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Updated on December 28, 2022
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4. Rose Gold Lion Mane

Rose Gold Lion Mane

Instagram / @guy_tang

Don’t be afraid to go all out and really showcase your rose gold hair — be brave and beautiful! Just create big curls that add a bit of a crimp to them to get this look. This hairstyle will really accentuate the pink of your hair and make it look shiny and voluminous.

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Rose gold hair has been popular for quite some time now, and to be honest we don’t see it dying out any time soon. It’s still one of the favorite choices among hair colors of 2023! If you want to try out the look, here are 38 hairstyles to give you all the rose gold hair inspiration you need!

Rose Gold Hair Trend

A stunning blend of red, pink and blonde shades created the perfect mix of rose gold hair that truly complements any skin tone and is also quite wearable. Whether you want to dye all your hair or just add a few highlights to enrich your natural color — rose gold is exceptionally versatile. Use the following inspiration and work with your colorist to achieve the dreamy and classy rose gold hair!

1. Glossy Rose

Glossy Rose

Instagram / @cassandraplatinum

The good thing about rose gold is that you can really experiment with the tones and hues of the color. Using a darker pink blended with brown creates this beautiful tone that gives your hair a glossy look. Add some soft curls to the hairstyle and your hair will look voluminous, healthy and all around beautiful!

2. Shades of Pink

Who said you had to settle just for rose gold? Add other pink tones to accent your hair and give it a life of its own. This dazzling effect will add dimension to your hair, and it will give your beautiful locks amazing vitality that speaks for itself!

Shades Of Pink

Instagram / @guy_tang

3. Rose Gold Hair Color on Brunettes

Yes, it might be easier for a blonde to dye her hair rose gold but that doesn’t mean that the rose gold doesn’t look amazing on brunettes as well! However, it is important to remember that if you want the rose gold hair dye to be vibrant you will need to bleach your dark hair to a lighter tone. That’s why ombre hair might be the perfect option for brunettes that are looking to take the plunge. It’s an added bonus since you won’t have to bleach all your hair and you are still able to maintain some of your natural tone at the top.

Rose Gold Hair Color On Brunettes

Instagram / @xostylistxo

4. Rose Gold Lion Mane

Don’t be afraid to go all out and really showcase your rose gold hair — be brave and beautiful! Just create big curls that add a bit of a crimp to them to get this look. This hairstyle will really accentuate the pink of your hair and make it look shiny and voluminous.

Rose Gold Lion Mane

Instagram / @guy_tang

5. Peachy Rose Gold

Don’t know how to make your rose gold hair look effortless and chic? Add peachy undertones and beach waves (and don’t worry about grown out roots). Pair this look with smokey eye makeup and great accessories and you’ll be ready for a fancy night out!

Peachy Rose Gold

Instagram / @hairgod_zito

6. Long Rose Gold Shag

This copper rose gold blend is perfect for those with natural honey blonde or copper hair. Pink rose highlights will spice up the warm base and make your hair color more intense and vibrant. Rose gold spectrum will also bring more texture and dimension to your shaggy layers.

Long Peachy Rose Gold Hair with Bangs

Instagram / @vlasyhrabal

7. Rose Ombre on Brown Hair

Here is another great option for rose gold hair color on brunettes! As we mentioned before if you have naturally brown hair adding rose gold to the ends in an ombre finish is a great way to test out the color. It will also reveal just how damaging the color may be. This style is more subtle and the rose gold really blends in with the brown making it more natural and healthy looking. It is perfect for shorter hair because the color is minimal and looks natural.

8. Rose Gold Balayage

If we’re being honest, we feel like you really can’t go wrong with a balayage style, as well as with rose gold blonde hair. Therefore, when you take your regular balayage and add an iridescent rose gold tone with hints of lilac it will create the most beautiful dimensional color. If you are a regular balayage customer consider adding a bit of color to the mix during your next hair salon appointment!

9. Rose Gold Hair Ideas for Short Hair

A bob haircut looks amazing when paired with this trendy rose gold shade. The hair color is striking on its own, so even if you leave your hair as it is, without fashionable styling, you will achieve a stunning look.

Rose Gold Bob with Dark Roots

Instagram / @hirohair

10. Red Rose Gold Loose Waves

This charming rose gold hairstyle with pink money pieces is one of the best combinations for your auburn or brown hair. Red undertones with hints of copper rose gold boost the texture and dimension of your long loose waves.

Brown Hair with Rose Gold Tint

Instagram / @kaybeglam

11. Rose Gold Tousled Angled Lob

An inverted bob cut and rose gold balayage is a match made in heaven! To achieve this dreamy look, add subtle rose gold highlights and lowlights to your brown locks to emphasize the multi-dimension of your tresses.

