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Updated on December 14, 2022

Reddish brown hair color is a blend of red and brown tones. It can be reached by mixing different shades, from vibrant copper and red wine to golden brown and deep auburn, depending on the hue you want to achieve. Check these trendy hues to find the red-brown color ideas that inspire you the most and save them to your gallery to share with your colorist.

1. Deep Burgundy Wavy Locks

Wanna play with red-brown shades to reach a gorgeous reddish-brown hair color? How about this rich burgundy hue? Wine red highlights on a dark base always look lush and mind-blowing, especially when you match them with extra long curly locks.

Vibrant Red Brown Hair Balayage

Instagram / @isthatpat

2. Light Auburn Red Hair

Among the numerous auburn red tones, you can explore with your hair colorist, this hair color needs the most attention. As one of the most natural-looking red hair shades, it oozes a simple yet sensual vibe, making you look more feminine and appealing.

Middle Length Red Brown Hairstyle

Instagram / @brianaguilarhair

3. Warm Red Brown Hair

The dark auburn red color looks great on deep and pale skin tones! Next time you go to the hair salon, show this warm reddish hue to your hairstylist to give it a try. Add slightly wavy strands and feathered ends to bring more texture and movement to your locks.

Reddish Brown Color

Instagram / @yukistylist

4. Chocolate Curls with Red Highlights

A dark brown base with dark red highlights is all about life and dimension, especially when it comes to curly hair! These red and brown tones look fantastic on pale complexions and work fantastically for blue-eyed beauties.

5. Medium-Length Dark Red Haircut

Dark red hair color suits most skin tones, but it looks especially well on those with light skin tones. Pair this shade with a mid-length choppy haircut and face-framing bangs to come up with a trendy voluminous style.

Messy Deep Red Lob

Instagram / @anhcotran

6. Chocolate and Merlot Shades

Are you thinking of getting a red-brown balayage? This chocolate-merlot shade can be a cool idea, but make sure it suits your complexion. Also, whatever combination of hues you pick, try to use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to keep your locks looking shiny and vibrant.

Shiny Redding Brown Balayage

Instagram / @live_love_dohair

7. Dimensional Red Brown Lob

Just check out these remarkably bright and radiant red tones! Auburn and orange-red highlights look incredibly gorgeous on this messy long bob. The dark roots help create a smashing texture and dimension, exactly what women with thin hair need.

Red Brown and Light Copper Highlights

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

8. Hot Reddish Brown Shade

Dark brown hair looks adorable on ladies with dark eyes and olive or brown skin tones. Highlights with warm undertones can bring dimension to your hair color. Add soft waves using a curling iron and finish them with a spray to make this beautiful hairstyle last longer.

Warm Brown Highlights on Naturally Dark Hair

Instagram / @aaashleee

9. Brown Hair with Red and Copper Highlights

These coppery red highlights will definitely give your brown locks more shine, depth, and dimension. Moreover, that does an amazing job on thick hair, making it look more textured and lightweight. With these flattering shades, your mane will appear truly fantastic!

Red and Copper Hairstyle Idea

Instagram /

10. Brown Hair with Golden Red Highlights

Streaks of golden red shade on your natural brunette hair can create a magnificent contrast. This is one of the most popular coloring options for those following trends, so if you want to try something new – go for it! Play with different reddish and light brown tones to achieve a stunning gradient like this.

11. Rich Mahogany

If you are tied to office work, you are most likely not allowed to have vivid, unnatural hair colors. However, that doesn’t mean you should stick to your natural shade and forget about experiments with your hue. Try rich mahogany tones on your brown tresses to make your hairstyle more eye-catching.

12. Low Maintenance Golden Brown Highlights

Golden shades are probably the most commonly used hues to go for when it comes to brown and red hair, especially if we’re speaking about highlights and balayage. A mix of light and dark brown tones can bring lightness to your long wavy hair, which is good for those suffering from excessive hair thickness.

Medium Brown Hair with Low Maintenance Balayage

Instagram / @anhcotran

13. Dark Red Brown Hair Color

Darker shades of red-brown color always look classy and elegant, particularly when paired with neat loose curls. This fantastic hue suits all skin types and complexion, as it may reveal in different ways, depending on your skin tone.

Red Brown Hair Color and Body Waves

Instagram / @mane_ivy

14. Cherry Red Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

A blend of red and cherry tones and a brown base create perfectly vibrant hair color. These shades can illuminate your look and enliven your hairstyle. The darker roots accentuate the yummy red shade, highlighting the texture of the locks.

Red Balayage on Dark Brown Locks

Instagram / @colour.jade

15. Natural Red and Brown Blend

If you like natural-looking feminine styles, this natural red hair should grab your attention. The key to achieving this effect is the right haircut. Ask your hairstylist for this delightful layering to create a slightly wavy texture and highlight your shiny colored hair.

