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Updated on December 19, 2023

Beautiful, flowing locks will always be desirable. What could be better than long, touchable hair? To help you revamp the classic ideal of long hairstyles for women, we’re showcasing vibrant colors and piecey, layered cuts.

Long Hairstyles for Women

Straight, sharply-angled strands, supple, touchable curls and soft beach waves are most feminine and beautiful when they are long. This inspirational gallery makes us lock our scissors up and start growing our tresses, but if your hair is already long, you are the lucky one, because these hairstyles and hair colors do beg to be stolen!

1. Long Ash Blonde Hair

Yes, the pixie cut is a popular option for ladies over 40, but it’s not the end-all solution for sexy hair. Keep those locks long and flowy as long as you can. This gorgeous cascade of layers catches the light so well thanks to the expertly done cut and shiny highlights.

2. Gray Layered Hairstyle

Long haircuts for women can be edgy and anything but tame. Adopt a rocker chic vibe with piecey bangs and textured layers. An unexpected hair color (like gray with lavender root fade) can make your whole look feel fresh. Just be sure to pair the dull hue with vibrant makeup shades to enliven your appearance.

3. Voluminous Bubble Gum Waves

Oh hey, gorgeous! That color is yummy enough to eat. Mixing an unnatural color like bubblegum pink with something a bit more natural like strawberry blonde is a surefire way to pull off bright hair successfully. The effect is overwhelmingly sexy, instead of simply overwhelming.

4. Cool-Toned Balayage

Women with long hair need to plan some extra time for hair care. There’s so much hair to brush, wash, and style. That’s where casual, tousled styling comes in. Creating messy, imperfect waves is so much faster than trying to achieve ideal curls on long length hair.

5. Shiny Blonde with Root Fade

The best long hairstyles for women are fuss-free and easy to style. Featuring long side bangs and pretty layers, this look doesn’t require too much mirror time in the AM. Simply use a large-barrel round brush to blow dry the front hair curling it away from the face.

6. Long Vibrant Purple Dip Dye

Black hair is simply gorgeous, especially when it’s well-cared for and moisturized so the deep color can really shine. What’s more, the color is a great base for fun highlights, dip dyes, and peekaboos, especially in purple or red. So, take long dark hair up a notch with your favorite bright shade.

7. Layered Long Hairstyle with Highlights

This is such a fool-proof look. Long side bangs with flattering, face-framing highlights are a great addition to curly locks. The volume coupled with the blonde tones brings life and vibrancy to the hair and face. A great smile never hurts either!

8. Glossy Chocolate Curls

Long haircuts for women should never result in heavy or weighted down locks, which is a common complaint about long hair. The right cut (paired with an excellent blow out) makes long hair feel incredibly light and bouncy. Get regular trims to keep ends crisp and neat.

9. Flowy Locks and Long Side Bangs

Long hairstyles for women over 50 look beautiful in lighter shades. As we age, our skin loses its glow, so it’s important to go one or two shades lighter with your hair for a fresh and youthful overall look. This golden color does that and more.

10. Textured and Wavy Long Hairstyle

This textured, wavy look is what modern hair dreams are made of. If you’ve seen this covetable style everywhere but aren’t sure how to recreate it, the secret is a clipless curling iron. Twist hair around the iron away from the face, then finger comb the curls and add a texturizing cream.

11. Long Cinnamon Brown Layers

If you’re a fan of red hair color but want a more natural look, cinnamon is a great option. This unique color is far from over done, and it looks best on women with medium to dark brown hair. Long layers and multidimensional highlights elevate this style to sheer perfection.

12. Gorgeous Balayage and Effortless Waves

Modern long hairstyles should give off the impression of effortless and fun hair. Of course, many hairstyles that look so do require a bit of time and practice. For this look, wrap hair around a clipless curling iron. Start at the midshaft on the hair in the back and start closer to the root for the hair in the front.

13. Rocker Chic Layers

Paired with a rocker tank, this haircut definitely screams “I’m with the band.” The combination of soft face-framing layers with sharp razored ends is super cool and very unique. It’s a great haircut idea for thick straight hair, but it will help fine hair reveal its beauty too – just go with fewer layers.

14. Frosted Blonde Long Hairstyle

The frosty near-platinum blonde diluted with brownish underlayer is a go-to for young girls, but as a solid hue or also mixed with a bit darker tone, it can work for older women. The good news in the modern hair world is there are no more age limits for choices of hair colors, haircuts and hair styles. Go for anything that feels right and forget the word “age-appropriate”.

15. Long Gilded Waves

Long haircuts for women are a perfect opportunity to let your stylist highlight your hair “by hand,” as they say. Free-form balayage and hair contouring help to bring out the individuality of your hair and your style in a natural, care-free way. So chic!

16. Luscious Curly Dark Hair

For women who are blessed with long, thick hair, it’s essential to choose a cut that boosts the hair texture and helps create some weightless volume. This curly look is absolutely stunning! It can be recreated by blow drying with a diffuser (if your hair is naturally curly) or by curling individual strands and pinning them to set.

17. Vibrant Red Hairstyle with Bangs

Blunt cut bangs are a great addition to long hairstyles for black women because they add a fun and bold element. This vibrant color looks fantastic with a structured cut because it creates the overall futuristic feel.

18. Bouncy Curls and Seductive Bangs

Little touches of caramel and soft brown are great additions to dark hair. Long layers can help to show off highlights, and the best way to accentuate both is with waves and curls. Start by blowing hair out and then use a medium barrel curling iron to add some soft flicks.

19. Caramel Colored Layers

The long bob is here to stay. The length of this style is universally flattering and convenient to wear with your hair down. To keep it ultra-modern, ask your stylist for a multidimensional color. Soft caramel and honey blonde shades pair nicely with a light brown base.

20. Long Piecey Waves

It’s impossible to go wrong with this look. Caramel balayage highlights and long flowing locks? Yes, please! To recreate this style, blow dry hair to prepare a smooth, even base. Then run a texturizing product from midshaft to ends, and braid hair into one loose plait. Leave it in for three hours, et voila.

With long hairstyles like these, you’ll be inspired to grow your hair out. The key is to opt for a cut and color that breathes life into long hair and keeps it looking fresh and bouncy.

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