50 Exquisite Box Braids Hairstyles That Look Really Hot

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#2: Large Twisted Box Braids Bun

Box braids styles really are endless. This twisted bun allows for full use of the gorgeous volume provided by bigger braids. You’re sure to give off a royal vibe when you master this level of sculptural styling.

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Everyone likes box braids because they offer an excellent opportunity to extend one’s hair and wear versatile hairstyles which look exquisite yet are very simple to do. Box braids also protect your natural hair and offer the benefits of low maintenance. The only contraindication for box braids is weak brittle hair. But if you have none of such complaints, don’t even hesitate: box braids can be styled in a number of awesome ways. The most eye-catching photo proofs are below.

How Can You Style Box Braids?

  1. Buns. This is probably the most popular way to style your box braids into a chic updo. The major advantage of buns is their variability. High buns can be bulky or more compact, loose or tight, simple or with elements of braiding.
  2. Ponytails. Make a high ponytail, wrap it with a beautiful silken scarf or attach a hair flower, and you already look awesome.
  3. Twists. They are an additional element that you can introduce into your creative hairstyles. You can twist your ponytail or front section off your forehead, for instance.
  4. Braids. Asymmetric braids from box braids, wrapping either side of your forehead are a brilliant idea.

See how impressively all these variations look in the following photos. Enjoy the gallery!

#1: Massive Wrap Around Box Braids Bun

We love box braids for a number of reasons, one of the biggest being versatility. This is a sock bun with no need for the sock! Twist hair into an elegant bun and you’re ready to rock a formal look. Add the red lip, and huzzah: divine.

#2: Large Twisted Box Braids Bun

Box braids styles really are endless. This twisted bun allows for full use of the gorgeous volume provided by bigger braids. You’re sure to give off a royal vibe when you master this level of sculptural styling.

#3: Long Thin Box Braids

Not quite micro, these tiny braids are super cute. With that beautiful layered length, we are all about a side part that allows gorgeous hair to fall on one side while showing off beautiful cheek bones on the other.

#4: Medium Long Box Braids

It’s great to know how to do funky styles with boxed braids, but it’s just as awesome to wake up and not have to do anything to your hair at all (except maybe a little water-based moisture spray). Adding gold beads is a no brainer.

#5: Box Braids Bun Style with a Side Plait

When styling medium box braids, you get to be an artist, so whatever you do, don’t limit yourself. You sat hours getting those things, so now you can use their styling potential to the fullest. A bun and a big side braid to start with? Yes, go for it.

#6: Box Braids in a Formal Bun

For a look that’s all yes I’m going somewhere, swirl braids into a super cute and super high bun. You can tuck the pieces under to keep the style sleek. The healthier and more nourished your natural hair is before you get box braids, the better it will look while you have them in (not to mention way less chance for damage).

#7: Dark Side Part Box Braids

With long braids as smooth as these, all you need to do is whip hair to one side for a sexy style. If you’re wondering how to style box braids, one possible answer is definitely: don’t do any styling. When done right, they’re like a cocoon that allows hair to grow, giving you a break from hardcore maintenance.

#8: Ombre-ed Black and Red Box Braids

Box braids hairstyles can incorporate just about any other trend, one of those being ombre. Next to black hair, red or fuchsia is an easy favorite. Single braids get woven with bright strands for a knock-out style that modernizes awesome 90s duds. Get it girl.

#9: Fishtail Braided Box Braids

Feeling like a Greek goddess today? Of course you are. Pull those shiny, well-cared for tresses back and separate them into three chunks, incorporating them into one thick braid. While buns put a lot of weight on your head, this style gets hair off your face without that nuisance.

#10: Chunky Braids in Half-Up Pigtails

Hello, 90s! We’re happy to see you. 80s, we were over you pretty quick, but 90s, we simply never fell out of love. Insert the name of your favorite childhood pop star here, and channel that diva as you twist adorable half buns into spunky little cat’s ears. Can you tell we’re all about it? Yeah, we’re all about it.

#11: Blonde, Pink and Black Box Braids

Small box braids never get old. You can run your fingers through them and enjoy the playfulness of thinner strands. For added fun, pick bright colors like blond and pink. Have your stylist expertly weave them in. This girl is killing that bold lip, by the way.

#12: Box Braids Pigtails

A box braid in itself is a 90s throwback, but don’t stop there. Princess Leia buns show off gorgeous features and add a whole lot of spunk to any outfit. Easy to achieve, this style will look amazing with tube dresses or tank tops and jeans.

#13: Thick Jumbo Box Braids

It’s true no matter what size you get, but with thicker braids, you need to communicate with your stylist about the tension level. If she puts your braids in way too tight, that’s going to compound the weight factor and could lead to breakage. That said, don’t be afraid to go jumbo.

