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Some Deeply Sensuous Hairstyles For Long Thick Hair

Long thick hair is a dream of dreams, the most beautiful sign of femininity and good health. With a decent length and good thickness, there are almost no styling taboos for you. Although the majority of jaw-dropping hairstyles are pretty simple. They feature different types of freely flowing waves and curls. But I have also included one braided style for diversity.  

Hairstyles For Long Thick Hair

#1: Centre-Parted Beach Waves

Oh, they are so madly cute! Slightly tangled and messy but silky and with a distinct structure, these waves are one of the most beautiful ways ever to sport your long thick tresses. I bet many girls who are viewing this photo now, can’t wait to grow out their manes. Note that centre parting is not flattering for broad faces, the round and square ones.

#2: Triple Fishtail

Fishtails are so popular these days that stepping out of your door, you risk meeting at least a few girls more who are sporting the same braided style. Here is a way of how to make yours unique. Luckily, your thick tresses allow braiding 3 decent fishtails which can be easily done into an enviously chunky braid with a polished finish.

#3: Heavenly Curves

Sweeping your lavish mane to one side, shape your tresses into very loose curls, featuring gorgeous curvy lines, framing your face gracefully and cascading down one shoulder. It’s a fantastic option of a breathtaking wedding/prom hairstyle, ideal for a strapless or one shoulder gown.

#4: Messy Curly Head-Turning Style

Everything is “wow” about this gorgeous long hairstyle: the color, the texture and the perfect nonchalant feel. A few front tresses are clasped behind for a better control of luxurious curls. Blunt, forehead-covering bangs and loose messed up curls are a win-win combination for a party or Sunday walk in the city.

#5: Fabulous Waterfall Waves

These are miraculously soft and smoothly flowing with a distinct texture accentuated with subtle highlights. With a hairstyle like this, you are a princess wherever you go. I can imagine the fantastic feel of movement they give when you are walking… Hmmm…. It’s something, girls!

#6: Dark Brown Ombrè Look

Soft ombrè is definitely the color technique of the moment and it truly stands out on ladies with darker locks. The color fades from the chocolate brown at the roots to the lighter caramel hue at the ends for a beautiful a la natural appearance.

#7: Half-Updo Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot with a voluminous half-updo and sultry waves. With such a romantic vibe, this is perfect for a night out with your significant other.

#8: Waterfall Braid with Spiral Curls

A waterfall braid adds an interesting detail to any look. Those with thick, long locks can add spirals for a truly enviable style. For fancy occasions, add a jeweled hair piece and enjoy the extra allure!

#9: Loose Braided Faux-Hawk Hairstyle for Long Thick Hair

A faux Mohawk is an easy way to give your everyday look a bit of an edge. Make sure you tease the roots in the middle for volume and finish off with French braids on either side.

#10: Beautiful, Bouncy Curls

Keep your natural curls from becoming too heavy by wearing a layered style. The cut gives curls the right amount of bounce, and the caramel highlights on a dark brown base provide the added definition.

#11: Loose Braid Hairstyle for Long, Thick Hair

Longer hair always seems extremely feminine. Give in to the carefree vibe by adding a few braids and pinning back a couple of strands so that you don’t have those annoying locks, falling into your face. The result is this quick and flirty look for the weekend.

#12: Twisted Partial Updo with Lace Braids

Ditch the boring half-ponytail and try one with flair. This loose wavy ombre look features a delicate twisted detail and three messy braids which beautifully melt into the cute brown blonde ends.

#13: Wavy Hairstyle for Long Thick Hair with A Hidden Twist

Make a striking statement by the “black roots – blonde locks” combo. These luscious waves will turn heads by themselves, but twisting a couple of strands in the middle adds an interesting accent.

#14: Dark Waterfall Twist with Heavy Layers

Beautiful toffee highlights mixed with the dark espresso hair color are accentuated further by a lovely waterfall twist. This is a simple-yet-smart look that can take you throughout the day no matter what you have planned.

#15: Half-Ponytail Hairstyle for Long, Thick Hair

Sometimes the easiest styles look better on girls with longer hair lengths. A standard half-ponytail with a hidden elastic appears incredibly chic when complimented with smooth large waves. The style can be achieved in less than two minutes for a speedy option on a busy day.

#16: Messy Bun with Bandana

Bandanas are very trendy right now as hair accessories, especially when it’s sweltering outside. It’s perfect for outdoor music festivals, long walks and any other fun settings. Pair it with a messy bun for a “cool girl” vibe.

#17: Complex Bun Hairstyle for Long Thick Hair

This intricate weaved bun hairstyle mixes curls, very loose braids and twists for a truly stunning formal look for wedding or prom. If it looks a bit too complicated to complete on your own, take this photo to your stylist to try this fabulous ‘do before the day X.

#18: Coiled Half-Updo with Feathered Bangs

Just add a veil to complete this traditional bridal beauty look that is elevated by a serious boost of volume. Large curls, bouffant and feathered bangs make for the major glamorous moment.

#19: Simple Side-Part Hairstyle with A Braid for Long Thick Hair

An easy way to jazz up long, thick hair is to add a face-framing braid. It lends a free-spirited touch to a basic outfit or a fun, casual twist for an after-work outing.

#20: French Braid with Side Fishtail

A messy side braid is universally appealing on all hair colors and textures. Make it more interesting by changing the braid pattern from a loose weave to a tighter fishtail as you move off the roots towards the ends.

#21: Soft Curled Partial Updo Hairstyle for Long Thick Hair

If you have’ve got a gorgeous two-toned blonde hair color, a polished partial updo is a lovely way to showcase your fantastic dye job. For a classier touch, skip the elastic and use your own hair to create an elegant tied detail to pull your hair back.

#22: Half Pony – Half Fishtail

This cute headband adds a bohemian mood to the relaxed pony. Take it to the next level by sectioning your ponytail with thin elastics. Pull out some pieces in the front for a messier look.

#23: Triple Braided Low Ponytail for Long Thick Hair with Highlights

Conquer the weekend with an upgrade to a pretty ponytail. Three chunky braids blend seamlessly with a low ponytail for an easy, fun look. Pull out wispy strands to add a slimming, face-framing effect.

#24: Polished Pulled-Back Half Ponytail

Pull back the frontal section of your hair into a thin ponytail to create a somewhat retro style similar to one of Lana Del Rey’s signature looks. Let the rest of your long, thick locks cascade naturally for an easy hairstyle with huge appeal!

#25: Messy Braided Hairstyle for Long Thick Hair

Dismiss thin delicate variations and go bold by gathering your thick hair into a couple of chunky braids. Create a side braid and attach it to the messy ponytail braid for a look that says “You’re fashionable without trying too hard!”

Oh, well, I know it’s not so easy to care for your heavy lengthy locks. So, for now when you still have them, try as many different long hairstyles as you can. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll decide to go for a big chop, and, yes, you’ll need something to remember from your long-haired past:)