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70 Darn Cool Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

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Medium length is the most universal one, especially when it comes to thin hair, and you can make lots of cool hairstyles even if you wish your hair was much thicker. These are rather versatile, including loose styles on the basis of bob haircut and various updos with braiding, twists or ponytails. If you don’t know how to style your fine hair, opt for a bob cut that looks great straight with teasing at the roots or curly. Enhanced texture and a messy touch will save you when you are constantly on the go. Here are some of the cutest visualized ideas to embrace.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

#1: Layering and a Headband Twist

This awesome serene look is made on the basis of a layered collarbone bob. Something as simple as a headband twist can perform both a decorative and a practical function, keeping your long bangs off the forehead and serving the zest of this gorgeous eye-catching style for straight thin hair.

#2: Naughty Pony With Bouffant And Braiding

A bouffant works great for medium hairstyles for fine hair, adding volume and making your style more sophisticated. Highlighted top tresses, braided on one side, enhance a fancy feel of your hairstyle, while you can see yourself how simple it is. Let your pony occupy an intermediate position: neither too high, nor too low, as most girls would do these days.

#3: Messy Backswept Curls

Curls are a win-win option for thin hair. The fun ringlets make your mane appear thicker and nonchalantly natural, especially when they are silky yet messed up and swept back as if by the wind. Very subtle highlights are a big plus for added dimension, even if they are not so evident at first sight.

#4: Sexy Texturized Celebrity Bob

Light teasing at the roots on the crown is another secrete of how to make your thin hair more appealing. Asymmetry for the front tresses and the whole shattered texture make everyone believe that your hair is flawlessly gorgeous. You may even tuck some strands behind your ear on one side for an extra sexy touch.

#5: Disconnected Messy Bob

The effortless scrunch-and-go style is absolutely adorable. Besides, it’s on-trend and easy to style. Long side-swept bangs and a side parting is exactly what is needed for a round or square face. I love this look and often use it in casual wear, do you?

#6: Soft Shag

Kate Moss enhances texture of her layered haircut to come up with this cute soft shag hairstyle for medium length blonde tresses. Her fabulous subtle highlights range within the most popular today brown blonde palette.

#7: Centre-Parted Buttery Curls

Kate Moss looks super sensuous with her feminine dark golden curls. She has them styled centre-parted, in soft flowing lines and treated with a buttery finish for a glam flair that suits her absolutely.

#8: Super Sharp Medium Style

Ashley Olsen wants to keep up with the current trends, and she easily completes this task when rocking her simple spontaneous look. A centre parting, natural-looking highlights, light messy touch and edgy tips are all it takes.

#9: Medium Length Haircut For Fine Hair With Messy Beach Waves

And here is an alternative hairstyle offered by Ashley’s twin sister Mary Kate Olsen. Her beach waves are crazily appealing thanks to their silky finish and cool ombre coloristic solution – darkened roots and tips. We love, Mary Kate!

#10: Gorgeous Side Sweep

Lily Donaldson knows how to boost volume and texture of fine hair: a bit of teasing and a sweep to one shoulder. Her fab hairstyle also features off-centered parting and an awesome gradation of colors from caramel to creamy blondes.

#11: Shoulder Length Curls

Thin hair gets a big boost of body from a large-barreled curling iron. While hot rollers can make thin hair too “tight” and ringlet-like, a large curling iron will provide volume without going over the edge.

#12: Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If your hair is very fine, you will benefit from a medium length cut. Go for a “v” angle at the ends instead of having it cut straight across to add both length and body. Use a curling iron to style loose curls away from the face for some additional texture.

#13: Beautiful Bun for Thinner Hair

The messy look continues to be trendy, and fine hair is ideal for such a style. Braid hair loosely toward the center of the head and pull the rest of the locks back into a casual knot. Be sure to leave some strands flowing free to both frame the face and prevent this style from looking too rigid.

#14: Long, Loose Curls

When you’re considering a new medium length hairstyle, look no further than the curling iron you already own. The trick to make fine thin hair look bouncier is to strategically place curls all over the head instead of just in one spot or direction. Gentle ringlets should cascade freely for a beautiful final style.

#15: Medium Hair with a Side Part

Trendy, tousled hair is all the rage right now, but for those with thinner hair, you will need to incorporate in a side part. Combing your hair in one direction will instantly add a boost of body that will really serve as a pick-me-up solution on those flat hair days. If you have medium length hair with bangs, brush the hair above the bangs straight back for that extra volume.

