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Updated on December 20, 2023

Experimenting with hair accessories and hairstyles was my favorite hobby growing up, and it eventually turned into a full-time job. Hair accessories can turn the hair from messy, frizzy or boring to chic and trendy with little to no effort. It can also double as a budget-friendly gift for your best friend. Now, let’s check out some of my go-to Instagram shops.

1. Lele Sadoughi

Lele Sadoughi is a luxury hair-accessory line. It kind of gives me a Blaire Waldorf, contemporary, valley girl vibe, if you know what I mean. They have these huge stylish, boujee headbands that leave a lasting impression. As Blaire would say, “Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness, didn’t know where to shop”.

Lele Sadoughi Shop

2. Kitsch

I’m so happy I found someone who understands women so perfectly. In Kitsch, I can always find everything necessary — from casual hair coils and bobby pins to cute all-time scrunchies, jewelry and sleeping items! What I like most is their neutral trendy color palette, as their most popular colors are black, white and nude. Perfect. Besides, professional hairstylists or amateur hair junkies can find many useful styling accessories in the Kitsch Pro collection.

Kitsch Shop

3. Kanel Denmark

This is a line of hair decorations, ornaments and hair jewelry made for anyone, at any age, who wants to spice up their life. These ultra-cute hair accessories come in all kinds of candy colors, textures, materials and styles. This will be your new secret beauty weapon. Game on.

Kanel Denmark Shop

4. Seoul Import

Seoul Import is a dreamy shop inspired by the founder Julie Svendal’s love for playful feminine accessories. The shop specializes in handmade colorful hair clips of various designs and styles. Every item is imbued with uniqueness and delicacy. However, at the same time, all of the accessories here exude unpretentiousness and delightful vintage flair and can perfectly complement even the simplest hairstyle.

Seoul Import Shop


This runway-inspired, modern luxe hair-accessory brand is handcrafted in NYC. It has a feminine and fierce vibe, made from high-quality materials. They sell fashion-foward hair jewelry that stands out in a crowd. Whether you want to pile it on, tie your hair back in style, or shop the red carpet, they got you covered.


6. Villager Threads

This is a new small business that has a really creative twist to baseball caps. Everything is embroidered by this super-talented girl, who reminds me how much I did not pay attention in my home economics class. She is always backed up with orders as of late, which means switching on my notifications so I can get a chance to snag my very own personalized hat.

Villager Threads Shop

7. Epona Valley

Epona Valley is, by far, my go-to shop for hair accessories for any occasion and mood. They have, basically, everything a girl could want and need. Their accessories are timeless. They wonderfully combine luxurious style and simplicity, plus are always trendy. Their effortless, beachy, vintage and boho item styles captivate with charm, aesthetic equilibrium and variety. Most of the time, I get lucky with their awesome sales throughout the year, but if you really want it or your gut is telling you that it’s going to sell out, then you ought to snag it before it’s too late. It’s always worth it.

Epona Valley Shop

8. Anthropologie

Anthropologie represents soft, delicate, boho chic, easy cool, elegant classic and modern sporty. Yes, all of them. I honestly get so inspired from my shopping experiences at Anthropologie. They have such a unique and exciting collection of floppy hats, tassel necklaces and jeweled barrettes, which means you will probably be spending more than you anticipated. Their hair accessories are some of the very best in custom and handmade pieces.

Anthropologie Shop


Getting married?! Better check out BHLDN. You won’t be disappointed. This is a brides’ one-stop shop for everything beautiful. They carry a selection of wedding gowns, party dresses, pretty wedding decorations, princess vibe shoes, and the most elegant, bohemian, vintage-inspired hair accessories. Not to mention, they invented the new modern-day hair accessory to top off their gowns, called the headpiece. OK, well, I’m not sure if that’s an actual fact, but they definitely take first place in the most romantic, unique, wedding hair accessories around.


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10. MC Davidian

Hair accessories that are handmade in France — can anything be cuter and more feminine? Perhaps, only if they are encrusted in Swarovski crystals. MC Davidian is the place to go to find any item you need — from elegant elastics, hair clips of various designs and vintage-looking combs to exclusive brushes. There is no better place to find a perfect sophisticated gift for a woman who loves hair accessories.

MC Davidian Shop

11. Jennifer Behr

Made with love in my home state of New York, this is a luxury hair-accessory line, all made by hand from start to finish. Obviously, it’s more on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for. They are beautiful and timeless, making it an easy fashion decision.

