20 Best Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair in 2022

Even though wavy and curly hair is often described as unruly and tricky to manage, this hair type is a perfect base for so many hot-on-trend and contemporary men’s haircuts. Wavy hair normally has plenty of body and naturally holds volume, hence every man’s hairstyle works for this texture.

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Keep scrolling to see a variety of some of the best men’s hairstyles for wavy hair to match any of your preferences and needs.

#1: Short Wavy Hair with High Skin Fade

A great choice for thick wavy hair, this haircut doesn’t require excessive effort to style it: just brush your fringe back and use some pomade for a sleek yet textured finish. However, you will probably need to visit a barbershop at least every 4-5 weeks to maintain this style fresh and clean.

Skin Fade Haircut for Men

Instagram / @alan_beak

#2: Sharp Mid Fade and Curly Textured Top

Wavy and curly hair naturally has a lot of texture and volume which looks great accentuated by the crisp clean skin fade. Ask your barber to leave the top at least two inches long and shave the sides gradually to achieve this look.

Crisp Clean Skin Fade

Instagram / @ceejayfadez

#3: Choppy Wavy Combover with a Bald Fade

We love the versatility of this haircut – classy and trendy at the same time. A great choice for any type of curly and wavy hair, this hairstyle is relatively low maintenance: apply some texturizing paste to push the fringe back and accentuate the texture.

Men's Hairstyle with Pushed Back Fringe

Instagram / @criztofferson

#4: Medium Length Men’s Wavy Haircut

Embrace the natural movement and flow of your hair with this relaxed, messy mid-length hairstyle. Some subtle bleached highlights would add to the style and emphasize the waves.

Middle Length Wavy Men's Hairstyle

Instagram / @joshlamonaca

#5: Perfect High Skin Fade with Contrasting Long Curly Top

Make a statement with this bold haircut with the long curls on the top and an immaculate high skin fade on the sides and the back. Some sea salt spray and pomade will help you to achieve this perfect salon-like finish.

High Fade and Longer Wavy Hair on Top

Instagram / @andrew_the_barber

#6: Men Bun and a Skin Fade

To get this look, specify the position of your future ponytail or bun and ask the barber to clipper cut all your hair below this point. Make sure you explain your needs as precisely as possible, to get the fade as high as you need.

Men Bun with an Undercut

Instagram / @mohagan66614

#7: Wavy Highlights and Medium Bald Fade

Short, buzzed sides make a striking contrast with those thick, unruly curls. If you consider trying some hair dye, it’s the right time for highlights as those are high on-trend now.

Men's Hairstyle with Highlighted Curls

Instagram / @sami_barbershop

#8: Short Wavy Crop and a Drop Fade

When it comes to male haircuts for wavy hair, those short cuts will always be on top of the trend list. Classy and masculine, short hairstyles suit most of the head shapes and always look amazing.

Man with Black Wavy Hair

Instagram / @mattjbarbers

#9: Disconnection Fade Haircut for Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is literally made for disconnected haircuts, like this edgy style with a longer top and seamlessly faded sides. Combine it with a crisp cut beard for the ultimate trendy look.

Longer Top and Faded Sides Haircut

Instagram / @soul_tonic

#10: Tousled Wavy Men’s Cut with Sharp Temples and Longer Back

Subtle, but bald enough to be noticed, this haircut looks totally on point. Use a texturizing paste to tame the locks and enhance the texture or apply some get for a sleeker and more polished finish.

Tousled Men's Haircut with Longer Hair at the Back

Instagram / @glennmcgoldrick

#11: Men’s Wavy Top Knot and Seamless Fade

A perfect style for shoulder length wavy hair, men’s top knot requires some maintenance to the side and back area. Although, once you start with a great haircut, it won’t require any maintenance. Ask the barber for a hair design to highlight the immaculate fading.

#12: Modern Wavy Quiff with Low Fade

Ultimately cool and stylish, this style is not for the faint-hearted. To wear a quiff hairstyle, the hair length must be at least 4-5 inches, so if you like this haircut, be prepared to grow your hair to a certain length.

Quiff Hairstyle for Men with Thick Wavy Hair

Instagram / @mohagan66614

#13: Wavy Quiff with Tapered Sides and Faded Temples

Are you looking for an easy but modern and classy hairstyle for your wavy hair? This haircut is all you need: ask the barber to keep the top area longer and taper the sides using scissors.

