60 Superb Black Wedding Hairstyles

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We can imagine your excitement and desire to look awesome on the big day. The choice of a wedding hairstyle is as important as the choice of your bridal gown. Besides, these two should be in harmony with each other and the style of your wedding. Every bride has her own likings, preferences, individual hair texture and length. Luckily there are so many stunning black wedding hairstyles, that there shouldn’t be any problem for brides to choose something that will duly reflect their beauty. We have rounded up 60 most amazing wedding hairstyles for long and any varied hair lengths from very simple to the most intricate and sophisticated ones.

What Options Do You Actually Have, Dear African American Brides?

So many, indeed. Think of what kind of bride you’d like to be: traditional and elegant, innocent and romantic, chic and glamorous, unconventional and bohemian, beach and sporty? You can bring any of these looks to life, and style your hair accordingly.

Think also whether you want an updo or downdo, half up and half down, maybe? Raising your hair up, you open your face and make it the focal point of your look. Beautiful jewel earrings are one of the best embellishments, paired with an elegant updo. If your hair lacks length or volume, consider usage of clip-in extensions. Nowadays you can really do with your hair whatever you like, as long as it’s healthy.

The Best Black Wedding Hairstyles For Any Taste

Do you want a short messy hairstyle with a veil or a trendy updo with curls and accessories for your special day? Anyway, look at these pictures and get your inspiration, we gathered the most interesting variants for you to make your wedding preparations easier!

#1: Braided Beauty

Women with natural hair may find it difficult to find an updo that feels formal and does not require hot tools. If you hair is too short to achieve this low bun on its own, you can easily braid in added hair to pull off the look. While simple in nature, this is a good starting point for add-ons like jeweled barrettes and other hair accessories.

#2: Frills and Thrills

There is nothing low key about this hairstyle—you are the bride and everyone will know it. If the white dress isn’t enough, elevate your double roll black wedding hairstyle with pearl pins and a frilly headband. It’s a memorable look for your fairytale nuptial day.

#3: Circles of Love

Sometimes it is hard to see designs and subtle accents on dark hair, that’s why it is important to make them stand out on your special day so that they don’t get lost. If you are wearing a polished black hair updo for your wedding, it is important to incorporate a bit of texture at the expense of exquisite details. This look artfully combines pin curls and braids for a unique style.

#4: Buttery Curls

Similar to the look above, this hairdo also uses pin curls as the basis for the wedding style. The result is the soft, almost wave-like hairdo that is incredibly romantic. Don’t style with too many hair accessories or a veil – you do not want to hide those cuties, right?

#5: Grecian Locks

This is a prime example of how fabulously locked hair can work in a wedding hairstyle for black women. If the locks are small enough, they can easily be manipulated into a variety of updos like this Grecian braid crown. Gold beaded accents will make it more elegant.

#6: Waterfall Curls with Bang

Curly hair already has a fair amount of texture, especially when it comes to tight curls. If you want to add something special on top of that, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t argue with what is on the bottom. A waterfall braid easily accents your curly style without taking too much away from it.

#7: Twisted and Regal

The only downside about fancy braided and twisted updos is that all the spice of the look can sometimes appear hidden when glancing at the wearer from the front. To combat the flat look, you need a style that is thick enough to be seen from all angles. From the front this looks like a beautiful braided crown and from the back it is an elaborate twisted pin-up.

#8: Bold and Braided

Not every updo hairstyle for black women has to be super sleek or elegant. If your personality is lively, why not to have some fun with your look on your big day. Serve up a bit of attitude with a sassy side bang and braided back.

#9: Vintage Pin-Up

Give your style a vintage twist with this classic pin-up girl look. It is romantic and effortlessly chic without the feel of trying too hard. Plus, it can easily be dressed up with a gilded barrette or fascinator.

#10: Bouquet of Curls

Take a cue from your floral arrangements and create a unique bun that has the texture and whimsy of a bouquet of roses. The curls mimic the petals and the headband is like a ribbon tying them all together. It’s a gorgeous option for a traditional bride.

#11: Flawless Finger Waves

Women with short hair may find it difficult to create an appealing African-American wedding hairstyle because they feel that their options are limited by length. For those who don’t want to wear extensions or braids, finger waves are glamorous and have a wonderful retro vibe.

#12: Floating in Flowers

Loose curls are fun, but they can be hard to wear with a hair accessory if you want it to be noticed. By only pinning the bottom of your curled look, you create a shape and place to pin a jeweled flower. The best part is that the front still maintains volume and individual curls so that it doesn’t look flat.

