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Updated on February 23, 2024

Split ends can destroy even the most beautiful hairstyle, which is why getting rid of split ends is such a hot topic. Unfortunately, chopping off dead ends is just a temporary solution, as hair ends split again and again if you do not treat your hair the right way.

Thus, if you really want to fix your split hair, learn how to prevent split ends in the first place. These easy tips will help.

Long Hair with Split Ends

Unsplash / Max Ducourneau

What Causes Split Ends?

There are many types of split ends that appear in your hair when it becomes dry, brittle, and frayed. This can happen due to the extensive use of styling accessories and heat tools, especially on wet hair, which is incredibly susceptible to all kinds of breakages.

What is more, genetics and even a hair type can make your hair more prone to split ends. Certain environmental factors are also very dangerous for your hair’s condition. More extreme climates and pollution may be the primary cause of the breakage.

So how to prevent split ends if there are factors you can’t control? Although susceptibility to split ends cannot be reversed, there are 10 easy tips to get rid of dead ends wherever you can.

Curly Hair with Split Ends

Unsplash / Paul Siewert

1. Keep a Healthy Diet

The best way to prevent split ends and grow long, luscious locks is to keep a healthy diet that contains the necessary nutrients for your hair. For instance, vitamin A is essential not only for your eyes but also for your hair’s health. It takes part in the formation of sebum oil in your scalp, which is essential to keeps your scalp and your hair healthy.

2. Apply Hair Masks

Hair masks are a deep conditioning treatment that helps to restore moisture and strengthen hair shafts. A good hair mask will reduce frizz and add a healthy glow to your hair. To get the best effect, apply hair masks once a week and leave them overnight.

3. Use Hair Conditioners

Another great product is a leave-in conditioner. It is especially beneficial for people with long, curly hair. It not only helps keep your hair moist for a long time but also acts as a heat protectant, thus minimizing the changes to get split ends while styling your hair.

Heat Protectant Lying on Hair Locks

Unsplash / Antonio Gabola

4. Don’t Shampoo so Often

Over shampooing is a widespread habit. People tend to think that their hair is oily, so they wash it every day, causing irritation and breakages. See how often to wash your hair depending on your hair type and be wary of shampoos containing sulfates, as they can over-cleanse and damage your hair.

5. Be Weary of Hot Tools

If you really want to get rid of split ends, give up on heat styling for some time. If it’s not an option, at least use the protective tools and keep the temperatures lower than usual.

The higher the temperature, the more damage it will cause. Thus, start by setting your tools on the lowest temperature possible and work on thinner sections. If it doesn’t work, increase the temperature slowly until you see the result.

6. Rethink Your Brushing Routine

Hair can be very fragile and even something as simple as brushing can cause split ends and damage. One hack to see if you are doing it too aggressively is to listen to the sound your brush makes as it glides through your hair. If it’s virtually silent, you’re doing it right.

For curly hair, it is better to use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush, as it detangles it without splitting the strands. Moreover, for best effects, always start brushing at the bottom and go up, not the other way around.

7. Forget Towel Drying

Wet hair is even more susceptible to damage than dry hair is, so you should better stick to the correct drying routine. While it is better to avoid frequent blow-drying on high temperatures, rubbing wet hair with a towel is even a more proven way to make your hair split.

Instead, squeeze the water’s excess with a cotton T-shirt or a microfiber towel, as they are gentler and have the added benefit of drying hair faster. Promise to try this out for a few wash days, and you are sure to see what a significant difference it makes in terms of split ends.

8. Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Split ends can be caused by rubbing your hair against a cotton pillowcase at night. Not only cotton fibers are more abrasive, but this material is also much more porous than silk and satin, so it absorbs moisture from your hair, drying it out.

Silk is very slick so your hair can glide over the pillow. As a result, your hair doesn’t tangle so much and doesn’t split. If your hair is long or curly, you should better tie your hair up for night too.

9. Use the Right Accessories

If you want to protect your hair from all kinds of breakage, you need to pay attention to what tools and accessories you use, as daily wear and tear can make lead to substantial damage.

In particular, tight scrunchies and metal pieces in your styling accessories can snag and break your hair, causing split ends. If you prefer ponytails and accessorized hairstyles, choose quality clips and silk scrunchies to minimize the damage.

10. Refuse from Bleaching

Coloring is a very damaging chemical process. If your hair is already stressed and full of split ends and you don’t want to make it worse, give up on bleaching and dying your hair. If you still want to enhance your natural color, you can always try the temporary dyes or more gentle coloring techniques like subtle balayage.

If the damage has already be done and your hair feels very dry and brittle, it might be not too long before your hair starts to split and break. To prevent split ends, apply an intensive Olaplex #3 hair treatment to strengthen your locks and rebuild broken hair bonds.

A Natural Brunette with Bleached Blonde Hair

Pexels / Jonaorle

How to Cut Off Split Ends

Although split hair remedy is a seductive option, most products designed to heal split ends just make pieces of the shaft that came apart stick together, not making hair healthy from inside. Thus, the only reliable way to get rid of split hair is to cut it.

If you plan to cut your own hair, remember to use the right tools, such as professional shears, instead of regular kitchen scissors. Haircutting shears are much sharper than regular scissors, so you can easily cut all stands precisely.

Knowledge on how to cut split ends is essential. The latest trend to eliminate split ends is to candle cut them. It requires twisting a section of hair and burning it halfway through with a lighted candle. Burning off your split ends can create a seal to help protect the ends from splitting again. Still, mind that the technique is for professional use only, as the risk of burns is very high.

Another way to remove split ends for a long time is to trim ends with hot scissors. Heating up scissors will help to seal your hair cuticle and cure split ends.

Remember, to make your hair look like a million bucks is to make it healthy. With time, proper hair care will help you repair all the damages hair suffered over the years. However, it can’t just magically mend your split hair back together overnight. The treatment can take some time, so be patient. For more information on hair care, be sure to follow

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