40 Banging Blonde Bobs

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Who can think of anything more iconic in the beauty realm than Marilyn Monroe’s classic blonde bob? Whether she was seductively serenading the president or singing about how diamonds are a girl’s best friend, she always managed to look stunning. Today, the blonde bob haircut is still a sexy option for women looking to turn heads for all of the right reasons. Check out our top 40 picks below.

The Secret Of Blonde Bobs

The main secret is, of course, their sex appeal, that comes from the specific cut and the desirable hair color. Pick the cut that flatters your face shape and think of your own most beautiful blonde shade to achieve a truly individual style.

#1: Inverted Bob for Thin Hair

Curls are not the only way to achieve volume as demonstrated by this bouncy bob. Take advantage of an angled style that uses short layers to create volume in the back and sleek long layers in the front to frame the face without overpowering it.

#2: Shaggy Chin-Length Bob

A short and shaggy cut always has a sort of “girl next door” appeal similar to Cameron Diaz’s classic look in the early 2000’s. To make the look less casual, add chocolate brown highlights for a chic element that can carry you from the boardroom to the bar without missing a beat.

#3: Voluminous Stacked Cut

Thicker hair textures can still take advantage of a layered bob style—actually it is recommended. The layered cut keeps the fullness in the back without bringing the heaviness to the front around the face. The two-tone color with a light strawberry blonde on the bottom creates the right depth and keeps the look from seeming too overwhelming.

#4: Stacked White Blonde Bob

A stacked bob is so popular that sometimes it can become too expected in some circles. This style is perfect for women who are already sporting a layered blonde bob hairstyle and are growing weary of it. Get your layers feathered in the back to provide texture, while keeping the sections in the front straight and angled. It’s a simple change that breathes new life into your look.

#5: Short Brown Blonde Bob Haircut with Side Bangs

Smaller faces can sometimes get overwhelmed with too much hair in the face, which is why this style is so wonderful. The side bang offers a flirty touch, and the shorter length and shaggy layers keep the look light and fun.

#6: Long and Layered

A blonde bob doesn’t always have to be super short or dramatically angled – in fact, this cut is what’s known as a long bob. Using layers and blunt cut ends, this super cute style will work good with a variety of hair types.

#7: Curly Caramel Bob

A bob is made more beautiful when you add in some curls. Even if you have naturally straight hair, you can use a curling iron on a medium or longer bob to get this fun, twisty style. Remember to use a quality setting spray to ensure your ringlets hold all day long.

#8: Trendy and Angled

Inspired by the angled cuts of celebrities like Victoria Beckham, a super straight bob with clearly defined angles is a great style when you’re looking to make a statement. From the runway to the office hallway, this is one ‘do that’s sure to grab attention.

#9: Blunt and Straight

Another popular choice for long blonde bob haircuts is to request blunt ends. Giving hair a choppy, straight across look brings about a whole different style than the trendy A-line or feathered layers.

#10: Beautiful Mess

Messy hairstyles are super trendy right now, and when you add in platinum blonde hair color, you will love the final result. Part rocker chick, part just plain fabulous, this bob is made with a lot of layered sections and by tossing the comb in the trash.

#11: Finish with Bangs

Pair a shaggy bob with straight across bangs that end above the eyebrows. They will not only add a whole new dimension to your cut, but brighten your eyes and frame your face, too. If you want to look a bit edgier, try some strawberry blonde highlights, or a bold, brighter hue of your choice.

#12: Gently Angled

Soft and feminine, this hairstyle looks amazing with bleach blonde hair. A blonde bob can always benefit from either an all over lightening or strategically placed highlights that really make layers and curls pop.

#13: Curled and Coifed

Blonde hair is so much fun because it shows off waves and curls better than any other hue. If you want a hairstyle that is heavenly both to wear and admire, try adding some sweet ringlets to your ‘do.

#14: Lovely Layers

If you find you have super thin hair, you can spice it up with some fun, haphazard layers that will breathe new life into your locks. Add in some straight, blunt bangs and you’ll have a whole new look you’ll love.

#15: Inverted Curls

Blonde bob haircuts are always fun to wear, and when you add in some inside out curls, you’ll look even lovelier. Achieved through a combination of an angled cut and a gorgeous texture created with a flat iron, these large waves cascade down to show off the best wavy bob possible.

#16: Super Blonde

Go so blonde that your hair is almost white, and you will instantly change the perception of both your hair and face. If you are looking for something dramatically different, bleaching your hair is fun because it’s affordable, stunning and temporary. Don’t love it? Dye it darker or live in the hope it will grow out really quickly!

#17: Classic Bob with a Modern Twist

A classic bob is made more beautiful with longer sides. Modernizing the traditional bob haircut is perfect for those who want a different look but are feeling a little gun shy. This cut doesn’t involve a huge risk, but it is also capable of doing cool things like bringing volume to thin, lifeless locks.

#18: Dramatic Black Roots

A blonde bob with black roots looks fairly dramatic and can express a bold personality with a character to match. If it’s not your thing, go for a lighter shade of brown to tone the roots, like in the examples listed above.

#19: The Lightest of Blondes

White and gray hair is super popular right now, even with teens. Catch this trend by going with the absolute lightest blonde dye you can find, or honestly just go with a white. From Queen Elsa to Grandma, you have a whole roster of white-haired ladies from which to draw inspiration.

