30 Low Maintenance Medium Length Haircuts for 2022

Picture this: you are in a hair salon with an awesome haircut that makes you feel like a rock star. Then you wash your hair and try to get the same look as before. And it looks nothing as such! As much as we want to look as if we were supermodels, we oftentimes forget about teams of professionals who tirelessly work to get the right look every time.

Unfortunately (or fortunately!), we are not extended the same privilege. We have rounded up 30 low-maintenance medium-length haircuts so that you can feel like a celebrity without spending hours on end doing your hair.

#1: Easy-Care Straight Bob Haircut

The timeless beauty of a straight bob haircut is a powerful magnet for modern women. It offers a sleek and classy style that you can wear for any occasion. Ask your stylist for a soft blunt cut if you want to achieve the thick hair effect.

Low Maintenance Straight Bob Haircut

Instagram / @hairbyallybarone

#2: Low Maintenance Cut with Soft Framing Layers

Opt for soft layers elegantly framing your face to lop off the extra weight and speed up the styling process. Skillfully tailored layers will not only complement your natural texture but also will define your facial features.

Low Maintenance Medium Length Cut with Framing Layers

Instagram / @marcelaguedesx

#3: Bottleneck Bob

These dainty tapered bangs look super cool when paired with a simple bob haircut. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds: a chic shoulder-length haircut and a cute face-framing effect.

Easy to Style Bob with Bottleneck Bangs

Instagram / @hairbyelvisp

#4: A-Line Tousled Bob

The general shape of an angled bob follows a smooth transition line that gradually slants toward the face. To achieve the tousled look, the haircut has to incorporate distinct layers with slightly thinned ends.

Angled Tousled Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

#5: Soft Blunt Bob for Wavy Hair

Women with wavy hair textures already seem so fortunate to be able to choose just about any haircut. A haircut that hits about an inch or two below the chin is a good case in point. Just spray some texturizing spray and scrunch the locks to add volume.

Low Maintenance Bob for Wavy Hair

Instagram / @hairhecker

#6: Messy Bob with Wispy Bangs

If you are new to the whole idea of bangs, go for wispy ones to ease your way onto a new field. A softer variation of blunt bangs, they feature feathered strands that lay across the forehead, giving your bob haircut a stylish flair.

Messy Bob Cut with Wispy Bangs

Instagram / @nikcabral

#7: Shoulder Length Cut with Bangs

This airy medium-length haircut lands right above the collarbones. It’s a universally flattering length for most face shapes. Just wash, air dry it, and tousle it with your hands for a lived-in texture.

Low Maintenance Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs

Instagram / @yukistylist

#8: Classy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Thinking about chopping off your long hair and getting a shoulder-length cut? Try a classy textured bob with swoopy bangs. It looks so gorgeous even with minimal styling that you’d wish you got this cut sooner.

Low Maintenance Medium Length Hair with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @richiemiao

#9: Layered Medium Length Haircut

To make your hair easier to style, add lots of longer layers. It will help break up the thickness and will grant your hair a lightweight airy vibe. Blow dry it with a round brush for extra volume and shape.

Medium Length Hairstyle with Long Layers

Instagram / @kerrydransoffhair

#10: Shoulder-Length Textured Lob

Shoulder-length textured lobs never fail to create stunning low-maintenance hairstyles! They create texture, add volume to the mane, and offer an endless variety of styling options. Try the off-center part for an extra oomph effect.

#11: Updated Rachel Cut

The cute Rachel cut is back in style with an updated take on it. The bouncy and flippy shoulder-length layered cut is a bit longer and slicker this season. Hair that reaches just below the collarbones weighs itself just enough to provide you with the ease of everyday styling.

#12: Bob with Soft Framing Highlights

A medium-length bob is one of the obvious low-maintenance medium-length haircuts. Suitable for practically every hair type, it adds dimension to fine hair and makes it easier to handle thicker hair. Include face-framing highlights to soften the face and accentuate your eyes and gain a sun-kissed appearance as a bonus.

Medium Length Bob with Soft Framing Highlights

Instagram / @leventkilic0

#13: Lob for Naturally Wavy Hair

To prevent your natural waves from overpowering you, go for medium-length haircuts. The right cut and the right styling tools and products will work wonders. They will keep your locks effortlessly chic and frizz-free.

Low Maintenance Medium Length Cut for Naturally Wavy Hair

Instagram / @boazhair

#14: Shaggy Hairstyle with Side Bangs

Shaggy hairstyles are the ultimate in low-maintenance medium-length haircuts. They present a practical, versatile, and incredibly stylish look. Just apply a dollop of volumizing mousse on damp hair and dry hair upside down for the maximum lift-up effect. Works equally well both for wavy and naturally straight hair.

Low Maintenance Shaggy Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @leventkilic0

#15: Medium Length Curly Bob

Medium-length hairstyles are a safe choice for curly hair. Add a frizz-fighting product to your hair care routine to create beautiful waves and keep your look flawless throughout the day.