#14: Goddess Box Braids

Large box braids can be styled in so many beautiful designs, one of the best being a crown of hair that you make yourself. Start at the left ear, bringing hair across the back of your head and then working along the hairline.

#15: Tied Up Gold Box Braids

Forget about natural hair color for a second, and pick something totally fun to work with. Lowlights and highlights in golden blonde, light brown, and pale blonde are braided into individual strands for a big dose of personality. Twist and wrap for funky styling that shows off the variety of hues.

#16: Silver Gray Box Braids

Silver or white hair is totally on point right now. With red lips and a cute finger wave, this long ombre style has metamorphosed into something very romantic. The single braids incorporate the palest of shades for a look that’s very unique.

#17: High Half-Up Bun with Box Braids

Individual braids should be perfectly smooth to keep the overall style fierce. Now that you know perfect box braids are possible, you’re going to want to be even more cautious about vetting the stylist your best friend recommends.

#18: Long Green Box Braids

This colorful style is not relegated to be worn solely to music festivals. Oh no. Bring it out on the street. Pick your favorite color and ask your stylist to make it look less fussy and more undone (yarns work great over synthetics for that).

#19: Ponytail Box Braids with Color and Cuffs

Big braids add plenty of sass on their own, but why not go full out and add a high half ponytail? In general, high-up styles work great with box braids because there’s already so much volume to work with. A few silver strands add personality without having to commit to the trend.

#20: Huge Protective Short Box Braids

Beautiful hairstyles for box braids aren’t reliant on length. Want something ultra-modern? Choose jumbos in an all-one-length bob. It’s a fresh and unexpected way to wear braids that adds a lot of city chic. Putting the beads in is just one of saying, yes I meant to look this fabulous.

#21: Casual Box Braids Pictures

As stated previously, small box braids provide more versatility when it comes to creating different looks. The thinner braids can be manipulated into many different casual looks, making this the perfect option for women who are short on time and want a quick and easy polished style.

#22: Photos of Box Braids with a Scarf

In any season, dressing your box braid hairstyles up with a scarf is always a good option. Wrapping your scarf around your head like a turban is one chic idea. And another is playing with a scarf like with a headband. You can use scarves with different prints—the possibilities are endless.

#23: Pics of Medium-Sized Box Braids

Medium box braids can be worn in many different ways to create unique and fun box braids styles. For a more youthful hairstyle, a half-up bun and a ponytail are great alternatives to a ballerina bun or long layers. For a fun twist, try getting one pack of hair in a different color to achieve a highlighted effect.

#24: Ideas of Small to Medium Box Braids

Individual braids are the perfect style for any woman regardless of age, because there are so many opportunities to put your own personal touch on them to make them your own. From colored to curly, you can’t go wrong with this protective hairdo.

#25: Bob Box Braids Styles

While most women lean towards longer styles for old school flair, short box braids deserve more credit. If you wear a bob hairstyle with relaxed or straightened hair, it can be easily replicated with your favorite braided look. A bright red color will quickly take the vibe of the classic style from chic to crazy cool.

#26: Poetic Justice Box Braids

Probably the most requested style lately, long box braids take a cue from Janet Jackson in the popular 90’s film Poetic Justice. Because the decade is experiencing a resurgence in fashion and beauty, it’s no surprise that one of the most nostalgic box braids styles is making a comeback.

#27: Multi-Colored Box Braids

Experimenting with color is incredibly simple when it comes to long braids. Instead of worrying about dye and bleach, all you have to do is to buy multiple packs in different hues to create your own two-toned (or three-toned) look. If you’ve always wanted to try bold colors like platinum and purple, now is a perfect time.

#28: Medium-Sized Box Braids Bob

As shown previously, a box braids bob is a perfect option for women who prefer shorter styles. You can imitate an angled bob with flipped in ends or a straight blunt bob. One of the best ways to elevate the classic style is to infuse your box braids with color. It creates a sassy yet functional hairdo for any occasion.

#29: High Ballerina Bun Box Braids

Headed to an impromptu event after work? A big bun is sleek and polished—and it takes less than 10 minutes! It adds a chic touch to box braids hairstyles that can take you to a date, dinner party, or the dance floor.

#30: 2 Half-Up High Buns with Box Braids

If you want to have fun with your look, try these quirky buns with box braids. They sort of resemble Minnie Mouse ears, which is perfect for an easy-going girl who loves to get in touch with her inner child and unleash her feelings.

#31: Jumbo Box Braids Swept to the Side

If you rock a swoop regularly, you will appreciate a deep part within your side-swept hairstyle with box braids. It frames the face and also slims round faces at the expense of asymmetry. The best part about braided hairdos, as opposed to weaves, is that the part can easily be moved around for versatile styling.

