cut with a beard high and tight military haircut lumberjack hairstyle classic military haircut for men Side Part Fade Haircut Buzz Cut With Fade Black Extra Short Fade Haircut Fade For Salt And Pepper Hair Gray Hard Part Haircut Long Top Undercut For Men Long Top  Fade Haircut Side Part Fade Haircut Temple And Nape Fade Haircut Black Temple Fade Haircut Haircut with Skin Fade Short Quiff Haircut Crew Cut With Skin Fade Extra Short Skin Fade Haircut High And Tight Haircut Chiseled Taper Fade Very Short Line Up Haircut Fade Haircut For Older Men Swept Back Style Side Part Low Fade bald head and a beard for black men extra short burr haircut one length military haircut with faded temples and nape slicked back military haircut flat top men's haircut African American high and tight long top short sides hairstyle for men long top short sides men's haircut tapered military haircut point cut short haircut for men sleeked back long top tapered sides hairstyle spiky hairstyle for men slicked back men's hairstyle brush military haircut half shaved military haircut
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