Wedding Curly Hairstyles – 20 Best Ideas For Stylish Brides

Curly wedding hairstyles are among the most popular nowadays. Did you know that in ancient Greece curly hair was associated with a special attitude towards life – love of freedom, activeness, and purposefulness? Besides, curls were considered to be a blessing from gods. No wonder the Olympians have been always portrayed with curly hair. You can also become the goddess of your wedding ceremony. Our bridal curly hairstyles in pictures below will help you to choose the most beautiful wedding hair idea.

The Best Curly Hairstyles For Brides

Curls look good in any hair hue – from platinum blonde to raven black. Moreover, curly hair appears lovely in hairstyles of any length. We have sorted out the cutest curly hairstyles for brides with short, medium and long hair. Enjoy!

#1: Curvaceous Curls In The Side Downdo

Long curly hairstyles are not all alike. You may choose different curl patterns, style your curls large and loose, medium and fluffy or small and tight. The shapely curls like in the photo are a very successful solution for a tender and delicate bridal look. Glow like a celebrity during your wedding!

#2: Half Up Long Curly Hairstyle

The long polished curls like these are stunning in free-flowing styles. However, for the wedding day you may want a more practical yet beautiful hairstyle with lush curls brought together to flow down your back like a gracious waterfall.

#3: V-Shaped Wedding Downdo With A Lace Braid

The V-shaped braided downdo is a fantastic way to garnish a strapless dress, but it will look equally great with a lace top wedding dress. The inverted braid that curves like a serpentine can be adorned with flower buds or a scattering of tiny flowers.

#4: Curly Hairstyle With A Bouffant And Bridal Veil

Trendy curly hairstyles for brides with long hair suggest the curls that start from mid-shaft to ends. And the locks near the roots and bangs can be styled straight. If you want to wear both curls and a bridal veil, this picture offers an excellent hairstyle idea. The veil is effortlessly fixed underneath the bouffant.

#5: Braided Wedding Hairstyle For Curly Hair

The chic Bohemian hairstyle with a crown braid and a delicate floral headband is full of romantic charm and feminine appeal. We adore the cascade of soft, touchable waves and the general spontaneous feel of the hairstyle.

#6: Voluminous Curly Bob Hairstyle

A bob haircut for curly hair is easy to style into the tousled, fluffy curls. These are achieved with a curl enhancer or mousse, applied to wet hair. You need to scrunch your locks, working the product into the hair, and blow dry to complete this super wavy wedding hairstyle. Think of an interesting hair color idea beforehand.

#7: Messy Curly Bob Hairstyle With A Floral Headband

In 2017 natural-looking wedding hairstyles are in great demand. These do not need to be perfect or sophisticated. On the contrary, their message is ease and spontaneity. Define random curls with a curling iron, backcomb the locks on the crown and adjust a floral headband to achieve this elegant romantic hairstyle.

#8: Edgy and Curly Chin-Length Wedding Bob

The edgy curly bob hairstyle is a good match for an avant-garde wedding dress. The mixture of firm curls and bold rigid flicks will look nice and fresh as a contrast to your delicate feminine appearance. If classic wedding looks seem too boring to you, this is a cool, stylish alternative to consider.

#9: Retro Curly Bob With A Birdcage Veil

Another way to step back from classics is to choose retro or vintage wedding hairstyles for curly hair. The best method to achieve simple retro waves is to curl your hair with rollers and leave them untousled and unbrushed. Pay attention to the accessories. A piece of a birdcage veil, fabric flowers and short gloves are great to complement your wedding retro look.

#10: Curls For Short Wedding Hair

A short haircut may not be as flexible and versatile in terms of hairstyle options, as long hair, but you can try different textures and both minimalistic and fancy, eye-catching accessories. The soft, whimsical curls and lovely tiara with pearls and strasses are a lovely combo!

#11: Loose Curly Updo For Medium/Long Hair

Long curly wedding hairstyles always look gorgeous. This loose wavy updo speaks tenderness and elegance in every curl. It’s going to look good with a strapless dress or a lace top wedding gown. You may adorn your hairstyle with a flower, but try not to overdo with accessories in order to preserve its precious mood of serenity and innocence.

#12: Textured Bun With A Flower

One of the ways to achieve a breathtaking hairstyle for hair of a monochromatic color is to try different textures. The idea of the hairstyle can be simple, such as a low bun updo. But look at this bun, it’s not like any other! The piecey texture of the bun mimics the one of the delicate flower. We love the solution. All the wedding guests will love it too, believe us!

#13: Glamorous Curly Updo For Brunettes

On your wedding day, you may want to feel like a celebrity on the red carpet and try on a look of a glamorous diva. The cute low updo with the side braiding and voluminous rolls at the nape is the hairstyle that instantly arrests our attention and makes us just go “wow!”

#14: Vintage Updo With Glossy Finger Waves

The highest class in vintage hairstyles is a link between the past and the present day. The compact low knot could have fallen into the category of trendy messy hairstyles, but it bears distinct vintage flair, enhanced by the bangs, styled into the glossy finger wave. Accessories with pearls belong to the adornments which are same popular today, as they were almost a hundred years ago in the days of Coco Chanel.

#15: Fabulous Curly Hair Wedding Style

This gorgeous rolled style is also associated with vintage and glamor, but it has its unique fancy design. If you love the hair-to-hair type of hairstyles with a polished finish, it’s a cool idea to consider. You can easily fix your light one-tier bridal veil at the nape underneath the ‘do.

#16: Simple Curly Hairstyle With Pinned Up Front Locks

Hair that is curly from nature offers a good volume even if it’s not very thick. In case you want a simple naturally-looking wedding hairstyle, you can style the charming ‘do like in this image in a matter of minutes. Make a short off-centered parting and pin a few face-framing locks at the back. Leave some streaks around your face and shape random curls with a curling iron.

#17: Wedding Hairstyle For Naturally Curly Hair Or Perm Curls

One problem with natural curly hair and perm curls is their excessive volume and bulkiness. For this reason, if you want to succeed with your wedding hairstyle for natural curls, you should, first of all, consider simple updos and downdos, for example, like the one you see in this photo. It will be a great fit for wedding looks of African American women with black kinky hair.

#18: Gorgeous Half Up Half Down Hairstyle For Long Hair

If you are blessed with long thick hair, you may count on the most beautiful curls ever. However, when you leave them hanging freely, they fall on your face and look heavy. Do a light bouffant and get the front locks pinned up on the crown. The back curls will serve as a showy extension of this mind-blowing waterfall.

#19: Braided Bun Wedding Curly Hairstyle

Here is another loose bun updo that makes a statement with its texture and dimension. This one will look cool on hair with subtle highlights. The combination of waves and braids seems to be very elegant, although the hairstyle has a distinct “relaxed” feel.

#20: Curly Braid Wedding Hairstyle

What can complement the V-cut back lace wedding dress better than this gorgeous curly downdo with thin braids? Get a matching jeweled hair piece or adorn the hairstyle with fresh flowers.

There are many ways to wear curls for wedding, and each of them is cute and charming. All the images above have just proven this. Choose the silhouette and texture of your hairstyle, basing on the style, cut and fabric of your wedding gown, and complete the look with harmonious accessories.