Argan Oil for Hair: Nature’s Best Beauty Secret

When it comes to hair, oils are a good thing! We already know that our hair requires a certain amount of natural oils to be healthier, stronger, and more resilient when exposed to weather, pollution, and all the damaging styling procedures we choose to undergo. But with the plethora of choice selections out there, how do you know you’re choosing the best product? Well, let us help you out. Argan oil for hair is at the top of that list!

Argan oil repairs, nourishes, and protects, all in one treatment. And best of all, it’s a completely natural oil, sourced from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania spinosa L.), native to the deserts of Morocco. It is best known as a food-based oil source there, traditionally used as an oil to dip breads in and drizzle over pasta dishes, yet it holds incredible nurturing power to restore even the most damaged hair to a state that is better than its original beauty. So, are you ready to discover what an argan oil hair treatment can do for your hair? The magic of argan oil hair awaits!

The Benefits of Using Argan Oil

You will be able to check the argan oil hair benefits even after the first application. Your locks will become visibly healthier, shinier, and ready to amaze, which, undoubtedly, answers the question: Is argan oil good for hair? And the answer is a resounding yes!

Choosing argan oil is the best decision you can make when considering natural treatments to repair hair that has been damaged from sun, environmental toxins, and styling processes, because the oil works for straight dry hair, for processed hair of any type, for natural hair, and for curly hair with porous structure. And, as an added bonus, you can use argan oil for hair growth!

Argan oil nourishes your hair with high concentrations of essential fatty acids, carotenes, and Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that helps to repair cellular damage. Argan oil also helps to further protect your hair each time you apply it, giving your strands an extra layer of a sturdy surface to withstand the heat, corrosion, and any other negative impact of styling products, heat tools, wind, air pollution, and chlorine damage from swimming in pools. Argan oil for hair is an essential beauty choice, especially if you continually expose your hair to these sources of distress.

How Do I Use Argan Oil?

Want to know how to use Argan Oil for hair and have amazing, shiny locks that make people stop and turn their heads? Argan oil is available as an ingredient in many new formulas of treatment shampoos, as well as leave-in conditioning products, and styling products to tame frizz. Argan oil for hair works great as a hair mask, too, because it gives the oil time to penetrate deep into the core of each hair shaft, re-nourishing it completely. When you want your locks to glow for a very important event, a much safer and more natural way to go about it is with Argan oil. Hair is always happy to get some extra pampering from the Mother Nature!

To use argan oil as a leave-in conditioning treatment, rub a few drops of the pure oil in your hands, then run your fingers gently through your damp, towel dried hair. Be sure you remember to massage the ends and your scalp to cover every part of each strand and the roots.

To use argan oil as a styling product, rub a few drops on your palms, and apply similarly as you would use a leave-in treatment. Style as usual. The oil smoothes out any fly-aways and gives you a bit of extra shine.

To use argan oil as a hair mask, apply a more generous amount of the oil, rubbing it into your scalp and spreading through the length. Make sure you work it in all over the strands, including the ends. Wrap your hair up in a towel, and let your hair soak in the oil for several hours or overnight. This gives your hair time to better absorb the nourishing ingredients of argan oil, and you’ll reap the benefits of the treatment for a longer period of time.

Argan oil is also great for those who are experiencing hair loss, because it strengthens your existing hair, boosting your confidence. It’s truly a win-win for your hair!

Where to Find the Best Argan Oil for Hair?

Now that you’re thinking to try the oil to improve the appearance and health of your locks, it’s merely a matter of locating where you can purchase some quality Argan oil. Hair and beauty salons and organic food stores are the places where to seek first. If you’re not able to find a local retailer, there are always online stores, selling beauty oils and butters for skin and hair, including Argan Oil.

If you can find an organic source, that is even better. Organic farming refuses using dangerous chemicals which pose a great deal of threat to our environment. Looking for third party purity certifications whenever it’s possible helps to ensure you’re getting “the real deal.”

Everyone benefits from returning to a more natural way of treating their hair, skin, nails, and bodies. So, why not to accept this approach? Argan oil for hair can truly restore your tresses to their healthiest state, giving you the shiny, eye-catching locks you’ve been waiting for!