30 Gorgeous Passion Twist Hairstyles to Rock in 2022

Passion twists have been around for a few years now and, during that time, have become hugely popular. Passion twists is a great protective style option that boasts a natural-looking texture and a boho feel. They offer a lot of styling flexibility too. Read on to learn more about passion twists and hopefully find your next hairstyle.

What Are Passion Twists?

Passion twists were created by Miami-based hairstylist Kailyn Rogers in 2018. Rogers wanted something natural looking and easy to maintain, but she also wanted a style that was elegant and glamorous. This led to the creation of passion twists.

Passion twists are unique because of the Freetress water wave hair that is used to achieve them. Water wave braiding hair is responsible for the curly texture and silky feel of passion twists. This is what makes passion twist styles different from faux locks. Passion twists are also less uniform than Senegalese twists and are often seen as a child born from the latter and goddess locs.

Passion Twists vs Senegalese Twists vs Faux Locs

*hairstyles by @alexianna_styles

Here are some examples of passion twists and many of the passion twists styles you can do with them.

#1: Black Shoulder Length Passion Twists

Wearing passion twists at shoulder length creates a very natural protective hairstyle. We love the effortless vibe of passion twist hairstyles and the healthy shine of the hair.

Long Braided Bob with Passion Twist Braids

Instagram / @dadouhair

#2: Black and Brown Ombre Passion Twists

Black and brown ombre is always a popular and flattering combo on darker skin tones. The ombre hair extensions adds a bit of color without being too dramatic.

Ombre Passion Twists Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairvarieties

#3: Chunky Passion Twists

These chunky short passion twists are so plump and juicy. The two buns really pop with the cinnamon brown color and is a great styling option for bringing attention to color and highlights.

Chunky Passion Twists with Half Up Buns

Instagram / @stacysbraids

#4: Short Passion Twists

Short passion twist styles are so natural looking, especially when done with hair extensions that are a natural color. Short passion twists have great movement and bounce and are super quick to install. In addition to saving you time on the install, the fact that you need to use less braiding hair will also save you money. That’s a lot of really good reasons for giving short passion twists a try.

Short Passion Twists Half Up Half Down Style

Instagram / @emani.marie

#5: Passion Twists with Accessories

Choosing to accessorize or not to accessorize your passion twists is a personal decision that you get to make everyday. Whether you are into beads, shells or cuffs, passion twists offer the option of rocking one or all of these accessories that are frequently used to add personality and pizzazz to braided hairstyles. This passion twist updo hairstyle uses hair cuffs to add color and shine to the hair and draw attention to the face by framing it.

Half Up Bun with Passion Twists and Framing Tendrils

Instagram / @dadouhair

#6: Short Passion Twists with Curly Ends

The ability of passion twists hairstyles to appear as if it is simply two-strand twists done on your own hair is unparalleled among protective styles. This is especially true when the passion twists are kept short. The curls at the end of these short passion twists also add to the realistic, natural hair look.

Short Side Part Passion Twist Hairstyle

Instagram / @mandy_jacobz

#7: Criss Crossed Passion Twists

Criss crossing the top half of your passion twists is a great way to show off your parting and facial structure. You can choose to criss cross the first two rows or keep going as far back as you like. The hint of color throughout these passion twists is a great way to subtly include color in your styles.

Criss Cross Cornrows into Long Passion Twists

Instagram / @shushancity

#8: Criss Crossed Twists with Accessories

We absolutely love this style on medium length passion twist. Criss crossing the twists at the front is a great alternative to wearing half up half down styles when you want to pull hair away from the face. The golden accessories and that tiny cornrow are also great little additions to this style.

#9: Half Up Half Down on Long Passion Twists

The classic half up half down hairstyle on long passion twists is a definite slay. Occasional burgundy hues is also a great way to add a bit of color and break up all the black.

High Ponytail and Random Burgundy Passion Twists

Instagram / @dadouhair

#10: Half Up Half Down on Chunky Passion Twists

Half up half down styles are familiar to many of us, so it’s no surprise that this is also among the most popular passion twist hairstyles. Effortless, neal, and showy at the same time.

Big Medium Length Passion Twists into High Ponytail

Instagram / @anicolec_

#11: Burgundy Passion Twists

Burgundy is definitely among the most popular colors for extensions used with twists and braids, and passion twists are no different. It is bold yet subtle and on these long twists you can definitely see why burgundy passion twists are a must try.

Burgundy into Red Passion Twists

Instagram / @arielfitz.patrick

#12: Black and Blonde Passion Twists

Black and blonde is another popular and winning combination of extensions for creating protective styles. Whether it’s box braids, faux locs, or twists, this combination of colors is both fun and flattering. It’s particular pretty with the shine that comes with the water wave hair.

#13: Crochet Passion Twists

Using the crochet method to install passion twists comes in very handy for people who struggle with attaching braid extensions to their hair. This method of installation can also significantly reduce the time needed to install passion twists, especially if the extensions are pre-twisted.

