40 Ideas of Micro Braids and Invisible Braids Hairstyles

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#2: Curly and Messy Braids

Side Swept Micro Braids With Curls

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Not everyone wants invisible micro braids – some women don’t mind them being quite visible. This cute look blends small braids with messy curls and carelessly sweeps them over to one side – pure chic!

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For some women, micro braids are a mainstay, while other girls just dabble in them. Whatever your approach to the style is, these ‘dos provide tons of inspiration. Rock your mini plaits freely hanging, try different updos and half up styles or use invisible braids as a chance to get full, voluminous curls.

Micro and Invisible Braids

Their major advantage is in manageability. Your favorite layered ‘dos, side-swept hairstyles, buns, ponytails, and top knots are just getting more visually interesting and easier to style!

#1: Layered Micro Box Braids

This gorgeous style sends small box braids in a whole new direction. They gain a playful flare of multiple layers that gravitate towards each other creating a lovely look of feathers flipped inwards. The final effect is a sophisticated ‘do that will have you touching and flipping your hair all day.

#2: Curly and Messy Braids

Not everyone wants invisible micro braids – some women don’t mind them being quite visible. This cute look blends small braids with messy curls and carelessly sweeps them over to one side – pure chic!

#3: Wet and Wavy Braids

The wet look is in, and it’s gorgeous when applied to curls. The benefit of braiding a few inches off the roots is that it allows the hair to lie flat on top. If you’re not into the super voluminous look (but you still want curls) ask your braider to start the transition about four inches away from the roots.

#4: Braids with Curls

This romantic style quickly transitions from braids into curls, so that the overall effect is a cute curly head of hair. If you need a modest yet classy hairstyle that doesn’t distract from your face and personality, this is what you are going to like.

#5: Mini Braids Bob

Most micro braids hairstyles are all about long locks, but short styles can easily be just as gorgeous (and twice as sassy). This version of the micro bob features a deep side part and an asymmetrical edge we love.

#6: Braids with Loose Curls

There are so many micro braids styles that allow you to experiment with hair textures. These plaits are not braided all the way down, but only less than half way, so that the extensions can flow free in soft waves.

#7: Golden Blonde Tiny Braids

Blonde is and always will be a great hair color solution to choose for mini braids. The notice-me golden hue looks fantastic against the warm-toned skin. Ask your braider to leave the extensions for the last few inches undone if you want to enjoy some variety in textures that looks awesome in updos.

#8: Side-Parted Micro Twists

The all-time best way to style twists is with a side part. It’s an effortless, youthful, and modern downdo. Yes, you can get more creative with your micro twists, but it’s not necessary! Show off your simple, feminine makeup and some blingy earrings for the win.

#9: Long Micro Box Braids

Because micro braids are so… well, micro… they have a lot of natural movement. With braids this small, you can easily create loose waves, twists and different types of braids whenever you want to add visual interest to straight hair. But as we see, it’s gorgeous as it is.

#10: Tiny Twists with Caramel Highlights

Umm…yes! This look is on-point. The pretty miniature Senegalese twists are pinned up asymmetrically to get the hair back off the face. Ask your stylist for a balayage effect instead of a few single highlighted strands.

#11: Micro Twist Ponytail

Micro twists are just like hair only polished, manageable, of the desired length and color. Styling them is a breeze while your natural hair is not exposed to heat and chemicals. Throw your extra long twists in a high pony and enjoy them moving gently across your back when you are walking or throw them over your shoulders and feel like a queen.

#12: Side Swept Twists with Beads

One of the best aspects to micro braids is that they can be worn in a formal or casual setting — the style always looks classy. However, if you want to add even more spice, consider adding in tiny-shiny embellishments for extra bling.

#13: Tree Braids

These invisible braids can provide a very natural look of perfect flowing locks. Add in layers, soft curls or beach waves, throw in highlights that set off your skin tone and be ready to get a ton of compliments!

#14: Super Tiny Braids

Always wanted a perfectly looking lob? This type of style allows the wearer to forgo much of the maintenance required with non-braided hairstyles, including drying, ironing and curling the ends in.

#15: Cleopatra Braids

By adding a splash of gold to your micro braids, you can create an almost translucent-like effect. What’s more, if you concentrate the metallic color toward the bottom of your hair, you achieve a cool ombre or balayage look.

#16: Tiny Braids in Crop

Micro braiding can take on many, many forms (one of its best characteristics), with short, cropped cuts being one of them. Playing with color safely is also among the perks!

#17: Tree Braids with Side Undercut

This cool look will work even for extra short hair. Using short and long sections within one style is the hottest trend in the modern hair world. Get the long hair of the desired color with tree braids.

#18: High Half Up Bun

Micro braids styles can take on a plethora of variations. One super popular style right now (popularized by the Kardashians and other celebs) is the half-bun look which adds both height and drama. Mix in blonde and black strands for an even more dynamic effect.

#19: Individual Braids with Curly Ends

Braids at the roots, curls at the ends offer versatility in texture and look eye-catching. Add in soft highlights and think of the appropriate length. It’s so much fun to make your hair dreams come true!

