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Updated on December 21, 2022

With wedding planning, there is a number of decisions a bride needs to make leading up to her big day – from flower arrangements and decorations to food catering, outfit and hair choices. But of all those choices, how to wear her hair may be the most exciting one; after all, the pictures from the wedding will be viewed again and again years after the event. That’s why it’s good if a bridal hairstyle is both classic and romantic – something that never gets dated. Curly hair, natural or styled, is a perfect texture for a timeless wedding hairstyle. Here are 20 curly wedding hairstyles to pick from as inspiration for your big day.

Curly Wedding Hairstyles

Long flowing curls are beautiful in lovely half updos and downdos. But if you lack length or want to wear your hair up to show off your delicate neckline and shoulders, try one of soft curly updos with flowers, loose braids, twists or dainty hair pieces.

1. Half-Up Half-Down Curls with Flowers

When it comes to romantic hairstyles for weddings, you can’t go wrong with pairing sweet, bouncy tendrils with a few scattered flowers. This style would be best suited for a bohemian wedding with a not-so-flashy lace or chiffon dress.

Wedding Curly Half Updo With Roses

Instagram / @ulyana.aster

2. Classic Bridal Updo with Curls

There are a few special occasions in a woman’s life that call for a classic updo, being a bride is definitely the best of them. Although straight is certainly pretty, there’s something to be said for the ethereal nature of wedding curly hairstyles. With a curly updo like this one you are the princess you’ve always dreamt to be.

Bridal Bronde Curly Updo

Instagram / @nicoledrege

3. Gorgeous Half-Up Curly Wedding Hairdo

Sweet and simple is the mantra of this effortlessly girly bridal updo – you can even easily do it yourself. Opt for a diffuser and texturizing mist to create natural, messy waves from top to bottom. Secure with a thick French braid and a few strategically placed flowers (of your choice) on one side.

Twisted Half Updo With Flowers

Instagram / @hairicome_

4. Wedding Updo with Flower Crown

In this enchanting updo by @kellgrace, the main attraction is the dainty and ultra-feminine flower headband. Curly styles for weddings can be uncomplicated as long as you have that special accessory to complement your hair texture and your overall look.

Blonde Curly Wedding Updo

Instagram / @kellgrace

5. Sexy Eye-Catching Curly Pony

If you have long thick hair that you want to show off, consider a dramatic curly hair wedding style like the one pictured below, with a large, poofy ponytail paired with a delicate crystal hairpiece.

Wedding Curly Ponytail Updo

Instagram / @elstilespb

6. Lovely Red Half-Up Bridal Style

Ideal for ladies with long curly locks, this half-up, half-down bridal hairdo is destined to make you look like royalty on your big day. Be sure to curl the hair from top to bottom in tight spirals (gently loosening and teasing with a flat brush) and secure with a statement-making barrette.

Simply Curly Bridal Hairstyle

Instagram /

7. Grecian Goddess Updo with Crown

Channel your inner Athena with this gorgeous curly bridal hair style. We absolutely love that it’s both classy and understated, feminine and effortless.

Loose Curly Updo

Instagram / @hairbybritny

8. Glam Bridal Updo with Volume

Holy volume! We can’t stop staring at these drop-dead gorgeous wedding curls fit for a diva. But while this style is ultimately all about glamour, there’s still room for innocence and sweetness.

Long Curly Wedding Ponytail For Wedding

Instagram / @art4studio

9. Sweet Bohemian Hairstyle for Brides

If your wedding celebration is going to take place in the countryside or forest and you need an organic hairstyle, check out this cascading speckled wavy half updo. The best part? You don’t need very curly hair to pull it off – just an ample amount of volumizing mousse or gel and hairspray.

10. Braided Curly Updo with Flowers

This messy curly bun from @nicoledrege is giving us serious wedding hair goals. We suggest this hairstyle for bridesmaids as a perfect counterpart for the bride wearing her hair down in voluminous, bouncy curls. Stick to natural flowers to add an accent.

Low Curly Updo With Flowers

Instagram / @nicoledrege

11. Bouncy Curl Updo

If you want to wear curly hair for wedding, a voluminous curly bun is a worthy option. A cloud of soft airy curls pinned at the back of the head turns into a charming Princess updo with a romantic flair.

Bridal Side Curly Bun Updo

Instagram / @jane_hahaeva

12. Loose Dark Brown Curls

Brides with curly hair look natural and carefree. The trick, however, is to ensure you don’t have too many flyaways (a big no-no in pictures). Stick to a smoothing serum and defined curls if you want a more polished curly downdo.

Wedding Long Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @yafitkoresh

13. Sweet Curly Rose-Gold Updo

From the red carpet to runways, millennial pink (Vogue’s color-of-the-moment) has been everywhere lately. But to make the hue non-basic, instead of incorporating it into your bridesmaid palette, try putting it in your hair directly. Just make sure it’s not too pink – you don’t want to regret about your hair color choice looking through the photos later in life!

14. Bridal Updo for Natural Curls

On your big day, showing off the true you – including your naturally curly hair – is essential. That’s why we love this hairdo from @tobbiestouch – it’s one of the most effortless wedding hairstyles for curly hair we can possibly think of. Pair with a statement-making piece and prepare to draw gazes for days.

Bridal Updo For Natural Hair

Instagram / @tobbiestouch

15. Curly Bridal Hair Pulled Back

Although this hairstyle would look absolutely stunning at a wedding, it’s highly versatile, capable of being worn for prom or any black-tie event. The trick is to keep curls and volume concentrated toward the lower half of the hair, smoothing out the top and front.

Long Curly Half Updo With A Braid

Instagram / @detrashalee

16. Wedding Curly Hair with Forest Flowers

Thanks to the delicate flower detail alone, we bet you’ll be adding this enchanting curly updo to your wedding ideas Pinterest board in no time. Ask your stylist for two thick French or Dutch braids that lead to a soft bun on the side. Of course, begin by curling your hair first to achieve more volume.

Braid And Side Bun Curly Updo

Instagram / @femmeakoi

17. Balayage Updo for Brides

This gorgeous curly wedding hairstyle, perfected by @hairandmakeupbysteph, is made even more striking by the gentle brown-to-blonde balayage. The lovely color fade and a loose braid help to differentiate the bun from the top of the head.

18. Wedding Bun for Naturally Curly Hair

Brides with curly hair (particularly when the hair is coarse and curly) will look stunning with this style, which relies on your natural texture to create tons of volume and drama. Complete with a high contrast hair piece or fresh flowers.

African American Natural Bun Updo

Instagram / @hairbysleame

19. Curly Bridal Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Hairstyles with curls are good for any hair type, and can work even with shorter lengths. Use flowers and face framing tendrils to dress up a simple pinned updo.

Curly Wedding Updo For Shorter Hair

Instagram / @yafitkoresh

20. Flower Crown for the Big Day

The ideas of curly hairstyles for wedding you can choose from are endless – but some hairdos, like this romantic roll updo with a flower crown, will make you stand out far from the pack. Scatter small, delicate flowers along the inner side of the roll to enhance the halo effect of your ‘do.

From delicate, face-framing spirals to bouncy, voluminous curls that bring in just the right amount of glam and drama, there is a bunch of curly wedding hairstyles to draw inspiration from when the time comes to prepare for the exciting walk down the aisle. Just be sure to test the style you like before the big day arrives.

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