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Updated on December 21, 2022
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Beautiful long hair is a dream of every woman. In chase for this dream we extend our hair, use sew-in-weaves, buy expensive vitamins for hair growth and God knows what else are ready to do. Most Afro-American women are naturally blessed with beautiful long hair. If you are one of them, you should know how to present your treasure in the best light.

Probably you already know which hairstyles suit you the most. But tendencies change, and it’s important to keep up with them. Here are 50 most stunning black women long hairstyles. The following images are breathtaking and worth imitating. You don’t necessarily have to make an exact copy of them, while borrowing some nice ideas would be inspiring for any woman.

Major Tendencies in Long Hairstyles 2023

  1. Imaginative braided hairstyles
  2. Straight sleek low-slung ponytails
  3. Waves, inspired by the 90s
  4. Soft waves
  5. Wet look

Best Long Hairstyles for Black Women in Pictures

Okay, let’s see what is trendy these days, according to latest Fashion Weeks.

1. Long Golden Brown Curls

Wigs are the secret behind any woman who likes to change her hair as much as she changes her outfit. Surprisingly, they are also great as protective styles as well because you can dye and straighten the hair without doing damage to your natural locks which are braided underneath.

2. Two Pretty Ponies and Bangs

“Pineappling” is a way to preserve curls at night so that they don’t become flattened while you sleep. It also works in medium and long black hairstyles as an updo—just think of it as an incredibly high ponytail or two.

3. Long Blue Streaks

Straight hair does not have to be boring or conservative. Kick it up a notch with a fun pop of color. If you can’t use permanent dye due to work restrictions, try clip in pieces in a shade you like.

4. Bouncy Curls for Black Hair

Long hair, whether natural or extensions, needs to have shape to keep it from looking too heavy or lackluster. The best way to achieve this is with bangs and layers. Breathe life into your look and allow curls and other textured hairdos to look their best.

5. Weave with Shoulder-Length Curls

When some people think of weave hairstyles, they envision incredibly long or outrageously colored hair. But, your extensions can be as natural or as full as you want them to be. It all depends on the length of the strands and how much you choose to install.

6. Medium to Long Burgundy Weave

A sewn in weave will grow out for about an inch over the course of a month or so. Because of this, if you have color in your style it is best to leave the roots dark to better blend with your new growth. Despite the maintenance, this look is a great option for African-American women who want to experiment with new hairdos without the commitment.

7. Choppy Lob for Black Hair

This wavy long bob is perfect for ladies who want to be on trend and low key. Instead of sea salt spray, which works best on fine straight hair, this texture can be achieved with a large barrel curling wand or by braiding hair and sleeping on it overnight.

8. Long Box Braids

One of the best known protective black hairstyles for long hair is box braids. The look requires no upkeep and lasts at least two months, plus it will always be on trend no matter how old you are. Because the individual braid is so heavy, this works for women with four inches of hair or more.

9. Long Marley Twists

Similar to box braids, Marley twists are a protective style that is ideal for low maintenance ladies. The only difference—outside of the braiding pattern—is the type of hair used. These twists tend to be lighter and pull less on your natural hair than the braids would.

10. Chunky Cornrows for Long Hair

Cornrows are nothing new in the black community. The modern iteration of the flat braids is a chunky straight back style that stops in the middle of the back for a cool look that serves major attitude.

11. Big Beautiful Black Curls

Long black hair is gorgeous, but it also can be time consuming to manage if it is thick. Overnight styles are your savior. Set wet hair on one-inch flexi rods and head to bed. The result is beautiful bouncy spirals in the morning.

12. Long Faux Hawk

Simply pinning your natural curls above the temples offers a fabulous hairstyle that doesn’t overwhelm the face and look super classy.

13. Minnie Mouse Buns for Black Hair

Looking for a cute and flirty style for the weekend? Double buns are fun and take less than five minutes to create. Baby hair is all the rage, so invest in a non-flaky edge control gel for the perimeter of your style. Finish with red lipstick and your look is complete.

14. Simple and Stylish Updo for Long Hair

Sometimes you just don’t want your hair down and into your face. Luckily, there are plenty of long hairstyles for black women styled as updos that look great and won’t require a ton of effort. Although it may look complicated, this hairdo is made up of a basic French braid and low bun; perfect for work and play.

