Jennifer Lopez Hair Evolution in the Most Killer Appearances

We’re pretty sure that Jenny from the Block has a secret anti-aging potion that isn’t sold to the masses-we really need to know her style secrets and how she got her Jennifer Lopez hair in the first place! JLo has been the center of attention for close to two decades, and she still reigns supreme as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and beloved stars.

Jennifer Lopez Hair Evolution

We can’t get enough of Jennifer Lopez’s hair! Seriously, is there a time when she doesn’t look fabulous? We’ll take a look at some of JLo’s best hair moments throughout the years in this celebrity guide.

#1: Natural Locks (1998)

Jennifer Lopez’s natural hair was the forefront of most of the early to late 1990’s. She knew that the best way to attract attention was by simply being herself, even if she had to resort to the nickname Jenny from the Block-she never forgot her roots or her natural hair color.

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#2: Sporty Princess (2000)

We couldn’t get enough of ponytails then, and we can’t get enough of them now! What’s the perfect way to look fabulous on stage while working up a sweat with your awesome dance moves? That’s right, it’s wearing your hair in a sporty ponytail! The best part is that you can also look great while practicing your dance moves in the comfort of your own home.

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#3: Pretty Pigtails (2002)

Most people try to stray away from pigtails because they’re synonymous with youth, but we think that pigtails are the perfect answer for a hot summer day! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t pull of this adorable look because we definitely think that it looks great on anyone. (Especially girls with short hair!)

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#4: Silky Headwrap (2003)

Headwraps aren’t just for your grandma! You can pull off a look just as chic as JLo’s if you choose the right one, and the greatest thing of wearing one of these is that you’ll save time styling to dedicate to doing other things. Headwraps come in a variety of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find one that perfectly matches your style.

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#5: Face-Framing Bangs (2004)

We’re not going to point out that JLo was sporting yet another classic ponytail look. She loves to wear the ponytail style almost as much as Ariana Grande. The most important part about this style though is the face-framing bangs. Bangs should be used to accentuate and elongate your face-you want to make sure to choose a style that works best for the shape of your face.

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#6: Voluminous Updo (2005)

If you have a lot of hair you know that creating a look that speaks volumes is pretty simple, but what if you have extremely thin hair that doesn’t ever seem to cooperate? We’ve got you covered with this awesome video tutorial for ways to create maximum volume with thin hair. You’ll look as stunning as Jennifer Lopez at your next event: guaranteed.

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#7: Mocha Waves (2006)

Jennifer Lopez knows how to wear different hair styles! This includes everything from color to cut and anything in between! We were definitely fans of the mocha colors paired with an elegant wave that made the lighter tones pop.

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#8: Sky High Bun (2008)

The sky’s the limit-or in this case, the bun’s the limit because JLo wore this bun as high as it would go. Buns are an awesome way to make yourself stand out at a formal event. While most girls might opt to wear their hair down and curly, choose to be daring and find the perfect bun style for yourself with this chic chignon bun guide!

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#9: Show Your Roots (2009)

Jennifer Lopez was already ahead of the style curve in 2009 because one of the latest trends is to embrace your natural roots. There’s another way to let your roots take center stage and that’s with rainbow roots. So will you choose to go daring or natural with your roots?

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#10: Sparkle and Accessorize (2010)

Jennifer Lopez knows better than anyone that a little sparkle can go a long way! That’s why we love the idea of adding a pretty sparkly barrette or hair clip to our hair to give it some major wow factor. Plus, it’s sure to stylishly keep our bangs out of our face on a hot summer day.

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#11: Sun-Kissed Highlights (2012)

These highlights are the perfect answer for any girl that’s afraid to go too daring with their hair! Sun-kissed highlights look like you’ve naturally been out in the sun and your hair has been naturally highlighted. It won’t be too dramatic of an effect but it will definitely get you noticed!

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#12: Blonde Bombshell (2014)

If you’re terrified to get your hair cut this is a great look for girls with long locks. All you need to do is pull back some of your bangs and then curl the ends of your hair loosely to get this style. It’s simple and sexy and it looks fantastic on blondes!

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#13: Curly Short Hair (2015)

This Jennifer Lopez haircut is sure to turn heads, and if you’ve been trying to keep your eye out for a new haircut this might just be the answer. It’s not too short, but it will still be easy to style and maintain. You can even curl your hair with this shorter length.

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#14: Long and Layered (2016)

If you’re trying to decide what to do with your boring straight hair, then you might want to consider adding layers to it! It’s an easy way to add a little change to your style and the best part is you don’t have to give up your beloved length for this kind of haircut.

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#15: Nude Hair Color (2017)

We have become obsessed with JLo’s new hair! It’s a pretty and sophisticated and also known by names like “nude”, “beige” or even “wheat” blonde. We already know our hair goals this season, and it looks like Jennifer Lopez got it right yet again.

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Jennifer Lopez never falls flat when it comes to style, whether it’s in hair or beauty! She always knows how to steal the show and make us want to run to our favorite hairstylist. Jennifer Lopez hairstyles are at the top of most girls’ #hairgoals, and it’s no wonder we adore her. She really knows how to pick just the right color and style to look fantastic without going overboard-Jenny from the Block will always be our natural hair superstar!