Jennifer Behr Shop

12. Winden

Winden is the embodiment of pure class, minimalism and elegant simplicity. Colors, textures and shapes of their pieces are allegedly inspired by nature. They sell handmade jewelry and accessories made from fine and natural materials, including plant-based plastic. Mindfulness and refinement — these are two accurate words to describe Winden’s creations.

Winden Shop

13. Baublebar

Updating your wardrobe has never been easier. This trendy brand gives you so many options with which to play around. It is chic and fashionable, with a small selection of unique hair accessories. Did I mention that they are customizable? And, I love that the accessories can be personalized.

Baublebar Shop

14. Stoney Clover Lane

I found out about Lele Sadoughi because they did a collaboration with Stoney Clover Lane, of whom I’ve been a huge fan for the past year and a half. They created some of the most fantastic headbands I have ever seen, plus a really cute scrunchie set that doubles as an arm accessory. But what I love about this company even more is their really cool, colorful, unique twist on lifestyle and travel accessories. Everything is customizable, and you can decorate them with their very own designed patches. Not only do I get to collect really awesome hair accessories, now I get to collect some cool organizers in which to put them.

Stoney Clover Lane Shop

15. Valet Studio

If you visit the Valet Studio website or Instagram page, you’ll understand my adoration of this shop. When I try to choose something there, I feel like I’m a kid in a candy store. Their hair accessories are so unique and pleasant — they always make me smile because it’s like a throwback to childhood, but in a good sense — the items have such playful and cute designs, so I can’t help but want to buy EVERYTHING.

Valet Studio Shop

16. Manner Market

These guys specialize in hair scarfs, and I’ve never seen anything more beautiful and stylish. I’m in love with Manner Market accessories, as they’re inspired by the glam of the previous decades. And these charming vintage vibes fill them with a luxurious yet minimalistic and sophisticated look. This brand makes their accessories from the finest silk and puts emphasis on the uncompromising quality. I can’t neglect to mention the versatility of their products; these are wear-with-anything accessories that you can wear on your neck or tie around the handle of your purse. Just, wow. This e-commerce retailer sells a variety of young, hip, trendy, unique, up-to-date fashion pieces from all the popular brands. And that goes for their hair-accessory section, too, plus not to mention the awesome deals. This is becoming one of my favorite go-to shops!

Manner Market Shop

17. Room Shop

What I like most in the Room Shop is their oversized scrunchies. They remind me of the times when I was that girl in elementary school with the big bows, giant headbands, jumbo clips and matching dresses. Anyone else?! Every day, it was a new outfit and a new hairdo with a matching bow, of course. I mean, duh. Now, I see these scrunchies more as stylish summer accessories to complement the look with a light dress or a Provence-styled off-the-shoulder top and jeans. They look like colorful satin clouds on the hair, giving lightness and elegance to the hairstyle.

Room Shop

18. Jeanette Maree

They caught my eye recently with some really cute and subtle bridal headpieces. I mean, who can skip this fairytale-looking exquisite anything? Perfect for gifts, hair tutorials, festive events, photo shoots and, sure for that special wedding day. Jeanette Maree creates everything a bride and bridesmaids could ever imagine and desire: there is a splendid variety of headbands, veils, crowns, pins and combs of any color, decoration and style.

Jeanette Maree Shop

19. Bachca Paris

I’m so fancy, you already know. These are, by far, the most fancy, shmancy bobby pins I have ever purchased. And they are from Paris, the fashion capital of the world, need I say more? These are the types of bobby pins that you show off. Who wouldn’t want to show them off with their chic, ivory and gold designs. They also have a sophisticated, classy and high-quality line of hair and makeup brushes!

Bachca Paris Shop

20. Lack of Color Hats

How could I possibly not mention hats? These guys from Australia have some of the coolest hats around. Also, what I adore is their guide for finding the perfect hat to suit your face shape. You can choose the best piece according to their suggestions and tips all online with no effort. Isn’t it great and so well thought-out? I mean, why has no one else I know thought of this to make customers’ lives so much easier? Lack of Color makes caps, hats of straw and wool, and their buckets are awesome and well made.

Lack of Color Hats Shop

Check out my Instagram for some trendy hairstyle tutorials featuring fashionable hair accessories. I always experiment with easy and quick hairstyles, as well as the latest, newest, most stylish hair accessories around!

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