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Updated on May 08, 2021

While you may spend most of your time finding the perfect dress and keeping your bridesmaids in line, don’t forget the importance of the flower girl hairstyle. The petal-dropper is a key character of making a memorable entrance when you walk down the aisle. Explore the pictures of our favorite 20 styles in the gallery below.

Tender And Creative Flower Girl Hairstyles

Our gallery includes simple downdos and half up hairstyles that can be created at home as well as more complex but effortless-looking ‘dos which suggest a professional approach.

1. High Braided Bun

When hair is brown or black, it can be hard to see intricate details like braids, twists, ringlets, etc. Incorporate stark white buds and baby’s breath to provide a much-needed contrast to dark hair.

2. Free Natural Curls

Empower your young one by embracing her unique curl pattern. Full and fun kinky curls need an equally noticeable floral headpiece to match. Offset your darling’s natural black hairstyle with a sweet flower crown.

3. Hippie Double Braid

Many women may veer towards white florals and sleek curls for a wedding, but an unconventional bride will enjoy this multi-braid messy look with tiara. If you are in search of a hairstyle for flower girl that fits into a more low-key wedding, this is a suitable style.

4. Triple Waterfall Style

Flower crowns are fun, but they can overshadow an intricate style especially when it comes to long, thin hair. To accent a delicate mix of twists and braids with a flowing waterfall effect, add a single light-colored flower.

5. Middle Part with Twist

This is a classic, age-appropriate style for a traditional wedding. Angelic curls perfectly complement a sweet and stylish flower girl as she floats down the aisle. While being wedding-appropriate, this look would also work well for a variety of formal occasions.

6. Loose Messy Curls

Let your young girl’s soft curls shine by allowing them to be free and flowing. For a quick and easy hairstyle with flowers, simply match a floral crown to the dress of choice. The soft pinks and rich forest greens pop against hazelnut colored hair.

7. Simple Side Ponytail

When your wee one has short hair with insufficient length for dizzying designs, it is best to keep it simple. A soft twist and pretty white flower will do the trick. It will also work well for class pictures or birthday parties with a casual outfit.

8. Straight Hair With A Side Part

If you are going for understated glamour, but still want visual interest within a standard hairdo, try this creative floral look with headband. The band can act as a “vine” where you can weave small flowers in different colors.

9. Mixed Floral Headpiece

When your toddler can barely walk—let alone has hair—your best option for short hair is a blooming headpiece to complement a fluffy white dress. The best part about this flower hairstyle for little girls is that the accessory is easy to remove when she inevitably grows tired of it.

10. Curled High Bun

If your flower girl has thick hair, this is a great updo to try for the ceremony. It is polished and pretty, but still has a youthful touch of whimsy with small flowers inserted throughout.

11. High Or Low Bun With Hair Flowers

When you have more than one flower girl, it can be hard to find styles that aren’t identical, but still remain complementary to the wedding theme. The high and the low bun seem similar enough to be seen together, but unique enough to make each young lady feel special.

12. Sweet and Chic

Many women opt to have their younger participants in mini replicas of their own wedding dresses. If this is the case, it is important to have a flower girl hairstyle that matches the bridal ‘do but still appears young and fun. A curly bun with a gorgeous pale pink flower barrette may be the best choice.

13. Charming Flower Crown

Here’s another great example of using a floral arrangement. Add a cute touch to the young flower girl’s white wedding look with a gorgeous floral crown. Pastel pink flowers look brighter against golden blonde locks.

14. Whimsical Braided Updo

If you are tired of flower crowns and barrettes, try weaving small buds throughout your French braid for a charming addition to the standard style. Rich violet and lilac flowers pop against this sweet chocolate color for a photo worthy hairstyle.

15. Braided Bun with Double Flower

Elevate a basic bun with braids, which will add texture and interest. Instead of overwhelming a small child’s flower hairstyle with huge blooms, opt for smaller ones in some delicate shades of pink.

16. Chic and Sleek

Little girls love to play dress up, so why not to make their fantasies come true with a “big girl updo” for your special day? Decorate the style with a headband to keep it playful.

17. Babes and Blooms

Give your little one something to smile about by making her the envy of the play group. If she already has a big personality, give her a major outfit and a fun hairstyle with headband.

18. Hippie Chic Girls’ Hairstyle

While this flower girl hairstyle with headband would be perfect for a “casual” wedding, it also would work well as a back to school look. Festival chic is in and this look screams Coachella.

19. Polished Preppy Hairstyle For Girls

A tiara is a lovely accessory any girl would love to wear. Let the princess in your life shine like a queen no matter where she goes.

20. Curled Petal Ponytail

This updo for African-American hair is the true meaning of flower power. Combining petal-like curls and actual flowers delivers one truly unique look.

Flower girl hairstyles can range from casual to chic depending on the dress code of your wedding. It is important to keep in mind the age of the participant, as well as what floral colors match well with specific hair hues. Whatever style you choose, it is sure to be picture-perfect.

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