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Published on November 01, 2022

Redheads are everywhere right now, and I mean everywhere! Fiery, alluring, sexy, and head-turning, you can’t deny redheads are a major vibe.

Considering they are the rarest natural hair color they are taking the beauty industry by storm. From strawberry blondes to deep merlot wines, there is a shade to suit everyone. However, get it wrong and it can look more shameless than Sex in the City. Here are 20 red balayage ideas to help you choose.

1. Cinnamon Red Balayage

Is that your natural color? This perfect rustic copper with subtle light balayage pieces throughout gives that warm, fall leaves vibe and will keep people guessing if it’s natural or not. We’ll never tell! 75% gold, 25% copper = the perfect natural redhead.

Go for it: If you are fair or neutral toned.

Avoid: If you have a darker skin tone or deep brown eyes.

Copper Red Balayage with Dark Roots

Instagram / @leashawhair

2. Cherry Copper Balayage

Working from a natural dark Asian hair color, this cherry copper perfectly complements these beautiful soft skin tones. Keep the root natural for an easier grow out and the ends equal amounts of copper and red. Is it red? Is it copper?

Go for it: Olive or dark-skinned, this is for you.

Avoid: If you want a low-maintenance color or are naturally blonde.

Long Dark Hair Balayage with Different Shades of Red

Instagram / @becky_thestrand

3. Fiery Copper Red Balayage

This predominantly deep auburn red hair is complemented by pops of a fiery orange copper balayage. The perfect fall combination that adds warmth and vibrancy to darker hair. Long hair, waves and copper highlights are perfect additions to this balayage hair look.

Go for it: You can’t decide between vibrant and natural red.

Avoid: If you wear straight hair all the time.

Light Red Balayage Hair

Instagram / @_watchmepaint

4. Peachy Copper and Soft Face Frame

This super soft peachy copper tone is perfect for a pale skin tone and blondes wanting to dip their toes in the world of copper. Face framing highlights just a shade lighter than the overall color give something extra to this red balayage hair.

Go for it: If you’re blonde and fancy trying copper or pale and want low commitment color.

Avoid: If you have dark brown or black hair.

5. Burnt Copper with Highlights and Lowlights

This delicious burnt copper has a mix of highlights two shades lighter and lowlights a shade darker than the overall color to create depth and dimension throughout, resulting in a vibrant, rich color shown off with bouncy waves. Use heat protection and a large wand to recreate the look.

Go for it: Green eyes will POP! If you can get regular touch-ups.

Avoid: If you want a low-maintenance hair color.

Dimensional Auburn Red Balayage

Instagram / @_danielledoeshair

6. Sleek Violet Red with Copperlights

I call this a ‘look twice’ color. Ultra sleek, rich berry violet with copper highlights blended through. The shine shows off the colors perfectly. Don’t be afraid to mix cool and warm tones in your red balayage hair color. They can work so well together in the right look, especially for darker skin tones and eyes.

Go for it: Dark skin, dark eyes, good condition hair.

Avoid: If you’re pale, pinky skinned, or blue-eyed.

Violet Red and Brown Balayage Color on Straight Hair

Instagram / @leashawhair

7. Colden Apricot Balayage

Tousled waves and golden honey highlights create this luxe apricot balayage look. Experiment with highlights throughout the seasons to stop hair boredom from kicking in and add lowlights for a sophisticated edge.

Go for it: To warm up your blonde for fall.

Avoid: If you’re darker and cooler toned.

Ginger and Blonde Balayage for Fall

Instagram / @larisadoll

8. Dark Plum and Auburn Balayage

These glamorous and sexy waves on extra long and thick hair show those rich auburn pieces off to perfection against the dark roots, creating a red brunette of dreams. The perfect balance of depth and tone to liven up your brunette this winter.

Go for it: If you’re a brunette and want to liven up your hair.

Avoid: If your hair is very fine, red hues may get lost.

Long Bob with Blend of Deep Reds

Instagram / @glamourby_melissa

9. Soft Natural Colden Ginger

If you want a more natural ginger look, this copper-caramel balayage is the one. A balayage technique and glossing with a natural gold and copper mix helped to achieve a perfect blend of different shades from root to tip.

Go for it: If you have light brown hair and want a natural look and soft grow-out.

Avoid: If you have dark hair and dark eyes.

Medium Brown to Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @ruralfringehair

10. Gingersnap Copper with Natural Roots

This rich, light copper balayage is perfect for pumpkin spice season. Yellow undertones in this lighter shade of red will make blue eyes pop. Think Amy Adams and Isla Fisher red. Keep depth at the root for a natural transition to those pops of light through the ends. This color works on all hair lengths.

Go for it: Pale or neutral skin, blue eyes, and looking for a more natural look.

Avoid: If you want to get back to blonde hair the next time.

