Vanessa Osbourne
Published on December 01, 2022

When it comes to hairstyles for black women, box braids, cornrows and twist braids will always make the list. Buns are a common way of wearing these protective styles because they are suitable for just about any occasion and can be customized from loose and messy to tight and elegant and everything in between. Check out the selection of braided bun hairstyles and get ready to turn heads with your natural braided hair.

1. Cornrow Bun with Loose Curls

These feed-in braids are a thing of beauty, with their intricate heart-shaped details. The loose waves add an extra touch of romance and femininity, and the large bun tops it all off. This is a beautiful braided bun hairstyle that is perfect for a special occasion.

Braided Bun and Curly Locks

Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

2. Mini Box Braids Bun

It’s not unusual to wear box braids in a braided bun but the criss-cross detail in the back is a cool new way of styling box braids you might have never thought about.

3. Cornrow Braids with Back Details

A bun is a perfect style for showing off these gorgeous cornrows at the back of the head. They are one of the best ways to allow geometric patterns in cornrows to shine and beads are a great way to accessorize.

Divine Black and Golden Braid Style

Instagram / @debrahhair

4. Large Box Braids in Half Updo

This style is easy to achieve and works on loose hair, box braids, or twist braids. These long thick braids achieved with black hair look particularly stunning in this style, but the style would work just as well on micro braids or even thicker braids than the ones pictured.

5. Curly Double Bun with Bangs

This style features small knotless box braids with curls at the end of each braid. The shiny black hair is so vibrant and gives the bun a healthy, vibrant shine. Add this to your list of braided bun hairstyles for black hair.

Flirty Curly Buns and Side Swept Box Braids

Instagram / @des.dabratt_

6. Elegant Braided Bun

This style is all elegance. It is an ideal style for a formal event but is also appropriate as an everyday office hairstyle for professional black women who love wearing braids.

Flat Twist Updo for African Americans

Instagram / @curlysueek

7. Accessorized Box Braid Bun

Here’s another great braided bun hairstyle to add to your list of braided bun ideas. The small box braids are decorated with cute, multicolored accessories that add color to the black hair. The large braided bun is a showstopper and is perfect for those days when your goal is to wow everyone with your braids.

Sassy Braided Bun with Colorful Bands

Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

8. Trendy Braids

These super trendy cornrows have a lot of elements from shapes to box braids to creative parting. Putting the hair in a neat, tidy bun at the back of the neck allows all the design work to shine without anything pulling focus from the beautiful braids.

9. Mini Cornrows and a Bun

A cornrow hairstyle like this one is an opportunity for a great bun idea. It is a great protective style for black hair and creates the foundation for a stunning braided updo.

Eye-Catching Cornrow Hairdo

Instagram / @rhu.lani

10. Black and Red Feed In Cornrows

This simple braided hairstyle gets cooler and cooler as you look. The way the cornrows start out with black hair before becoming red creates a hairstyle that is more than initially meets the eye. You can wear these cornrow braids with the ends free but the braided bun is perfect when you want a more polished look.

Stunning Black and Red Stitches

Instagram / @thetouchofnature_

11. Curly Top Knot Bun

Top knot buns are always eye-catching due to their high position on the head. Fans of the high bun should definitely try this easy protective style which can be done with your own hair or with the aid of extensions if you have short hair or would just like a bigger bun.

Big Curly Bun with Face Framing Braids

Instagram / @heatfreehair

12. Hearts and Triangle Cornrow Bun Hairstyle

Transitioning a cornrow style into a bun hairstyle is easy as one, two, three. Just wrap, secure and go and you have a hairstyle that is effortlessly chic.

Low Bun with Heart Shaped Braids

Instagram / @thetouchofnature_

13. Chunky Side Braids

This style is all about the parting of the hair. With the beauty and creativity of the style, no other element is needed to make a great impression.

Cornrows Into a Low Bun

Instagram / @gazagirl00

14. Golden Brown Box Braids into a Large Bun

These chunky braids make a gorgeous bun, partly because of the size and height of the bun they make and partly due to the color of the box braids, which perfectly complements the skin tone of the model. It is also a great way to feature a heart shape braid. The feature braid may be accessorized with beads if desired.

Box Braids Styled in High Bun

Instagram / @tresses_africaine

15. Cornrow Updo with Hair Cuffs

This cornrow updo into a braided bun is sweet and simple. The hair cuffs and rings add a little bit of personality to the braided bun.