15. Flower Child Weave

If you want the versatility of wearing your hair in a variety of ponytails, updos or buns as shown, the single “hive” sewn in weave is not for you. Because of the tracks and the way your hair is braided, the style is pretty much set for at least a month. Ask your stylist about a vixen sew-in or a full-lace wig instead.

16. Rainbow Updo

One of the best things about wearing weave styles is that you can create virtually anything without too much effort or damage to your own hair. If you want a custom color job, your stylist can dye the bundles before your appointment. This also cuts down on the time spent in the salon chair.

17. Unicorn Dye for Long Hair

The best part about weaves is that they come in so many different textures to blend with all hair types. Curly weave hairstyles are perfect for women with natural spirals who want extra length or fullness. Plus, they give you an excuse to experiment with fun colors that you can easily take out when you grow tired of them.

18. Messy Half-Updo

A messy half updo is an easy and chic style for relaxed hair or a sew-in. The main problem with sew-ins is that you have to be mindful that your tracks—the place where your weave is sewn to a braid—do not show. This can make it difficult to wear high ponytails or buns. Half-updos are perfect because they allow you to pull your hair back without showing any braided sections around the perimeter.

19. Weave with Ombre

The best time to try out a trend is when wearing extensions. But, just because it is not technically your hair does not mean that you shouldn’t go to a professional for expert application. This beautiful brown to caramel ombre was created with the angled brush technique.

20. High Half-Ponytail Weave

The key to successful long weave hairstyles is blending. If your natural hair does not blend with the extensions it will not look real. Use gel or a flat iron to blend any edges or hair left out with the tracks added.

21. Purple-Toned Long Weave Hairstyle

Justine Skye has chosen a chic hairstyle and an eye-catching hue for her fascinating weave. Justine’s locks have been centre-parted and styled into large loose curls. The deliberate pomposity and inimitable luster are the main compounds of her ravishing look.

long black hairstyle

KobbyDagan /

22. Glamorous Knockout from Laila Ali

American professional boxer Laila Ali is gorgeous enough to knock anybody all of a heap. Her light black waves with mocha brown highlights are scattered nonchalantly over her shoulders for a super chic spontaneous look – one more Laila’s victory, this time on the beauty ring!

Laila Ali black weave hairstyle

Jaguar PS /

23. Keke’s Long Chaotic Waves

Keke Palmer’s radiant look tells us that the girl has had a really good time somewhere by the sea, so fresh and rested she appears and so lovely her beach waves are! The chaotic waves of Keke’s long weave add the actress’s appearance a tint of giddiness and coquetry . You won’t need any special tools to achieve this stunning effect, ideal for round face. Just prepare a blow dryer with diffuser and mousse or foam.

Keke Palmer black weave hairstyle

HelgaEsteb /

24. Black Weave Hairstyle – Creative Mess

The sweet shy smile and light chocolate complexion of Zoe Saldana couldn’t be complimented any better than by this adorable weave hairstyle. The light mess throughout the long glossy locks and occasional defined tresses make the truly fabulous evening look. No styling products, weighing your hair down, no backcombing or overly voluminous curls for thick black hair… Simplicity and ease can do miracles!

medium hairstyle for black women

HelgaEsteb /

25. Long Grunge Hairstyle from the R’n’B Queen

Beyonce will never lack attention of paparazzi and her loyal fans, not only because of her talent, but also due to her sense of style. This time the R’n’B queen surprises us with a grunge style downdo in dark golden blonde tones. The ostentatious sloppiness of her look is enhanced by the darkened roots and garish outfit that features a contrast of textures.

Beyonce long hairstyle

Jaguar PS /

26. Real Stylish Tsunami from Solange

Speaking of the most impressive long hairstyles for black women, we can’t pass by the name of magnificent Solange Knowles, who intentionally supports the theme of big black natural hair, pleasing us with her style experiments. This chic centre-parted natural downdo impresses with its volume, thickness and curl pattern.

