40 Shades of Burgundy Hair: Dark Burgundy, Maroon, Burgundy with Red, Purple and Brown Highlights

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Burgundy (dark red, red wine color) is actively used for hair dyeing in brunettes. Blondes and women with medium brown hair sometimes also resort to this noble hue in order to appear brighter, well, much brighter. Even redheads may try some shades, reminding burgundy, but leaning towards the warmer tints with admixture of cinnamon. Classic, vivid or old burgundy, maroon or oxblood… so, which one to choose? Here are 40 illustrative examples of how you can use the dark red color, when dyeing your hair or refreshing it with coloristic methods.

Fabulous Opportunities of Burgundy Hair Color

It livens your tresses, adds them a mysterious undertone or, on the contrary, the boldest shade you could ever imagine on yourself. Burgundy adjusts to your basic hair color and lets you achieve your goals. Do you want to be in the centre of everyone’s attention? Create a smart retro look? Add a pop of color for the fall period that will look in tune with nature changes? Introduce some spice tint and shimmer for your brunette locks? No problem, look through the pictures below and choose.

Initially burgundy hue was considered a perfect shade for real brunettes. These days even some blondes dare to go that bright and eye-popping. If a step towards bold vinous color shades seems too challenging for now, but you are tempted to try something revolutionary, consider ombre in red and purple tones with demi-permanent dyes. They wash out after 24 shampoos, so you won’t get bored with your flashy ends. This idea looks pretty cool on medium brown hair, for instance. Vinous highlights, as another compromise solution, are ideal for black, dark-brown and medium brown hair. Well, let’s see some pictures.

#1: Dark Red Velvet

Those red velvet cupcakes you love to devour can now be channeled in your hair, and the results are just as delectable. Pick a rich shade of burgundy red that blends out nicely in a pretty balayage effect. Can you say, “yummy?”

#2: Layered Maroon Mane

While pastel, cotton-candy hair is all the rage right now, don’t underestimate the power of classy dark burgundy hair. When layered and styled to perfection, it is just as bold and just as eye-catching. So drop your pink hair dye and swap it for a crimson hue.

#3: Bright Burgundy Locks

Displaying that burgundy purple hair you invested in is easier than you think. Give yourself a sleek, silky blowout and let the hair dye really shine. Just use a round or paddle brush and run it through a section of damp hair while following it with a blowdryer.

#4: Deep and Dark Purple Hair

Dark red violet locks are about as close to natural-looking hair as you’re going to get, without actually going natural. Try a shade that sports a subtle purple tinge that isn’t incredibly noticeable … until you stand in the sun. Then, watch the sparks fly.

#5: Crimson Curls with a Hint of Dark Purple

Dark red hair can take on several shades and dimensions, so let your imagination go wild. Take your red hue to violet territory by trying a shade with a hint of purple in it. This will lend a cooler tone to the otherwise warm and fiery color.

#6: Dark Red Ringlets

Mix your deep burgundy locks with your natural, dark roots for a dazzling hairstyle that’s ideal for medium to olive skin tones. Try loosely curling the hair by wrapping it around a one-inch curling iron and leaving the ends free from heat. You’ll get beautiful bohemian waves that scream “cool girl.”

#7: Deep Violet Highlights

Give your purple red hair a dreamy, ethereal edge by wearing it with jewel-toned highlights. The glistening strands of color will look positively enchanting and give “unicorn hair” a whole new meaning.

#8: Dark Purple Waves

Burgundy hair color looks best in ringlets. You heard it here first. If you have especially long locks, try curling the very ends of the hair so your hair looks like some deep burgundy crashing waves. The results are fabulous.

#9: Dark Red Balayage

Give that thick, black hair a nice little upgrade by throwing some burgundy highlights into the mix. Weaving the hue into the bottom of the hair delivers color that’s unexpected and unique. No one will ever dare to call you boring.

#10: Burgundy Beach Waves

The mermaid look just got real. Maroon hair color, when rocked with a metallic finish, is downright fabulous and perfect for those with fairer complexions. The cinnamon-y red will contrast nicely with your ivory skin and make you look like you’re ready for life under the sea.