Classy Men's Haircut with Tapered Sides

Instagram / @marcosmessa

#14: Modern Mohawk for Wavy Hair

This modern take on a mohawk is a great hairstyle for men with wavy hair. Conforming enough to be dressed down for office work or school, it is a total showstopper when styled with full volume and movement.


#15: Undercut with Wavy Hair

The longer wavy hair contrasting with a crisp bald fade looks edgy and daring. Use some polishing pomade to slick the wavy fringe back and tame all the fluff and frizz.

Men's Haircut with Shaved Sides and Back

Instagram / @bymyguybarber

#16: Classic Medium Length Men’s and Boys’ Haircut for Wavy Hair

Although this haircut is timeless and suitable for any occasion, the low skin fade gives it a modern vibe and feel. Use a matte hair paste or clay to create that spiky finish. Is your hair too heavy to hold the shape? Make sure you use some finishing spray to keep the shape in place.

Low Skin Fade for Men with Wavy Hair

Instagram / @javi_thebarber_

#17: Mullet Haircut for Wavy Hair

Could you pull off a mullet cut? If you have wavy or curly hair and are a guy with a good sense of style, give it a try. A low fade will make the overall look more modern and put together.

Mullet Haircut for Men with Wavy Hair

Instagram / @georgespicer_hair

#18: A Tapered Haircut with a Quiff

If you have thick wavy hair and prefer wearing it longer, consider wearing it back, with a quiff. To create this look, use some volumizing mousse and blow dry your hair back with a hairdryer.

Combover Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Instagram / @alan_beak

#19: Sleek Wavy Hairstyle with a Middle Part

Both modern and vintage, this haircut is an utter head turner. To get this cool, polished look, work some gel in your wet hair, brush them back with your fingers and let your locks part naturally.

Middle Part Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @tomyz_barber

#20: Line Up Haircut with a Tousled Curly Top

Embrace your wavy hair texture with this edgy line-up haircut. With a subtle 90s’ vibe and a nod to a box haircut, this style looks terrific combined with messy curly texture.

Modern Box Haircut for Curly Hair

Instagram / @4hairpleasure

#21: Curly Men’s Haircut with High Fade

The skin tight fade seamlessly blended into long, unruly waves on the crown, makes a bold contrasting look. Use plenty of hair cream or gel to give definition to your wavy hair.

High Bold Fade with Wavy Hair on Top

Instagram / @erickgomezz1

#22: Faux Curly Mohawk and Skin Fade

One of the best features of curly and wavy hair is its ability to hold shape and plenty of volume. Ask your hairdresser or barber to leave longer strands on the top and go for a low fade on the sides to embrace your natural texture.

Men's Fade Cut with Longer Natural Waves on Top

Instagram / @cal_newsome

#23: Modern Mullet with Choppy Fringe for Wavy Hair

Short, classic sides and full, messy back perfectly represent the good old concept of the mullet cut: business at the front, party at the back. This haircut is literally made for wavy hair but if you prefer a more defined finish, use some hair cream or pomade.

Modern Mullet Hairstyle for Men with Wavy Hair

Instagram / @savedbarber

#24: Classic Taper Cut for Curly Hair

If you are a person who has curly or wavy hair, you know better than we do how tricky it can be to find the right shape of the haircut. This, however, doesn’t mean that a classic tapered cut won’t work for you. Just make sure the sides are short enough to look tidy, while the top, on the opposite, is longer.

Neat Short Haircut for Men with Wavy Hair

Instagram / @alan_beak

#25: Precision Men’s Haircut for Curly Hair

Often curly and wavy hair tends to look messy and unstructured. If you are all into sharp lines, then cutting the sides extra short would give your hairstyle that edgy look.

Lineup Haircut with a Beard

Instagram / @jose.crespo_

#26: Low Fade with a Curly Quiff

Longer hair at the front combined with short, tight sides and back looks just as great on wavy and curly hair as it does on straight locks. This style, however, would require some effort to style on a day to day basis.

