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Seonaid Boyle
Published on September 04, 2021

Getting a fresh look from the local barbershop isn’t going to last forever. If you want your latest haircut to look good day after day, you’ll need to learn how to maintain your hair too.

Whether you have a crew cut, a bowl cut, or hair long enough to compete with Fabio, it deserves good hair care for men to keep you looking sharp. To help you on the way, we’ve pulled together a top list of hair tips for men to show how to style men’s hair the right way.

1. Take Good Care of Your Scalp

No matter what kind of haircut or hairstyle you choose, you need to look after your scalp. Just like any bit of skin on your body, hydrating the skin on your scalp is a simple way to improve men’s hair and restore its natural oils. While using an all-natural shampoo and conditioner a few times a week is excellent for men with hair, if you lack in that department, or decided on either a buzz-cut or cut-throat razor look, then you’ll need a moisturizer or massage balm.

Apply to your scalp at night to achieve a smooth look by morning. Consider using a scalp scrub and a hot towel wrap if you begin to notice any buildup on your scalp or clogged pores. The best part is, it’s not only great for your skin but feels good too. Who said blokes couldn’t pamper themselves?

Men’s Haircut with Bald Fade

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2. Don’t Overwash Your Hair

A shower goes a long way towards a well-groomed look. However, you might want to avoid washing your hair every single day, as it’s probably doing more harm than good. That’s because shampoos clean by stripping your hair of pretty much everything, including your natural oils. If you shampoo every day, your hair starts to produce more oil, giving your hair a less than desirable shine.

3. Be Gentle When Washing and Drying Your Hair

One of the biggest mistakes is to wash your hair in very hot water and rub it with a towel vigorously right after washing. Wet hair is the most fragile, so these are the proven ways to damage your hair. Better shake your head and let it air dry for a while. Then, blow dry your locks on medium heat, letting the blow dryer direct your hair to fall in the right direction.

Blow Drying Men’s Hair

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4. Use a Conditioner

Men’s hair care routine is often minimalistic, and many do skip the conditioner. You shouldn’t, though. With so many factors that dry out your hair, conditioner is an easy way to keep your hair silky and smooth.

Use some conditioner as the second step after washing your hair with shampoo, and it will soften your hair, making it easy to manage and style. If you’ve gone for a slicked-back look reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever, use conditioner to stop your hair from drying out and keeping it in place all day and all night.

5. Step Up Your Short Hairstyle

Short cuts are so easy to style as it’s only the top of the head that needs attention if any at all. If your hair lacks that oomph and pizzazz, get some extra help from a few hairstyling products. Adding a matte pomade to the mix can allow you to rework your hair into something more natural-looking. If you want to take your hairstyle a step further, grab some sea salt spray to add volume and texture.

Short Men’s Hair Styled with Pomade

Freepik / @halayalex

6. Ace Bed Hair & Surf Hair

Bed hair and the male surf hair aesthetic are growing trends that require more than just waking up for the day or catching a few waves in the morning. Creating that spot-on, untouched look involves time and the right hair product. Sea salt spray or powders like dry shampoo, when worked into the roots, will assist with volume and shaping for that natural messy-unkept look. Male surf hair looks dry and can last for days if needed. Just don’t forget to wash your hair well in the shower, as using these products can create buildup on the hair and clog the scalp.

Bed Hair Style for Men

Freepik / @cookie-studio

7. Maintain Your Beard

Hairstyles with beards make one whole, so there are some much-needed beard grooming techniques you should never avoid. Just like the hair on your head, your beard also requires maintenance. Keep it hydrated by routinely applying beard oil at the start of the day. Beard conditioning creams and nourishing balms can also add to the grooming process, reducing frizziness and keeping your whiskers in check.

For those rocking thick or long beards, use a comb to pull debris from your beard. Plus, you’ll also want to grab yourself a beard brush to distribute oils throughout the rest of your beard. The brush also helps exfoliate the skin underneath your beard, preventing dandruff (yes, your beard can get it).

Men's Hairstyle with a Long Beard

Freepik / @wayhomestudio

8. Thin in Style

When it comes to thinning hair, selecting a flattering hairstyle and using styling products can create fuller and thicker-looking hair, making much difference to the way you look and feel. Creating volume is key and can ultimately allow for more options when it comes to styling your hair. Doing so will mean you will no longer have to opt for a combed-over look to hide behind.

As previously mentioned, try a salt spray or a powder, as these are light and won’t weigh the hair down while also creating the desired thicker look. Should you have a few patches, there are many hair growth products and tinted sprays available to help fill in any gaps.

Extra Tip: Curly Hair Needs a Curly Hair Routine

Curly hairstyles for men earn high scores, but you need to follow a few custom hair care tips to achieve well-defined locks and tame the frizz. A necessary move is to use hair products approved for curly hair, which often means ditching shampoos with sulfates and components that dry your hair.

If you stick to the minimalistic hair care routine, plopping wet hair with a cotton t-shirt will be the best way to style your wavy or curly strands. If you have longer hair and feel ready to invest more time and effort into getting perfect curls, experiment with an LCO or LOC method depending on your hair porosity.

Haircare Tips for Men with Curly Hair

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No matter your style, using shampoo and conditioner to remove dirt and grime is always a no-brainer. Selecting the right products for your hair type is a good start and will always help keep your hair clean and keep scalp conditions at bay. Many different hair types can be enhanced with a great haircut, and using the right products to keep the cut styled is essential to looking and feeling your best.

Want to dig a little deeper into men’s hair and grooming? Learn more about becoming a barber with a Certificate III in Barbering SHB30516.

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