20 Best Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 60

Love those pixie haircuts and want to get it right? If you find hair salon consultations daunting, you’re in the right place to consider the best pixie haircuts for women over 60. Just save the styles you like most, show them to your stylist, and get ready to rock your short hair!

#1: Feathered Pixie Haircut

This platinum blonde pixie is perfect for women over 60 looking to embrace their gray hair. The feathered fringe is a little longer around the face to add a feminine touch to a short haircut. Don’t forget to use purple shampoo to keep your hair color bright and brass-free.

Feathered Pixie with Bangs for Older Women

Instagram / @presleypoe

#2: Short Pixie for Fine Hair

This cute salt and pepper hair has an artsy feel to it, and the crop is really low maintenance. Add texture with a mattifying paste, and you’re good to go.

Short Salt and Pepper Haircut for Older Lady

Instagram / @leo.valencia

#3: Textured Pastel Pink Pixie

Are you a bit daring with your color? The beautiful dusky pink hue on this pixie crop is a great tone for mature ladies. If Judy Dench can pull off a pink pixie haircut, why can’t you? Ask your stylist for muted pink tones to add a bit of zazz to your pallet.

Rose Gold Undercut Pixie for Women over 50

Instagram / @stacy_stylist

#4: Very Short Pixie Cut

Pixie haircuts for women over 60 don’t all have to look soft and femme. This cool crop paired with a dark, rich color looks super edgy and makes a fabulous choice for ladies over 60 who like to push the boundaries with their look.

Short Dark Pixie Cut for Women over 60

Instagram / @thatguyreno

#5: Punky Pixie Cut for Over 60

Feeling a bit rebellious? This spiky pixie cut looks epic. With tightly cropped sides and an edgy quiff, you’ll be showing off your inner rebel. Use a strong hold wax to give you that controlled height in the quiff.

Spiky Pixie Cut for Women over 60

Instagram / @stacy_stylist

#6: Asymmetrical Pixie with Long Bangs

This pixie haircut is a safe all-rounder. If you’re going to cut longer hair short, this can be a good option, as the long side-swept bangs help retain length around the face. Choppy layers skillfully remove the bulk of thick hair. A short cut like this works great on round face shapes and has a classic elegance.

Short Haircut with Side Swept Bangs for Mature Woman

Instagram / @hair_by_pedro

#7: Pixie Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs

Dimensional mahogany hair color and wispy bangs add so much interest to fine straight hair. More so, warm colors and cool skin tones are super complimentary. The hue adds color to the cheeks and brightens up the overall look, making the cut one of the best pixie haircuts for women over 60 with a rejuvenating effect.

Pixie with Rounded Shape and Wispy Bangs

Instagram / @xandrias.hair

#8: Pixie Bob Cut for Straight Hair

Long pixie hairstyle with a deep side part and hair tucked behind the ear screams of style and elegance. Pushing hair to one side is also a well-known trick for creating an illusion of volume for fine hair. The pearly blonde tone works great on natural gray hair, too.

Blonde Pixie Bob for Women over 60

Instagram / @vanityhairandbody

#9: Curly Pixie Cut

If you haven’t learned to take care of your natural curls yet, don’t be discouraged – curly gray hair looks stunning, and it might be just the right time to transition, as curls add so much volume to thinning hair. If you have straight thin hair, be careful with the curling iron though, as regular use may lead to damage and will make your white mane turn brassy.

#10: Pixie Cut with Shaggy Bangs

With height at the back and shaggy bangs, this look is perfectly nostalgic of the 60s. The edges are softly feathered to compliment facial features, which gives a very chic appeal to mature women.

Salt and Pepper Pixie Cut with Bangs for Senior Women

Instagram / @diegomarcsant

#11: Choppy Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights

This yummy pixie hairstyle has a chocolate caramel goodness to it. Adding dimensional hair color can be a great tool for blending gray. Also, jagged ends give this layered pixie cut a modern twist.

Long Choppy Pixie for Older Women

Instagram / @lauren_g.hair

#12: Wavy Side Bang

Whether you’re dreaming of tropical sunsets or just like unnatural hair color shades, pink hue will add a fruity punch to your wavy locks. Fun tones can be easily achieved on clean gray hair canvas, so have a play! Opt for toners that fade gradually – for women over 60, it is better to rock gray hair than feature a regrowth line between coloring sessions.

Pixie Hairstyle for Women over 60 with Wavy Hair

Instagram / @josh_congreve

#13: Gray Pixie Afro

Make the most of your natural hair texture by opting for a classic teeny weeny afro. Keeping natural curls short and sharp is far from boring and gives you the opportunity to play with shaved patterns, be it a straight line, geometric shapes, or a swirly hair tattoo.

Pixie Haircut for Women over 60 with Natural Hair

Instagram / @adrianfanus

#14: Undercut Pixie for Thin Hair

An undercut is a bold haircut element and is often used to tame thick locks. However, incorporating one into pixie haircuts for women over 60 is also a nice move: it makes pixie cuts edgy and utterly low-maintenance! If shaving both sides and the back sounds too scary for you, undercut just one side and leave longer hair on top so that you can cover it up for a change.

Shaved Pixie for Older Women

Instagram / @foiartedacamila

#15: Pixie Shag for Women Over 60

Want to be super on-trend with your pixie cut? Try the shag on short hair. This pixie haircut looks so youthful with shaggy edges, wispy bangs, kicks and flicks. Perfect for the ladies who want to add a little edge to their look! Not to mention the lavender hair color; have you seen how beautiful it looks?

#16: Dark and Sultry Pixie Haircut

If you have coarse wavy hair and consider getting a short pixie haircut that is easy to style, I suggest this look. With a clean shape, all you need is a smooth styling pomade. A darker color will add a healthy shine to your locks and highlight your features.

Classic Pixie Cut for Older Women

Instagram / @giboazhair

#17: Plum Pixie Hairstyle

If you feel like a longer cut has started to drag you down but are not ready for very short hair, pixie hairstyles with longer front layers will be your safe bet. Tapering the back helps achieve a nice height at the crown. Take notice of this plum tone – due to a perfect balance of warm and cool undertones, it will complement any skin tone.

Long Plum Pixie with Crown Volume

Instagram / @lauren_g.hair

#18: Gray Pixie Cut for Older Women

Short haircuts, like this classic pixie with a layered, rounded shape, build volume and height in the crown area. Note that the lift in the crown is a good fit for older women with a weak jawline, balancing out the head and rounding off a look. The best part, it works on any hair density.

Gray Pixie Cut with Bangs and Taper Fade

Instagram / @sampaiocabelos

#19: Very Short Pixie with a Razored Side Part

This look is super sharp and super neat, working well on ladies with a nice head shape worth showing off. Line up a side part for an edgy twist or keep it classy. Colored platinum blonde, this pixie cut is set to turn heads.

Black Woman over 50 with Super Short Bleached Pixie

Instagram / @indinstrands

#20: Classic Pixie Cut for Women Over 60

Tapered pixie styles are beautiful yet longer-lasting short hairstyles. Keeping hair short and neat around the edges guarantees a longer life span for your haircut. Paired with textured bangs, this blonde pixie is a perfect option for seniors who prefer to look well-kept without seeming pretentious.

Classy Side Part Pixie for Women over 60

Instagram / @magihardesign

A stunning versatility of pixie haircuts for women over 60 makes it possible to select the style that works for you best, whether you opt for a classic style or want to add edgy vibes to your look. Gray, pink, or brown, wear your pixie cut like a precious crown of an accomplished queen.