Abby Burns
Updated on April 21, 2021

There’s nothing sexier than a man confidently rocking an awesome, stylish hairstyle. Curls are making their way back in style, and it’s time to embrace your natural texture! And if you don’t have naturally curly hair, don’t worry; even naturally straight hair can be transformed to create texture and curls. Check out these trendy curly hairstyles that will definitely make you turn heads anywhere you go.

1. Long Textured Curls

This hairstyle can be seen on male models on runways all over the world, so it’s the perfect style for fashion forward men. The look is ideal for guys who want to stray away from the normal, everyday short hairstyles, and instead want to embrace their natural texture and curls. To get the most volume from your curls, use an anti-frizz product with some hold and scrunch your curls while drying your hair with a diffuser.

2. Shoulder Length Curls

Even though Harry Styles chopped off his long messy curls (R.I.P beloved locks), the shoulder length hair trend is still in style. It may take a while to grow out, but the look is well worth the wait. The super long curly hair is a showstopper and guaranteed to impress. Even better, it’s so easy to achieve the messy look once your hair reaches the right length.

3. Blonde Afro

If you have natural curls, why not let them grow out? An effortless afro will always make you stand out in a crowd and is guaranteed to get you a lot of compliments. If you are extra daring and want to switch up your look, go for a bright, bold color — a color like golden-blonde would be perfect. The light color against dark skin will make you stand out even more, making you and your curls the center of attention.

4. Curly Undercut

This ordinary hairstyle completely transforms to a cool and unique look with curly hair, as the curly texture adds more dimension and volume to the look. If you’re looking to tame your unruly curls but don’t want to completely chop them off, this look is perfect, since your curls are still intact on top. Try out different lengths — the hairstyle looks handsome and sophisticated with shorter curls and edgy and cool with longer curls.

5. Man Bun

Man buns will always and forever be sexy. Whether they are worn half-up or half-down, low or high, with short hair in a tight bun or with longer hair in a big messy bun — any guy can look attractive putting their hair up in this style. But curly haired men have an advantage; messy curly hair looks better than most in a bun because of the extra volume and texture.

6. Curly Quiff

The quiff is one of the most iconic and trendy hairstyles a man can rock. It is timeless, versatile and works well with any length of hair and will always be in style. The look is often seen with sleek, straight hair but curly-haired men can totally rock the sexy hairstyle too! Because of the natural volume and texture, a curly quiff looks super put together and attractive; without too much effort.

7. Slicked Back Curls

For a more sophisticated look, try slicking or combing back your curls. The hairstyle is so classy and polished, but at the same time very cool and trendy. The curls or waves add an edge to the classic look, and it’s so easy for any curly-haired man to rock. Get the look by combing back your curls with a wide tooth comb and styling with some gel.

No matter what hairstyle you choose adding curls or playing with your natural texture is sure to get you that look you’ve been striving for—and it’s so easy to achieve these looks that are sure to turn heads no matter where you go!

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