#32: Box Braids Mohawk Variants

While there is no doubt that long box braids hairstyles are stylish, they can also be practical. The benefit of length is that it can be manipulated into many different updos, including an edgy braided mohawk style.

#33: Half-Up Half-Down Box Braids

If you want to wear your braids freely hanging, but quickly grow weary of having all of that hair in your face, these half-up hairdos are a must-try. Whether you opt for a ponytail or a mini-bun, it’s a fuss-proof style that always looks good.

#34: Elevated Box Braids Updo Styles

There are many different ways to elevate updos outside of the standard bun. By using accessories like a scarf or trying multiple braids and twists, you can create any fancy or casual look, and you ‘do can last for days.

#35: Styling Big Thick Box Braids

These looks are interesting, as they bear a retro touch, achieved thanks to those chunky 90’s inspired plaits. But, it is important to remember that large box braids can be heavy and may pull around the edges. If you want to wear a high bun or updo, this size is not for you. It’s best to rock them long and loose.

#36: Braids with Beads and Other Accessories

The trick to upgrading a simple style is with accessories. Golden beads can be strategically placed throughout your ponytail or the front of your hair for a dazzling hint of sparkle.

#37: Box Braided Ponytails Pictures

One thing to remember about a basic look is that it’s all about the styling and what you pair it with. Step up a side or straight ponytail with a flawless makeup look. Flirty lashes, vampy lipstick, and glowing skin are sure to take you from classy to sassy.

#38: Box Braids with Shaved Sides

Hairdos with shaved sides are not just for hipster men and punk rockers—just look at the stunning pictures here! By incorporating an undercut into box braid hairstyles, you can take regular hairstyles like buns and side parts to the new style heights.

#39: Different “Braided Braids” Ideas

Because of the thickness of box braids, even a style as simple as a French braid will look larger than life when it’s in a jumbo size. A chunky braided style looks especially ravishing with color or highlights because it shows off all of the variations in the texture and color.

#40: Up Hairstyles with Box Braids

Just because you have braids does not mean that you have to avoid double braided or twisted looks out of the fear that they will be too thick or heavy. The trick to choosing updo hairstyles for box braids is paying attention to your face shape. Round faces can rock taller styles like a beehive or a high braided bun, while longer faces should opt for braid crowns or half ponytails.

#41: Fancy Style for Thin Box Braids

Some box braids hairstyles are truly amazing! Here’s a stunning ‘do that blends so aptly a few chic elements into a single whole. Thinner box braids are more manageable, so you can drape, braid and twist them to your heart’s content.

#42: Simple Braided Style with Thin Braids

Simply divide your braids into 2 sections and braid one thick braid on one side, so that it rims your face. This is a wonderful hairstyle for you to make within minutes!

#43: Box Braids in a Twisted Side Downdo

If you simply sweep your box braids to one shoulder, they are not going to keep in place, but with simple twists, you’ll get your braided mane more compliant and organized. Twists are good for added texture.

#44: Braided Bun with Individual Braids

A tight braided bun from box braids, sitting high on your crown is a simple hairstyle from box braids you will do in a matter of minutes. It’s performed on the basis of high pony, braided and wrapped around.

#45: Large Jumbo Braids in a Spiral Half-Up Bun

Here we see thicker extensions creating a statement look. This spiral bun is daring and dramatic, perfect for a gal with a hipster vibe and passion for living on the fashion-forward edge.

#46: Braids with Beads in a Simple Side Hairstyle

We’re absolutely swooning over these braids accented with golden bead embellishments. They add a chic and personal finish to your hair. It’s really just another way to show off your style and get creative. Just think of all of the color you could add with beads of various shades!

#47: “Victory Rolls” Pin Up Style for Box Braids

For a more eccentric look, these medium box braids have been turned into a quite funky ‘do. Starting with a half-up, half-down classic and splitting the top into two equal parts, you need to create two spiraled rolls right above your forehead.

#48:Huge Box Braids in a Side Fishtail Braid

If you know how to create a fishtail braid, you can take your hairstyle to the new level. This braided style is sexy, playful and it’s easy to duplicate. Make sure to leave some face-framing to add more style points to your statement fishtail.

#49: Natural Hair Box Braids with a Deep Side Part

Aisha has parted her box braids with a deep side parting and made a braid that wraps her head along the line of hair growth to come up with an adorable crescent updo that bears a special mood and zest.

#50: Box Braids Hair in a Low French Roll

Any classic hairstyle performed on box braids looks authentic and original. French roll is not an exception. Aisha’s fancy updo features a bulky French knot that is sitting quite low at her nape and creates a wonderful side look.

Well, box braids give plenty variations of hairstyles, and most of them, if not all, can be made fast and easily. Try one of these awesome hairstyles already today, and you’ll collect a bunch of compliments by the end of the day.

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