Cinnamon Red Balayage with Dark Roots

Instagram / @danielmbeauty

11. Cherry Red Balayage

Want to be more adventurous with your red hair? Then cherry red is the color for you. This stand-out-from-the-crowd vibrant red hue has a violet undertone and deep crimson root. A bold color choice to steal looks everywhere. Team with a soft wave or style sleek and straight.

Go for it: If you want a vibrant fun red balayage hairstyle.

Avoid: If you want a low-maintenance color.

Wine Red Balayage Hair Color

Instagram / @emilybuckleyhair

12. Red Roots and Lighter Balayage Ends

Red roots into light ends is a high-commitment color and will need proper maintenance to stay looking good, but when you get such a gorgeous shade initially, it’s worth it. Edgy and playful, this color is great for finer hair types to add the illusion of thickness.

Go for it: If you can commit to regular root touch-ups.

Avoid: If you want a seamless growout.

Balayage with Cool and Warm Reds

Instagram / @aprilscotthair

13. Copper Red with Bold Gold Face Frames

Red balayage hairstyles don’t have to be a full head application! This face frame balayage is just enough to make this color pop and give some interest to an otherwise all-over color. Perfect for lighter skin tones and blondes going to the red side. Pair with amber-colored eyeshadow and lips for the finished look.

Go for it: If you want to update an all-over color.

Avoid: If you have dark hair and eyes.

Copper Hair with Dak Blonde Face Framing Streaks

Instagram / @jasonanthonyhair

14. Candy Cane Red Balayage

We all love Christmas and this color just screams festive! This true red is perfect for the winter months and, tamed with darker roots, it keeps that fun vividness while maintaining a natural grow-out.

Go for it: If you want a fun head-turning color.

Avoid: If you want subtle highlights.

Deep Reds in the Base Color with Vibrant Magenta Highlights

Instagram / @leashawhair

15. Ruby Copper Balayage

Ruby copper is a mix of orange copper and red copper. This ruby balayage has hints of copper added to mute the red and add interest to the look. Keeping dark pieces throughout this Jessica Rabbit sexy red will cause major hair envy. Finish with a glam Hollywood wave for extra spice.

Go for it: If you have dark hair and dark eyes.

Avoid: If you are very pale or have blue-gray eyes.

Dark Red Balayage Hair

Instagram / @_danielledoeshair

16. Toasted Chestnut Natural Balayage

This auburn red balayage is perfect for lighter brunette hair. Add a soft auburn copper to a cinnamon brown to create this perfectly toasted hue. Finish with silky smooth glam waves by brushing through those curls with a serum or drop of oil.

Go for it: If you want a super natural look.

Avoid: If you want a major change.

Auburn Red Highlights on Brunette Hair

Instagram / @paigebowleshair

17. Vibrant Toasted Orange Copper Red Balayage

This orange-based copper is great for neutral and more olive skin tones and is especially stunning with green eyes. Classy and daring color combination all at the same time. Beachy waves aren’t just for summer, add them using your irons or wand but leaving the ends straight to show off the different orange tones throughout.

Go for it: If you have olive skin, green eyes, and are happy to stand out.

Avoid: If you don’t like attention!

Vibrant Ginger Balayage

Instagram / @grace_hairbeauty

18. Rich Wine Red Balayage

A lighter red velvet mix against a deep red color backdrop makes for the most enticing combination in this burgundy balayage. The depth of this color gives intense shine and luminosity. It’s also one of those red tones that can look good on any skin tone. Winner!

Go for it: You have dark hair, skin and eyes or want lower maintenance shades of red.

Avoid: If you are warm toned.

Cool Red and Burgundy Balayage for Dark Brown or Black Hair

Instagram / @hairby.ambermarie

19. Strawberry Blonde and Copper Red

Golden blonde highlights throughout this strawberry copper add texture and pops of lightness as the hair moves to stop it from looking flat. Adding even just a few pieces of lightness can make all the difference. Hair color is great for green and blue-eyed girls and matches perfectly a fair complexion.

Go for it: Blue and green-eyed girls, naturally fair and medium to thick hair.

Avoid: If your skin has yellow undertones; if you have dark or gray eyes.

Rich Auburn Hair with Cinnamon Red Balayage

Instagram / @saffffy

20. Deep Crimson Balayage Bob

This black root into a deep red tone, rich in violet hues, gives us vampire blood vibes. Perfect for darker bases and skin tones, the two tone contrast makes an eye-catching combo. You can’t beat a wavy bob, so this vibrant dark red balayage will turn heads everywhere!

Go for it: If you’re an extrovert, cool-toned, and have darker shades of the base color.

Avoid: This shade of red can make pale skin look washed out.

Low Maintenance Red Balayage for Dark Hair

Instagram / @ruralfringehair

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