Stylish Big Bun with Cornrow Braids

Instagram / @braidbya97

16. Gorgeous Cornrows into a Braided Bun

Combining thick and thin cornrow braids can create many gorgeous braided hairstyles such as the one pictured. Keeping things simple is always a good bet.

17. Purple and Black Box Braids in Braided Bun

These jumbo purple and black braids are brought together to create a massive statement-making bun and the results are flawless. Definitely worth a try with purple or your favorite color or even smaller box braids if that is your preferred way to braid your hair.

Contrasting Knotless Boxbraids

Instagram / @____k.smith

18. Simple Cornrow Bun Updo

This is a simple cornrow bun updo with each large cornrow being followed by a small one. This makes the hairstyle simple without being dull. It has long been a staple way to braid black hair.

Cornrow Kinky Twists and Braided Bun

Instagram / @narahairbraiding

19. Stylish Cornrow Bun

This style uses parting and accessories to create a statement hairstyle. Topped by a bun, it makes you stop and take notice of this fun style.

Heart Shaped Cornrows Updo

Instagram / @iamladygrip

20. Beautiful Cornrow Bun

Creativity can be simple. The parts and the look of feed in braids are all it takes to make this a showstopping look.

Stitch Braids with Braided Low Bun

Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

21. Flat Twists into Bun

This style is simple but beautiful. Each flat twist goes in a separate direction, ending at the back of the head in a twisted bun.

Knotless Braided Updo for Black Women

Instagram / @braidsforyoubyme

22. Bold Red Bun

This one is for all the red hair lovers out there. This hairstyle has so many eye-catching elements. The parting is simple yet creative and the style is highlighted by the bold red of the bun that crowns the hair.

Freestyle Braids with Pink Braided Bun

Instagram / @braidsjunkie

23. Traditional Braided Bun Updo

This more traditional braided hairstyle is great for the fact that it can be dressed up or down to fit your personal preferences.

Vibrant African Style with Stitches and Bun

Instagram / @debrahhair

24. Brown Braided Bun

These days, braided bun styles tend to feature either a high bun or a low one, but the simple beauty of a bun that is perfectly centered in the middle of the head is not to be overlooked. The alternating cornrow sizes is an effective way of creating an interesting hairstyle without any intricate shapes and designs.

Cute Stitch Braids for African American Women

Instagram / @braidsjunkie

25. Double Low Buns

This style features two braids criss-crossing on either side of the head with a heart in the center for added drama. The two braided buns at the back of the head allow you to really appreciate the beautiful braids.

Cornrows Passing Into Two Low Braided Buns

Instagram / @narahairbraiding

26. Braided Triple Bun

This bun with its three distinct tiers is a great way to add height and drama to a simple braided cornrows hairstyle. It’s a great way to transition your hair from work to play.

27. Two Curly Low Braided Buns

Using your buns as that extra pop of color while keeping your braids your natural hair color is a fantastic way to compliment your outfit. Change the color and or texture of your bun hairstyles whenever the mood strikes so your hair always feels fresh.

Freestyle Stitches and Bright Curly Buns

Instagram / @xotic_braids

28. Low Braided Bun

Braided hairstyles such as this one are all the rage. Stay on top of the trends with these trendy feed-in braids pulled back into a neat low bun. Personalize the look by using colored braiding hair or adding accessories like beads and shells to each braid.

Gorgeous Braided Style with Cornrows

Instagram / @crownedbyheaven

29. Large Green Braided Bun with Heart Design

Even among the large buns, this one is definitely a statement. From the green box braids and the featured heart shape braid to the height and size of the bun, this look is really bold and daring. Fans of colored box braids and large buns should definitely give this one a try.

30. Tribal High Bun

Buns work well for all types of hairstyles, regardless of how simple or intricate. This tribal hairstyle looks amazing and the addition of the bun and cute accessories makes this a unique hairstyle worthy of a beautiful bride.

Astonishing Half Up Half Down Braided Style

Instagram / @tresses_africaine

Braided buns are a great low-maintenance hairstyle on natural hair or braided hairstyles. They are great for everyday wear and entirely appropriate for even the most elegant events. Buns tuck the ends of your hair away which protects it from harsh environmental factors. They keep hair out of the way so it doesn’t become a distraction and also allow you to quickly refresh a look or create a different vibe. Bun hairstyles are great. Long live the bun!