#13: Vision in White

A half-up half-down hairdo is always showy on women with long hair, but it may be a bit too reserved for a more outspoken bride. This is where accessories come into play: a jeweled headpiece helps you look like a bohemian princess, and the finished style comes out to be anything but ordinary.

#14: Draped in Diamonds

This black wedding hairstyle is far from being boring or hackneyed. With sparkles at every head turn, a big bold bun and a long curl, it is a surefire way to make a dramatic entrance.

#15: Cinnamon Twisted Updo with Side Bang

A great option for women with medium length hair, this low curled style shows how you can achieve a full updo. While the side bang with bun is absolutely gorgeous in texture and silhouette, what makes this look truly stand out is the warm cinnamon hair color. The mix of brown and red hues can warm golden brown complexions and make them radiate.

#16: On a Roll

We are familiar with pin curls and the flat texture they can create, but you can also use curls to create a more of a 3D roll that won’t stick as closely to the head. This is especially beneficial for women with round faces who want to add more length to their bridal look.

#17: Pretty Princess Roll

Your wedding day should feel like a fairytale, so why not to choose a princess-inspired black updo hairstyle for your ceremony and celebration? The roll on its own is very polished and minimal, so if you want to elevate it, try incorporating a few bedazzled combs.

#18: Marvelous Multiple Flowers

Flower crowns are not just for music festivals and Instagram photos. You can also use bright buds to give your braided bun a fanciful touch. If you are going for a non-traditional outfit, try wearing an equally bright dress for a cohesive look.

#19: Box Braid Bun

While many women use box braids as a protective style in the summer, they can also be worn as a fun look all year long. The thick style allows you to make a full bun that can be easily accented with a jeweled band and veil. With no hair in your face, a high bun will let your beautiful makeup truly shine.

#20: Sassy Side Bun

A side bun is definitely one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for black women because it is polished, but also can last throughout a night of partying and fun without coming undone. Pair with a red lip color and plenty of bling to make it more formal.

#21: Wedding Hairstyle With Rows Of Twists

Black hair in twists and braids is a miracle! The hairstyle looks compact, but the twists appear chunky and generous. The star-like parting is the wow factor of this hairstyle. African American ladies can afford eye-catching accessories to complete such a bright updo without a fear to look too gaudy.

#22: Black Wispy Updo With A Cluster Of Flowers

Brides with relaxed black locks can pick up the trend towards messy updos. The wispy texture of this hairstyle makes it breathe with lightness. A cluster of snow white flowers instantly increases the degree of its festivity. Let them be different in size and slightly different in design. Choose floral earrings to complete the look.

#23: A Showy Wedding Hairstyle For Short Natural Hair

If hair extensions are not an option for you, you can nevertheless look fantastic with your natural hair on your wedding day. It’s amazing, this girl simply had her natural kinky hair raised and embellished with a delicate perfectly matching hair accessory, and you see the result: it’s breathtaking!

#24: Big Curly Hair For Wedding

Solange Knowles has shown the entire world that a good taste doesn’t yell, but whispers. A minimalistic jumpsuit instead of a wedding gown, snow white bikes instead of a limo and a short natural afro instead of sophisticated hairstyles with a bridal veil – wow! Such refined simplicity is in trend in 2016. Note that voluminous hairstyles do not harmonize with fluffy wedding dresses.

#25: Asymmetric Natural Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair

If you have short-to-medium hair and plan to wear a strapless dress, a good hairstyle idea is to make an asymmetric ‘do, like in this picture. It’s going to accentuate the oval of your face, delicate neck, and beautiful shoulder line.

#26: Natural Updo With U-Shaped Rolls

Wedding hairstyles for black hair can also be rather sophisticated. Usually, these are all sorts of braided updos. This image features side cornrows and U-shaped elegant rolls. You may fix your bridal veil to the rolls or confine yourself only to a compact jeweled hair piece.

#27: Naturally Curly Wedding Hairstyles Of The Bun Type

African American women literally bloom in bright looks with exotic adornments. Peacock feathers, gems and radiant orchids are created for you, curly ladies. You are able to mix them, like no one else. And a neat simple bun updo is a perfect base for such vibrant bridal looks.

#28: Gorgeous Natural Hair Updo With Twists

Contrasts are another popular “theme” of black wedding hairstyles. Such breathtaking updos as this one make an impact thanks to the contrast of micro braids on the sides and statement twists piled on top. The chunkier twists or braids are achieved with extensions.

#29: Awesome Natural Updo With Hair Flowers

The updo in this photo is perfect in shape and reminds cotton candy in texture. What a cool base for a big hair piece! Black and white, simplicity of shapes and elegant minimalist wedding dress create this truly fabulous wedding look.

