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Updated on January 25, 2021
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19. Babette Updo with Indian Accessories

Babette updo that originates from the 60’s can become a nice base for a bridal Indian hairstyle. In fact, accessories make the look in this case. Under other circumstances, we’d say there’s too much jewelry, but Indian style is exactly about all this glitter and splendor.

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Indian wedding hairstyles will interest you if you want your bridal ceremony to be extravagant and special. Indian wedding is a bright holiday of two loving hearts that, according to the Vedas, bring their souls together. It’s believed that the couples who take marriage vows stay together for the next seven lives. The hairstyles we have included into our list will help you to create a heavenly bridal look in Indian style. Look at them thoroughly and choose the one you really like!

Gorgeous Hairstyles for Indian Wedding

Here are the pictures of splendid traditional Indian hairstyles and the latest contemporary ‘dos in Aryan style for long, medium and short hair. Get ready to be impressed!

1. Traditional Braided Bridal Hairstyle

A thick long braid, decorated with flower garlands, pearls or chic golden accessories is considered to be a traditional hairstyle variety for the Indian style wedding. The braid is tight, neat and thick. Indian hairstyles commonly feature a middle part that is adorned with Maang Tikka (Indian ethnic accessory). This hairstyle will look great with round face, oval and triangle.

2. Chic Aryan Updo

Another cute idea of Indian hairstyle is a fancy bun updo, framed by the elegant thin braids and beautiful petal-like curls. The scattering of tiny crystals looks awesome on the black hair and harmonizes with the round print of the dress.

3. Traditional Indian Wedding Hairstyle with a Veil

An elegant side downdo can serve as a new substitute of the traditional Indian braid. This fancy hairstyle is nice to wear under the bridal veil that can be colorful, same like the bridal gown. As we see, there’s no center parting here, so the bride can’t wear Maang Tikka. She substitutes it with showy chandelier earrings and the matching necklace.

4. Long Wavy Downdo with a Bouffant and Maang Tikka

When an Indian bride doesn’t want to style a tight braid or a compact updo, she may try a modern free-flowing hairstyle with a bouffant like the one in the photo. This downdo can also be worn with a bridal veil that is easy to fix at the back, under the bouffant. You may choose it in case you have either thick or thin hair – it will work great with both hair types.

5. Elegant Braided Updo with Fresh Flowers

The reigning cult of flowers in South Indian region echoes in wedding décor and adornments. Bridal hairstyles are often completed with fresh rose buds, lilies, freesias or jasmine flowers. With the golden accessories, added to the fragrant band, the bride looks breathtaking. The hairstyle with the tight braided bun and the round hair piece in the center is the absolute delight!

6. Cute Indian Style Side Curly Downdo

In the modern world, traditions mix with fashion, and today any beautiful updo or downdo with a braid, curls, or freely-flowing loose locks will do for the Indian style wedding. Anyway, soft, curvy lines, feminine ringlets and delicate hairstyle silhouettes are very welcome.

7. The Best Glamorous Curly Updo with Large Flowers

Here is a popular idea of the Indian style curly updo. The graceful curls that remind flower buds are shifted to one side only to be balanced by the two large white flowers. A bouffant is an important element of any festive updo.

8. Stylish Curly Downdo with a Middle Part

Indian girls take a very good care of their locks, so why not to show off their beauty in your bridal hairstyle? Hairstyles for Indian wedding with long springy curls and a central parting, adorned by Maang Tikka, are the best idea. A more refined alternative to the popular today shattered curls!

9. Voluminous Long Hairstyle

India is a country of romance, flowers and gorgeous feminine beauty. These are also main messages of bridal looks and hairdos in Indian style. A trendy and at the same time simple hairstyle solution we want to acquaint you with is the long downdo with added volume. Curls only for the ends of long locks are another trend of modern wedding hairstyles.

10. Heavenly Curly Updo with Hair Flowers

Indian updos are the hair-to-hair type of hairstyles. They look elaborate and sophisticated. Whenever flowers are used to adorn a hairstyle in Indian style, the texture of hair tends to mimic the pattern of the flower buds. This is exactly what occurs with these adorable black loopy curls and the charming red roses.

11. Fancy Short Hairdo for Indian Wedding

It’s cool to have long thick healthy hair. In this case, you can pick any image in our review and re-create the hairstyle you like. And what to do if your hair is short? Here is a lovely Indian style hairstyle for short hair. A cluster of jasmine flowers and the large strasses, fixed along the line of hair growth can upgrade any easy short hairstyle.

12. Pixie Hairstyle for Indian Wedding

Even a sassy short haircut like pixie can be adjusted to fit into the style of Indian wedding. Style your pixie with a lift at the roots, defining the sharply angled ends. Shop around for the right floral hair piece. It should be in tune with the texture of your hair.

13. Low Curly Updo with a Jeweled Headband

Medium length hair can be styled into a loose curly updo with neatly tucked edges. The hairstyle leaves an impression of delicate lace curls, skillfully arranged into a very elegant bridal ‘do. The jeweled headband and bright earrings complete the perfect picture. For makeup, get a perfect winged eyeliner look.

14. Back-Swept Blonde Hairstyle with a Tiara

Indian girls have dark hair and tanned skin. If you are blonde with fair skin, you can also create a cool Indian style bridal look with the right hairstyle. For medium hair, it can be a French knot with a bouffant. If your hair is short, you can have it backcombed heavily and combed back to come up with an illusion of updo. Indian style tiara and fancy earrings will be right to the point for the zest.

15. How Can You Style a Bob in Indian Style?

Make a distinct side parting and style your fine bob straight. It’s easily feasible for any girl. Add a lace jeweled headband and large earrings. Note that the headband is pushed backwards towards the crown, opening the model’s ears, but you may wear it the way that flatters you the most. As you have already noticed, an accent on the eyes with neutral or nude lips is a popular makeup pattern for Indian style.

16. Sophisticated Updo with Braids and Twists

Thick Indian hair is a good base for intricate updos which combine different elements. A crown French braid and a low bun from twists are an excellent idea of a trendy bridal updo in Indian style. The twists provide the unique texture that may look just a little bit messy, while the other elements of the hairstyle remain impeccable.

17. Voluminous Indian Updo with a Polished Finish

This multi-tiered updo amazes with its volume, the flawless polished finish and the delicate choice of hair accessories. The bride seems to be a real princess, you can’t look away, and the hairstyle is the main attractant of this gorgeous bridal look.

18. Formal Updo in Indian Style

Many Indian brides tend to indulge in abundance of jewelry and flowers. But in case you are more attracted to modern minimalism, you will appreciate this rather simple but elegant and refined updo with a bouffant and bun at the nape. Use a sophist-o-twist bun maker for a perfect bun.

19. Babette Updo with Indian Accessories

Babette updo that originates from the 60’s can become a nice base for a bridal Indian hairstyle. In fact, accessories make the look in this case. Under other circumstances, we’d say there’s too much jewelry, but Indian style is exactly about all this glitter and splendor.

20. Extravagant Updo for Long Hair

This extraordinary look is not for everyone. One of the largest bouffants we have ever seen is combined with a low bulky bun and adorned with a statement Indian style hair piece. Would you dare wearing something like this to your wedding? We recommend it, just try!

Indian style hairstyles amaze, impress and mesmerize… They can leave you and your wedding guests speechless, surprise all of you and become a real feast for eyes. Choose the one that gets a response from your heart. They are all worthy, indeed!

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