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Updated on January 16, 2024

Braids are easily my favorite accessory because they are a quick and easy way to add a little umph to any regular style. A clean and tight braid can class up a style making it more chic, while a loose boho plait can dress a look down making it feel more casual or romantic. Here are some trendy ways to incorporate plaited styles into your regime of looks.

1. Сhunky Fishtail

Adding a chunky fishtail to the side of a low ponytail makes it look more polished. Pro tip; add a tiny bit of oil or gel to your hands as you plait your hair to keep the fly aways in check to make it look more slick and shiny.

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2. Small Braids

When you’re in the mood to do a slicked back side with waves, try adding in small braids or twists for a little pizazz.

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3. Voluminous Dutch Plait

For days when your hair has enough dry shampoo to coat a village, use that texture to your advantage and pull your hair into a voluminous single braid down the back. Then lightly rough up the ends to get that messy “didn’t try too hard” look. If you can already do a French braid on your hair, try putting the hair under the middle section instead of over to put the braid on top.

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4. Plaited Top Knot

Twisting your braids into a top knot and adding accessories is an amazing way to switch up how you style your protective styles. Adding a statement headband is a good tip for bad hair days when you want the attention to be drawn to your outfit.

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5. Romantic Side Plait

On days when you really should restyle your hair but you don’t have enough time (or energy), try a messy side braid. Pull out the pieces in the front that still look good and hit the rest with a texture spray to add grit and volume to make it look more intentionally messy and full.

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6. Plaited in the Front, Party in the Back

This half back French plaited style is so perfect for everyday life to keep your hair out of your face but still have some down. It’s the perfect way to transition to start wearing your hair down if you’ve been in a messy bun rut. Just braid the whole side back like you’re pulling it into pigtails but stop braiding when you get to your ear and pin it underneath the bulk of your hair in the back.

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7. Messy Plaited Top Knot

When your braids are extra-long and come in your way, try tying them up in a top knot. But before you pin it into place, pull some looser to give you more volume and texture. Then, use an oil or leave in conditioner on the ends you leave out to tame any flyaways and moisturize your braids.

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8. Sleek Mohawk Plait

If a regular Dutch or French plait feels a little bit too casual for your event try sectioning a 3-inch-wide section down the middle of your head all the way to the back and slick the other sides back. If plaits like this intimidate you because you can’t get your hair smooth enough, try braiding damp hair with oil to get the sleekness and shine.

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9. Plaits on Plaits

A really cool way to style box braids is to braid them. You can treat each big braid or a few thin braids like a strand and incorporate it into French braids, fishtails, waterfalls, etc… into your style. This photo features thin box braids brought up into a high pony and twisted into a chic fishtail braid for an event. But you can also finish off with a simple side braid for a more casual approach.

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10. Infinity Braid Updo

Twisting the ends of your plait up and hiding them under is such a cute way to style shorter hair that may not fit into a full updo. This is also a cute workout hairstyle for when you’re tired of your ponytail sliding out and you don’t want hair touching you.

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11. Longggg Plait

This style of braided ponytail is perfect for adding in extensions as you plait down the ends. You can add on as much length or different colors as you go. The possibilities are endless and it’s a good solid braid that you can wear for multiple days.

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12. Accent Fishtail Braid

If you’re going to an event that you wanted to do a half up half down but you want a little accent, try adding a loose plait above the section you pulled back. Try this on day old hair and use dry shampoo at your roots to get a little bit more texture to have it pull back a little easier.

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13. Plaited Bangs

Whether you are growing out bangs or you just don’t want them to get too curly while you’re out, try this look. Use a little bit of leave-in conditioner as you plait your bangs out of your face and continue the braid behind your ear to pin them under your hair. Then, top with a firm hold hairspray to keep those ends from popping out all over the place.

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14. Twisted Topsy Plait

If braiding is too difficult for you, try one of these. Take a section of hair and tie a rubber band around it then flip it like a topsy tail. Then take a section below and repeat the process keeping each section loose. You can also play with putting the rubber bands off center or right down the middle like the photo.

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15. Classic Pigtails

When in doubt, embrace a classic. Starting the plaits from a low ponytail base is a little more chic variant than Dutch braids and makes it easier to braid and add extensions if you want to add drama.

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As you can see, there are many many ways to add plaits to elevate your looks! If you want more inspiration, feel free to check out my Instagram @aoifemariebeauty where I post my looks as well as braiding tutorials!

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