#11: Ravishing Red Barrel Curls

When it comes to reddish brown hair, sometimes you have to go big. A great way to do so is by giving yourself some beautiful, buoyant barrel curls. Use a 1 ½-inch curling iron to curl sections of the hair outward, away from the face.

#12: Dark Violet Cascades

Get playful with your hair color with maroon locks that pack a punch. The color is not quite red and not quite purple, but totally mesmerizing. Go ahead and try it and see if you aren’t drowning in compliments immediately.

#13: Weaved-In Red

Rock red and brown hair the right way by letting the two shades overlap into ribbons of color that rush down. When blended well, the two shades create a mosaic-like effect that’s simply lovely.

#14: Dark Purple Loose Locks

Purple hair often brings up images of fluorescent violet locks. Go another direction and try deep, dark purple hair instead. This look is great: the rich shade is versatile enough to take you from summer to fall seamlessly.

#15: Reddish-Brown Ombre

If you want a look that’s slightly more intense than subtle red highlights, try going for a mahogany ombre effect. When the color transition is perfectly melted, your style will look much more sophisticated and on-point.

#16: Reddish-Brown Highlights

If going full-on red freaks you out, ease yourself into it by trying some red brown highlights that start on top and blend nicely with the rest of the hair. This way you’ll still get that splash of color without overpowering your hair.

#17: Purple Tipped Tresses

You don’t have to dye your entire head to enjoy the perks of burgundy hair. Take baby steps to burgundy by dying the ends and front pieces in slightly washed out reddish purple shades. The flash of color is still dynamic and totally bold.

#18: Sleek Dark Purple Locks

Long, slick amethyst-colored hair is the stuff of dreams. Make it a reality by dyeing those long locks a crimson purple hue and letting them just hang down naturally. No muss, no fuss.

#19: Bottoms-Up Burgundy

If you’re looking for a style that’s low maintenance (or no maintenance) go for burgundy brown balayage. You’ll have vibrant, blended hair color that makes a statement, but you can grow it out and chop off at any point.

#20: Braided Burgundy Hairstyle

Burgundy color is beautiful in any texture. Try envisioning your hair styled in a beautiful ‘do that shows off the shade perfectly. A thick, pancake braid cascading down the side is ideal for highlighting the color and making it really pop. If this doesn’t make you go red, nothing will.

#21: Classic Hue with Subtle Auburn Highlights

Burgundy hair looks very stylish with black clothes and accessories. Opt for solid classic dark brown tone with very subtle or even blonde highlights for your most voguish looks.

#22: Mulled Wine

Burgundy blends with red maroon as well, same like port and claret with spices on a frosty winter day. This interesting coloristic idea is performed with the balayage technique, when the color is placed strategically on larger sections.

#23: Sexy Warm Burgundy Hair Color for Wavy Hair

If you want to accentuate your femininity and passionate nature, try the chestnut burgundy like in the photo. It looks fabulous on the long curled locks! Don’t forget to use professional products for dyed hair to maintain the color and shine of your tresses.

burgundy chestnut hair color

Eduard Derule / Shutterstock.com

#24: Serene

Some girls shy away from the burgundy hue when picking hair dyes, simply because they think of something gaudy. But red wine can be very “calm”, elegant and decent like this gorgeous shade with random cherry wood highlights.

#25: Burgundy as a Dream Color

If you want to dye your locks into deep burgundy, try this particular soft and rich shade. We simply can`t imagine anything more beautiful meaning burgundy hair color. Ariana Grande’s locks literally mesmerize, don`t they!

#26: Rich Burgundy for Long Layered Locks

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s luxurious mane radiates beauty with a note of sparkling femininity thanks to this fabulous hair color choice. The rich juicy burgundy hue flows through her gorgeous locks filling them with silky smoothness and irresistible charm.

#27: Lavender Icing

The burgundy that leans towards the blue palette is charming, unquestionably. If you happen to have blue eyes or simply have a passion for blue shades, you may adopt this idea for your new hair color.

#28: Cabernet with Purple Haze

The purple haze highlights do not only match the ruby perfectly, they set off its splendor and depth. So, if you are thinking of added seasoning for your new dark red hue, consider this brilliant color solution.

#29: Maroon Hair Color and Showy Bronding

This hair color solution is barely visible at first sight, but it creates an illusion of the sun-faded natural hair color. And this is the leading hair color trend currently. The hues that are 1-2 tones lighter than the base color are chosen to achieve a smooth and scarcely noticeable transition.

