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Updated on May 05, 2021

Naturals are no stranger to the flexibility and versatility their textures allow for. Whether you are fully natural, transitioning, or recently did a big chop, twists are a popular protective style that can create uniformity throughout your hair.

Kinky twists can be worn in many different ways. More than that, once unraveled, it can create a beautiful bouncy halo of curls with their own personality. Here is the know-how and inspiration you need to get started.

How to Do a Twist Out on Natural Hair

Twist out is a hairstyle you get once you unravel your twists, so it only depends on whether you aim at one of twist hairstyles or a perfect twist out in the first place. Even though getting the best of two worlds is a great idea too.

Here is how to do a twist out step by step:

Step 1: Begin on freshly washed and conditioned hair. You can begin twists on both damp or dry hair. Starting with damp hair will give you high definition but less elongation. By twisting dry hair, you get the opposite: less definition and more elongation.

Step 2: All hair must be properly detangled before starting any twist set. To prevent or deal with knots:

  • Have regular trims to remove split ends. Mind that split ends can show up differently depending on your texture. A single strand knot is common in curly and coily hair types, which is the beginning of a split end.
  • Keep hair moisturized by exposing it to water regularly, cleanse and condition often as water is the highest form of hydration.
  • Use proper curly girl approved products: sulfate-free shampoos, heat protectants, and products that don’t contain drying alcohols (yes, not all alcohols are bad).

Step 3: Apply the products of your choice and re-wet if necessary. Section your hair and start twisting. To create a single strand twist aka finger coils, use corner of the comb to hook the hair from the roots and twist it around your finger down the length of hair until finished.

Black Bob with Finger Coils

Instagram / @tiannabattles

For two-strand twists, take a section of hair and split it into two pieces. Holding both pieces securely from the top, begin wrapping each piece one over the other, forming a rope. Continue to twist as you work your way down the length of the hair and finish by finger coiling the ends or adding a perm rod to prevent ends from unraveling.

Step 4: Allow to fully dry before unraveling! This is very important because even the tiniest bit of dampness will cause frizz. Add a few drops of oil for additional shine if necessary.

Step 5: Unravel coils by twisting them it in the opposite direction and retwist using smaller sections, depending on the ultimate volume you want to get.

You may also keep the look organic by skipping clean sectioning and using hair pick to fluff hair at the roots as pictured below:

Afro Wash and Go with Twisted Ends

Instagram / @damnthatschev

Products for Twist Out

While many of us may focus mostly on getting the technique down, the products you choose to make are just as important for keeping the longevity of your style. The right products can reduce drying time, enhance shine and still keep a soft flexible hold we aim at.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your favorite products is to maintain your hair’s moisture level – i.e., stay away from using any products that will dry out your hair. Using any of these 5 products will help you achieve the perfect twist-out set:

  1. Twist and define creams – help keep twists nicely defined as they dry while maintaining moisture balance. Tgin Twist & Define Cream For Natural Hair might be the best to try.
  2. Styling/ wrapping foams – allow hair to set without the flakes, are flexible to withstand the ‘take down’ without breaking down the hold (unlike traditional hair a gel), and also dries the quickest if you’re not very patient. The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam is a good choice here.
  3. Botanical gels – less harsh than traditional gels while still offering that great hold you crave without the dryness or flakes. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic is my favorite.
  4. Custom hair oil – Adds shine and nourishment pre or post styling. I stick with the one from Prose.
  5. Leave-in conditioner – softens hair, and is typically pH balanced to reduce tangling. My favorite product here is Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother.

Fabulous Twist Out Looks and How to Create Them

Inspired to give it a try? Browse to the best ideas and styling tips and go on to experiment with various ways to twist out your natural hair.

1. Twist Out with Natural Volume and Frizz

For those less concerned with the definition and looking for a more natural voluminous style, recreate this look by using a hair pick to lift roots and continue to separate twists for the desired amount of frizz.

Unraveled Twists on Natural Hair for Maximum Volume

Instagram / @dr.karinab

2. Two-Strand Twist Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Just because your rope twists are drying doesn’t mean you can’t style them while you wait. For this look, take a small section from the hairline and twist and pin to form a jumbo twisted side bang. You can choose to wear this style for a few days or undo twists once hair has completely dried.

Two Strand Twists on Natural Hair

Instagram / @ravishing_tresses

3. Flat Jumbo Twist Pigtails with Embellishments

Flat twists are a great protective style and quicker to do than singular strand twists. Nonetheless, untwisting flat twists will give you both curls definition and stretch. To create this look, split hair down the center and form a single flat twist on either side of the head. Tie off the ends with small elastics and add gold rings for embellishment for a beautiful look days before untwisting.

Easy Protective Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Instagram / @honoryourfaith

4. Two-Strand Chunky Twists on Long Hair

If you’re blessed with long tresses, this look can be worn with just a few chunky flat twists that are packed with shine. And the great thing about wearing these twists? Once these chunky twists are undone, your hair will result in a voluminous twist out style to rock for the next 3-5 (or more) days!

Shiny Two Strand Twists on Long Kinky Hair

Instagram / @brandirell

5. Twist-Out Bob with Gold Cuffs

For a beautiful, hi-definition twist out on bob length hair, be sure to gently undo twists without separating the ends too much to create frizz. Part hair on the side and separate into two, then tie rubber bands to create single strand flat twists and finish with gold cuffs.

Undone Twists for Soft Volumious Afro

Instagram / @brandy_love

6. Flat Twists Half-up Style

This is the perfect style for making a bold statement with your look. Begin by parting hair on both sides to create two chunky flat twists and secure with an elastic or bobby pin. Using a hair pick, lift roots on the front center section to create height and pin to secure. Finish by lifting the roots with a hair pick in the back until you achieve the desired volume.

Natural Hairstyle with Flat Twists and a Mohawk

Instagram / @abbiecurls

7. Twist Out on Short Natural Hair

Twist outs and pop of color are splendid ways to enhance TWA haircut. The steps of creating twist outs on short hair are basically the same. Still, the results are best when you start with damp hair. Apply a good amount of styling mousse or twisting cream to each section and allow to fully dry before unraveling.

Twist Out on Short Natural Hair

Instagram / @krewkutz

8. Twist Out on Color-Treated Hair

This twist out gives a warm summery feel with the perfect color and natural highlights. To achieve this look, part hair on the side and fluff roots with a comb or hair pick to achieve natural volume and lift.

Medium Brown Twist Out Lob

Instagram / @ravishing_tresses

9. Flat Twist into Pigtails

This fun look is a great way to sport volume while keeping hair out of your face. Begin by parting hair down the center and create two flat twists on either side of the head. Secure with a hair elastic or scrunchie to create pigtails and fluff.

Burgundy Natural Hair with Fluffy Pigtails

Instagram / @shanicecox

10. Soft Natural Twist Out with Volume

This perfect twist out is a great balance of volume and definition on medium length hair. To achieve this look, carefully undo twists and add a few drops of custom hair oil for natural shine.

Twist Out Hairstyle for Coily Hair

Instagram / @theessenceof_

No matter where you are in your natural hair journey, perfecting a twist out style is a great way to switch up your look without any damage. For more tips on natural hair and good living, follow me on Instagram @honoryourfaith.

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