Solange medium natural hairstyle

Jaguar PS /

27. With a Smile Through Life

Comedian actress Aisha Tyler brings us lots of joy and smiles with her sparkling humor and breathtaking looks. This time it’s all about these beautiful sculpted curls. Every lock is defined and separated from another.

long black weave hairstyle

HelgaEsteb /

28. Long Black Hairstyle – on the Crest of Fashion Wave

Ciera Foster succeeds to stay at the crest of fashion wave, choosing the trendiest hairstyles which present her long luxurious locks in the best light. Now we see a breathtaking downdo with silky flowing curls, achieved by a large barrel curling iron.

weave hairstyle for black women

HelgaEsteb /

29. Side-Swept Cascades of Waves

Bright and mind-blowing brunette Vivian Lamolli is gorgeous in any look. Here is the proof. The celebrity has chosen something really impressive to step on the red carpet. Vivian’s weave is swept to one side to demonstrate the stunning cascades of smooth dark brown waves, set off by the lovely red of her sexy slit maxi dress.

side downdo for black women

HelgaEsteb /

30. Medium-To-Long Weave Hairstyle – Naughty Spirals

Tessa Thompson knows how to surprise us with her sexy weave hairstyles. These thick spiral curls are sticking out naughtily to define the layers of Tessa’s fabulous weave. The monochromatic dark chocolate hue flatters her beautiful light brown complexion, setting it off harmoniously.

medium curly hairstyle for black women

HelgaEsteb /

31. Chic Weave for a TV Host

British journalist and television host Sharon Carpenter decides on a natural-looking hairstyle with a feel of effortlessly styled groomed locks. Sharon’s light waves are slightly teased at the roots, parted symmetrically and swept forward to frame her lovely oval face.

medium hairstyle for black women

SamAronov /

32. Bright Grotesque of Caramel Curls

Dasha Polanco’s goal is, definitely, to amaze us with her bright looks, which the actress prefers to change frequently. Her long black hairstyle features a mix of dark brown and caramel curls. These are quite large and pretentious. Dasha’s hairstyle is created according to the principle of grotesque, and we love the exciting feel it gives!

Dasha Polanco curly hairstyle

Jaguar PS /

33. Classy Hollywood Locks

The neat large locks, curled away from the face, are a classy look we often see on the red carpet. Rocsi Diaz hairstyle and outfit choice was unanimously approved by her fans. Did you notice the dimensional effect achieved by the medium brown hue that dilutes Rocsi’s dark brown base color? We love it…

long black weave hairstyle

DFree /

34. Long Weave Hairstyle for a Sensuous Look

Tia Mowry is sexy and irresistible in any look. The statement relates also to her new weave hairstyle you see in this photo. The gorgeous waves with buttery texture, cascading on her shoulder, and the ideal centre parting are all it takes to win 100 + 1 style points instantly.

long hairstyle for black women

HelgaEsteb /

35. Weave Hairstyle for a Fairy-Tale Princess

Laverne Cox could have become a prototype for heroines of Disney cartoons. The radiant smile and the highlighted mocha brown looks are the absolute “wow” factors of this look. This is, indeed, the hairstyle and coloristic solution to admire. Laverne has left us speechless!

long hairstyle for black women

levradin /

36. Sexy Long Black Hairstyle with a Bouffant

Oh, Tyra… Our beauty shock continues… The grace and sex appeal of inimitable Tyra Banks is beyond our comprehension. We can only stare and admire, stare and admire… The size of the bouffant impresses and would trigger questions if it was someone else, but Tyra can really pull it off.

Tyra Banks long black hairstyle

HelgaEsteb /

37. Flawless Style from the Face of Lancome

Arlenis Sosa, the face of Lancome, opts for minimalism and laconism in hairstyles in order not to distract attention from her face. Her evening look with bright one-shoulder dress is completed with the sleek low pony and eye-catching dangle earrings.

ponytail for black women

Jaguar PS /

38. Straight and Sleek Long Weave Hairstyle

The evening look of Jessica White is the embodiment of wild sexuality and playfulness. The animal print dress and the long sleek hairstyle make a stunning combination. The light lift at the roots and ideal sleekness are the strongest points of the latter.

long straight hairstyle for African American women

HelgaEsteb /

39. Side Bun for Black Hair

Amber Anderson’s voluminous side bun is the chic neat updo solution, where every hair is in its place. The accurate side parting, sleekness of locks and asymmetry boost the elegant feel of this glamorous look.

updo hairstyle for black women

HelgaEsteb /

40. Black Hairstyles for Long Hair – Romantic Waves

Thick long locks of Vivica Fox are the hair envy of many girls, but if you get a weave, you can achieve the look easily. The graceful waves, curled away from the face, feature the sprinkling of caramel highlights. These are absolutely needed to accentuate the hair texture and boost its dimension.

long black weave hairstyle

Jaguar PS /

41. Low Curly Knot from Rihanna

Rihanna’s low messy knot is completed with cute face framing waves. It looks like the hair you pin up before to get into the shower. The effortless sexy updo in the tendencies of bedhead hairstyles flatters Rihanna incredibly.

