20 Long Curly Hairstyles

Romanticism will always be a desirable trend because it embraces a soft, feminine look that has mass appeal. Long curly hairstyles are flattering for many women and can work for a variety of hair types and colors. Whether you are in search of a casual or formal style, this look will surely score you high marks.

Long Curly Hairstyles – Ideas and Inspiration

Where to draw inspiration for your new long hairstyles? Classic styles, updos from the past decades or even centuries, cartoon charters and your favorite fairytale heroines are some suggestions. And sometimes you get a cute hairpiece that hints you on a new style. Here are some pretty updos and downdos for your lovely curls.

#1: Petals and Curls

This is designed for a woodland fairy—or at least someone who wants to look like one. When you are using small flowers as an accent, make sure they are colorful so that they can pop against thick curls. Periwinkle is a perfect soft complement for golden brown strands.

#2: Curls Up

While long curly hair is stunning when it’s worn out and loose, it also makes an equally beautiful updo. Fit for a character from a Jane Austen novel, this hairdo is for a woman with a classic style, someone who has a wardrobe full of rare vintage pieces.


#3: Beautiful Festive Curls

Curls are the perfect complement to any celebration look because they won’t fall flat after hours of dinner and dancing. In this case, the tighter the better because they will last longer; if tight springy curls are too casual for you, elevate the style by adding a sparkly barrette.

#4: Blonde Curly Updo

A loose curly updo is suitable for a weekend outing or after work dinner because it is pulled together without being too stuffy. If you need a look for a first date or a girl’s night out, this is a no brainer.

#5: Flower Girl

Keep natural curls healthy by skipping blow dryers and hot tools in favor of an updo. Creative hairstyles for long curly hair can include a delicate flower, bouffant and face-framing tendrils. Make sure you style with delicate jewelry that won’t be distracting.

#6: Flirty Fishtail

A fishtail braid is a fashionable alternative to a basic French style. With curly hair it can look a little bulky, so break it up with highlights or an ombre to give it a more weightless appearance.


#7: Very Loose High Ponytail

Opt for a cute and casual updo with a high messy ponytail. This is ideal with medium layered hair because it will give the style shape and structure. Highlights will truly make it pop.

#8: Auburn Highlights

Color can sometimes get lost in dark hair, so you want to make sure that you lighten your curly hairstyles for long hair with a hue vibrant enough to be seen. A warm red will brighten your complexion and look beautiful when twisted into a Dutch roll ponytail.

#9: Curly Bangs

Break the rules and cut yourself some curly bangs. The key to making them work is by blending them with longer layers. Also, looser curls work better with this style than tight short springy ones.

#10: Double Trouble

Why to style just one braid when you can go for double the fun? Feed a smaller braid into a larger one for extra bohemian flair. It’s a small detail that will make a major impact on your overall hairdo.


#11: Laced Up

Curly long hairstyles can sometimes become predictable—when you have found a formula that works, you tend to stick to it. Shake things up with a quirky shoestring detail. A bright pink color will surely turn heads.

#12: Twisted Bun

One of the perks of curly hair is that it can upgrade styles that would otherwise look mundane. A criss-cross detail within a low pin-up is subtle, which makes the style look simple and sophisticated at the same time – you can’t tell right away how it was done.

#13: Fantastic Flapper

No decade has endured longer than the roaring twenties. From the decadent dresses to the layers and layers of jewels, it’s a style that truly believes more is more. Upgrade a curly pin-up with a bedazzled headband.

#14: High and Mighty

The high messy bun is the epitome of cool long curly hairstyles. When you are wearing an updo, sometimes you need a minor twist to keep it fun. A super loose braid in the back is just the oomph that you need.

messy braid into bun updo for thick hair

Instagram/ @jenniekaybeauty

#15: Big Low Updo

This is the best hairdo for a mature woman who hasn’t lost her edge. It is all about volume, so don’t hesitate in getting some height in the front and the back with a Mohawk braid and a larger than life side bun. Brush out your curls beforehand to get as much volume as possible.

#16: Formal Floral

Tap into your inner Grecian goddess for a look that truly is from another world. Accent a messy low roll with a golden flower headband that resembles a crown—because every queen deserves a bit of head bling.

#17: Buns and Fun

One of the benefits of long curly hair is that the possibilities are endless for a variety of fun styles. This look is quirky and cool, but most importantly, it can be done in a short amount of time. Use thick curly hair to your advantage to create full textured buns.

#18: Vintage Visions

If you are stuck trying to find a beautiful updo for your next big event, just look to the past for inspiration. This hairstyle may have been popular in the early 1900s, but it is equally appealing today. Plus, you know what they say; the best fashions always come back in style.


#19: Nice and Natural

Let your natural curls be the star of the show with a full and fantastic side hairstyle. This is perfect for the last day of your twist out, when your curls are less defined and a little wilder; in this case, the bigger the hair the better.

#20: Twisted Messy Roll

Sometimes you need to give your loose long curly hairstyles a break and embrace a simple pin-up. A low rolled updo is a classic look, but the twisted knots make it a little more modern.

Long curly hairstyles are fun because they are so versatile. You can wear a quirky “Minnie Mouse” inspired look or a long flowing braided ponytail. Whatever your personal style may be, there is always a curly hairdo for you. Try different styles and experiment with your looks. Life is too short to wear boring hair!

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