#20: Bobs for Thin Hair

Light blonde or dark blonde – hair color doesn’t really seem to matter when your hair is so thin that you can’t hold it in any type of style. A bob is a great cut option for those with fine hair, because it keeps its own shape. If you’ve always kept your thin hair long, take a trip to the other side and discover how beautiful you’ll feel.

#21: A Pop of Pink

Combining the well-loved layers and “mess” of a longer blonde bob, this style is made even more beautiful by the addition of some cotton candy pink streaks. Of course, if pink isn’t your thing, you can use any color. The goal is dimension and a statement all your own.

#22: Framing Bangs

While we have shown a few examples of straight, blunt bangs, they certainly aren’t the rule. Bangs can also be feathered and parted down the middle to soften your forehead without going too crazy. These bangs are also nice because they can be pinned back when you feel like being without them again for a day.

#23: Asymmetry Enhanced by Color

Ask your salon stylist to keep a generous section of hair longer than the rest of your bob, and then define it with a color of your choice to really show it off. Any hue will do, as blonde hair pairs well with practically any shade.

#24: Long Retro Bob

A blonde bob can be created with the inspiration of hairstyles gone by. This Farrah-inspired back curl with feathery layers is just one example.

#25: Pearl Blonde Bouncy Waves

If you have a straight across or slightly angled bob, then you can pull off this style. By simply using a small barrel curling iron on shoulder length hair, you’ll get a head full of perfect, loose spirals.

#26: Bleach Blonde with A Feathered Bang

If you find that your hair is looking thinner or that you need a little more volume, a simple solution is flipping out your bangs for a feathered effect. It’s a quick fix for a woman who does not have time or goal to execute a full head of curls. It also opens up your face in the cutest way.

#27: Messy Blonde Bob Hairstyle with Natural Highlights

Naturally textured hair is always alluring, and sometimes it’s best to just go with the flow when it comes to your everyday look. Instead of rocking a platinum dye job, try a more low-key option with multi-dimensional highlights that won’t be as noticeable when they grow out.

#28: Voluminous and Carefree Loose Look

Here is a style that manages to be sweet and sultry at the same time. The volume and texture seem to be perfect for a carefree vacation with your significant other or your favorite group of girls. This a-line style also uses blonde streaks in the front to brighten your complexion.

#29: Brown Blonde Bob Haircut with Spiral Curls

If you are heading to a formal event this is a great way to style your medium length hair. The curls are more defined than the typical loose waves, but still are not as overdone and tight as springy coils.

#30: Ash Blonde Bob with Side Bangs

Ash is a particular matte blonde color that manages to be edgy and classy. It usually complements pale complexions and works well with a neutral or “cool-toned” wardrobe. This cut takes it to the next level with a curvy side bang.

#31: Layered and Wavy Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Whoever says short hair can’t be sexy has not seen this look. The tousled waves and layered texture make this the perfect weekend casual date look. Style it with simple makeup for an effortless vibe.

#32: Sophisticated Shoulder Length Style

One dimensional hair color sometimes has more of a powerful effect than highlights and interesting dye jobs. It seems edgier and it’s a blank canvas to truly show the art of your haircut. This blunt blonde bob haircut skips heavy layers for a chic and timeless style.

#33: Blonde Bob Hairstyle with Purple Bangs

The great thing about platinum blonde hair is that you can highlight it with just about any color without worrying about them clashing. Case in point—this striking violet bang! Add a pop of color to brighten up a basic look and if you are worried about the commitment there is a variety of semi-permanent options on the market.

#34: Platinum Asymmetrical Cut

For a different take on the typical platinum lob, try this creative asymmetrical long blonde bob haircut where one side is a few inches shorter than the other. It’s a great option for the bombshell with an artsy passion. It still shows off your sexy side, but in an unconventional way.

#35: Wavy Shoulder Length Style

Here is another easy style for a woman who enjoys casual elegance. Tousled blonde waves with darker roots create a tender feminine feel that’s absolutely effortless and immensely appealing.

#36: Work Appropriate Butter Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Welcome a powerful blunt cut that shows your colleagues who is the boss in the workplace. The sleek straight locks, warm blonde hair color and cool face-framing from the middle part all contribute to the look that commands attention and respect.

#37: Half-Updo with Bouffant For Thick Hair

This is an easy yet effective updo that can suit a formal event, but will look equally good at a dive bar. The best part is that you can easily recreate this style on your own, which makes it a worthy option for a girl on a budget.

#38: Fresh and Flirty Layers

How gorgeous does this ginger blonde hair color look when paired with a pouty pink lip? This cute long blonde bob hairstyle is guaranteed to get you noticed. It appears especially vibrant with a sun-kissed glow.

#39: Textured Medium Length Look

If you want a longer cut with a nice texture and silhouette, try the layered medium-length style, like in the photo. Heavy layers and dark roots will help the look to maintain its shape and lovely appearance as it’s growing out.

#40: Voluminous Crown for Thin Hair

If curls and crimps aren’t your thing, try this poker straight layered style. The hairdo still achieves major volume by the root lift around the crown. The result is an exciting look for your everyday adventures.

No matter what your style is, sexy or sweet, there is a blonde bob haircut for any woman. Trends may come and go, but it is clear that this is one classic look that will never go out of style.

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