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Updated on January 16, 2024

Are you still washing your hair every day? If so, here is the ultimate guide on how to give up shampooing daily and why you actually should stop! Plus, there are many benefits that come along with “doin’ the dirty.” Keep reading to break the vicious cycle, with the help of a professional stylist!

Why Washing Hair Every Day Isn’t an Option

How often do you shampoo your hair? This is a question I always ask when consulting my clients. There are many who are shocked when they answer “daily” and see my reaction of disapproval! I try to be nice but often cringe at the thought. The truth is that shampooing too often is not good for your hair.

I know some of you are reading this and thinking, “I have to wash my hair every day; it feels dirty if I don’t.” In my opinion, this is a stigma in North America that we feel the need to be very clean. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to go on a bathing strike here. I don’t want you to get that ripe! But, if you are shampooing your hair every day, you are stripping it of all its natural oils, which will leave your hair feeling dry. Not only that, but you will also begin to overproduce oil to try and replenish what was stripped away, resulting in really greasy hair.

So, why, you ask, should you stop shampooing daily? I mean, if it’s just making your hair greasy, can’t you just continue the vicious cycle? Umm, NO! First of all, if you are someone who dyes your hair, don’t you want it to last? Nothing is permanent. That’s right. Even “permanent” hair color will eventually fade. The less you shampoo, the longer your hair color will last.

Also, let’s talk about shine. The more your hair gets to soak in its own natural oils, the shinier it will become. And, personally, I just love seeing some shiny, healthy hair! Speaking of health, if you are shampooing only once a week, that’s less styling. Besides the convenience of that last part, less styling means less damage due to less heat from a blow-dryer. This really is for the health of your hair! Let’s see how long you can go without washing and what hacks can help.

How to Start Washing Your Hair Less

How do you break the cycle and do the dirty? There are two ways you can go about this. The gradual, ease-yourself-in way, or the savage, balls-to-wall way, which requires shampooing once a week. In the second scenario, your hair will be greasy, and it might be scary, more so for the people who see you. It is still the quickest way to train your hair to stop overproducing oil. Nonetheless, I actually do recommend the gradual approach. Start with shampooing just every other day. After a week, add another day of not washing, so that it’s every two days. You get the gist.

Personally, I shampoo my hair only twice a week. Everyone, of course, is different. If you have a coarse hair type, you may be able to only shampoo once a week. Finer hair might need three times a week. Give it a try and see what works for your kind of hair. These 10 tips will help you extend the time between washing your hair.

1. Do Not Rinse Hair Trying to Refresh It

Do not rinse your hair, thinking it will help you feel cleaner. By getting your hair wet and then rinsing, that will actually only spread the oils around, creating a greasy outcome. Instead, try putting your blow-dryer on the cool setting and give your hair a quick whoosh to remove any dust and debris.

2. Ace Dry Shampoo

If grease is your struggle, try some dry shampoo. There are so many on the market now; currently I love Design.Me Quickie.Me. You literally just spray it on your roots to absorb any excess oil.

3. Prevent Grease

If your hair tends to get oily very quickly, try using dry shampoo on clean hair to get ahead of the grease. The added bonus is that it will add body to limp hair that is often weighted down by natural oil.

4. Clarify Once in a While

Once in a while, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup from products (including your new best friend — your dry shampoo). Besides extending time between the washes, it will add shine to your hair and stimulate hair growth due to unclogging of the follicles.

5. Wear a Shower Cap When in Shower

Always wear a shower cap when you’re not shampooing in the shower. How water from your shower evaporates and your hair will soak it instantly, promising you a bad hair day ahead. Wearing a shower cap when you don’t shampoo your hair is simple hack will help you avoid frizziness.

6. Cut Down on Conditioner

Conditioners are great for nurturing hair. However, they can make your hair feel more oily and in need of a wash. Try conditioning only the ends of your hair for moisture, without involving the scalp area to wash your har less frequently.

7. Have a Handful of Quick Hairstyles in Your Back Pocket

Learn how to make easy and quick updos to pull your hair back. Twists, braids and ponytails are great hairstyles for when your hair is no longer fresh. Not to mention hats that can help you come through the worst hair days.

8. Be Causious with Hair Oils

If your hair is on a finer side, avoid oils in your hair-care routine. Switch to light styling creams or serums. In you have coarse curly hair, test the porosity of your hair and experiment with LOC/LCO/LOG product application methods to understand if you need oil to lock in the moisture and when to apply it.

9. Use a Boar-Bristle Brush

Try using a natural boar-bristle brush to distribute the natural oils from scalp to ends. This will reduce the concentration of oils in your roots and will make your hair look good for a longer time.

10. Don’t Touch It!

Last but not least, don’t touch your hair too much. Along with our scalp, our bodies have natural oils everywhere. If you’re touching your hair all the time, the oils on your hands will transfer onto your hair. Not to mention the dirt and viruses your hands will pass over to your tresses.

And, so, there it is — the good, the bad and greasy truth about washing your hair. I still think the benefits outweigh the greasy process, especially when you’re working in the beauty industry, and you’re a mom of two littles, not shampooing daily is a huge timesaver! So, now I ask, Are you going to try “doin’ the dirty?” Head over to my Instagram @jenmorenobeauty and share your experience with me.

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