40 Hair Color Ideas that are Perfectly on Point

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Women have hundreds of ways of how to stand out from the crowd. Original coloristic solutions are one of them. You might have chosen a haircut and hairstyle that flatters your face the most, and you prefer to stick to them from year to year. But with hair color you have much more freedom. Although you need to take into account your skin tone and the general degree of contrast between your hair, skin and eyes, you may select a wide range of hair hues that will be flattering to you personally. Besides, you can experiment with coloristic techniques, introducing highlights, lowlights, ombre or even hair chalking into your hairstyles to add more exclusiveness to your looks. We feel you need some color inspiration, don`t you? And we’ll gladly provide you with current hair color trends and ideas in this article.

Current Hair Color Trends

  1. Platinum and icy blondes. Contemporary trendy blondes are cool and pale to cool down high summer temperatures. Note that revealing darker roots is okay this season, as well as professional brunette to platinum ombre and balayage. Dark natural blondes aren’t out of the fashion catwalks either.
  2. Rich caramel and honey tones. How to do without them? They are still on, especially in numerous “delicious” ombre looks.
  3. Deep solid brown, natural brunette. Rich monochromatic brown free of any highlights, ombre or any other “special effects” is currently in favor. So, if you are a brunette, feel free to go natural this season.
  4. Rose gold. Redheads may indulge in fantastic hues of already familiar coppers and auburns as well as the new rose gold, which is divinely clear and enticing this season. With fair peachy skin you will look adorable in these tones. Embrace the idea, as long as you can afford it.
  5. Ombre. Yes, ombre is still on-trend. This season to keep up with the current trends it’s recommended to go either for sombre (very soft and subtle color transitions) or ombre that starts higher on your locks, closer to the roots.

Best Season’s Hair Color Ideas

See the examples below.

#1: Color and Waves

Dark hair color ideas are just as popular as lighter shades, and a cool two tone color will shine bright on wavy hair. Go for a dark brown with light brown accents next time you visit your salon. Choosing a two tone color can brighten the face and lighten up hair that normally looks and feels “heavy” and drab.

#2: Dramatic Hues

If you’re looking for something different, go with a pretty style that comes with a dramatic punch. This option is ideal for any hair type, including African American curls. Dark hair looks stunning with bold highlights. Add some curls or waves to your hair to further accentuate the balayage.

#3: Hair Color for Very Long Hair

Long hair can be expensive to maintain, so you may as well go with a style you love. Choose a plum brown hair color in ombre highlights. It will bring out the beauty in your long hair. Be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair following your salon visit – long hair needs extra care to make color last.

#4: Dark Hair with Purple Lowlights and Highlights

Get cute and funky with a fun purple shade – or several! Hair colors often play it too safe, so dare to be different with dark plum hair or a rainbow of additional accent colors. Check with your school or place of employment first to ensure bright dye is allowed – if not, try a temporary wash out for the weekend.

#5: Long Gorgeous Color

Hair color ideas for long hair are often inspired by the sight of someone else’s long, perfectly hued hair. There’s something about endless tresses that really show off hair dye in a beautiful way. Try a cool fall color when you’re ready to brighten up.

#6: Beautiful Berry Hair Color

Get fruitylicious with your hair. The best way to do so is by getting some beautiful burgundy highlights that are reminiscent of a delicious bowl of berries. Make sure to start them at the top, by the roots, so they weave in throughout the hair and create a cool, prism-like effect.

#7: Honey-Gold Hair

We’ve long been told that blondes have more fun, and it seems that it could very well be true. It seems everyone is opting for golden hair color to add some vibrancy to less-than-stellar locks. In fact, bright gold balayage is ideal for lightening up mousy light brown hair.

#8: Crimson Hair Color

Get a hairstyle that will have you seeing red…kind of. Deep plum highlights are a great way to add color to your life without going completely neon. The rich color is still bold without being overpowering. Try playing with loose, beach waves to show off the panels of color and really turn heads.

#9: Matte Grey Brown

Some think brunettes have few options when it comes to hair colors. Well, that’s just not true. Take, for instance, a cool matte taupe color: on brunettes, this color and finish fits seamlessly and still delivers a bold change from the norm. See? Brunettes can still have more fun than blondes!

Long Ash Brown Hair

Instagram/ @sammiiwang

#10: Dark Plum and Platinum Shades

Can’t decide between a chic platinum hue of blonde and something vivid, like a plum hair color? Stop struggling and indulge in both! Try a two-toned hairstyle that features a vibrant violet in the back and a bright blonde up front. For extra sass, rock this hair color duo with a layered long bob and you’re golden…literally.