Medium Length Curly Bob

Instagram / @skipdoeshair

#16: Bob for Thick Naturally Curly Hair

If you are looking for breezy medium-length styles that will take away extra weight from your thick hair, you will absolutely love layered cuts. Go for shaggy layers that will increase volume in all the right places.

Low Maintenance Cut for Naturally Curly Hair

Instagram / @salsalhair

#17: Slender Elongated Shag

Tired of spending hours styling your thick hair? Layers can cut hours off your washing and styling time. Soft piece-y bangs will perfectly match delicate barely-there waves.

Platinum Blonde Bob with Shaggy Layers

Instagram / @alisonalvarez

#18: Bob with Shaggy Layers

A mid-length shag with soft side bangs offers tons of movement and texture for finer hair. Achieve a breathtaking effect with minimal heat styling.

#19: Low Maintenance Haircut with Bangs and Choppy Layers

Layered medium-length haircuts with bangs are a great way to get a fresh look. Choppy bangs blend seamlessly with this carefree low-maintenance hairstyle.

Low Maintenance Haircut with Bangs and Choppy Layers

Instagram / @angelatanghair

#20: Bob with Grown-Out Fringe

Long grown-out fringe is an excellent choice for low-maintenance haircuts. You don’t need frequent salon visits to keep it trimmed and tidy and you can always ensure a perfectly natural look.

Low Maintenance Blonde Bob with Long Side Bangs

Instagram / @david.oshell

#21: Shoulder-Length Hair with Choppy Bangs

If you fancy a chop but are not ready for short haircuts, try shoulder-length hair first. Experiment with a dry texture spray or sea salt spray to achieve the desired texture and fullness.

Mid Length Hair with Choppy Bangs

Instagram / @ernestomeneses

#22: Overgrown Bob with Long Bangs

While short bangs have to be trimmed every four to six weeks, longer bangs harmoniously blend with the rest of the hairstyle without constant trimming. Airy layers are classy and sophisticated and frame your face beautifully.

Medium Length Style with Long Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @salsalhair

#23: Low-Maintenance Long Bob

A long bob is a fantastic choice for a new shoulder-length haircut. It’s a perfect low-maintenance cut for fine hair as it doesn’t weigh your strands down. Add some golden highlights to brighten up the look.

Low Maintenance Long Bob

Instagram / @jhonyveiga

#24: Elegant Dark Blonde Balayage

This shoulder-length haircut teams up with the sensual mix of balayage hues just right. With the delicious shades of caramel blonde, this look is feminine and chic. Plus, it grows out naturally, allowing you more time between your salon appointments.

Low Maintenance Medium Length Cut with Dark Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @gustavomigli

#25: Messy Blonde Bob

Manageable and voluptuous, messy bob haircut is right on trend at the moment. Jagged ends yield a lot of texture and create that effortless offhand appearance we are all after.

Messy Wash and Go Bob

Instagram / @alittlemoreblonde

#26: Shoulder-Length Shag for Thin Hair

Craving a swoon-worthy makeover? Give a voluminous shag a shot! Short layers allow tons of texture and flowy bangs would flatter all face shapes, highlighting your best features.

Low Maintenance Shag for Thin Hair

Instagram / @skipdoeshair

#27: Balayage on Medium Length Hair

Make your shoulder-length haircut pop brighter with discrete front highlights and natural-looking balayage that supports less noticeable re-growth. With your hair ends bleached, focus on hair health by applying a heat protectant every time you use a curling iron or a flat iron.

Easy to Maintain Balayage on Medium Length Hair

Instagram / @andersonacouto

#28: Face Framing Layers for Straight Hair

To empower long hair, frame your face with long layers. They will match up well with straight hair adding dimension and shape to the strands. Trimming off your ends and getting a medium-length haircut will save your styling time and maintain the healthy appearance of your hairstyle.

Straight Hairstyle with Face Framing Layers

Instagram / @melinda.amehair

#29: Shaggy Hairstyle with Thick Blunt Bangs

The abundance of volume on top and full thick bangs make this shaggy shoulder-length cut stand apart from the rest. It suits a wide variety of face shapes and can be adapted for practically any hair type. Just ask your stylist to thin the ends if you are feeling the cut is still too bulky.

Shaggy Medium Length Cut with Thick Blunt Bangs

Instagram / @rachelwstylist

#30: Medium Hair with Layered Bangs

Flipped layered bangs bring movement to medium-length haircuts leaving your hair easy to manage. Autumn brown caramel balayage is a great way to emphasize the shape of textured haircuts.

Medium Hair with Caramel Balayage and Layered Bangs

Instagram / @maxwellmathson

These are probably the best medium-length haircuts that will provide you with the ease of styling, numerous attractive styling alternatives, and invariably gorgeous looks. The trick to a great style is to be open-minded and explore the diversity of low-maintenance medium-length haircuts to find your rock star look.