40 Best Short Wedding Hairstyles That Make You Say “Wow!”

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#38: Braided Lavender Hair

Pastel Purple Half Updo With Fishtails

Instagram / @betsyduggan

Brides experimenting with hair colors are redefining wedding hairstyles for short hair. The soft lavender hair has a tinge of silver color that complements the charismatic hairstyle. You may want to add fresh flowers or appropriate hair accessories to your bridal hairdo. In this case just stick a sprig of baby’s breath under your fishtail braids. If you are planning to wear a bridal outfit in Boho style for your wedding, then this neat hair affair will complete your wedding look just perfectly.

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What can be more important for a future bride than the choice of a wedding dress? Only the choice of a wedding hairstyle! On the big day, any bride wants to be beautiful, stylish, stunning and look so in the wedding photos. An idea of a wedding hairstyle as something voluminous, lacquered and adorned with a wedding veil, is just a stereotype. If you are used to wearing a stylish short haircut, that doesn’t mean you’ll fail to fit into a standard image of a bride.

Wedding fashion tendencies change to a greater or lesser degree every year. Thus, contemporary short hairstyles amaze us with plenty of interesting ideas. Let us share with you 40 pictures with stunning examples of the latest bridal hairstyles for short hair.

How Can You Present Your Short Hair in the Best Light?

Genreally, wedding hair trends favor wedding short hairstyles and guide these to be simple, without unnecessary excesses. The fewer styling products your hairdresser is going to use, the more fashionable you will look in the coming season. If your length affords to make an updo, it should be rather loose and natural-looking.

Short hair welcomes such focal points as stately hair accessories (tiaras, wedding headbands, combs, bobby pins, hair clips, etc.) They can match the color of your wedding gown or serve a contrasting detail.

Bridal hairstyles for short hair can also imitate long hairstyles, for example, if you have your bangs and front tresses styled backwards with the back of your head covered by a wedding veil or a compact floral composition. Short bob haircuts even offer a great opportunity to make breathtaking wedding updos which you’d never believe are made on the basis of such a critically short length!

The Most Amazing Short Wedding Hairstyles

L Whether you have a long bob or a short pixie, you can pull off an amazing bridal hair look. Let’s see the best ideas in the photos below.

#1: Short Wavy Wedding Hairstyle with a Side Clip

If ‘less is more’ is your kind of vibe, don’t overthink it: just some bouncy curls will make a beautiful bridal look. When it comes to choosing hair accessories, your main guidance should be the style of your jewelry – whether it be silver or gold, pearls or crystals, floral or geometric pattern etc.

#2: Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle

A low bun is a contemporary hairstyle that suits most of the brides and looks elegant and classy. Often slicked back hair can look too harsh and severe, but you can leave some face framing locks to soften the look.

Short Hair Low Bun with Tendrils

Instagram / @dvir_tvik

#3: Wedding Hairstyle for Very Short Hair

While there are not quite as many options of short hair wedding styles available, you can still make your pixie look special and bridal. Curl the top section of your short locks and use some pomade to make the sides and the back sleeker.

Wedding Style for Pixie Short Hair

Instagram / @dolledbynueye

#4: Messy Bun Wedding Hairstyle

A soft, relaxed, and simple updo is the best option for those looking for low key wedding hairstyles. Here are some tips on creating this style. Curl your hair with tongs, tease the roots to add some volume, then twist everything up leaving some shorter hair around the front.

Relaxed Wedding Updo for Short Hair

Instagram / @mel_beyoutyartist

#5: Textured Low Bun Wedding Hairdo

You will be surprised to know that this easy and effortless wavy bridal updo can be created on as short as shoulder length hair. If you are a sucker for texture and bohemian mood, this style might be a good option. Wear it with or without a veil but a beautiful headpiece, like this one in the picture, is certainly a must.

Curled Short Hair Wedding Updo

Instagram / @lauralovesshair

#6: Short Ponytail with a Faux Mohawk

Those who have very short hair might benefit from using clip-in extensions to create some of the sought-after wedding hairstyles. Certainly, you might need some length for this trendy ponytail. Precise color matching of the added hair is the key to a natural, seamless look. Luckily, most of reputable hair extension brands offer help with choosing the right shade via online service.

Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle with Fauxhawk

Instagram / @ulyana.aster

#7: Sleek Low Bun

Sleek wedding hairstyles for short hair are difficult to achieve, especially if you have thick hair or a layered haircut. If this is your dream bridal look, we highly recommend making a little research and finding a hairstylist who particularly specializes in these styles.

#8: Short Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

You can’t go wrong with a half up half down hairstyle – so versatile and flattering, it compliments any face shape and is easy and comfortable to wear. To say the least, the chunky braids and soft waves combo is one of the best wedding hairstyles for short hair.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair

Instagram / @jaykaybraids

#9: Naturally Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Thanks to its natural texture, short curly hair looks gorgeous in all sorts of twisted and tousled buns. All you need is a dash of smoothing cream and a few grips and a couple of clear rubber bands to secure this twisted updo in place.