Mid Fade Short Cut for Wavy Hair Men

Instagram / @adrianbarron__

#27: Cool and Clean Wavy Caesar Cut

Edgy yet relatively low maintenance, Caesar cut doesn’t require to be styled, however, you’d need to have it tidied up every 4-6 weeks. It’s definitely the right haircut for those with a strong jawline and a prominent chin.

Caesar Cut for Thick Wavy Hair

Instagram / @r.whitehouse_cuts

#28: Wavy Haircut with Heavy Weighted Low Fade

If you like to keep your wavy hair longer but prefer a fresh and crisp look, low fade is your best bet. Brush your hair upward or wear it with a parting and make sure to use plenty of hair conditioner to look after the curls.

Angled Fade and Defined Natural Waves

Instagram / @__thomasmitchell

#29: Tapered Sides and Long Curly Top

Embrace your curls with this stunning classic fade and long textured fringe. The sharp contouring lines of the haircut and the beard look masculine and trendy.

Haircut for Men with Full Face and Wavy Hair

Instagram / @_nicolerenae

#30: Curly Crew Cut

This haircut would suit those with tighter coil type of curls and is great for those working at the office as well as guys who are into sports. Seemingly low maintenance, this hairstyle would require to be regularly freshened up before it starts to look untidy.

Male Haircut with Clean Line Behind Ears

Instagram / @sirpaulcharles

#31: Shag Haircut for Medium Length Wavy Hair

Are you looking for the right cut for naturally wavy hair? This layered hairstyle might be the answer. Featuring the same length hair, razored to emphasize the texture, it’s literally one of the best wavy hairstyles.

Long Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs for Men

Instagram / @andrewdoeshair

#32: Temple Fade and Wavy Fringe

Longer hair at the front and short disconnected sides create a modern and sophisticated look. Pair it with a well-groomed beard for a killer look.

Masculine Cut with Wavy Bangs

Instagram / @depbydrip

#33: Wavy Wolf Cut

The wolf cut, a combination of a shag cut and a mullet, is one of the currently trendy haircuts for medium and long wavy hair. Featuring curtain bangs and long wispy sides and back, it accentuates the natural hair texture.

Male Haircut with Blonde Mid Length Waves

Instagram / @ichi_ishiguri

#34: Mullet Cut for Medium Length Wavy Hair

Whilst this haircut is not for faint hearted, we are absolutely in love with it. Although you might not be brave enough to fully re-create it, it’s certainly an impressive source of inspiration.

Bleached Men's Haircut for Wavy Hair

Instagram / @r.whitehouse_cuts

#35: Wavy Pompadour

Who said you can’t have the Elvis look if you have wavy locks? In fact, naturally wavy texture is a perfect base for creating big statement looks. Backcomb the root area and use some matte pomade to achieve this style.

Elvis Inspired Haircut for Men with Wavy Hair

Instagram / @bodiabarber

#36: Wavy Faux Hawk with Hair Tattoos

This ‘tattooed’ high fade and choppy wavy top combo is utter perfection. Finish it with a brow slit and a short tidy beard.

High Fade Haircut Design and Curly Top

Instagram / @howtobarber

#37: Short Wavy Hairstyle with Disconnected Wavy Bangs

Longer and wispier wavy fringe can help to conceal the receding hairline. Keep the sides short and tight for a classy, neat look.

Super Short Sides and Back with Longer Wavy Fringe

Instagram / @wax.t_life

#38: Classic Fade with Messy Wavy Texture

If you love contrast as much as we do, you’ll love this superb classic haircut. In fact, would it even look this cool on straight hair?


#39: Wavy Mop Top Haircut

An avant-garde version of the mop top haircut, this hairstyle combines a full choppy crown area, sharply shaved fringe, and an undercut. Bold and daring, this cut is perfect for those with uber thick hair.

Mop Top Haircut for Men

Instagram / @calicutchris

#40: Short Wavy Hairstyle with Short Blunt Fringe

Make a statement with this ultra snazzy cut. Extra low temple and back fade and loads of texture on the top make a fantastic contrasting look.

Wavy Hair Attractive Men's Haircut

Instagram / @crispy_jeannie

Wear your hair combed back with some gel, use a pomade for the laid-back, tousled look or just leave it natural – with the right cut, your wavy hair will have radiant style and allure.

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