Blunt Bob with Rose Gold Balayage

Instagram / @erickaheartshair

12. Mesmerizing Rose Gold Ombre

This combination looks pretty striking and eye-catching! The golden copper shade blends beautifully with the sweet pink base, creating astonishing balayage with a gradient effect.

13. Light Rose Gold Ombre Hair

Rose gold ombre is a good option for those who don’t want to bleach their hair in order to get a lighter tone. Ask your hairstylist to create a delicate transition from naturally dark roots to pale pink to embrace the rose gold trend without damaging your hair.

14. Rose Gold Midshaft Balayage

Natural brunette hair color, contrasted with rose gold highlights, is all about style and comfort. You won’t need to dye your hair every month if you leave your rich dark roots untouched. Moreover, you can always expose your pink locks in the foreground by styling them in a pony or high bun.

Dark Hair with Mid Shaft Pink Balayage

Instagram / @catcoiffeur

15. Rose Gold Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

The pastel rose gold balayage is pretty and low-maintenance, especially when paired with bob haircuts. It doesn’t require fully covered roots, so you can easily grow out your locks if you ever decide to change your short cut into a mid-length style.

Short Rose Gold Side Swept Bob with Shadow Roots

Instagram / @hirohair

16. Multi-Dimensional Pink Wavy Locks

Rose gold highlights and lowlights make your hair color more dynamic, leading to a fantastic result. If you have cool or neutral skin tones and lighter eyes, this might be one of the best rose gold hair options for you!

Pastel Rose Gold Hair

Instagram / @iamleadley

17. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Rose Highlights

Some rose gold hair ideas are very natural-looking, which is good for those who prefer soft and delicate coloring. For instance, this sandy blonde hairstyle with rose gold highlights is an excellent example of a catchy yet natural look full of romantic vibes.

Blonde and Rose Gold Hair

Instagram / @raylorojohair

18. Voluminous Rose Gold Curls

This curly rose gold bob is absolutely incredible! Women with darker skin tones will look fantastic with literally any shade of pastel rose gold, so don’t be afraid of sassy experiments and go more vibrant with your hairdo and hair color.

19. Rose Gold Highlights

Another hair color idea for short hair is adding pastel pink highlights to a few strands of your blonde hair. The blend of the blonde hair with rose gold highlights will give your hair various dimensions and create a beautiful rose gold finish!

Rose Gold Highlights

Instagram / @salonzinnia

20. Metallic Rose Gold Balayage on Black Hair

Just have a look at this yummy pinky shade and the way it enlivens the locks and adds movement to the whole mane! With rose gold highlights, your brunette hair will achieve extra dimension, which is especially important for thin-haired ladies.

Blak Hair with Rose Gold Highlights

Instagram / @_heyhelena

21. Gorgeous Warm Rose Gold Shade

This hypnotic hair color is something between copper blonde and rose gold. Ideal for those who want to try out the rose gold trend while still looking natural. Such a hue will look great on women with warm skin undertones.

Copper Rose Gold Hair

Instagram / @emmabodbacka

22. Sleek Dark Rose Gold Hair

You don’t have to curl your strands or cut them in shaggy layers to add volume to your mane. Brighten your hair with metallic rose gold tones, and your straight locks will shine with the shimmer of this stunning rose gold hue.

Dark Rose Gold Hair Color

Instagram / @berniottjes

23. Cool Pink Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Wish to accentuate your brown hair? Rose gold shades will perfectly contrast the dark mane. Don’t be afraid to insert the pink hue in your rose gold look, as it may bring more depth to your locks.

24. Elegant Peachy Rose Gold Waves

Rose gold can boast a variety of gorgeous tones – from bright copper blonde to soft peachy pink. Be sure, whatever rose gold hue you choose, will be a perfect match for a chic long wavy hairstyle like the one in the photo.

Long Sleek Rosy Blonde Hair

Instagram / @alina.calin

25. Pastel Rose Gold Hairstyle

If you aim to create this pretty hue, opt for light pink or pastel rose highlights. They will amazingly complement your sandy blonde hair and refresh your complexion. Looks delicate yet glamorous!

Soft Pink Hai with Peachy Root Smudge

Instagram / @supvalerie

26. Rose Gold Hair with Shadow Roots

This combination of black and rose gold is bold and daring, so if you’re looking for a way to spice up your brunette locks, rose-pink balayage is an excellent solution! Thanks to these smoothly blended highlights, your hair will beautifully grow to keep this gorgeous rose gold tint. Also, it doesn’t require as much bleaching as lighter hues.