Ashley Green maroon hair color

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#30: Cinnamon-Spiced

This shade leans towards orange tints, therefore, appearing warmer and rather on the auburn side than real burgundy. Well, the beauties with warmer tones of skin also fancy trying some red wine, don’t they?

#31: Burgundy Hair Color and Californian Highlights

Vanessa often resorts to experiments with her looks in order to emphasize her creativity. This time we can appraise her trendy Californian highlights in quite unusual hues. The color gradient from the dark brunette to the gorgeous Boudreaux impresses! The rich raspberry and cherry-red streaks complete the awesome color combo.

burgundy hair color with raspberry highlights

Helga Esteb /Shutterstock.com

#32: More into Reds

Ariel Winter’s reddish brown hair is a fantastic background for her velvety brown eyes and porcelain skin. It’s a bit “warmer” than the classic burgundy we are used to, but as long as it’s your ideal match, you can go for whatever color you like, regardless of its name.

#33: Hypnotizing, Fiery Burgundy Hair Color

“Snooki” doesn’t stop surprising her fans with extravagant looks. Now her hair color choice is the hue of Christmas mulled wine. The color has a mind-blowing effect in combination with tanned skin. So, if you are passionate by nature and blessed by bright appearance, you can follow “Snooki’s” example.

bright burgundy hair color

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#34: Burgundy Hair Color for Short Haircuts – Ripe Raspberry Hue

Sharon Osbourne, the wife of famous rock singer Ozzy Osbourne, has made her choice in favor of the bright and extravagant shade of red hair color and short textured haircut. Thanks to such a thoughtful approach, the 62-yer old Sharon looks very elegant and much younger than her age. It seems, bold hair color solutions have become a good family tradition of the Osbornes. Recently Sharone’s daughter, Kelly has had her locks dyed in the shade of blueberry ice-cream.

Sharon Osbourne burrgundy hair color for older women

Helga Esteb /Shutterstock.com

#35: Extraordinary Burgundy Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

This coloristic solution is going to bring out your individuality and make you stand out from the crowd. The desired result is achieved when the bleached strands are toned into the hue of young wine. The colors of the base and highlights should be chosen carefully. The darker the base is, the better bright burgundy streaks will look on your locks.

Burgundy hair color with black roots

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#36: Luxurious Maroon Highlights for Long Brown Hair

In case you are blessed with long thick brown locks, you can compliment your long layered haircut with highlights. The right choice of the hue for highlights will add soft romantic notes to your appearance. Moreover, vertical highlights visually elongate your face and make you appear slimmer.

brown hair with maroon highlights

Helga Esteb /Shutterstock.com

#37: Rich Burgundy with Black Roots

A fresh hair color idea from Vanessa Hudgens is this adorable black-to-burgundy ombre that looks breathtaking not only in free-flowing hairstyles, but in sensuous updos as well. Pay attention to how delicately the colors blend together, not resolving in each other, but creating a great combination of the two noble hues. Black and burgundy is a new color code of the current season, by the way.

#38: Noble Burgundy

Burgundy hair color doesn’t always suggest an eye-popping hue that flatters only young girls with highly contrasting looks. Tinting your medium brown locks with burgundy may ennoble your natural brown hair color, giving it a chic modern or retro twist, depending on your looks and the chosen hairstyle. Check Bellamy Young’s color. That’s what we mean.

#39: Burgundy Red Hair with Purple Tint

This coloristic masterpiece with the burgundy as the basic tone uses the cleanest shades of orange and brown, setting off the radiance of the cool purple-tinted streaks.

#40: Luxurious Dark Burgundy Hair Color of Megan Fox

The beauty Megan Fox has been in the top of the sexiest women of the planet for a couple of years in a row. After her recent experiments with chestnut ombre, Megan returned to her usual dark hair tone. However, this time it’s gaining a burgundy tint that makes Megan’s appearance even more mysterious and seductive.

Megan Fox Burgundy hair color

Helga Esteb /Shutterstock.com

Well, we hope you have found your favorite red wine tint with a cooler or warmer base that tastes and feels the best. Burgundy is flattering for practically all skin tones. You only need to carefully select your perfect shade.

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