Medium Hairstyles and Haircuts

Medium hairstyles, featuring medium length shag haircuts, are, definitely, the most versatile ones and timelessly-chic. Having looked through our rich-for-ideas medium hairstyle galleries with medium layered haircuts for fine or thick hair and various medium-length haircuts with bangs, you will be absolutely ready to make a splash at any party or in any other setting of your choice!

half up half down hairstyle for red hair

Long red hair doesn’t flatter everyone, but ladies who have found their personal style with lengthy red locks as its part, always look exceptional. There’s some mystery in the flame of long red tresses. We offer you to get acquainted with the top of the most prominent Hollywood redheads and to find out about the tendencies in medium and long red hairstyles and haircuts. [click to continue…]

medium hairrstyle with braided bangs for round faces

Downdos are awesome for everyday, because they give you the valuable feel of ease and unconstraint from the lively locks around your face. When you want to add a swanky touch to your casual downdo, a fancy braided element is something that comes to mind ahead of other ideas. It’s not only easy to do, but also looks super cute and serves a perfect framing for your face. Our girly downdo with a face-framing lace braid will help you to tame your long bangs which aim to fall into your eyes every now and then. Besides, since the braid is running across your forehead diagonally, with this hairstyle you are going to achieve a face-slimming effect. Do you still hesitate to try it? [click to continue…]

asymmetric hairstyle with a bouffant

When a girl with a round face wears a simple braid and a floral print dress, she risks looking too plain. I know many girls who try to avoid this effect. If you are one of them, I know what to suggest in this relation. The right hairstyle for a round face, like this chic wavy downdo with a bouffant, is going to add you some aristocracy flair instead! Besides, it’s extremely flattering for a round face thanks to its A-line elongating silhouette. Plus, being aware of the girls’ craze for braids, we have decided to introduce a cute braided element into our hairstyle. It’s going to work as a cute small accent, appropriate practically in any age. [click to continue…]

scrunched hair downdo for round faces

Hair that looks maximally light and spontaneous, a bit messy, sexy and extremely effortless is a daily goal of any girl. Scrunched waves are universally flattering. They add volume to fine hair or tame its excess for thick locks, especially when the wet effect is added. If you face shape is round, you can style the front locks of this hairstyle asymmetrically, letting them fall on one of your cheeks, so that your scrunched waves settle into the A-line silhouette. As a result, you will get the desired face-slimming effect, achieved thanks to the asymmetry and prevalence of vertical lines in this hairstyle. [click to continue…]