Black And Blonde Bob With Purple Highlights

Instagram/ @alix_maya

#11: Dark Lavender Ombre Hair Color

Everything you knew about highlighted hair is out the window. Forget the traditional honey and/or platinum highlights and start thinking about some serious color. More specifically, consider purple lowlights. Especially on textured, layered locks, these cool flashes of violet are totally stunning.

Dark Lavender Ombre

Instagram/ @xostylistxo

#12: Metallic Silver Tone

The silver hair trend was clearly not a flash in the bucket. Oh no, this metallic look is still alive and ticking – it looks amazing on any and all hair types. If you really wanna show off your silver fox look, try a sleek straight style with body-inducing layers.

Long Layered Silver Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram: @jackmartincolorist Salon: Jack Martin Salon in Tustin, CA

#13: Buttery Blonde Color

It’s no secret that two tone hair color ideas are a dime a dozen these days. But what about classic, single-tone hair styles? Why are they being swept under the rug? They shouldn’t be, especially when they come in a bright buttery blonde package. The yellow-blonde hair color is about as fun and interesting as it gets, so go for it and skip the balayage for once.

#14: Bright Burgundy Hair Color

If you’re looking for a color that’s not quite maroon, not quite cotton candy pink, and not quite hot pink, a light burgundy is the way to go. Want to add up the cool points? Make it a blonde and burgundy look and you’re seriously rockin’. Burgundy with blonde highlights may sound like a crazy color fix but it is still surprisingly chic!

#15: Rose Gold Hair

Forget gold hair. These days it’s all about the rose gold variety. The soft pink tint adds a special something to the typical metallic blonde shade. You can rock this color as an all-over wash or work it in as a balayage or ombre style. Make sure you enlist the help of a color-preserving shampoo to keep that color looking wonderful.

#16: Plum-Colored Streaks

Just because you’re not a blonde, doesn’t mean you can’t rock popular today bright and bold colors. Add some fun to that brunette mane of yours and try plum brown hair in the form of lovely colorful highlights. The look is surprisingly flattering and totally unexpected.

#17: Violet Balayage on Dark Base

There’s a reason dark plum hair is a thing right now. Not only is it striking and totally fabulous, but it’s completely versatile and can be made to look close to natural. The cool colorful balayage, for example, is an ideal way to work the shade in seamlessly.

#18: Shiny Mahogany Hair

Looking for a hair color to ring in the fall season? A soft, shiny chestnut brown with red undertones is the right way to go. The shade is brazen without being over-the-top. When curled and styled, it is truly magnificent, so make sure you’ll have some fun with this shade some time soon.

#19: Ashy Blonde Hair Color

Switch up that typical ombre and go for a color combo that is a bit off the wall. And nothing is more unpredictable than ashy brown hair that fades into an equally ashy blonde. While glossy, shiny hair is the normal go-to, matte finishes are starting to take over the hair world and it’s no wonder. The look, especially when worn in a two-toned style, is beyond cool.

#20: Bright Purple Tresses

Subtle and natural are nice, but life’s too short to play it safe. Live your life on the edge with a totally edgy look complete with vibrant purple locks. Let the color waterfall cascade down from the roots seamlessly.

Brown And Purple Layered Hairstyle

Instagram / @pinupjordan

#21: Sophisticated Brown Hair Color

Having fun with hair color can also mean taking the more subtle natural route. In fact, playing it safe can actually be a stroke of genius, especially if you’re looking to add a bit of warm honey brown to your cool, raven locks. The well-blended ombre effect works the color in perfectly and literally looks like you woke up like this.

#22: White-Hot Blonde

Now there’s something to be said about classic styles. Say, for instance, bright blonde on blonde locks. Platinum blonde with lowlights is the epitome of California beach babe, and it will never go out of style. Seriously.

#23: Soft and Subtle Plum Shade

If your black hair has you at a loss about hair color options available, let us make things easier for you. Weave plum highlights into the bottom of your hair for a clear-yet-subtle color transition. The purple will shine especially bright in the sunlight, glistening like a jewel.

#24: Neon Violet Curls

OK, so you have a new, chic short pixie cut. It’s lovely. It’s hot. But it’s missing something. That’s right, it needs a little pick-me-up in the form of color. Do your hair a favor and pump it up with some hot plum hair color. You’ll feel and look better instantly — promise.