#30: Dreads In Natural Hairstyles For Weddings

While thicker dreads are viewed rather as casual hair, skinny dreads look awesome in sophisticated wedding updos. You can curl them, twist, roll or drape as you wish, always getting a fantastic texture and refined feel of your hairstyle. A piece of a birdcage veil is a lovely adornment to compliment updos with dreadlocks.

#31: Low Updo With Flowers And Lovely Ringlets

Speaking of the latest trends in wedding hairstyles for black women, romantic curly updos are among favorites. To look beautiful, your hairstyle doesn’t have to be too complicated. The tender ringlets at the nape, adorned with creamy white flowers are not very hard to re-create, but they are extremely beautiful and feminine. The contrast of sleek hair and large round curls give a miraculous effect!

#32: Thin Dreads Wedding Updo For Natural Hair

Thin dreadlocks can look very elegant and romantic. The best way to present them in a wedding hairstyle for medium hair is an updo. A type of French knot that runs horizontally will look very nice. Do not tuck all the ends of your dreads into the knot. Let some of them get crazy and, you’ll obtain a fancier result.

#33: Stunning Updo For Afro Textured Short Locks

Natural hair that forms lovely cylindrical curls is beautiful in any length. If your hair is short to medium, you can try this simple updo with the mass of the curls lifted up and pushed onto the forehead. That’s a nice background for cool accents. A piece of a birdcage veil and bright earrings are not difficult to find. Add a bold lip color, contrasting to the color of earrings or any other accessory in your look, and you will achieve a stunning result.

#34: Tender Minimalistic Look For Medium Hair

The image of a bride is associated in our minds with delicacy and innocence. You do not have to buy a ball gown wedding dress and make an intricate updo to look impressive. A simple minimalistic dress and a classy French knot may have a greater impact. The spaghetti straps and the string hair piece make a perfect combo!

#35: Creative Black Bridal Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

And here is a look with a totally different message. If you want a bright, creative image, bet on contrasts and be sure to win. The black kinky coils and the tender white birdcage veil is the main contrast. Want to enhance it? Play with bold colors: rich fuchsia lips and green earrings look awesome together!

#36: Simple And Elegant Wedding Hairstyle For Natural Hair

Another cool idea for short natural hair that falls down and has a distinct wavy pattern is a side pin. An elegant barrel with pearls or a hair flower would be an appropriate asymmetric accent. And a nice tapered cut for your coils is the primary thing to start from.

#37: Short Natural Wedding Hairstyle For Black Women

This short natural hair looks innocent and baby-like. Shop around for a hair piece that would be same tender and delicate. A headband with fresh orchids can be created by a florist or yourself. Add single-stone earrings, and the easy yet ravishing bridal look is ready!

#38: One-Layer Bridal Veil With Extra Short Natural Hair

Ultra short hair looks good with delicate headbands and weightless one-layer bridal veils. In order not to look too simple, add some zest at the expense of accessories. Tiny pearls and strasses on the veil together with earrings and an elegant necklace with pearls of different sizes will do fine.

#39: Stylish Short Asymmetric Hairstyle For Brides

Asymmetric hairstyles look cool with dresses that feature an asymmetric cut, but that’s not a must. The look at this picture owes its showiness, first of all, to the professionally performed haircut with a temple undercut. It’s recommended not to plan a haircut with a cardinal length or style change shortly before the wedding day. But if it’s a tested variety or you trust your stylist, you may give it a try. You may recommend this hairstyle to mother of the groom and mother of the bride also. It works for all ages!

#40: Soft Smooth Waves For Relaxed Black Hair

Wavy wedding hairstyles are same popular in 2016 as ever before. These look most feminine, and we regularly observe them in celebrity looks. To achieve the effect of hair, flowing like silk, is the top of hairdressing skills.

#41: Effortless Natural Black Hairstyle For Wedding

There are future brides who would like to create a maximally effortless and natural look for the wedding day. Taking advantage of the texture and volume of your natural hair, you may lift it into a simple updo and give your preference to nude makeup.

#42: Wedding Half Up Half Down Hairstyle For Curly Black Hair

A half up half down hairstyle is a nice way to open your face, leaving beautiful freely hanging locks at the nape. With curly texture, it’s easy to achieve fancy twists with indistinct texture that can be styled into a whimsical knot at the back of your head.

#43: Trendy Curly Updo With Bangs

Loose curly updos are in trend, and thick black hair is a great base for these romantic wedding hairstyles. The lovely hairstyle in the photo gives a feel of extremely voluminous and a bit messy curls which fall out of the do, but the look remains neat and exquisite. The long bangs are covering the model’s forehead partially only to enhance the innocent flair of the hairstyle.

