15 Bubble Braid Hairstyles with Styling Tips and Tutorial

The bubble braids trend is flooding the streets, making everyone consider styling a few bubbles in their own locks. The hairstyle is super easy to achieve but finds its place both in a casual pony and wedding hair ‘dos.

Want to impress everyone at a party or look especially pretty for the first date? See an easy tutorial and the best bubble braid hairstyles we have collected for you.

How to Do Bubble Braids

Bubble braids can make parts of diverse hairstyles – from high ponytail to half up half down braided updo. However, the way to create them is quite the same. You will just need hair ties (transparent or all of the same color), some styling products, and a fixation hairspray. Here are just a few steps to follow:

Step 1. Brush your hair and create a simple pony – this will be the base of your bubble braid. If you have straight hair, spray it with some dry shampoo or a salt spray to add some grit. This is especially important if your hair is freshly washed and slippery. If you have curly or natural hair, start with a regular untangling and use styling cream.

Step 2. Start tying the elastics at the regular distance down your pony. After putting each elastic, pull out the strands to create a cute bubble. Alternatively, you may bring the remaining pony through the hair between two elastics (aka create a topsy tail) and pull the loops to the sides.

Step 3. Continue until you get to the end of the bunch and use some hairspray to make your style stay in place all day long.

This easy pigtail bubble braids tutorial will make all the steps clear for you:

Popular Bubble Braid Hairstyles

Bubble braids look great on every hair texture and can be suitable for any occasion, from celebrating a birthday or an anniversary to going shopping. Scroll down to make sure bubble braids look great with both elegant dresses and casual outfits.

#1: Bubble Ponytail with Golden Hair Ties

Isn’t this a stunning way to upgrade boring everyday ponytails? Match your accessories with the ties, and you are sure to get into the spotlight.

#2: One French Bubble Braid

This style is significantly easier to achieve than traditional French or Dutch braid, but it has its secrets, too. To get a nice form, separate the top section of hair in the middle and use it to create a mohawk out of the bubbles. Voila!

Bubble French Braid

Instagram / @hairbyren10

#3: Bubble Braid Mohawk with Braided Sides

Neat side French braids and fluffy bubble braid mohawk – this hairstyle is sure to take a center stage. Be sure to apply a texturizing product and finish off with the strong hold hair spray to get the right sized bubble.

Beautiful Mohawk Hairstyle for Long Hair

Instagram / @jessicamillerhair

#4: Loose Double Bubble Braids

Thanks to the loose and a bit messy curls, this ‘do has a certain boho vibe to it. The best part – it is a low maintenance way to bring a second-day hair to an ultimate party look.

Loose Pigtail Bubble Braids

Instagram / @nia_hairstyles_

#5: Small Bubbles on Curly Hair

This bubble braid style doesn’t only look super cute, it is also a lifesaver for frizzy hair on rainy days. Start off with bubble flat braids, use elastics matching your hair color, and you are ready to go!

Pigtails with Small Sized Bubbles

Instagram / @trulee

#6: High Bubble Ponytail

High ponytails has been always drawing attention, and bubble braid is just an excellent way to add a new twist to the popular look. Don’t hesitate to use extensions and make the braid extra long.

Natural Hair Bubble Ponytail

Instagram / @jasmine.chanel_

#7: Special Occasion Bubble Braid Hairstyle

A beautiful front braid, curly framing streaks, a gentle bump adding height on the crown are all beautiful party hair elements, and the bubble ponytail fits the ‘do perfectly.

Elegant Updo with Side Braid and Bubble Pony

Instagram / @hairbyannalea

#8: Easy Side Braid

What can be easier than bringing all your hair to one side, tying some elastics about two inches away from each other and pulling each section to the sides? A great addition to the collection of easy hairstyles for long hair! Style a middle part and face framing layers for extra points.

Side Bubble Braid for Long Wavy Hair

Instagram / @d.loweh

#9: Fun Kanekalon Hair Idea

What if you do not have long thick hair to wear a showy bubble braid? Let extensions or simple kanekalon help you pull out some of the most creative hairstyle ideas!

Fun Braided Hairstyle with Kanekalon

Instagram / @_beautymark_

#10: Waterfall Braid into Bubble Pony

This hairstyle is super chic. Once you master a beautiful waterfall braid, finishing it off with cute bubbles will be a piece of cake.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with Bubble Ponytail

Instagram / @bri.danae_beauty

#11: Chic Low Bubble Ponytail

Bubble braid is a trendy way to style an elegant low ponytail look. Remember to wrap sections of your hair around the elastics and curl tail ends and tendrils to perfect the style.

Low Ponytail Hairstyle Idea

Instagram / @missysueblog

#12: Scrunchies all the Way

Scrunchies has been a major trend this summer and remains so due to the 80s hair trends comeback. So, scrunch your hair with some salt spray to get a messy structure and let a few nice scrunchies frame your bubbles. The hair looks full of volume and definitely deserves to get into your Instagram stories!

Messy Bubble Braid with Scrunchies

Instagram / @michaelgrayhair

#13: Creative Face Framing

Middle part hairstyles and money pieces are all the rage now. Tap into all the latest trends by styling two small bubble braids that will open up your face and accentuate the parting.

Face Framing Bubble Braids

Instagram / @michaelgrayhair

#14: Two Kinky Bubble Ponytails

This hairstyles looks impressive on natural hair. Don’t worry, you don’t have to grow your hair that long! Sleek your hair into two buns and continue with a kinky ponytail. It will be more comfortable to use ponytail holders instead of regular ties to shape the bubbles.

Huge Coily Hair Bubble Braids

Instagram / @_ciara.chanel

#15: Thin Fishtails on Bubbles

These braids look super difficult, but you don’t need a celebrity stylist to pull it off. Here are the main steps to create it: after you put a tie, separate hair into to strands, then fishtail braid a top one and stretch the section underneath it is a form of a bubble. Secure with an elastic and repeat the process again.

Intricate Pigtail Braids Idea

Instagram / @sara_hairstylista

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