Crown Twist and Low Chignon Bun for Short Curly Hair

Instagram / @bylauracarita

#10: Wavy Bob with a Beautiful Headpiece

Make a statement headband the focal point of your hairstyle, with just some loose curls framing your face. Effortless and chic, this look would perfectly complement a laconic, understated dress.

#11: Textured Low Bun for Short Hair

Often longer length is required for putting hair up but how do you know if your hair is long enough for an updo? The answer is that if your hair at the lower nape area is at least 4-5 inches long, it’s potentially possible to create most wedding hairstyles. You must bear in mind that it might be a smaller, less voluminous bun though.

Messy Low Bun with Elegant Bridal Hair Jewelry

Instagram / @bridal_bynatalie

#12: Ballerina Bun with Pearls

Wedding hair doesn’t have to be complex; quite on the opposite, a smooth and simple style often looks more elegant and special than some voluminous, elaborate updos. To add a special detail to the look, use some pretty accessories like these pearl pins that are currently high on trend.

Cute Sleek Bun with Pears

Instagram / @jodycallanhair

#13: Short Wedding Hairstyle with a Tiara

Short messy curls paired with a statement piece make a whimsical, fairy-like wedding hairstyle. Wear it with a bohemian flowy dress and natural dewy makeup.

Effortless Bridal Hairstyle with Short Coily Hair

Instagram / @luxe_by_lexi

#14: Braided Updo for Short Hair

A braid is one of the most popular wedding hair details requested by modern brides. This element looks equally beautiful on curly and straight hair and always adds plenty of texture and oomph to the style.

Wedding Braided Hairstyle for Short Hair

Instagram / @nicoledrege

#15: Updo with Baby’s Breath Flower Crown

Flower crowns are perfect for a festival or rustic wedding theme and look great with any relaxed bridal hairdo. We love how this gypsophila flower crown makes contrasts with the darker hair of the bride.

#16: Beach Waves and French Braids

Whilst there’re not as many short hairstyle options as for those with long hair, you can wear a half up half down wedding hairstyle even on chin-length hair. Loose waves and braids look especially cute on short hair.

#17: Wedding Pixie Cut Look

Even uber short hair can make a gorgeous wedding hairstyle. Just look at this curly pixie, embellished with a beautiful crystal headdress.

Wedding Hairstyle for Pixie Short Hair

Instagram / @dolledbynueye

#18: Short Hairstyle with Infinity Braid

Are you looking for a sweet and simple wedding hairstyle suitable for short hair? We’ve got you. A beautiful symbol, the infinity braid will nicely complement a bridal jumpsuit or a floaty silk dress.

Infinity Braid Hairstyle on Mid Length Hair

Instagram / @bylauracarita

#19: Low Bun for Short Hair

A low bun is clearly one of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles loved by so many brides. Finish it with a pearl hair vine, crystal pins, or even fresh flowers – depending on your wedding theme.

Elegant Bun and Wedding Jewelry on Dark Hair

Instagram / @styloweczesanie

#20: Hollywood Style Vintage Waves for Short Hair

We love this simple wedding hair look that you can probably even create yourself. Suitable for any hair type and length, it looks natural and chic. If a traditional veil isn’t your style, wear it with a tulle headband tied at the back.

#21: Short Spiral Waves

Curl your short hair into spiraled waves using a medium barrel curling iron. Curl hair back and outward, then secure each section with a pin on the side and underneath. Spray with a finishing spray. To master wedding hairstyles for short hair, stylists often use this trick to thicken up strands and keep things both simple and lovely.

#22: Curly Updo for Short Hair

When it comes to wedding hairstyles for short hair, many brides and bridesmaids might think there aren’t a whole lot of options available to them. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. There are plenty of great styles to choose from, including this curly ‘do that is twisted and held up in place with hairpins. Add some flowers or jewels to fancy it up further.

Messy Curly Bridal Updo

Instagram / @ulyana.aster

23: Short Classic Hairstyle with Modern Twist

Piece out the dainty face-framing locks and tie back the remaining hair into two twisted knots to get this hairstyle. The classic hairdo has been given a modern outlook with the touch of messiness. One of the swish wedding updos for short hair, this style leaves some pretty locks that caress your face. Flaunt your fashion sense by wearing a crop top wedding attire, paired with a long flowing skirt.

Knotted Updo For Bob Length Hair

Instagram / @modernsalon

#24: Braided Bob Short Hairdo

If you are already sporting a short bob and planning to exchange vows in a few weeks, you can have a very lovely short hair wedding style even with your super short length. Allow the wide curls to rest along one side of your face and make neat braids on the opposite side. A long flowing wedding dress or a mini bridal dress will look best with this bold bridal bob.

