20 Cozy and Cute Sweater Weather Hair Ideas

Sweater Weather Style is a worthy opponent of Coachella’s boho chic aesthetics, even if you still feel those summer vibes. Fortunately, top hair stylists know how to warm up your capricious fashionista’s ego when it’s getting colder. Here is some pure concentrated inspiration to improve or completely change your winter hair styling routine!

Sweater Weather Hair Styles

If you’ve already prepared your hair for the coldest season, the next step is styling. Sweater Weather isn’t about boring frizzy ponytails or hiding all the beauty under a knitted hat. High fashion insiders offer to play with natural hues, sun kissed highlights, vintage accessories and various textures like brushed-out waves, fringed ends and even extremely voluminous curls. Are you, girls, ready for experiments?

#1: High Messy Bun

This feminine and elegant hairstyle is really easy to make, because it requires only elastics, hairpins, a strong fixation spray and romantic mood. A messy bun is a wonderful solution, if you need to complete a high neck sweater and stay gorgeous.

Messy Bun With Shaved Nape

Instagram / @hairbysaretta

#2: Massive Bun Plus DIY Headband

Actually, hair is not the only component of modern hairstyles. Pay attention to various accessories and headpieces this winter to improve your image and have some fun. Small stylish elements can make every casual hairstyle look classy and chic.

Messy Updo With A Head Scarf

Instagram / @alliedoeshair

#3: Halo Made of Braids

You don’t have to be a good girl to look like an angel – just try on this braided halo, which is perfect for this sweater weather season. Be sure to fix the result with hairpins around the perimeter to enjoy the sumptuous style all day long.

#4: Black Bow

Emphasize your elegance with a black bow, using the same accessory or a simple ribbon of any fabric. This simple trick will make your hairstyle special. For total success, you’ll also need to achieve those effortless naturally looking waves.

Wavy Half Updo For Long Hair

Instagram / @sarahpotempa

#5: Glamorous Locks meet Golden Hairpins

This hairstyle idea is specific, stylish and dainty. Women usually hide hairpins. You can use them as saucy accessories because why not! Part your hair down one side, shape and fix those curls and enjoy your glamorous look!

Curly Vintage Bob With Hairpins

Instagram / @bryannoahhair

#6: Victoria’s Secret Locks

The iconic concept of sweater weather hair came from street style models, just like everything we have in contemporary wearable fashion. The shiny locks easily embody the idea of putting on oversized layered clothes, running through the 5th avenue and looking awesome.

Long Brown Blonde Balayage Hair

Instagram / @petronellanilsson

#7: Sleek Twisted Ponytail

Add some bohemian chic to your casual look to go out and show who the boss is. This hairstyle is both austere and sexy which makes it suitable for all special and ordinary occasions, a formal office suit and a luxury evening gown.

#8: Braided Headband

This is a romantic, fluffy and sumptuous style for your winter collection of stunning looks. You can use your own braided hair or a ready headband to implement this cute sweater weather idea. Moreover, voluminuous ponytails always look relevant and classy.

Messy Ponytail With A Braid

Instagram / @kassinka

#9: High Pony

You know that sometimes simplicity is the best solution, especially if you’re in a hurry and have to quickly cope with your second day hair. The high pony is the sweater weather’s favorite hairstyle, because it’s stylish, easy and ideal to mix with cozy layered outfits.

messy tousled ponytail

Instagram/ @twistmepretty

#10: Futuristic Bob with a Shaved Temple

Sweater weather hair trends can be radical and unexpected. If you’re ready for seasonal transformations, take your punk moment and shave the temple. Optionally, you can show it or not – it depends on what hairstyle you choose. Deep inside, we’re all part-time punks.

Short Blunt Bob With Temple Undershave

Instagram / @mm_zgat

#11: Half-Up Bun

This lovely and practical half-up bun works for any occasion. It perfectly shows the length of your beautiful hair unlike the full-fledged bun. And it’s really comfortable to wear in comparison with loose hair. You can go to the gym like this or walk down the red carpet. Anyway, your half-up bun is gonna look awesome.

Messy Half Updo For Medium Hair

Instagram / @brittsully

#12: Vintage Headband

Go to the nearest vintage shop and find something incredibly beautiful and inspiring. Such accessories are highly fashionable this season, so you can count on plenty of compliments and admiring glances!

Updo With A Headband

Instagram / @petronellanilsson

#13: Melting Color

A talented colorist can turn your hair into an amazing game of hues. If you dye your hair quite frequently, pay attention to the most fashionable colors: golden rose, peach, bronze and faded yellow. By the way, short layered hairstyles are BFF of sweater weather.

Shaggy Red Bob

Instagram / @larisadoll

#14: High Curly Ponytail

This is the easiest option for lazy hair days, if you’ve got natural curls. It is also a fresh and modern hairstyle, even if you have to curl your hair first. A high voluminious ponytail is the ideal solution for the unpredictable sweater weather mood.

Ombre Ponytail For Natural Hair

Instagram / @curldaze

#15: French Roll Variations

When you want or need to look extra elegant, try the classic French twist. Women wear this hairstyle for proms, weddings and red carpets. But it is so beautiful with casual style clothes, making literally every outfit look classy and smart.

French Twist Updo

Instagram / @salonxvi

#16: Cosmic Buns plus Zigzag Parting

When the weather is cruel, there are a few ways to lift your spirits. And a cute hairstyle is one of them. Funny, a little bit childish and endlessly charming, cosmic buns divided with an interesting part will surely make your outfit special.

Minnie Mouse Buns

Instagram / @joyjah

#17: Fish Tail Braid

This magnetic hairstyle can become your essential beauty hack during the sweater weather season. It’s practical, magnificent and quite easy to make. Just watch some video tutorials, master the skill and enjoy compliments!

Half Updo With Fishtail

Instagram / @taylor_lamb_hair

#18: Extra Volume

Lush and pompous hairstyles are highly fashionable now. Just one simple tip: don’t mix extra voluminous hair with extra bright makeup, if you’re not Beyonce.

Long Side-Parted Natural Hairstyle

Instagram / @sunitav_

#19: Fireballs

You probably remember this hairstyle from elementary school, but it can look much more interesting on adults, especially if your hair color is bright and shiny. Perfect for gym and day off walks.

Bubble Ponytail For Medium Hair

Instagram / @ellaschair

#20: High Bun

This softly textured and slightly messy bun looks both smart and casual, depending on your outfit. In combination with a cozy sweater, buns always win! Don’t forget to fix your winter hairstyle with the help of hairpins and a firm hold spray.

high bun hairstyle

Instagram/ @kellgrace

Have you already fallen in love with sweater weather hairstyles? This is a truly magic season, so keep warm, master the art of braiding and make your winter unforgettable!

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