15 Hairstyles for Black Women Over 50

When it comes to black hairstyles, I am so impressed with the multitude of hair textures and the many styles you can pull off because of it. From coily and curly to straight, whether natural or relaxed, Black women have always been able to rock some of the most ingenious styles, which makes them envied by many and copied throughout time.

Does the fun of hair styling end for Black women over 50? Not at all! Check out these 15 hairstyles for black gray hair for an ultimate proof.

The Best Hairstyles for Older Black Women

Towards the age of 50, women start noticing some inevitable changes to the hair, graying being the most pronounced one. While it is up to you whether to embrace your white hair, the images below will prove that gray locks can be extremely flattering for dark skin tones.

When it comes to hair length, there is variety of choices. Indeed, TWA hairstyles look very appealing on Black women with gray hair, and it’s also a good way to transition to gray locks.

Black Woman over with TWA Hairstyle

Instagram / @iustice

A sassy pixie for natural hair is another popular hairstyle for Black women over 50 that ensures professional look and low-maintenance routine.

Salt and Papper Natural Hair

Instagram / @robin.joelle

However, if you want more styling freedom, maintaining middle-length or long hairstyles would be a better option. I am a Black woman with long silver hair, and below are the pictures of hairstyles that I’ve created myself – from carefree ponytails to elegant wedding or holiday-ready looks – women with medium to long tresses can easily copy.

#1: Sleek Ponytail

A nice sleek, simple ponytail is always a good idea. After blow drying, just pulled your hair back using an ouchless band. The natural volume makes black ponytails extremely alluring at any age.

Gray Black Hair in a Long Ponytail

#2: Soft Waves with a Snap Pin

To get this style, I shampooed and conditioned my hair. Then, I plaited it and let it air dry to get soft flowy waves. Then, I used a big pin to create a beautiful neat look.

Hairstyle for an Older Black Woman

#3: High Bun

A top bun is easy and classic, and it’s really simple to do. Pull your hair to the top of your head, twist it, then pin it down with hairpins. Add a few spritz of hairspray to help with the flyaway.

High Bun for Mature Ladies

#4: Elegant Updo for Black Women over 50

This style was created by parting hair in two parts. The top part is pulled back and pinned with barrettes, then blended with the bottom part, twisted and pinned into a loose bun.

Updo for Women over 50

#5: Big Long Braids

Who told you long hair is not for older women? These beautiful, long and thick braids create such a statement-making, carefree look! Better add hair extensions to your hair to add extra length and thickness.

Older Black Woman with Long Braids Hairstyle

#6: French Braid into a Bun

This style is an elegant twist using a simple braid. Start by doing a loose French braid at one side, combine it with the back of your hair and create a simple messy low bun. Style front layers for an extra zing.

Side French Braid Hairstyle for Gray Hair

#7: Pined Up Straight Hair with Curled Ends

This style is bone straight and flip curled at the end using a flat iron. The front quarter of my hair was pulled up from the sides and pinned to maintain a well-kept, mature hairstyle.

Black Woman with Long Gray Hair

#8: Loose Braids into Puffy Ponytail

To create this style, double French braid the front lightly, securing braids at the back with hairpins. Then tease your hair for added volume. I have also added a decorative hair clip and pins to upgrade the style.

Easy Hairstyle for Long Hair

#9: Holiday Hairstyle for Long Hair

This ponytail was created for a special holiday look. Instead of a simple one band ponytail, add an extra one or two and tease your hair. To give an ultimate glam moment, braid hair above the ponytail as shown here.

Cute Party Hairstyle for Long Hair

#10: Braided Bun

This is a simple braided ponytail, spiraled into a low bun. An excellent choice when you want to show off your salt and pepper hair.

Braided Low Bun Hairstyle

#11: Heatless Curls into a Side Ponytail

Creating this style was fun and easy, I plaited my tresses in about 6-8 plaits, braided them together in the back then pinned them up for the night. Thus, I pulled hair up in a side ponytail.

White Black Hair Styled into a High Side Ponytail

#12: Bun with Pearl Clips

A beautiful low messy bun finished off with two pearl clips looks very chick. The accessory is perfect for women over 50 who want to wear some showy yet mature hairstyles for long hair.

Pearl Clips Against Salt and Pepper Hair

#13: Sleeked Straight

You don’t need a relaxer to wear straight hair. This style was achieved by blow drying and then flat ironing for a straight sleek look. We, naturals, love playing with textures and switching the styles from time to time, don’t we?

Long and Straight Gray Hair

#14: Luscious Curls

To get this look, I blow dried, flat ironed and then curled my hair using silk wrap sponge rollers for alluring overnight curls. Curling hair without heat will protect gentle natural hair from damage. Besides, using too much heat on your hair will also cause it to look brassy, especially when using high heat too often.

Black Woman with Silver Hair

#15: Pulled Back Front Pieces

I created this look by twisting my hair to form big waves. I then pulled back the front and pinned it with clips for a cute and clean hairstyle perfect for Black women over 50.

Simple Hairstyle for a Woman over with Long Hair

How to Manage Gray Black Hair

Although the pictures I’ve included show bright shiny hair, keeping it bright and soft is a little challenging, as gray strands seem to get frizzy, dry and brassy. To keep my hair healthy, soft and manageable, I would start by using a good product made especially for white, silver or gray hair that’s sulfate and paraben-free.

I prefer white or colorless neutralizing shampoos because products with color leave a hue on my hair. That said, many women prefer using a purple toning shampoo which neutralizes the brassiness as well. I use the purple shampoo on occasions, but not often because it tends to dry out my hair.

To help with controlling frizz and dryness, I always use a good moisturizing conditioner after each shampoo and deep conditioning at least twice a month. If needed, I’ll use a serum or a little Vaseline for nourishment and shine.

Hope you are able to try some of these looks and know that they are rather easy to achieve and are impressive. Follow me on Instagram for more tips and inspiration!