27. Rose Gold Hues

This slightly auburn rose gold tone is the way to go if you are considering adding some color to your hair. The perfect combination of golden and pastel pink tones with darker roots can create varying dimensions throughout the hair that will compliment a variety of skin tones. Style your hair with some soft layered curls to bring the color to life!

Rose Gold Hues

Instagram / @cassandra_foehr

28. Washed Out Rose Gold

Feeling a bit courageous and want to dye all of your hair? This washed-out tone is the perfect pastel pink for your hair; however, you must commit to it as this involves bleaching your whole head and really maintaining it with special color-safe shampoos or hair treatments.

Washed Out Rose Gold

Instagram / @alishadobson

29. The Classic Bob Meets Rose Gold

Short hair can sometimes seem unexciting and boring; which is why adding color to a blunt cut is a good way to keep your hair exciting! There are many hair color ideas for short hair, but this gold pink hair dye adds a touch of class and elegance. It also keeps the hairstyle modern and fun at the same time. It truly is the best of both worlds!

The Classic Bob Meets Rose Gold

Instagram / @tori_stewart93

30. Desert Rose

This rose gold hair color formula is much a warmer tone. It also does a better job than other rose gold tones at blending the red hues in with the pink. It’s quite subtle as well, which makes it easier to wear to work or formal events.

Desert Rose

Instagram / @hairbykristenh

31. Rose Gold Corkscrew Curls

Corkscrew curls are already fun and unique on their own, but if you add rose gold color you will have the most envious hair around. Just remember that the dye may dry out your hair so use the right products to not only keep the color vibrant but to also protect your hair.

32. Rose Gold Waterfall

Want more ways to showcase your subtle rose gold hair dye? Consider this beautiful half-up hairdo. It’s a sideways fishtail braid that creates a sort of waterfall effect but it truly showcases the versatility of a rose gold color combination. This works especially well with more of an ombre rose gold look since it really accentuates both the darker color at the top and the rose gold color at the ends.

Rose Gold Waterfall

Instagram / @hairbykristen_

33. Pixie Rose

Make your traditional pixie cut trendy with some rose gold highlights to brighten up your face. Even though you are adding a non-traditional color into your hair this tone is quite natural, and it’s the perfect choice if you’re not looking for too drastic of a change!

Pixie Rose

Instagram / @kallie.thesalon

34. Pretty in Pink Soft Waves

Want to add a bit of life to your seemingly dull blonde hair? The rose gold color formula is the perfect option! Already having light hair or highlights gives you an advantage, as the color will grab on to the blonde a lot better and there will be no need to bleach your hair beforehand. A look like this is quite subtle and almost looks natural with soft waves at the ends.

Pretty In Pink Soft Waves

Instagram / @beauty_byabby

35. Balayage with Rose Gold

Here is quite a unique and understated look! Go all out by getting a rose gold balayage and why not add more color to the style? You can add a variety of colors by mixing in some purple tones to the interior layers. This will help create a peek-a-boo effect. The colors mix surprisingly well together, and it’s such a fun and quirky look — especially for summertime!

Balayage With Rose Gold

Instagram / @cutsbycarr

36: Platinum Blonde Meets Rose Gold

Rose gold hair is not only easy to blend with golden blonde or red tones, but it can also look amazing on platinum blondes! An amazing look is leaving your roots darker and having light rose highlights peek throughout the platinum hair. This look can be both subtle and sophisticated, but it still has an edginess about it!

Platinum Blonde Meets Rose Gold

Instagram / @haircircusfreaks

37. Pastel Dream

Are you more into an ultra-pale look? Try out pastel pink colors mixed with rosy gold tones for this dreamy blend! Although this tone is beautiful for any hairstyle, we definitely think a curly pixie cut paired with intense makeup creates not only a unique style but also a chic look!

Pastel Dream

Instagram / @nieshvanterpool

38. Princess Braids

Rose gold hair is already fun but why not have a bit more amusement by styling it. Try something like a braided updo and you’ll look just as fashionable as Amber Le Bon! This hairstyle really brings out those pink tones by having braids of different sizes wrapped around the bottom half of the head and one around the top. It really makes us feel like we’re look at royalty with this look!

Rose gold hair color is the perfect shade to bring some life into traditional hair dyes. The hues mix perfectly with blonde, brown or red tones and really create a beautiful result. So, if you’ve been looking for hair color ideas — you’re look should end right here. Pop open the rosé because rose gold may just be the perfect color all year round.

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