15 Sweet and Cute Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Your wedding is the first step on the way to a happy family life. Any future bride wants to look gorgeous on such a special day. Our review of wedding hairstyles for medium length hair will help you to think through the details of your bridal look. A bride is the main heroine of the wedding, and she is always in the centre of everyone’s attention. Every guest would remember what kind of dress and hairstyle the bride had, whether they were flattering or not. Our mini hairstyle guide for future brides offers a selection of trendy medium length wedding hairstyles for straight and curly hair. Take a minute to view the following exquisite ideas!

Straight, Wavy And Curly Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

#1: Loose Updo With A Fancy Headband

Tender, delicate updos with a light messy touch flatter Boho brides. A fancy headband is an accessory that upgrades any simple hairstyle. Pay attention to the idea of unusual veil fixation. You can use it only if your veil is relatively small and lightweight.

#2: Free-Flowing Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Hair With A Braided Element

If you want a maximally natural hairstyle, opt for freely-flowing light waves, fresh flowers and simple one-layer bridal veil. A braid that goes across your crown and thick bangs would be the lovely adornments of your natural bridal look. Subtle ombre will add your appearance an extra fresh touch.

#3: An Orchid In Tight Blonde Curls

Girls with shoulder-length bobs can try medium-size bouncy curls, styled from mid-shaft to ends. A side parting and A-line silhouette of your hairstyle will enhance its elegant feel. A large orchid above one ear is a nice accent that attracts one’s glance and highlights the harmony of your look.

#4: Lacy Medium Length Wedding Updo Hairstyle With Fabulous Texture

Boho brides will appreciate the lace updo that amazes with its texture but remains simple in structure. A very loose bun, made from curls, is a cool idea for those who want to try a trendy curly updo as a wedding hairstyle. If you also have highlights, the dimensional effect from this curly bun will be simply mind-blowing!

#5: Sleek Exotic Updo For Black Hair

Brides with caramel and chocolate skin tones look equally gorgeous with curly and sleek straight hairstyles. If you prefer to have your black locks relaxed, don’t miss a chance to try the charming sleek updo you see in the photo. A low bun with sophisticated accessories such as feathers or exotic hair flowers will become a great success.

#6: Romantic Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Hair With Flowers

The voluminous waves, gracefully styled around your face, are a good match for a wedding dress of any silhouette. If you decide on the asymmetry and have your waves styled to one side, you’ll achieve a more sophisticated look than with a symmetric hairstyle. Complete you ‘do with a bridal veil or hair flowers like in this picture.

#7: Chic Whimsical Bun

An updo wedding hairstyle is a universal choice, because it can be combined with strapless dresses and those that cover your shoulders modestly. The bun with a whimsical texture is an unhackneyed solution. If you compliment it with a statement hair piece that rhymes with the pattern of your lace dress, you’ll achieve the absolute perfection in your look.

#8: Easy Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Hair That Looks Cool

A low messy knot that you have always considered a casual hairstyle, can adequately fit into your bridal look. Of course, it’s better to avoid excessive messiness and sloppiness of your knot, but giving it a maximally spontaneous and natural feel, you can achieve an unexpectedly cool result. The tender headband in this case makes the look.

#9: Greek Style Messy Updo

If your wedding outfit choice is a dress with soft draping, a Greek style updo is the best hairstyle match for it. Updos with elongated silhouettes are traditionally adorned with layered headbands that can be minimalistic or more sophisticated, like in the photo.

#10: Low Knot For The Angel-Cut Wedding Veil

Angel-cut wedding veils of a medium length hair usually sit low on your head. In this case a low bun is the best updo hairstyle that will let you put the right accents in your look. The bun should be simple, but you may adorn it with side twists and a cute hair clip.

#11: Sweet Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

Simple and modest wedding gowns, free of extra frills, can be completed with unsophisticated hairstyles and minimalistic accessories. But, on the other hand, you can afford some fancier hair pieces which have come from your girly dream of a princess-like bride.

#12: Trendy Curly Updo With Bangs And Hair Flowers

If you have an original hair piece, you can make it the main attractant of your bridal look. A simple strapless dress and a loose curly updo with messy locks, adorned by a sprig of apple blossom, can create perfect harmony and a precious feel of exclusiveness, you certainly want to experience, being a bride.

#13: Retro Style Wedding Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

Vintage and retro theme weddings are very popular nowadays. A retro bride is always extremely feminine and charming. The easiest way to achieve the right flair is to style an updo that features soft lines of smooth waves. This will compliment a modest wedding dress with sleeves.

#14: Elegant Wavy Updo With A Side Twist

Textured locks that appear uncombed can be styled into an awesome spontaneous-looking updo. It consists of a side twist and a low whimsical bun. A couple of thin streaks on each side and two dainty hair pieces enhance the tender feel of this lovely updo.

#15: Messy Pony With A Bouffant And Hair Flowers

The time when fashion dictates what to wear is over. Today it’s fashionable to express your individuality through the items and styles that flatter you personally. It can be a simple messy pony with a bouffant and a cluster of little white roses, a chunky braid or a curly updo.

Some experts advise doing test runs with your bridal hairstyle and makeup. You may try a few versions of each and choose those you feel most comfortable with. When you try on a few hairstyles you like the most, it’s easier to choose the best option. We wish you to find your perfect dress, hairstyle and accessories to shine with beauty and happiness on your special day!