#25: Soft Red Hair Color

Forget honey blondes and caramel highlights. Rose gold hair color is where it’s at. The red undertones totally change up the classic gold tint and breathe new life into your mane. Try melting the color in so it transitions from your natural roots and illuminates your brown or dark blonde hair color. You won’t be sorry.

Long Copper Hair With Brown Roots

Instagram/ @alix_maya

#26: Pretty in Pink

If you are in a rut with hair color ideas, veer off course a bit and try on pale pink hair for size. This cute color can be worn on a wide variety of lengths and styles.

#27: Burgundy Beauty

A deep burgundy is a popular hair color for fall. Darkening up as the weather cools is a lovely way to express your excitement for the upcoming holidays.

#28: Traditional Color Trends

Do you love your long hair but are hoping for something a bit different? Sometimes simply coloring your hair will breathe new life into your every day style. Go with one of many traditional hair color trends for women – blonde, brown, black or red.

#29: Going Gray

There is a vast amount of options available for those looking for short hair color ideas. One of the most popular this season is gray hair. It might sound odd at first, but plenty of young women are opting for “granny hair” these days.

#30: Short and Simple

Sporting a new A-line cut? Enhance its beauty with a fresh new color. Brown hair color ideas vary from salon to salon, but a classic dark shade is standard. You may add a sprinkling of very subtle lowlights or highlights to your base color, which first of all will be a right decision for graying brunettes. Cute and traditional, livened up color will leave you feeling cool and confident.

#31: Straight Hair with Highlights

Blonde hair color ideas can often fall flat – you need to see a professional whenever you decide to go blonde, as it can be a tricky task. Honey red hair color as a highlight will make your blonde hair multi-dimensional and gorgeous.

#32: “Curly” Colors

Curly hair shows off color better than any other hair texture. Try out something new this season, like rose gold highlights or auburn hair with blonde highlights. Cute and sassy cuts like this natural shoulder-length style will only add to the gorgeous final result.

#33: Simple Color for Simple Hair

A short cut doesn’t necessarily call for anything dramatic. Check out some new hair color ideas for brunettes, like this black plum shade, if your hair is naturally brown. If your hair is blonde, red, black, gray or any other hue, follow the same rule of sticking close to your natural color family.

dark plum brown hair short haircut

Instagram/ @lysseon

#34: Short and Trendy

Trendy layers complement a short hairstyle well, and you can go with pretty much any shade. Brunette ombre hair is popular with layered hair of any length, while bolder colors work well for black hair. Not sure if you’re ready for modern layers? Ask for a more traditional cut that will still show off your new hue.

#35: Classic and Gorgeous

There are so many hair hue trends that are dominating the salon. Red hair color ideas are often requested as bold, bright solutions. Go with something that’s forever classic and simple when you go for a sophisticated blonde shade. This will look especially lovely on medium to long hair.

#36: Dark Hair Color

Dark hair is beautiful year round, but as the seasons change, consider punching it up a bit. Go for a rich velvety dark chocolate shade, for instance. Dark plum hair is a great choice too, as is red violet ombre hair if you’re looking for something a bit more dramatic.

#37: Something New and Different

If you struggle with dark ash brown hair that looks dull and lifeless, transform it with maroon highlights and a new sassy cut.

#38: Bold Blonde

Blonde is a classic hue that is forever trendy thanks to its wide variety of shades. Try a gold hair color or go platinum. No matter what you try, blonde hair is always in style. If your hair is normally curly, why not to go straight at the salon? A sleek A-line cut shows off blonde hair well and makes you feel like a sexy secret agent, too!

#39: Sleek and Shiny Color

Hair coloring ideas don’t have to be particularly daring or different. Going with a classic brown is a lovely choice for those who aren’t allowed to express themselves too strongly at the office. A nice, natural brown can often bring a sleek sheen to hair you’ll love.

#40: Curly Coolness

African American hair doesn’t have to be limited. Many styles are available, including some very creative colors. Check out bright hair color ideas that include highlights strategically placed throughout curls.

Well, these all are so beautiful that you may want them all! However, we recommend you to consider your color type (the 4 basic seasons system) and choose hair colors accordingly: cooler hues for cool-toned skin and warmer colors for warm-toned skin. Note also that in case your appearance is endowed with low contrast characteristics, you won’t withstand too saturated hues or dramatic color solutions.

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