#16: Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Sometimes cute hair doesn’t have to come through a cut – instead, think about creative ways to style your locks. For finer hair, a braided pompadour is always lovely. Get inspired by the French braids of childhood and braid only the top section of your hair, adding a kick of volume while the rest flows free.

#17: Chin-Length Hair With Layers

Layered hair works well on any hair type, but it is especially lovely on thin hair, as it adds texture and thickness where needed. Cutting your hair to a chin from a shoulder-length style and adding in a lot of wispy layers brings a sexy style that’s easy to maintain and pleasure to wear.

#18: Angled Layers

Utilize fringed layers and bangs to create an easy yet beautiful style for thin hair. Medium hairstyles for thin hair don’t always involve painstaking daily maintenance of curling and primping – instead go with something straight and simple.

#19: Come to Life with Curls

Beautiful blondes with flat, straight hair, don’t ever despair! Using either pin curls or resorting to salon perm is a solution – thin medium-length hair usually responds well to a curly makeovers.

#20: Styled Medium Haircuts

Once your hair is cut to a medium length, have some fun with it! You don’t have to sport super long hair to take advantage of the latest hairstyle trends. Instead, tease the central section of your hair and add a small French braid to the sides to keep things big and beautiful. This is just one of many ideas when it comes to trying a funky style on thinner straight hair.

#21: Medium Hair with Highlights

Since thin hair tends to be flat and straight, add some dimension with gorgeous highlights. You can go blonder or browner, depending upon your natural hair color. Don’t forget to include some face framing layers, as well as lighter strands up top to lighten up your look.

#22: Accentuate With Accessories

Thin hair has a benefit of being rather manageable in updo hairstyles. Keeping it in place, however, can be a different story. When you have a medium haircut, work in some hair accessories like this gold leaf headband to keep flyaways in place. Great variant for a prom, by the way!

#23: High Knot Ponytail

Ponytails are the cure for any hair woe, and very fine hair is no exception. To add an extra boost of height, wrap a medium strand of hair around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin. This will keep the ponytail high and dramatic.

#24: Blunt Medium Length Haircuts for Thin Hair

Sometimes a blunt cut is best for thin-haired girls. If you tend to feel prettiest with bangs, have them trimmed to just below the eyebrow length and pair them with medium length hair cut straight across to match. Straight, lovely and bright, wow!

#25: Angled Hair for Thin Locks

If your hair is very thin, you can give it the illusion of improved thickness by having it cut all at an angle. Choose short, chin-length strands for one side while allowing the other half to reach slightly past the shoulders. Bangs, too, can be angled to give additional dimension and style.

#26: Highlighted Mid-Length Hairstyle

For beautiful warm weather hair, thinner strands will often be pulled up and away from the face. When you’re sporting all those buns and ponytails, add some interest with cool blonde highlights throughout. When you have a shoulder length length haircut for thin hair, color always adds dimension and body.

#27: Braids and Buns

Infuse some popular hairstyles from your youth for a thin hair booster that will hold all day long. Braid hair back all over the head, ending with 2-5 braids. Side part your hair for extra volume and pull it all back in twists or buns secured with pins.

#28: Medium Length Hairstyles

If you are growing bored with your shoulder-length hair, try a hairstyle that is as unique as you are. As shown below, create a braid down the center of the hair line. This is a great style if your roots are growing out, too. Hide imperfections until that next salon visit and breathe new life into your medium length at the same time.

#29: Touseled Hair With A Twist

Bring body into thin, flat hair with a curling iron. Then, boost it up with a front twist pinned above the ear line. When curls start to straighten and fall throguhout the day, the twist will remain – providing all-day volume.

#30: Ombre Curls

Thanks to the chunky curls and ombre color fade, this mid-length length hairstyle is full of body and bounce. Use a side part and lift your locks at the roots on one side for that extra glamorous touch to go with these gorgeous polished curls.

#31: Gorgeous Messy Ombre Tresses

And one more style from Lily Donaldson that can be used as a source of inspiration for your quick casual looks. Lily is rocking her locks messy, but, certainly, this fantastic ombre version is the main attraction of her stunning look.

#32: Rose Gold Ombre Locks

Sienna Miller tries on an ombre style that is doomed to turn heads. Rose gold is one of hot trends of the current season. Sienna’s eye-catching locks are polished at the roots and styled messy towards the ends.

#33: Natural Messy Style With Balayage Highlights

Sienna Miller is no less charming, sporting a more natural hair color, especially when she is in this awesome Dolce&Gabbana black lace dress with floral applique. Besides, how can we not admire her light waves, messy finish and strategically placed balayage highlights?

