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Zuhair Tahan
Updated on December 22, 2023

Two block haircut has recently gone super trendy among Asian men. As fast as this haircut went so massive, people doubted it would last long among hair trends. Soon enough, hair professionals have realized that it’s here to stay, as now not only Asian men are flocking to the shop asking for this look.

Today, we see two block hairstyles in fashion shows, on celebrities, in magazine editorials, on covers and on the streets. Here is your ultimate guide to acing the hairstyle.

What Is a Two Block Cut?

The two block hairstyle has become very popular lately in South Korea after being worn by most K-Pop bands. Two block haircut is defined by two distinct blocks: the sides and back are very short while the top is left longer, which brings contrast that is pretty flattering and gives more of a youthful look.

The key feature of this hairstyle is its versatility, allowing you to style it in many different ways depend on the occasion and your hair texture. You may choose to have it looking slick polished or messy and easy to go.

Here are 10 different cuts that show how to adopt the two block hairstyle to each and every hair texture.

1. Middle Parted Two Block Haircut

Many men have their hair naturally parted in the middle and, if you are one of them, that’s one big reason for you to choose the two block hairstyle. Trimming down the sides significantly shorter than the top makes it less heavy and more breathable especially in hot seasons. Simply towel dry your hair and let it set where it naturally wants to.

KPOP Haircut with Middle Part


2. Two Block Bowl Cut

If you already have and like a specific style of yours, you may use it for inspiration and combine it with features of another style. This two block bowl cut with a youthful feel is a great example. A fade or undercut makes longer hair structure stand out. Spray some styling powder evenly and run your fingers through your hair to add movement.

Men’s Two Block Haircut Idea


3. 90s Two Block Hairstyle

The 90s was one of the greatest eras in the hair industry with many timeless hairstyles, and the grunge was one of them. The grunge is effortless and cool, so if you want your two block haircut to look a bit different, try channeling it to the 90s. Keeping your hair at a medium length and styling it with curtain bangs can get easily you the look.

Asian Two Block Cut with Curtain Fringe


4. Choppy Layered Two Block Haircut

Getting a two block cut in a way that gives it choppy layers would give it more volume and movement at the same time. And to enhance those layers and add definition and body to your mane, your best friend is a wax powder or any other styling powder for hair.

Textured Two Block Haircut


5. Curly Two Block Hair

Leaving your curly hair natural and not straightening it is the new trend nowadays and it one of the easiest to style. The two block haircut is known to fit most of the hair textures. Having your curly hair shorter on the sides and back can be a brilliant way to take down its weight. Using hair cream can give your curls a light shine, making it look healthier, and will help you lock those curls in for the day.

Curly Hair Two Block Cut Idea


6. Two Block Cut with Curly Fringe

This haircut is a versatile one as it works with most hair textures, including curly hair. If you want to embrace the curls, you may style it with a fringe that looks cool and sexy while bringing a flattering effect. Bangs can also draw attention to your face and highlight your features. Even if you don’t have curly hair, you can get the effect with a diffuser or a diffuser attachment, just add a bit of salt spray, crunch the hair the way you want it to look, and diffuse on low speed.

High Fade Two Block Haircut for Wavy Hair


7. Middle Part Slicked Two Block Haircut

The timeless, elegant and expressive slicked middle part is another great variant of the two block haircut. It’s an excellent hairstyle for framing the face and highlighting your cheekbones. Use a tail comb to pull off a clean middle part. Start by drawing a straight line with you comb tail, then use the fine tooth of it with a bit of mousse or gel to fold and slick hair on both sides.

Asian Male Hairstyle with Clean Middle Parting and Slicked Sides


8. Messy Two Block Hair

Yes, you heard it right! Having your hair look undone can make it look very nice as it gives it more texture. This relaxed look can be considered a two block by the way hair is split. One very good product to get this look is hair salt spray, as it gives your hair volume and movement while adding a light hold to it.

Messy Two Block Hairstyle for Men


9. Two Block with Long Bangs

Bangs draw attention to your facial features, drawing specific attention to your eyes and giving you a youthful glow. So, if you are ready to turn heads on the streets, a long fringe is the way to go. More so, if you have wavy hair texture. If you want to have more volume and wave achieved in this photo, you may blow dry your hair completely to one side and then flip it to another side where you want it to sit. Pro tip: use volume mousse or salt spray to build up volume.

K Pop Cut with Long Side Fringe


10. Shaved Side and Back with a Bun

Now, this one is not your ordinary two block hairstyle but it can be considered one as the sides and back are completely shaved while the top is very long and tied into a man bun. It is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain and will guarantee that you turn heads while roaming the streets. This cut is an excellent example of a carefree and effortlessly cool finish.

Skin Fade and Man Bun Hairstyle


Two Block Haircuts FAQs

Why are two block cuts called this way?

The two block haircut is named after cutting the hair into two blocks: on the top and the bottom. The hair on the top is longer while the bottom is trimmed shorter. The hair on the bottom can be trimmed with only a slight difference in length from the top, or the difference can be more dramatic with a fade.

What do I tell my barber for a two block?

The simplest way to ensure getting the exact look barber is to take a photo of the look that you want to get. Consult with your barber about what variation of the cut would suit your face shape and hair texture.

Whether you are inspired by Korean pop groups or just look for a flattering men’s middle-length cut, two block hairstyle is a hot option to consider. If you want more male haircut and beard inspiration, follow me on Instagram @zuhairtahan. All the images in this article are by @alisa.poturaeva.

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