Senegalese Passion Twists with Beads

Instagram / @curlzofglory

#14: Bob Length Passion Twist Style

These medium-length passion twists create a flattering bob look when worn down. Still, they are also long enough to be versatile and offer a plethora of styling options.

Passion Twists Updo with Face Framing Braids

Instagram / @moneekstyles

#15: Passion Twist Bangs and Shaved Sides

If you have shaved sides or any similar tapered haircut, there’s no reason you can’t also rock some passion twists. These passion twist bangs are a fun way to experiment with bangs of different length and colors.

Small Passion Twists on Short Undercut Hair

Instagram / @jsblessinghair1

#16: Passion Twists with Curly Ends

If you prefer your extensions to have perfect curl and little to no frizz, this is the hairstyle for you. Opt for multi-tone passion twists to make a statement.

Passion Twists with Waver Wave Hair Curly Ends

Instagram / @marykbella

#17: Cornrows and Passion Twists

Braiding your own natural hair with or without extensions and then adding passion twists is one way of adding length and color to a protective style. The contrast in color between the cornrows and the passion twists makes passion twist styles more unique and interesting.

Cornrows into Senegalese Twists

Instagram / @cultivatedtresses

#18: Fluffy Fashion Twists

These long passion twists pop due to the two-tone look created by the wearers natural hair color and the color of the extensions used. It’s an easy way to create the two toned look without having to purchase different color extensions.

Long Spring Twists with Golden Blonde Ombre

Instagram / @londonsbeautii

#19: High Ponytail on Passion Twists

High ponytails are always so fun. Wrapping a few of your passion twists around the hair and using them to create a ponytail holder is also a nice touch and lets you acheive the style even when you don’t have a ponytail holder or hair elastic on hand.

Black Passion Twists into High Ponytail with Twisted Base

Instagram / @_herstylist

#20: Middle Parted Knotless Passion Twists

A middle part hairstyle allows wearing the hair not just in the middle but on either side of the center. A great option for people who want a lot of versatility from their protective style.

Long Natural Looking Passion Twists with Middle Parting

Instagram / @queens.hairstyle

#21: Mid Back Fluffy Passion Twists

The silkiness and shine of water wave extensions are on full display for these long, mid back, black passion twists that look really touchable and shiny.

Silky and Shiny Long Protective Hairstyle

Instagram / @tydidmyhair

#22: Long Ombre Passion Twists

If you love wearing long box braids or Senegalese twists but find them too heavy, then long passion twists are definitely worth trying, as they are known to be the lightest of the three styles.

Long Brown Passion Twists

Instagram / @braidedbygilly

#23: Passion Twist Updo

This updo is perfect for the office, a wedding or other formal event. Don’t hesitate to make this your next hairdo for any upcoming events that require that extra level of glam and elegance.

Passion Twists into Low Bun Hairstyle

Instagram / @londonsbeautii

#24: Red Passion Twists in a Bun

If red is your color, then this is a must try. The high bun, while full, is not too large to be natural and the overall look can be easily worn as an everyday style.

Red Passion Twists into Top Knot

Instagram / @euphoricstylez

#25: Red Brown Passion Braids Hairstyle

Here is another great way to jazz up your protective hairstyle using color. Rich mahogany brown looks absolutely yummy when paired with laid back, not tight and regular braided hairstyle.

#26: Large Passion Twist Bun

Recreate this stunning bun the next time you need a simple yet elegant hairstyle. If there is one passion twists hairstyle you should try, then this is it. Perfect for medium to long twists!

Twists into Oversized High Bun

Instagram / @_herstylist

#27: Passion Twists with Butterfly Accessories

You don’t have to be Mariah Carey to love butterflies. These butterfly hair clips are super cute and a trendy way to accessorize passion twist hairstyles.

Long Passion Twists with Blonde Streaks and Butterfly Clips

Instagram / @braidedbygilly

#28: Long Black Passion Twists

You absolutely cannot go wrong with long, black hair extensions regardless of style. This is the perfect passion twist hairstyle for long hair lovers that doesn’t feel too heavy on the head.

Butt Length Passion Twists

Instagram / @alexianna_styles

#29: White Blonde Passion Twists

One of the great things about extensions is they allow you to experiment with different hair lengths, colors and textures. If you like standing out, these blonde passion twists should definitely be on your hairstyle bucket list.

White Blonde Passion Twists on Natural Hair

Instagram / @thereal_imanid

#30: Medium Length Crochet Passion Twists

These lovely medium-length passion twists were installed using the crochet method with the front individually installed. This ensures the hair line looks natural and the hair can be pulled back to create a lovely top bun if desired. It can also be gentler on the scalp.

Crocket Passion Twists Hairstyle

Instagram / @tydidmyhair

Passion twists are a great protective styling option that, with careful installation and proper maintenance, can help you retain length and achieve any hair growth goals you may have. Passion twists are easy to customize, which means you can wear different passion twists styles for months on end and never be bored with your hair.