Short Bridal Bob Hairstyle With Braids

Instagram / @hairbyelena

#25: Short Wedding Hairstyle with a Swanky Headband

The idea is to select a piece of hair jewelry that compliments the finish of your hairstyle. This lacy headband works perfectly for the thin delicate waves and brightens the model’s eyes.

#26: Neat Bridal Hairdo with Headband

If you want to go simple for the wedding day, a delicate hair accessory like a strass or pearl headband can add that much-needed charm to your look. Bob length hair, partially tied back looks pretty elegant and modern.

#27: Teased Wedding Hair with Embellishment

Brush hair back and then backcomb it further with a hair pick or wide toothed comb. Don’t over style – just go where the sections lay, finger combing them into place and pinning them. Add a strong hairspray for all-day hold and lace a back section with a delicate accessory, a piece of baby’s breath or another kind of small, subtle flower.

Voluminous Curly Updo

Instagram / @eltrendy_wedding

#28: Curly Wedding Hairstyle with an Orchid

Fresh flowers for hair accentuate the beauty of your skin and make any simple wedding hairstyle luxurious, whether it’s a weave or flat ironed hair.

#29: Monroe Inspired Curls

Blondes do have more fun, and that’s never been truer than with this wedding hairstyle that replicates Marilyn Monroe’s famous coif. Large hair rollers will get this hairdo looking fabulous in no time.

Vintage Short Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairbyelena

#30: Low Messy Chignon for Short Hair

The low messy updo will compliment your rustic bridal attire. Such a cute chignon hairdo can be accomplished with artificial or fresh flowers. This hairstyle for the wedding is especially suitable if you are having a barn wedding. Just don`t forget to use some bobby pins and light hair spray to hold those loose curls together.

#31: Short Hairstyle with Vintage Curls

Brides with vintage hairdos get an extra dose of femininity for free. The soft vintage curls are what a bride with short bob hair may look for. Curls are wrapped in alternate directions to accomplish the cute style inspired by the 20’s. Pair with an unusual and eye-catching hair piece that you can pin to a headband or simply to the side of your bridal hair.

Vintage Bridal Hairstyle For Short Hair

Instagram / @foxanddoll

#32: Sleek and Simple Wedding Style

Do you love all of the curly, fancy wedding hair ideas you’ve seen, but really just want something simple? Keep hair straight, sleek and elegant with the addition of one of several hairpieces available.

Wedding Half Updo For Short Hair

Instagram / @larrissarodrigues

#33: Large Curl Updo

Goldilocks would be envious if she saw this beautiful example of short hair wedding styles. Curl large sections of hair and pin while the curl is still in place.

#34: Curly Bob Hairdo with Side Twists

Refrain from the intricate hairdos for your wedding day. A lace flower with pearls pinned to your short hair can just add the oomph to those messy curls. Sporting this short hairstyle for the wedding, a bride can be totally at ease at her wedding party – the curls will hold with a few pins and a bit of hairspray.

Bridal Curly Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @wb_upstyles

#35: Understated Beauty

Hairstyles for weddings don’t need to be complicated – instead, keep things simple yet lovely with this pulled back style for short hair that allows freedom for curls and tendrils throughout.

Simple Messy Bridal Updo

Instagram / @larrissarodrigues

#36: Short Hair Formal Fauxhawk

With shaved sides and a wonderfully curly top, this hairstyle is short enough, and it doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity. But never fear – just curl your hair if it’s naturally straight and then add in an embellished hair clip to the side to make things formal and still fun.

#37: Retro Glam Wedding Hair

When using headbands for short hair, you are adding a vintage touch to your bridal look. Pull the hairband across the forehead and blend it with veil, bow or any other accessory you wear down the aisle.

Curly Blonde Bob Bridal Hairstyle

Instagram / @lee4you

#38: Braided Lavender Hair

Brides experimenting with hair colors are redefining wedding hairstyles for short hair. The soft lavender hair has a tinge of silver color that complements the charismatic hairstyle. You may want to add fresh flowers or appropriate hair accessories to your bridal hairdo. In this case just stick a sprig of baby’s breath under your fishtail braids. If you are planning to wear a bridal outfit in Boho style for your wedding, then this neat hair affair will complete your wedding look just perfectly.

Pastel Purple Half Updo With Fishtails

Instagram / @betsyduggan

#39: Wood Nymph Inspiration for Your Wedding Hairstyle

This simple laid back hairstyle with a dash of romance is currently in the mainstream. Here it’s also complemented with a set of refined hair jewelry.

#40: Romantic Wedding Hairstyle

Romantic wedding updos for short hair are being the most popular among the modern brides. Any girl feels extremely feminine and attractive wearing a hairstyle like this. To bring the idea to life, you would apply light styling mousse to your damp locks and blow dry them with a lift at the roots to boost their volume. Slightly backcomb the bangs and pin them back. Shape the hairstyle and fix it with bobby pins of the matching color. Complete the look with a stylish accent – a large hair flower.

We wish you the most fantastic moments on your wedding day, the most beautiful wedding photos and the happiest years of marriage life!