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Updated on July 22, 2021

Bright, vivid hair color is unusual and eye-pleasing. One of the best ways to try the trend is by experimenting with the uber-trendy cotton candy hair phenomenon. The look may include every candy-inspired hue you can think of and the results are totally yummy. See for yourself.

Cotton Candy Hairstyles and Hair Color Ideas

Candy-inspired hair is like your dream hair from a fairytale, a dream that has come true. It’s best suited for the “naïve” type of looks, think Gemma Ward, Scarlett Johansson, Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Tautou. Optimistic and vivid yet soft colors are like an extra piece of sweet you can enjoy with no risk of weight gain!

1. Sensory Perception

Try a look that’s a treat for the eyes. Go with multi-hued hair that’s colored using the trendy tortoiseshell technique for an effect that’s perfectly prismatic.

2. Unicorn Mane

Nothing screams cotton candy hair like pretty pastel pinks and purples. Try a soft balayage that starts off as a deep, berry tone and ends as a soft rosy lilac shade. The results are good enough to eat.

3. Rainbow Bright and Braided

Show off your colored hair in a chic and beautiful way by trying an intricate braided crown. The plaits weave every color into the ‘do and make it look like a masterpiece.

4. Multi-Colored Magic

Give yourself a holographic makeover by trying the rainbow-colored bob that weaves in neon green, yellow, pink and purple. Add blunt bangs and you’ve got a look that’s tres chic.

5. Candy-Coated Curls

Cotton candy hair color is best worn in boho braids. Go for an ultra-feminine hairstyle by weaving a French braided half-updo that displays every single fluorescent shade perfectly.

6. Teal and Pink Pincurls

Want to step up those wild ringlets and make them stand out even more by dyeing them teal and pink? Now, bright blue and pink hair colors are not super easy to achieve, but the hard work pays off in the form of a dazzling ‘do.

7. Pretty in Pastel

Sometimes even platinum hair can use some brightening up. And nothing delivers like multi-colored locks. Ask your stylist to weave in pastel rainbow highlights to upgrade that lovely blonde mane.

8. Feminine Fishtail

Things are getting fishy with cotton candy hair … and that’s a good thing! Mimic the beautiful iridescent scales of the rainbow trout by weaving the top half of your hair into a fishtail braid. The result is magic. Pure magic.

9. Soft and Subtle Color

When your hair is rooted in color, the rest of it falls into place vividly. Dye your roots a magenta hue and work panels of light blue and pink into the rest of your mane for a colorful, creative finish.

10. Rosy Ringlets

Pastel pink locks will have your look coming up roses. Try weaving chunky pieces of soft rose-colored highlights into your blonde mane for a totally romantic style that’s fit for a princess.

11. Technicolor Dream Curls

It’s fun to play peek-a-boo with your cotton candy hair, so keep the rich, bold shades on the bottom layers and leave the top relatively simple and light. The results are subtle when worn loose, but totally wild when styled in a half-updo.

12. Punk Princess

Going punk doesn’t mean you need to go dark and moody. Brighten up your edgy look with hot pink and blue hair color. Wearing this sharp asymmetrical undercut, you will look every bit a rockstar.

13. A Mermaid Moment

Why should mermaids have all the fun? Channel your inner sea creature with ultra-light pastels, weaved together in a beautiful tapestry of hair. Now all you need is fins and you’re good to go (or swim).

14. Lemon-Lime Surprise

Upgrade your cotton candy pink hair with a little lemon-lime twist and get a totally electric look. Make sure to retain your hair color by keeping those locks hydrated with a color-friendly hair mask.

15. Lovely in Lilac

Think you can’t go colorful with your dark locks? Think again. Bright pastels can still be done on dark hair — they just require a little more leg work. Try a purple/lavender combo that starts off rich and ends light and bright. The deep magenta will be a little easier for your dark hair to work with.

16. Carefree Color

You only live once, so go nuts on your hair and try every candy color you can think of. Experiment with purple, blue and green lowlights for a sweet look that’s as cool as they get.

17. Taking Sides

Sometimes, with cotton candy hair, you just can’t pick between your two favorite colors. When this happens, split your preferences and dye half and half. That way, no one can say you play favorites.

18. Pretty Pink Ombre

Pink has never been chicer. The big, bodacious curls show off the deep rose ombre like no other and can even extend into the “sultry” territory when worn full and voluminous.

19. Blue and Beautiful

Cookie Monster may be the inspiration for the all-blue hair look, but this ‘do is anything but monstrous. The periwinkle ends lend an ethereal, fairy-like quality that’s ultra feminine and ultra-pretty.

20. Cool-Toned Updo

Cotton candy blue hair with lavender streaks is not a combo to be messed with. The two cool shades are a match made in hair heaven, and they do look amazing when stacked and twisted into an elegant updo.

Now that your eyes have feasted on everything cotton candy hair has to offer, you’re probably ready to run to the salon, right? Well, go for it and make sure you rock that color like no one’s business.

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