#34: Chic Side Pony

Thin hair is not a problem for ponytail hairstyles if you arrange some lift around your face and add body to your locks with backcombing. Kate Bosworth with her oval face did so, and look how irresistible she is with her low side pony and a chic forehead-framing wave instead of bangs.

#35: Braided Bun

Kate Bosworth’s braided bun is sitting high, crowning her like a princess. She looks very pretty with all her hair sleeked up and back apart from occasional thin streaks, introducing a nonchalant feel into Kate’s formal updo.

#36: Ombre Ponytail

So simple and so chic: Kate Bosworth is adorable with her cute ombre ponytail. It’s neither too high, nor low. A mini bouffant makes the pony more stylish, while the edgy tips draw attention to the smooth fade of color.

#37: Sexy Layered Style With Darkened Roots

Cameron Diaz is rocking a heart-stopping layered look with jagged edges brought out especially vividly against the black leather of her sexy fitted dress. The side bangs are covered by side locks, because we want to see those bright blue eyes, don’t we?

#38: Classy Pony

Even a simple ponytail will look classy on you if you are Cameron Diaz…If you are not, you can still adopt the look:) When your hair is freshly washed, it gains more volume and appears that fluffy and a bit unruly. No problem: make a cute pony like this and complete your look with eye-catching accessories.

#39: Such A Cute Chaos!

Jennifer Aniston’s fresh photo unveils her fabulous messy look with highlighted locks below the shoulders. Great texture, shagginess and added volume appear non-trivial, spontaneous and irresistibly appealing.

#40: Fabulous Disconnected Angled Style

Jennifer Aniston is so overwhelming with this bold pattern of disconnected locks, enhanced by highlights and transition of brown blonde hues. Her hair is teased at the roots which adds volume and provides a flattering lift around the face. Medium length hairstyle for fine hair like this will make your day perfect!

#41: Streamlined Edgy Look

Check Eddie Campbell’s cool hairstyle for the Hugo Boss eyewear ad campaign. Her jet black locks are razor-layered and styled streamlined for an offhand stylish look most of us would love to achieve for every day wear.

#42: Messy Waves

With this nonchalant hairstyle we can picture Kate Winslet on board the Titanic as well as on the red carpet. The messy waves flatter her face and remain a versatile on-trend idea you can embrace too for your thin mid-length locks.

#43: Baby Blonde Wispy Waves

Preparing for the Cannes Film Festival, Amelie Valade opted to play on the contrast of a pointedly feminine ‘do and a wardrobe style, inspired by men’s wear – tuxedo, bowtie and oxford shoes. So chic!

#44: Side Updo With Enhanced Texture

Scarlett Johansson’s well-thought look from the Captain America premiere in Paris makes an emphasis not only on winning color combinations, but also the lines and textures. Her side updo is elegant, refined and very dashing.

#45: Sleek Low Pony – Formal Medium Hairstyle For Fine Hair

Having been popular through decades, simple sleeked back hairstyles remain in-thing these days. Scarlett Johansson rocks a sleek pony with a deep side parting and perfect red lips you simply can’t look away.

#46: Messy Side Updo

Christina Applegate adds volume with some lift at the roots, highlights, disconnected texture and intricate pattern of her side updo. We love and can’t help examining her hairstyle with pleasure and sincere interest.

#47: Asymmetric Braided Updo

Thin delicate braids can also be pretty charming if skillfully performed with a shift to one side to come up with a fantastic red hairstyle like Jessica Chastain’s. It complements the frills on her turquoise dress perfectly.

#48: The Softness You Want To Follow

This is probably the cutest medium haircut for thin hair we have ever seen. A deeply feminine look, like Kristen Bell’s, instantly disarms without a single word or move. Her charming softness overflows through the smooth gradation of hues and very loose silky waves.

#49: Blonde Edgy A-Line Hairstyle

An edgy bob is a pretty versatile hairstyle option which gives you much freedom of self-expression and a convenient length. Kristen Bell’s lob is centre-parted, darkened at the roots and styled into large disconnected waves.

#50: Sleek Updo With A Messy Pompadour

Kristen Bells knows her way not only about perfectly undone hairstyles, but formal updos with a modern twist as well. This sleek updo would look classic if not the fun messy bouffant that associates it with present day and current tendencies.

#51: Big-Barreled Waves With A Bouffant

Karolina Kurkova easily adopts an effortless sexy look with loose wet waves. Her locks are lifted at the roots and tucked behind the ears to convey her simple classy downdo just a light tint of fancy flair.