Rihanna curly updo

Jaguar PS /

42. Perfect Long Black Hairstyle for a Mysterious Look

Rosario Dawson conquers the hearts of her fans with her talents and coquettish looks like this. Rosario’s locks are swept to one side and styled into light waves. Some lift at the roots and the side parting helped the actress to create the loveliest look that instantly catches the eye.

long hairstyle for black women

AndreaRaffin /

43. Braids and Dreads

Braided long curly hairstyles for black women will never be out of fashion. If you want a relatively fresh idea, get inspired by the style of Lisa Bonet. The combination of cornrows and dreads can lead to unexpectedly interesting solutions.

braided hairstyle for black women

Jaguar PS /

44. Long Layered Caramel Locks

Cutie Christina Milian captivates with her natural charm. Christina opts for a simple hairstyle that brings out the layering of her long locks, but what makes us envious is her sophisticated hair color. Those most wanted delicious hues of caramel and chocolate are fascinating!

long layered hairstyle for black women

Jaguar PS /

45. Sleek Black Pony

A sleek black pony has been one of top picks among black hairstyles for long hair through the last couple of seasons. No wonder, besides the flawless stylish look it offers, it’s really easy to style. Nia Long shows us a worthy example of a chic low pony, and we are tempted to duplicate it.

ponytail for black hair

Jaguar PS /

46. Softness and Sex Appeal

Unbelievable, but they do blend together harmoniously in this charming hairstyle thanks to a successful combination of caramel golden highlights and soft loose curls, imitating a natural look.

47. The Allure of Glamour

Gorgeous long hair, with an outward weave creates a divine image, pop stars often use for large-scale events. An excellent idea for inspiration if your hair is long and relaxed.

48. Irresistable Ómbre Effect

This is a fantastic choice of hair color, accentuating the eyes. Besides, it’s intensified by a reverse ómbre effect and luxurious long waves, creating an adorable voluminous look.

49. A Fishtail with Chocolate Color Accents

Black with chocolate highlights is a chic combo, as you may see. And it’s used in a perfect elegantly shaped hairstyle on the basis of a loose fishtail. Looks pretty impressive!

50. Awesome Flows of Hues

Length gives more opportunities for experiments with highlights. On long hair you may use a few hues at a time and it won’t seem too much. Imagine how divinely those curls will move and flow as you are walking by.

Are you now in a hurry to try new looks? Choose the best from these images and good luck in your experiments!

long African American side-swept hairstyle high curly ponytails for natural hair medium black hairstyle with blue highlights long black curled hairstyle shoulder length black weave hairstyle burgundy sew in hairstyle shaggy wavy black lob side swept box braids half updo with Marley Twists goddess braids hairstyle shoulder-length curly African American style faux hawk updo for natural hair two buns updo for natural hair braid into bun updo for natural hair two mini buns for natural hair pastel sew-in hair in updo gray and pastel purple weave African American bun half updo black to caramel ombre weave long curly weave hairstyle long black hairstyle Laila Ali black weave hairstyle Keke Palmer black weave hairstyle medium hairstyle for black women Beyonce long hairstyle Solange medium natural hairstyle long black weave hairstyle weave hairstyle for black women side downdo for black women medium curly hairstyle for black women medium hairstyle for black women Dasha Polanco curly hairstyle long black weave hairstyle long hairstyle for black women long hairstyle for black women Tyra Banks long black hairstyle ponytail for black women long straight hairstyle for African American women updo hairstyle for black women long black weave hairstyle Rihanna curly updo long hairstyle for black women braided hairstyle for black women long layered hairstyle for black women ponytail for black hair long hair for black girls long hairstyles with side bangs Hair Weave Brands Gabrielle Union Weave Hairstyles for women
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