#20: Sleek and Long Braids

When it comes to tiny braids, you can never go wrong with a classic look: long, sleek and undeniably sexy. Long micro braids look like your typical straightened hair, except for the fact that you won’t spend any unnecessary time styling it with heat tools or combing through it.

#21: Short Stacked Bob Microbraids

Shorter layered micro braid styles can look utterly fabulous too. The texture of the braids adds extra movement, and that “swish, swish” element can be incredibly sexy. In this instance, the braids are slightly chunkier and the nape is undercut.

#22: Side Design Braids

Having asymmetrical braids is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd. But when a half of your head forms an intricate, mesmerizing design with those braids, it’s even more chic! This style is bold and eye-catching; so don’t take the plunge unless you’re willing to rock the look 24/7.

#23: Side-Parted Braided Bob

Don’t be afraid to play with color when it comes to your braids. Having one color overlapping another can add an element of depth and drama. Also don’t hesitate rocking a sexy side part with braids. You see how it looks. Gorgeous!

#24: Black Twists with Golden Highlights

Although they’re technically all in the micro braids hairstyles family, some versions of the twists and braids can be slightly thicker than the others. This helps to mimic your natural texture even more. A splash of gold (or any other accent color) will help to bring out your eyes or compliment your skin.

#25: Zebra Twists

Don’t shy away from playing with color in your braided looks. Here, the pattern resembles sexy zebra stripes. And the best part? When you walk or perform any movement, your hair will swish and sway, creating a mesmerizingly beautiful effect with the colors.

#26: Braids into Ringlets

Curly braids with Freetress hair may give you the look you are after — long textured waves that can be worn loose and careless or pulled up into a pony.

#27: Highlighted Braids with Undone Ends

For those who like to blend looks and have manageable hair, braids with undone ends are an appealing choice. We love how the braided and unbraided hair is blended unevenly for an unnatural look that does look natural.

#28: Funky Sock Bun

With tiny braids, you can wear your locks both down and up. But when worn up, any color duality you have becomes much more pronounced and edgy. This black and orange bun is fun and a little out of this world!

#29: Undershave and Micro Braids

Braids are inherently fashionable, but when you add in a sleek, shaven design to boot, your appearance becomes incredibly edgy. Mix small braids with undercuts, because why not?

#30: Crochet Micro into Waves

When it comes to sew-in hairstyles, crochet micro braids can instantly give you the hair of your dream. Make it funky or natural-looking and feminine. It’s about what you are feeling at this point in your life and what you feel comfortable with.

#31: African Red Twists

When checking out pictures of popular braid styles, make sure to figure out what you love about each look specifically. Is it the color? The type of braid? Or the post-braid styling? With this look, it might just be everything! The micro twists in combination with the African red color and twisted pompadour is amazing.

#32: Twists with Curls

Small kinky twists are a cute alternative to skinny braids. You may not twist all the way down to the ends and seal them. The half twists half curls are as beautiful in the free-flowing shoulder length style as they would in a short curly pony.

#33: Straight Mini Braids with Ombre

Getting braids with extensions is a great opportunity to try new colors causing no damage to your natural hair. You’re going for attached strands, so you might as well get some dope colors added in! This cool-toned brown to blonde is super pretty and gives off an edgy vibe. A cute half-up top knot is the perfect finishing touch.

#34: Long Twists with Highlights

The small Senegalese twists look so cute with highlights. A caramel or gold colored highlight with a soft brown base color is one of the best combinations. These twists styled into a full, loose ponytail are ruling the micro braided world. It’s a simple style that always looks great!

#35: Red and Brown Braided Hair

If you want to try different colors for your extensions (but don’t want anything too bright or crazy), choose two shades from the same color family, such as chocolate and pinkish brown for instance. These hues look stunning together and really illuminate the skin.

#36: Cornrow Ombre Ponytail

This braided hairstyle resorts to the shape of a simple long ponytail, but the final look is anything but plain. It’s the best of both worlds—the hair is kept out of the face but then there is also some length to create a more feminine style. Bringing in a warm-toned brown shade makes this hairstyle extra special.

#37: Curly Crochet Braids

Invisible crochet braids like these almost completely hide the area of installation to show off nothing but perfect curls. Red hair with blonde highlights is the best way to introduce a fiery personality.

#38: Natural Protective Bun Style

With natural, medium length hair, you can easily create small braids or twists, no extensions necessary. Just pull hair back into two high ponytails, then create as many tiny braids as you wish and wrap them up into two cute buns. This 90s inspired look is a must-try, girls.

#39: Straight Blonde Tree Braids

These invisible tree braids are perfection! The mix of black and blonde hair offers a modern balayage look. The attachment area is just an inch near the roots, so the hairstyle looks quite natural and it stays beautifully parted even when a light breeze blows.

#40: Crochet Mohawk Twists

These Senegalese twists have been attached to the cornrows down the center of the head for a cool, Mohawk updo look. You may braid the twists into a fishtail or a simple braid when you want to modify the look slightly.

The micro braid acts like a single strand of hair, making it versatile enough to be styled in many ways. Try to find your most flattering texture, length and color among wavy braids, twists and stick-straight mini braids popular today. Good luck in your searches and work on your personal style!

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