#52: Loose Polished Ombre Curls

Gwyneth Paltrow shines and sparkles with beauty like her red violet sequin dress. It’s not only thanks to the charm and softness of her loose polished curls… Her subtle brown blonde into light golden blonde ombre is truly enchanting.

#53: Straight Sleek Tresses With Choppy Ends

Gwyneth Paltrow is equally gorgeous with long straight and curly hairstyles. Her chardonnay blonde tresses are flat-ironed to reveal the silky texture and chopped ends. Note that the off-centered parting works perfect for hairstyles with no bangs.

#54: Layered Locks With Pinned Back Bangs

Taylor Momsen’s highlighted locks are just super cute as they are – layered and styled straight. Plus pay attention that pinned back bangs are not just a convenient but also a chic styling trick for pretty girly hairstyles like this.

#55: Messy Knot At The Nape

Catherine Heigl lifts up her gorgeous creamy blonde locks into a messy updo, featuring a small bouffant and a twisty knot at the back of her head. Luckily the times when every hair in your updo had to be in its place are over.

#56: Effortless Centre-Parted Layered Look

Personally I like Carey Mulligan more as a brunette. Her complexion is getting clearer and her features are more expressive with darker hair hues. With a good layered mid-length haircut she doesn’t even have to worry about styling. How lucky!

#57: Placid Waves

A Hollywood blonde Jenny Garth shares her deep thoughts in her book along with a cool wavy hairstyle that is elegant and classy but not overly pretentious. I find her soft beige blonde being the best coloristic idea for it.

#58: Edgy Platinum Blonde Lob With Dark Roots

Anja Rubik rocks a chic platinum lob with cropped layers styled edgy. Darkened roots are an absolutely necessary attribute of any blonde hairstyle for every fashionista who wants to be in trend these days.

#59: Messy Shag

Anja Rubik opts to look sexy with each and every of her hairstyle. Thus, she is inclined to messy ‘dos with a nonchalant “undone” feel. This layered cut incorporates loads of layers which are styled wet and sassy. We love and want to copy.

#60: Sleek Radiant Brunette Ombre Look

Natalie Portman sports an ideally straight locks which do not require additional volume but look incredibly full and rich thanks to the awesome ombre job, flattering for brunettes who want to enliven their tresses and complexion.

#61: Quick Curly A-Line Style

Leigh Lezark looks noble and refined as a brunette. Natural curls boost volume of fine hair. So for an effortless medium hairstyle all you need is to enhance your texture and style your hair asymmetrically like in this example.

#62: Breathtaking Side Sweep

Mollie King’s beautiful hair is layered and styled in cascading loose waves grazing her shoulder, while her awesome blonde ombre with subtle transition of pearly hues is amazing, to say the least.

#63: Undone Bouffant Updo

And another look from Mollie King presents a trendy undone updo that seems spontaneous and unsecure but so cute and flattering for Mollie’s sweet face.

#64: Light Layered Waves

Khloe Kardashian is rocking awesome caramelized light brown locks cropped in layers and styled with a texture enhancing product. An added body and a cool feel of movement are guaranteed and so desirable!

#65: Clear Blonde Streamline Look

Elle Fanning fine blonde tresses are flowing like liquid silk. Her clear chamomile blonde hue compliments her fair complexion and appears even more radiant thanks to the shaded roots.

#66: Wispy Platinum Blonde Locks

Elle Fanning’s careless wispy style lifts our mood and offers a cool hairstyle idea for long evening walks or a day off outdoors. Colorful bobby pins are a small accent that can complete your look and support one of the colors in your outfit.

#67: Sleek Low Knot

Commonly it’s recommended to avoid sleek hairstyles for fine hair. But you can try to style a low knot like Nicole Richie’s. The trick is not to make it too tight.

#68: Glam Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Kellie Pickler is rocking glamorous blonde medium curls with dark roots and edgy finish at the ends. Despite a considerable shrinkage and boosted body, her locks feature a fabulous bounce and silky texture.

#69: Golden Blonde Wavy Updo

Kellie Pickler has chosen the best color solutions for her hair and outfit to achieve this spectacular look that you can’t pass without casting a glance. Kelly’s wavy updo offers a nice lift at the roots and interesting texture to succeed as a formal hairstyle for any type of big event where you need to look stunning.

#70: Beautiful Ombre Look With Tousled Beach Waves

Michelle Pfeiffer looks really good with her tousled beach waves which appear absolutely natural and offhand. Her bright blonde ombre highlights on the medium brown base add her style a note of sophistication.

These were some of the super flattering options for fine hair. Draw inspiration and bring it to life in your fresh gorgeous looks.

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