20 Head Wrap Styles for Natural Hair with Easy Video Tutorials

Have you ever come across a photo on Instagram or a gorgeous stranger in a head wrap and wonder, how did she do that? Well, we’re here to help demystify those fabulous looks. We’ve got 20 head-wrap styles in easy how-to videos to show you that styling a head wrap is even easier than you think!

#1: Gravity-Defying Crown

Always wondered how someone with short hair can achieve a gravity-defying look? This tutorial will show you how to add some height to your turban looks without having to grow 10 more inches of hair. The best part is that the stocking cap will keep everything in place all day.

#2: Tight Top-Knot

Edges not coming out the way you planned? @melaninrichnyajal has got the perfect, simple style to get those edges covered! Want to show off those edges? After styling, push your wrap back and slay!

#3: Marley Hair Shortie Head-Wrap

Looking for different ways to spice up your next ponytail look? @a.dai.sa has got you covered with these 5 quick ways to style a shortie head wrap. Feel free to try these looks without the added hair, as well!

#4: One-Minute Tall Crown

Have only 5 minutes to get out the door? Try out this quick and easy look to get moving quickly and look fabulous while doing it. This look is my go-to when I want effortless glam.

#5: Simple Turban

Sometimes the simplest head wrap styles are the most fun. @alexandra_nx’s quick Tinashe head-wrap tutorial will have you out the door in minutes and looking gorgeous all day long! You can also create this style with a shortie head-wrap, if you want to use less fabric.

#6: Turban with Bangs

Style your next look with a ‘bang’ with this easy-to-follow tutorial. A twist on a classic turban style, this look is sure to have you turning heads. Pro tip: To create faux bangs, use a bobby pin to create your preferred length for your bangs before styling your wrap.

#7: High Top-Knot Head-Wrap

Want to add some height to your look the simple way? Then @kammmmi_’s simple tutorial is just what you need! Featuring any easy twisted bun, this look is perfect for beginners.

#8: Three-Knot Head-Wrap Tutorial

Looking for added moisture retention? This unbelievably simple tutorial will have you ready to face your day in minutes knowing that your hair is protected from all the elements.

#9: Flat Bun

Twist out not quite ready yet? Give your style time to set while still looking fab with this simple head-wrap look. You’ll turn heads while getting your curls ready for your next style!

#10: Classic Turban

Ever wondered how Erykah Badu achieves the perfect turban every time? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a flawless turban every single time. The best part is, this style looks good with any print!

#11: Faux Locks Head-Wrap

Sometimes, wearing your hair in faux locks, or another protective style, can get boring. This head-wrap style tutorial will show you how to spice up your look within minutes. You can switch up the look by letting a few locks hang loose.

#12: Bandana Wrap

Your edges don’t have to be laid every day. With this simple bandana look, you can add some fun to your messy bun. The best part is that the bandana style looks great with a short cut, too!

#13: Classic Bow

Sometimes you just need a little drama in your day. This bold bow will take any outfit to the next level with a few knots and a fluff. You’ll turn heads everywhere you go!

#14: Three Ways to Save Your Look with Head Wrap Styles

Bantu knot-out not coming out as planned? @a.dai.sa’s quick tutorial will show you 3 quick ways to take your style from failed to fabulous.

#15: Twist Crown Head-Wrap

Looking for a no-fuss, simple and cute style? This tutorial will take you from bad hair day to queen in less than one minute! This style pairs perfectly with jeans and a tee.

#16: ’70s-Inspired Head-Wrap

Want to take your puff look to the next level with a ’70s flare? @a.dai.sa’s tutorial will help you do just that. With a few folds and a knot, you’ll be ready to take on your day with a gorgeous new ’do.

#17: Show-Stopping Bow Head-Wrap

Believe that bigger is better? This show-stopping bow style is just what you need! With some artful fluffing, you can create a look that no one will ever forget. The secret to this gravity-defying look is the ankara material used to make the headwrap style. With this tutorial, you’ll never have to worry about your look falling flat.

#18: Low-Bun Head-Wrap

Business in the front, party in the back takes on a new meaning with this cute style. This style is an effortless mix of demure and chic.

#19: High-Bun Head-Wrap

This style is as simple as tie, twist and tuck! This flawless bun is the perfect style for brunch with the girls for drinks with friends. To get the full look, follow the makeup tutorial at the beginning for fabulous natural glam.

#20: Small-Bow Head-Wrap

Looking for an elegant way to elevate your next look? This dazzling bow looks complicated but is easy to create. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll be out the door with a whole new look.

All of the above tutorials will have you covered, no matter the season; you’ll never have a bad hair day again! Follow @ceeceesclosetnyc on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for look inspirations and even more head wrap styles!

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