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Updated on December 22, 2023

If you haven’t fallen in love with your curls yet or are still searching for ways to bring out the beauty of your own curl pattern, it’s time that you meet a curl specialist Nubia Suarez, popularly known in the curly world as Nubia Rëzo. Check out some of the best looks by the author of the unique curl cutting technique – the Rezo cut, along with the stylist’s comments.

What Is a Rezo Cut?

The RëzoCut is a unique dry cutting technique for wavy, curly and coily hair textures that allows achieving both root volume and curl definition. While a Deva cut focuses on creating a nice shape around the face, the Rezo cut uses “V” sectioning and is cut in circles and triangles to create an even length around the head. At the same time, Rezo is more than a curly cut; it is the general look you get by nurturing your hair texture, having a proper washing routine, and using the right styling products.

Scroll down to see the Rëzo curly styles I had the pleasure to create to get more insights and inspiration.

1. Blonde Rezo Cut with Bangs

Face framing bangs are everything this summer and curly girls are getting in on the action too with more and more customers requesting options from curtain bangs that accentuate the cheek bones to blunt, statement-making bangs.

2. Long Bob

A long bob is a hairstyle that’s universally flattering and can be cut with or without bangs to add dimension.

3. Diffused Curls

After washing hair using the Rëzo Method (80% water, 20% products) you’ll want to put your styling product on soaking wet hair, squeezing out excess water with a microfiber towel afterwards. Diffuse the hair on low heat until dry, finishing off with just a tiny drop of our Rëzo serum for shine and hydration.

4. Beachy Waves

To create flowing, beachy waves, separate hair into vertical sections, using a big barrel curling iron on small sections to create sexy, flowing beach waves in your Rezo haircut.

5. Clipped Bangs

What’s happening in fashion influences hair trends as well. Today, we’re seeing the rise of Y2K fashion, so hairstyles are reflecting that as well with the increase of clips and barrettes. Here, we styled our model with two embellished bobby pins to hold back the bangs, with bouncy, moisturized curls.

6. Natural Volume and Curly Bangs 

You do not have to opt for short hair to get volume at the crown. Curly cuts can play around with the root frizz while letting you enjoy gorgeous bouncy curls. Trendy curly bangs are just a cherry on top!

7. Colored Tips

Red has been the color of the season with stars dying their hair of different hues across the spectrum. Here, we have added red to the tip of the Rezo cut to add dimension to the look.

8. Golden Blonde Highlights

Golden hues look great on all skin tones and hair types. It is up to the stylist to recommend a warmer vs cooler color based on your complexion.

9. Rezo Cut Ombre

An ombre is a low-maintenance coloring technique that gives your ends a bit of flair and will have you visiting the salon less frequently for touch ups. The ombre gets an update in 2024 by showcasing bright money pieces that frame and soften facial features.

10. Curly Bob Transformation

Curly haircuts are great tools for contouring your face shape, and this style is good proof. Note how this shorter Rezo cut brings out a long, elegant neck and beautiful eyes.

11. Deep Side Part

An ultra-glam look that never goes out of style is the deep side part. Channel old Hollywood glamour by sporting flowing curls and create your part by using a rat tail comb to make a precise line.

12. Round Shape Rezo

This Rezo cut maintains the famous rounded shape, which proves you don’t need to have thick hair to sport impressive volume. With just an occasional bangs trim, you can go with the cut for four to five months.

13. Fro

Our Rezo cut is perfect for delivering the right shape to fro hairstyles by using our signature ‘V’ sectioning technique and invisible rose elevations that leave curls bouncy and balanced. Finish off the look with a serum for extra softness.

14. Platinum Blonde Pixie Rezo

Platinum blonde is a flattering color on all hair textures and skin tones and it’s up to you and your stylist to decide if a warm golden blonde, or icy blonde works best with your skin’s undertones. A rule of thumb is to check your veins and see if they are more blue – you have a cool skin tone and greener colored veins indicate a warmer skin tone.

15. Red Colored Rezo Cut

Liven up your look a bit by adding red hues to your hair – a trend many celebrities have been sporting recently, and one that is predicted to be seen everywhere in the upcoming summer season. This curly girl opted for bright highlights with the burnt orange.

16. RëzoLites

RëzoLites are a special technique for coloring curly hair while closely examining each curl pattern and applying color to each strand of hair accordingly. It’s the perfect way of adding a nice pop into the hair whether the goal is a subtle sun-kissed look or a dramatic highlighted look. The sectioning to achieve RëzoLights always includes sectioning off a diamond at the crown of the head to further ensure seamless highlights.

17. Pixie Cut

Looking for a drastic hair change this summer? Pixie cuts are all the rage – whether your hair is straight, curly, or in between, this short Rezo is flattering for all and sure to turn some heads!

18. Reclaimed Curls

Textured hair is a naturally dry hair type, so it’s vital to learn to lock moisture in. Among other things, it entails ditching sulfate-based shampoos and switching to products with argan, coconut, and jojoba oils. If you are just on the way to embracing your curl patterns, be sure to ask your curl specialist to teach you basic curly hair care rules that will help you maintain the style.

19. Color Blocking

Color blocking is a unique way to try out a few different hair colors all at once. Some opt for multiple colors that complement the undertones in their skin, others just pick their favorite colors and go for it! No matter which route you choose, you are sure to have fun with this one.

20. Wispy Bang

Wispy bangs are a beautiful way to add some dimension to your face without the whole commitment of full bangs. This is also a great choice for those with curly hair if true bangs don’t typically work out for you.

21. Blunt Ends

While feathered, layered hair is always a gorgeous option, a haircut with blunt ends can be an equally beautiful choice for those with curly hair. Keeping everything at one length allows for voluminous curls with this simple but classic hairstyle. 

22. Styled Short

Short styles are in for 2024! Add just a few drops of styling product into curly hair and tousle for a chic maintenance-free hairdo.

23. Loose Curls

While tight curls are a tried-and-true classic, loose curls are becoming more and more popular. These are a great choice for anyone who wants a put-together-yet-effortless look.

24. Jewel Tones

Make a statement with jewel-toned hair color. It’s been proven that colors have an impact on our moods so stand out in something that makes you feel happy and confident!

25. Face-Framing Color

Framing your face with color is an up-and-coming trend that lets anyone try out hair dye in a fun and unique way!

26. Rezo Shag

With the Rëzo Shag cut, anyone can live out their 90s hair fantasy. Shag mullets have been seen on celebs like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato but you don’t have to be a pop star to rock this look!

27. Gray Rezo Cut Curls

Cutting curly hair that is also naturally gray is an ultimate pleasure, as this is such a great manifestation of self-acceptance and self-love. Are you now convinced that curly gray hair can look stunning?

28. Shades of Violet

Ever seen someone on TikTok leave an entire bottle of purple shampoo on their hair for 24 hours? Yeah, us too . . . and while we can’t confirm how safe that may or may not be for your hair, we can confirm that having shades of violet in your hair will be a popular look this summer! No matter how dark or light you go, this color is sure to make a statement.

29. Mini Fro

The mini-fro is a simple but easy way to let your curls shine. Suitable for any face shape and hair color, this hairstyle makes sure that your curls are the center of attention!

30. RëzoCut for Men

The RëzoCut isn’t just for women – it’s for men, too! To all of our curly-haired guys out there, give the Rezo cut for men a try at your next salon visit, and watch your curls come to life!

Whether you have soft waves or tight curly textures, you are sure to benefit from the Rëzo cutting technique and styling products. For more curly haircuts inspiration, follow my Instagram @nubiarezo and @rezohaircare line.

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