#44: Side Curly Hairstyle With A Hair Flower And Long Bangs

African American women are bright enough to look gorgeous with simple, sweet hairstyles. Beach curls from mid-shaft to ends, swept to one shoulder, are not a new idea, but they flatter all brides and suit different wedding styles and themes.

#45: Black Women Wedding Hairstyles With Long Springy Curls

The classic look with bouncy curls will always have its fans. There are so many pictures with curly brides, crowned with tiaras or elegant headbands, there in Internet. These commonly gather the most likes. Well, it’s really cute. Choose the curl pattern you like the most and select a worthy hair piece to go with this beauty.

#46: Nefertiti Wedding Hairstyle

We do not know what Egyptian Queen Nefertiti was wearing under her characteristic cap crown, but understanding her perfect style, we believe it was something similar to this stunning updo. Pay attention that the model’s brunette hair has natural texture at the roots.

#47: A Black Panther

This is a stunning look of a sexy woman-panther. Sleek outlines serve a base for a gorgeous crown bun with supple waves. With a wedding gown this hairstyle will look extremely elegant.

#48: A Bride’s Wavy Braid

This braid is “very bridal”. It’s distinguished, very unusual, featuring softness and style, so suitable for the innocent look of a bride.

#49: African-American Wedding Hairstyles With A Low Bun

Normally a bridal hairstyle shouldn’t be overladen with intricate details. Simple classic updos, such as low buns, work perfectly for weddings. However, you don’t have to leave your bun so that it looks completely commonplace. Hair accessories and highlights will add the required zest.

#50: Striking Braids For A Ravishing Bride

A high braided bun that tends to “slide down” your forehead is very showy and suitable if you want to fix your bridal veil to the crown of your head. This way your awesome romantic hairstyle and beautiful veil won’t have a chance to obscure the beauty of one another.

#51: You Are Perfection

This twisted updo is so accurate, genuine and flawless that it’s hard to come up with a more perfect wedding hairstyle. Although it seems intricate, it’s not extremely difficult to do: there are 2 sections with the upper bun that is joined with the lower skilful twists.

#52: An Amazing Natural Braided Wedding Hairstyle

In case your natural hair is short, you can still arrange to make an awesome wedding updo. A braided hairstyle like this is an excellent idea: extend your hair and accentuate your stunning hairstyle with a tiara. With braids your hair will look more formal and elegant.

#53: Natural Super Short Wedding Hairstyle

Some brides-to-be think that short wedding hair is a challenge. Well, you may be surprised at how pretty and innocent you are going to look with TWA. It’s better not to hide short natural coils under a long bridal veil, while a tender hair piece will be right to the point. You may use fresh exotic flowers that last longer.

#54: A Bridal Fishtail

A loose voluminous fishtail is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your beautiful hair at its full length and beauty. This is a gorgeous trendy wedding hairstyle with hair swept to one side. You will look like a real celebrity on the red carpet with this hairdo!

#55: Simplicity Can Be Brilliant

Concise forms and accurate lines are flawlessly classic. This is an image of a bridal hairstyle that will never be out of fashion. The hair flowers compliment this look miraculously. Note that you can also use natural fresh flowers.

#56: Refined Bridal Veiling

A bride traditionally covers her face fully or partially. Modern brides often use short veils because they are more stylish. If your hair is short, and you don’t plan an updo, long bangs can also work as a veil.

#57: A Traditional Wedding Bun

A bun updo remains the most favorite hairstyle for many braids worldwide. If your hair is natural and you do not want to experiment, opt for a traditional bun, adorned with an eye-catching hair accessory. Works great for thin hair also.

#58: A Braided Mohawk Updo For A Bride

This mind-blowing updo is worthy to wear on your wedding day if you love braided hairstyles. It can be a perfect background for a simple wedding gown and large attention-grabbing earrings.

#59: A Sweet Whirlpool

Short hair can also be styled into an elegant updo. A cute whirlpool like this with a braided focal point is alluring and stylish.

#60: Natural & Genuine

There is some exceptional charm in this natural bridal hairstyle. A bride will always look particularly beautiful, whether she uses services of the best stylists or does her hairstyle herself. Here is a bright example.

Well, dear brides-to-be, we hope you have found here an idea for your wedding hairstyle. Remember to do a trial of your hairstyle before the big day to ensure that your choice is perfect. We wish you to be dazzling on your wedding day and always especially gorgeous for your future husband.

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