Brown Hair with Redding Undertones

Instagram / @nothingobvious

16. Copper Balayage for Wavy Hair

You don’t have to make a full-on dye job to transform your hairstyle and spice up the natural hair color. Ask your stylist to experiment with coloring your mane using balayage or highlighting techniques to bring your locks a soft, sun-kissed finish.

Auburn Hair Color Idea for Fall

Instagram / @live_love_dohair

17. Auburn Highlights on Brown Hair

A warm reddish brown shade is the main symbol of fall. It works great if you want to enhance the shape of your hair, as well as its dimension. Your hair will also look shinier and healthier with this seamless coloring.

18. Dark Red Brown Hair Dye

With the artful blend of reddish brown highlights, this soft balayage is born to turn heads. You can also add some burgundy ribbons to give your hair a bit of a purple shade.

19. Dark Copper Brown Curls

Dark copper ideally matches brown hair color. Along with natural curls, it creates a magnetizing look worthy of everyone’s attention. Also, it is one of the most natural-looking shades of red hair color, which is a great signal for those who prefer calm and warm hues.

Thick Wavy Reddish Brown Hair

Instagram / @jhonyveiga

20. Red-Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Getting highlights and lowlights is probably the best way to play with and enhance your natural hair color, especially if you use rich auburn and golden brown shades. Show off your reddish brown hair color with cool beach waves to get extra style points.

Red Brown Highlights and Lowlights

Instagram / @_danielledoeshair

21. Short Vibrant Ginger Haircut

Strive for changes? Start with your hair! This catchy bold style will surely inspire you for your own cool experiments with hair color and cut. If you opt for a short edgy hairstyle, bright red or ginger shade is what you need!

Short Ginger Red Hair

Instagram / @thastylist18

22. Warm Copper Red Balayage

Some hairstyles say everything for themselves, just like this alluring wavy hairdo with dimensional copper color. Use the balayage technique to add marvelous dimension and movement to your locks and bring radiance to the whole mane. Consult the colorist regarding various shades of red to pick the one that will feature your hair best.

Brownish Red Hair Color with Soft Copper Streaks

Instagram / @alex.mercedesss

23. Gorgeous Chestnut Hair Color

Here is an excellent example of mixing different shades of brown hair color. Apart from it being extremely gorgeous, it’s also very low-maintenance. With this hairstyle, you can forget about salon visits as it will grow out seamlessly into a lovely reddish-brown ombre.

Warm Brown Hair Color for Brunettes

Instagram / @mane_ivy

24. Long Pumpkin Spice Waves

This pumpkin-brown shade can be a perfect option for those with naturally copper or light brown strands and fair skin. It can help you complement your natural features and attract admiring glances. Also, create feathered ends to instantly add texture and volume to your locks.

Medium Copper Brown Hair Color

Instagram / @erin_mckay

25. Brown Wavy Locks with Copper Touches

Looking for a way to brighten up your dark hair? Incorporate soft-toned copper highlights for a trendy red-brown balayage. The great news is that you can adopt this style with either long or medium-length hair.

26. Copper Hair and Curtain Bangs

A combination of red hair and green eyes always looks chic and catchy, so if you want to draw attention to yourself, this may be a great option. Add curtain bangs and curls to frame the face and set off the eyes.

Light Copper Hair with Warmer Shade for Face Framing

Instagram / @_danielledoeshair

27. Black to Red Ombre

A classic brown-to-ginger color melt will never go out of style, so if you want to get a transitional shade, this is what you need! This ombre will allow you to save your natural hair color while trying something new and vibrant.

Natural Black Hair with Red Balayage

Instagram / @oluchizelda

28. Dark Base and Reddish Brown Highlights

If you are looking for a style that is easy to copy, check out this sophisticated red-brown hairstyle. Auburn highlights will spice up your wavy strands, highlighting the texture of your hair. With such a thrilling mix of colors, you will shine bright at every party or event!

29. Auburn Curls with Brunette Roots

Curls draw lots of attention to themselves, but with red shades, your hair will look even sassier, making a wow effect on everyone around. The reddish-brown hue also makes every curly strand pop and can add warmth to your complexion.

Tight Curls Colored Red Brown

Instagram / @hair_by_joscelyn

30. Delicate Red Brown Balayage

The reddish brown hair color blended with dark roots results in a stylish and glamorous long hairstyle. This can be a great idea for ladies who don’t fancy vivid red tones; also, this shade is truly low-maintenance, so you are free to refresh it once three or four months.

Low Maintenance Wine Red Brown Hair

Instagram /

Here you are – all the trendiest red-brown hair color ideas in one place! Use them for inspiration to find the style you’d love to implement and enjoy your new stylish hue.

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